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help Anonymous 108277

I can feel myself becoming more and more homophobic with each passing day and this is nothing like my redpilled ironic nazi phase in my late teens,, my beliefs aren't reactionary or fueled by low quality memes, i now am closer to a full blown homophobe than i ever been to the point that i believe homos are just mentally ill and can be fixed in most cases because i fixed my bisexuality.

Anonymous 108278

Based if only homophobic towards gay moids (they're all disgusting weirdos)

Anonymous 108279

Always had a hard time accepting gay men but now it includes lesbians and most i've interacted with and saw only helped confirm my bias, in my mind gay men and trannies are already grouped together and now lesbians are almost there as well.

Anonymous 108281

How did you fix your bisexuality? I'm interested.

Anonymous 108282

simple,, not indulge in it in any way shape or form until it goes away.

Anonymous 108284

By repressing her desires and feelings, that's how. Lol

Sexuality can't be fixed

Anonymous 108285

You sound sexually frustrated. So a lesbian rejected you or you just wanna forget you like pussy? Pro tip, you can't. The more you repress it, the more you desire.

No man will give pleasure like another fellow woman would. You know that. That's just your little copium.

Good luck.

Anonymous 108287

It's not only that, i'm becoming racist among other things as well.

Anonymous 108288


Anonymous 108293

Perhaps I could help if I knew why you hated bisexuals and lesbians.
Is it the infighting? Are you religious? Do you believe bis are all whores (not true, I'm an elder kissless virgin to prove it)?

Can't help with gay men since I don't know enough about them.
I just got too old to hate people who are different than myself. It's a waste of energy.

Anonymous 108301

The only people I hate as I get older are stupid people. The older you get the more you realize the gene pool is just screwed.

Still being a tradthot female is just pathetic. There is no way around that. Takes a looooot of mental gymnastics and self denial.

Honestly the op just sounds like a raging moid.

Anonymous 108302

>this is nothing like my redpilled ironic nazi phase in my late teens
Somehow I don't believe you

Anonymous 108319

>redpilled ironic nazi phase in my late teens
Were you my friend in high school, the one who liked anime and nazis and dyed her hair black like a goth?

Anonymous 108327

i understand you because i got to that phase. i believe male homosexuality is somewhat more natural but female homosexuality still feels like a maladjustment to me, like a lack of motherly love or trauma. but honestly why would you care about it to the point it bothers you? i just maintain a distance from this kind of people and live my life

Anonymous 108328

Most gays hate women too and say even worse things about us than straight scrotes, so I wouldn't feel too bad about your thoughts.

Anonymous 108332

I'm op and i agree, it's mommy issues that could be responsible for lesbianism and sexual harassment for ganyess.
I don't think so.
I don't hate them,, i'm done convincing myself that it's not a choice and that their actions are justified, i wouldn't partake in homosexuality but i wouldn't wish all gays to be punished i just think that they're overdramatic and have a victim mentality because they're mostly very deeply mentally ill, all the homos I've talked with and saw were mentally unstable and sometimes evil because they keep indulging in mental illness just like trannies do, i'm against religion and the lgb(t) sounds just like a cult sometimes.
to put it shortly, i dislike homosexual people for the same reason i dislike trannies, they're deeply mentally ill and their unnatural sexuality is only a reflection of that.
I'm not a tradthot at least not yet and i hope i wouldn't become one… i'm already unhappy with my beliefs but I've been trying to force myself to believe otherwise for too long, I've moved from ironic nazi to libfem (redemption arc) to radfem, to now this which i fail to find a label for (villain arc).

i'm not a moid, i have a vagina and two working ovaries that i'll never use because i'm not a tradthot.

Anonymous 108333

Well, I can't convince you otherwise if those are your beliefs. The argument will just evolve into anecdote vs. anecdote and that never gets anywhere. For what it's worth my mother was and is very loving to me, but also gave me privacy. I just happen have the ability to fall in love with a woman.

I hope that wherever your path leads will leave you to be content with yourself and not too harmful to others.

Anonymous 108339

It sounds like you'd prefer to cure gay people rather than kill them, so that puts you ahead of a lot of people, haha.

Anonymous 108360

there is nothing natural at all about homosexuality for anyone. all of them are genetic dead ends.

Anonymous 108387

This post is so bizarre……. there are so many things to hate in the world but you fixate on gays… what did the guys do to you op?

Anonymous 108388

God this sub is filled with breeder moids….. genetic dead end is a blessing. If anything breeding is the real problem with the world. Too many damn people breed when they absolutely shouldn't.

Anonymous 108389


Is there something that happened in your past that caused you to fixate on teh gays op?

Anonymous 108457

embrace it , kek. but no seriously if this anecdotal take counts for anything almost every gay guy i've ever met turned out to be a misogynistic pervy impulsive weirdo with a bunch of different fetishes and addictions. and literally every single one had been molested as a child, give or take 2 that might have been but it's possible they just didn't tell me about it. i'm not trying to sound harsh, i don't doubt that some men probably just like men but i'm willing to bet most of the ones walking around today are just mentally ill men with hormone imbalances.

Anonymous 108502

they can altruistically choose to adopt children. and lesbians are not dead ends at all - they can just go to sperm bank and impregnate themselves. also when it comes to species its the survival of offspring of specific group that is important, not of specific person: evolution is not an individual issue but a collective one, homosexual people can be helpers when it comes to child rearing, ie they have their role in the proccess too.

Anonymous 108503

lol what

Anonymous 108508

The only malajustment the lack of motherly love has ever haused is your incelism, scrote-kun.

Anonymous 108536

My mom did her best but yeah, I can't deny I also got some issues with relationships (not incelism but abuse, being fooled easily, etc.)
I'm not judging gays and lesbians, just as I don't judge transitioners and aydens because most times they're not aware of what's causing the issue, and are just trying to make their suffering subside.
Maybe it comes as a surprise to you but I don't have to be a man to have a different pov when it comes to homosexuality.

Anonymous 108539

>lesbians are not dead ends at all they can just go to sperm bank and impregnate themselves
That still requires a man be present in order to donate his sperm. You're just proving Anon's point.

Anonymous 122197

Homophobia is natural bcus homosexuality is unnatural

Anonymous 122207


I don't understand white woman who decide to go down the Nazi rabbit hole as if those men are somehow going to save you from the dangers of other men from other races. Hating women of other races is ultimate "pick me" attitude if I've ever seen it. You should want to support other women who are at risk for domestic abuse and murder instead of hiding behind this massive insecurity that thinking your white bf will save you from harm when he'll likely cause it to you, even if it's not physical. You're either a man or a severely insecure woman. I get not enjoying the LGBT cultural shift because it's being plagued in shit like kink culture and I agree, it's gross. Gay men are misogynistic on a somehow more insidious level then straight men, but that's because men in general are misogynistic. I'm spectacle of tradfems but I don't diss them, I hope they find happiness somehow even though I have a feeling they won't by living up to patriarchal standards of what society perceives them to be. I wish you well OP and though I'm critical of your decisions in life I hope you find some kind of peace to your reasoning.

Anonymous 122208

Honestly I have no problem with homosexual men - it's true that they're mysogynistic the same way as all men, but atleast they don't feel entitled to our bodies and don't whine on the internet all day why women should not have rights.

Anonymous 122214

>Hating women of other races is ultimate "pick me" attitude
It’s hard when I constantly see shit online by WOC saying things like “white women age like milk.” It’s hard for me to feel any alliance with them. At this point, whenever I see WOC I assume they don’t like me by default. I just feel more solidarity with my race than with my gender.

Anonymous 122215

This happened to me too.

Anonymous 122219

How about just hating you for the world today?
You were an integral part of how we got here…
The media today is a direct result of your acceptance.
I hate to say it, but for once the moids were right, we give you an inch, you try to stick 3 up our asses.

Anonymous 122220

It's just jealously anon.
If you work towards it, hilariously enough for them its about moids.
The loudest WOC always thirst hardcore after white men. Just look at any of the political activists, they always lock down the white meat quick.
Shame we can't actually communicate to them that those white men suck too. ALL MOID GENOCIDE

Anonymous 122643

You’re right lol. It does always reek of jealousy. Anyway, I love my blue eyes.

Anonymous 122657

do you realize that being politically conservative doesn't mean trad or white supremacist?

Anonymous 122658

only reason for them to insult you is because they see you as competition over white meat.

Anonymous 122667

You sound deranged anon.Get off the internet, you obviously aren't helping yourself by going deeper into this hateful rabbit hole. It's probably best that you seek some sort of help outside of forums and imageboards because you have some underlying issues.

Anonymous 122668

Theres actually a gay moid at my old school who would grope women and always excused it with him being attracted to men. All men are the same it seems, gay or not

Anonymous 122672

I would like OP to explain in detail what exactly redpilled them to hate gays/lesbians and other races. Because so far I'm scrolling through the thread and both sides refuse to provide interesting takes. But it's difficult to provide with an interesting counter argument if OP does not state the exact reasons as to why she got "redpilled".

Anonymous 122683

>what exactly redpilled them to hate … other races
OP would get banned if she did that because of the no /pol/ rule

Anonymous 122705

Damn you're right. Whatever her "redpill" is then, she probably won't convince anyone since the majority of posting miners here have spent a good amount of time critically thinking through the 4chan tier "redpills" on race and sexuality (which are pathetic oversimplifications of reality that any retard could gobble up). This thread is pointless in the end.

Anonymous 122711

Honestly OP being homophobic is no big deal you don't have to worry about it, it doesn't make you any bad or good, being rude about it does. Don't go telling gay people they can be fixed or they're mentally ill or something, or if you feel so strongly about this shit that you have to just do it online behind a persona, though that is kind of pathetic the internet is simply meant for release and if it makes you feel better you should go cyberbully some kids for your mental health. There's nothing wrong with it, do whatever makes you happy and stop worrying about how you're hating some people for no logical reason, it's fine. the only way to "help" yourself is either just taking a deep sigh and realising it's not a big deal to hate gay people anyway or take a deep sigh and realise you're just coping and projecting your own experiences onto others and keep reminding yourself that till even thinking about this stuff starts turning you off so you immediately think about something else

Anonymous 122861

This is a lie.

I am of the opinion that sexuality CAN be changed, we as a society simply don't know how to manage to do so yet. Also even if we could change sexuality, WHY would we? There's nothing wrong with being gay.

I believe that sexuality can be changed. I don't believe it should be changed, though.

For example, I've heard that a lot of people with fucked up desires end up that way from childhood abuse. Maybe some form of negative or positive reinforcement could change a gay or straight person. I know that lesbians who are raped tend to be very confused about their sexuality, and the same goes for straight men… Maybe there's something to that.

Anonymous 122862

I've always felt that gay/straight were terrible labels. If we can't change what elicits a sexual response we have a major, major problem. It's bad that people are sexually attracted to children, animals, the profoundly disabled, to violence, to pain or torture, to non-consent, etc. I think sexual development is very pavlovian and is easy to change. I also think same sex activity and relationships is less efficient and bad for both individuals and society for a number of reasons. I mostly just hate them labels and the idea that it's concrete and can't be changed tho.

Anonymous 122863

I don't think you can take away someone's inate sexuality without serious trauma. I think it's easy enough to add new ones. It's just Pavlov for genitals.

Anonymous 122866

I’ve seen some detransitioners say their sexuality changed before/after taking hormones , it kinda makes sense , but that’s about the only that’s close to influencing sexuality and it’s not 100%

Anonymous 122869

If you assume that sexual attraction is quite able to be effected via pavlovian conditioning, are you taking that stance that conversion therapy actually worked?

Anonymous 122887

not that anon but while conversion therapy is based on pavlovian theory, it's profoundly flawed to actually work, and i'm not talking only about the obvious moral issue.
the conditioning that happens during a conversion therapy is traumatizing, violent and forced, which in turn leads to stress and shame, not arousal or positive feelings towards sexuality based on reward system, which would presumably effectively change what elicits a sexual response.
neuroplasticity is a thing and brains can 100% be rewired, although i do think there is a strong natural inclination towards one or the other end of the scale.
it's all a question of why and how someone goes about changing their arousal patterns, and while this information can be done to do harm and campaign against harmless sexualities such as homosexuality, it's still a good opportunity to help the ones who struggle with deranged feelings and especially prevent the abuse of victims, so i think it's right to pose these possibilitirs even if they might be uncomfortable for some.

Anonymous 122893

If I am understanding correctly your stance is that conversion therapy fails not because it fundamentally doesn't work, but because there was no positive feedback for desired activities? i.e. there was negative reinforcement for undesired stimulus, but you also need to give positive reinforcement for desired stimulus?

Anonymous 122905

I don't know anything about conversion therapy, other than that every time it's ever been brought up it's being derided by homos. I just know that the things people find sexually attractive change over time because of environment and repeated activity/response. The mechanisms by which that works could be useful to improve lives and we should seek to understand them but unfortunately we can't because "muh born gay, muh innate sexuality, muh evil conversion therapy".

Anonymous 123322

holy shit this
all this stereotyping is straight from reddit

Anonymous 124050

Hahah exactly

Anonymous 124055

thank you for stating this all so clearly

Anonymous 124069

Gay people are mentally ill. Gay men HATE and ENVY women. Lesbian "feminists" are only concerned with protecting and promoting homosexuality. Have you noticed none of them gave a single shit to trannies before AGPs started to demand they date them? They shit on straight men all the time but if you insult a misogynistic gay moid they will call you out. Gay activists actively block the development of treatment or cure for pedophilia and other paraphilias because they claim that would be "conversion therapy" and therefore wrong somehow even for people who want it. They are now trying to stop research on human sexuality altogether

Anonymous 124089


Also, they are all to blame for trannies. Its funny to see dykes complaining about AGPs transitioning into transwomen also because this is a monster that they created along with gay men. If sexuality is inborn, immutable and causes no harm to society if the sex is done between consenting adults, then AGPs are just as valid and unchangeable as you

Anonymous 124329


I know exactly the type of feminist you are talking about and they are the worst. The way they obnoxiously talk and mock other women for not acting the way they deem good is so idiotic, they are not on our side, fuck them.

Anonymous 124343

It is hard not to be as we see degenerated trannies etc literally everywhere and are shed by the sociaty to support them while they are sexualizing literally everything and even making this shit of the kids.

Anonymous 124369

Not agree on mentally ill, but definitely damaged. I can't say for all, but I, for some reason, met and befriend many lesbians and some gays. Thing is, girls are either afraid or feel pressured by males, and some guys was straight up molested in younger age.
Gays are vocal about hating women (if you never spoke, heard them or read them, at least look at the massive drag culture - seemingly subtle and mainstream proof, but obvious)
Lesbians are super vocal about hating men, also very paranoid.
Though it is natural to hate a male specie being a woman, their passion is raging.
Why both would care? Is it rational to be so touchy about opposite sex, because you sexually prefer your owns? Idk. Maybe it is a defense mechanism of sorts.
To think of, there were only "patriarchal" lesbians, who were pretty chill about that. The ones, who cosplay "traditional" heterosexual roles.
Also I am confused when lesbians are like: "omg I'm so gay" and then
obsessing over handsome male celebs or bishies. Or real guys. Trying to sleep with them while drunk. Cosplaying exclusively male characters with her girlfriend in a slash connotations. Not being able to have sexual arousal in lesbian sex, not involving any domination and fetish stuff. Or going out with no initial romantic affection whatsoever and not having any sexual attraction to the girl, but they are not friends, but uh-huh! girlfriends!
You can argue, that you could spot all this in hetero couples, and maybe you will be right, but I just can't help but smirk to all this.
And don't get me started on gays being complete whores in a bad way and std sacks.

So, maybe there are really mentally ill people, being too loud, who are ruining the statistics for sane gay and lesbian relationships.

Anonymous 124398


Several studies show they have higher rates of mental ilnesses than the general population and that the social stigma hypothesis doesn't account for this alone. I get hating men but most lesbian feminists don't hate men, they only hate straight men. They defend and have strong alliances with gay dudes. This makes me suspect that they're jealous of straight men as sexual competitors more than anything. The reason I dislike gays the most though is mainly because of gay men's extreme misogyny and how degenerate and evil gay activism is and it's powerful evil influence on science and media

Anonymous 124410

on again,,
I might have made this thread because I was sad about becoming homophobic and wasn't really related to my overall political stance but the discussion has moved to it, I have accepted that I am politically conservative and it is okay, I have realized that my radfem phase was only my way of being conservative without being one because my conception of what conservative meant was misinterpreted by all the liberal media I have consumed and read.
I have commented on another post here that being politically conservative and a trad/white supremacist/…whatever isn't equal to being politically conservative so I'm gonna finally explain it for confused anons who think I'm gonna run into the arms of an internet dweller and anons who are asking what \redpilled\ me.
when I have had my liberal phase out of guilt for my internet nazisim I had trouble convincing myself with many of the concepts the libs tried to promote but nonetheless I took them to heart with hopes that I will accept them one day but it did not get easier for me to accept,, on the contrary, every day it was harder for me to see myself in the same political group as these people so I started appealing to purity..
>these are not real liberals!
>these are not real feminists!
but I was only fooling myself, I had to take a step back from political discussions and let myself form an opinion that wasn't influenced by whom I wanted to side with or what would others might think of me.
homosexual people are mentally ill people who are used by politicians and medics and people alike for numbers, they're mentally ill and easily convincible if you say you're supporting them, it is all a numbers game. it's better to have a group of people who call themselves anti-authority but vote for you and pay you money mindlessly if you put a flag on it.
it is no coincidence that many pedophiles are also gay because if you have one mental illness you're more likely to have more of them, pedophilia is the next step after trannies, I do support conversion therapy for all, everyone should be a productive part of society.
LGBT groups are a sham, why would you need a group for your sexual orientation if it was natural and innate? if you follow their logic it's like being in a group for brunettes which makes no sense why such organisations would be necessary,, in reality such groups are necssary for them to exploit and recruit more mentally unstable young adults and use them to push a political agenda that their sponsors want to be spread, like multinationalism, multiculturalism, and interracial couples which are only an excuse to wash people out of their culture and replace it with a neo world globalist culture that you write the rules to and these rules are of course in the same favor.
liberal women will never be free because they're constantly fighting over common sense ideas, just read some of the posts above, having to argue that selling your body is wrong or marrying to push children is wrong is merely a manufactured maze to keep gullible women busy while men are playing behind the scenes. yes, I am politically conservative in the sense that I don't support importing cheap labor that brings my salary down, ironic to see liberals moan about low wages while also supporting mass immigration because these things are directly correlated.
I'm politically conservative in the sense that I don't want images of naked women splattered everywhere in the name of body positivity/sexual liberation/art… whatever, and I also can't support brainwashing young girls into sex work and drugs in the name of feminism, encouraging women to dress like cheap hookers and say that if a man harasses her it's his fault only, they strip women of their dignity and clothes like it's the meat market and you have to eat them all.
wanting a government that looks after you might be selfish but it is better than a government that wants to replace you.
you might have noticed that IRL more people are conservative and online more are liberal, it is because productive successful people who know their own good do not use the internet 12 hours a day, most of the conservative internet personalities you see are mentally ill as well and are one of the reasons I wanted to be a liberal, but measure these shitheads to trannies who say they want to have breeding farms for women, besides these trolls usually become communist trannies later on.
I tried to make it short, might reply to some posts again or clarify more points but unlikely.

Anonymous 124436

i can't imagine something more misogynistic than a trans rights. and to think most women suport it, we truly live in a clown world.

Anonymous 124447


>trannies who say they want to have breeding farms for women
Wtf does that even mean?

Anonymous 124531

How is OP not a borderline, if not closeted, pickme? Maybe your "redpilled ironic nazi phase" is back and unironic. Why did you make a thread? Go get simps on /pol/, make some money, and then come back with a thread about how you used to be a pickme for pay. At least make this second Reich work for you.

Anonymous 124542

>liberal phase out of guilt
I feel this… I know that everyone around me would hate me if they knew my “/pol/” beliefs. So I try to erase them. But every day, I see something that pushes me back to them. I’d get into specifics but I don’t want my post deleted.
It’s a conflict between knowing the truth and knowing that everyone around you and the people you care about would hate you if they knew what you believed.

Anonymous 124664

You laugh but Toxoplasma gondii can alter behaviour in hosts.


>T. gondii has been shown to alter the behavior of infected rodents in ways that increase the rodents' chances of being preyed upon by felids.[7][8][9] Support for this "manipulation hypothesis" stems from studies showing that T. gondii-infected rats have a decreased aversion to cat urine.[7] Because cats are the only hosts within which T. gondii can sexually reproduce to complete and begin its lifecycle, such behavioral manipulations are thought to be evolutionary adaptations that increase the parasite's reproductive success.[7] Rats that do not avoid cats' habitations will more likely become cat prey.

Anonymous 124665

And if one parasite can do that, the possibility of others doing the same in order to facilitate their spread isn't far-fetched.

Anonymous 124668


Nayrt but there's no correlation between the wiki you just quoted and your first claim that
>homosexuality is caused by intestinal parasites
That is just not true or at the very least there's no scientific evidence backing this claim. Parasites like T. Gondii can change and rewire their host to some extent to facilitate reproduction and thrive but there's no evidence of a parasite turning people gay. It is at most a theory but then again you could apply that to any human behavior, so without any evidence this is more than far-fetched.

What research does show is that homosexuality is probably a result of genetics but also environnemental and hormonal factors, e.g. the thing were the more sons a woman has the more likely they are to turn out gay. I know the post you're referencing (picrel) but an anon's hypothesis on an anonymous board isn't fact or science.

Anonymous 124708

>the thing were the more sons a woman has the more likely they are to turn out gay

that seems to be more of a probability thing rather than an actual correlation

Anonymous 124709

The statement is something like that for say the third son in a row the odds that he will be gay are 30% whereas they would be 10% if his older two siblings weren't both boys. That is, this isn't just an obvious remark about the cumulative probability like saying "If you flip a coin 100 times it's pretty likely that at least one of them will be heads."

Anonymous 124721

Ayrt, there’s actually a very interesting process behind this so it’s not just probabilities. Honestly I’m too lazy to explain it in details just look it up but basically when pregnant with a male the mom’s body may interpret it as a foreign dangerous body and release some antibodies. The more pregnancies with male babies the more antibodies, those will then alter the development of the fœtus and mess up with his brain, increasing the chances of homosexuality in a baby. The human body is crazy, I wonder if it has any evolutive purposes.

Anonymous 124725


Every time I see someone push lesbian stuff so aggressively I can only think of pic related. I mean you like other women, cool, but why do you need to convince others?

Anonymous 124730

Nah, the actual mechanic is this:
The more older brothers you have, the higher your chances of getting molested.
Molestation is how gays reproduce, this is how both gay men and lesbians are created: They get molested by men.

Of course, the gay lobby has to rationalize this molestation-based propagation away by making up shit about mothers developing "antibodies" against their own children.

Anonymous 124768

Truly you are the big bad bitch that stirs the pot. And that's not a bad thing. This nice, sleepy website could do with a little stirring up every now and then.

I think bi people can be more sexually flexible. It's pretty normal. Maybe you just shifted from one end of the scale to another, understandable. Also, I am a little grossed out by homosexual men too.

I did go through a phase where I thought I had cured my homosexuality, but I was just avoiding looking at women, and convincing myself that I liked males, even though they never activated my almonds, if you get what I'm saying. And if you're happy being heterosexual, good for you.

I do think homosexuals are a little more mentally ill, but I try to be mentally ill and high functioning. As long as you're training your body, working hard, being a good neighbour, there's nothing to be ashamed of in mental illness.

So yeah. You don't have to 'like' gay people. If you're happy as you are, that's cool. Like nobody's going to arrest you for thinking 'gays-ew'. I get it.

Anonymous 124769

samefagging but WOW I always thought the same thing?!?! I also think younger brothers are more likely to be molested or have an inferiority complex

Anonymous 125009

Maybe it's so that there aren't too many men competing in a group? Evolutionary speaking, its almost like the process removes the chances of the son reproducing and thus competing to reproduce.
Wouldn't the older brother have to be gay to molest his younger brother? How does he go gay then? Chicken egg situation, doesn't make sense.

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