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Anonymous 120667

Ancient greeks were so based in regards to sexuality. Sure women werent free but it was still the kind of society that couldve actually enabled them to be. The way men nowadays idealize femininity in regards to sex appeal makes them see women as some kind of different beings they just basically wanna fuck. When everyone was instead fucking everyone (and/or masculinity was idealized..?) women werent cared about much which is what made them potentially free.

Anonymous 120668

I wish I had a time machine so I could send people who say things like
>it was so much better in x era when people like me were literal slaves because y
so they could see how ridiculous they are being. Just appreciate the aesthetics or whatever else it is you like about the Greeks and accept that living among them would have been hell.

Anonymous 120669

I agree it was probably hell im just saying they were based regarding sexuality

Anonymous 120670

based because they routinely groomed young boys to be subservient and view sexual gratification of their elders as part of an education?? cmon now

Anonymous 120671

damn i dont mean that part okay? I guess sexual degenerates will be degenerates regardless of which gender its directed towards but im just interested in the fact that males have had the capacity to leave women alone the way they did and wished society would stop embracing degeneracy in the modern era directed towards women

Anonymous 120672

i guess some replaced women with young boys but i feel like ancient greece also brings to our attention that this doesnt have to be an ingrained part of society and instead is caused by hedonism, since we can tell that those werent inherent gender roles. Yet nowadays we dont see how our gender roles are influenced by hedonism and degenerate men delude themselves to believe their views on women are healthy and natural.

Anonymous 123554


Forget Greece, give me that Etruscan love.

Anonymous 123698

You are a fucking retard. They idolized childlike traits because instead of fixating on femininity they fixated on pedophilia. Raping boys and girls and treating adult women as subhuman breeding stock sure is based, you fucking retard.

Anonymous 123699

The kind of masculinist sexuality you're talking about is much worse for women, arguably. Moids remain generally the same now but at least they repress how much they view sex as an act of humiliation.

They didn't see a feminine/masculine gay/straight dichotomy like today because all they cared about were tops/bottoms, aka the subjector and the subjected. And btw, all women were by default subjected and subhuman. To them, licking and adult woman's pussy was the most detestable and shameful sexual act possible while fucking an 8yo boy in the ass was based and redpilled. Only men and boys had any variance on who played an active or passive sexual role.

The modern day equivalent of the sexuality you're talking about are misogynistic incels who think traps aren't gay.

Anonymous 123706

not only was it ok for men to keep you as houselaves, but men could also openly hate you instead of just romantically belittling you and treating you like a tard

Anonymous 123750

Agree, I think Greece was probably one of the more debauched societies and definitely hated women. The pederasty is also an important and grim element to it; considering that the west idolizes Greek philosophy and is being met with the troons to pedophilic troon nightmare train.

Anonymous 123789

how is that any worse than the current western judeo-christian ideology that views women as property? a few homos touching each other is a small price to pay for freedom.

Anonymous 123797

Western judeo-christian ideology isn't really the ruling ideology in things like academia. It's falling out of favor and influence, at least in America. Also men fucking each other won't guarantee freedom for women. Greece wasn't a free place for women. Women couldn't even engage in any meaningful activities or get any education and yet men were fucking and raping each other daily. Men were also raping women.

Anonymous 123837

Where in the ever loving fuck are you getting the idea that women in antiquity were anything close to free

Anonymous 123838

okay, then why are we talking about greece rather than pagan germany? in many historical documents such as the ones written by romans, it states that women historically held power and were leaders before christendom enslaved women.

Anonymous 123839

"G-guys were fucking/raping each other, t-therefore, women were freeeee!" even though that makes no sense since men are so parasitical in nature that they wanna fuck/rape anything that has an heartbeat.

Anonymous 123840

I don't know why we're talking about Greece it's retarded because they hated women

Anonymous 123842

>so parasitical in nature that they wanna fuck/rape anything that has an heartbeat
so the greek sex was consensual since they were both males? the younger ones were into it according to records so checks out i guess

Anonymous 123851

For one, women in ancient Sparta could own land and were expected to train for and participate in military activities.

Anonymous 123853

there were also female viking warriors. the news tried to spin it as "trans" vikings because women totally cant handle a sword amirite? eyeroll

Anonymous 123856

Sparta still sucked for both women and men, and I don't think women still had many rights even if they could own land. At least women were taught basic self defense and were apparently hard to rape.

Anonymous 123860

Women in Sparta often got very rich because they would be given the wealth of their husband if he died and we know what the spartan men were expected to do. It was a totally fucked up society to the core though. Heavily slave based economy to the point that the dominate warrior class of Sparta lived in perpetual fear of slave revolts. Anytime they fought a major war like with the Athenians or the Persians it would make these issues even more pronounced because of how many of their already minority uperclass would die.

Anonymous 123891

This is madness!

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