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Anonymous 135082

Do you believe that the physical act of submitting to a man in bed has subconscious repercussions in society at large? Could this be why oppression of women is ubiquitous worldwide in any era?

Do you think things would be different if sexual dynamics changed?

Anonymous 135083

The thing is, men are the ones who penetrate. This imo is what kinda ruins the dynamic and leads men into thinking women gotta submit.

Anonymous 135084

And to answer the question, I think it's mainly due to the smaller size of women that has made men comfortable enough to treat us like shit.

Anonymous 135087

What do you mean by the "physical act" of submission?

Anonymous 135095

Submissive sex

Anonymous 135105


Most people don't have actual submissive sex on purpose. D/s relationships with full awareness of the nature of the relationship are not very common.
Yet we can say that most women play a submissive role in relationships and are constantly coerced to sex. (I'll feel bad if I‌ say no to my bf, I'm afraid to correct him so he makes me cum, etc) Most of the time not even men are fully aware they are coercing their partner, they are just spoiled, poorly raised, and expect everyone to cater to them.
In this case, it is not submissive sex that results in oppression, but rather gaslighting, negging, and oppression which primes women for "natural" submissiveness.

People who partake in Dom/sub relationships, and women who have submissive sex willingly, are fully aware of what they are doing, or I at least hope they do. Being submissive with an actual partner as a woman doesn't "contribute" to society or harm other women, because unlike women who are unaware of their submission, submissive women know about relationship dynamics. There is a certain kind of dominance they expect from their partner. They have boundaries. They can tell the difference between a dominant man and a pampered one, so when the relationship doesn't serve them, they just dump the guy. They know that being submissive doesn't necessarily mean servitude.

Women who are primed into submissiveness by society have no boundaries. They think that they have to be the perfect, hairless, anorexic doll to please a man, any man. They have no confidence and they are afraid of disappointing their partner, so they will let the man do anything regardless of how uncomfortable they are, because "If I‌ say no, I'm not the perfect doll, he'll hate me," etc. Moreover women who are primed by society think that they need to "put out" and have sex with a man they don't fully trust or like, because otherwise they'll be called a prude, and that's bad.

If you call yourself a submissive but feel like what I said describes you, you're not submissive. You are not ready for this fetish, and it may not even be for you at all. Submissive sex is consent based while oppressive sex is not.

I‌ don't think sex acts are inherently submissive or dominant. It's really hard to imagine a world where being "penetrated" doesn't exclusively make you submissive, but with experience I've learned that dominance/submission is not about the act but rather the attitude. A man can perform oral submissively if he acts meek, looks up at you like a little puppy, whimpers throughout, and generally acts as if he lives to serve you. A man can perform oral dominantly if he makes you flustered first, acts confident, pins you down, gets up and praises you for coming for him after. Dominance and submission is greatly psychological (as is most of sex) and setting the mood with the right attitudes is much more important.

Being the "penetrator" isn't what makes you think that you're dominant. It's oppressive society which primes us for the idea, because men rule the world, men are the ones who penetrate. For misogynists it's convenient that most women are primed into thinking sex naturally involves them being submissive, because most sex involves PIV. If genitals were swapped but women were still smaller and weaker than men, I'm sure being penetrated wouldn't be considered "submissive" by men's society.

Anonymous 135123

You're wasting your time.

Anonymous 135134

that's why strap-ons / chastity cages exist

Anonymous 135136

Your insightful and and well written responses will probably go to waste here. You are arguing against an ingrained ideological perspective.

Anonymous 135138

riding>>>>> missionary

Anonymous 135140

not if you have back problems…

Anonymous 135142

I forgot

Anonymous 135144

this is a great response, well worded and thought out. not a waste.

Anonymous 135146

>strap-ons / chastity cages
extremely disgusting

Anonymous 135148

Thank you anons both for your concern, I appreciate it. Still, I love CC and kept visiting because people do shitpost less on this board, and even though CC has changed a bit over the years, I hope we can still make a few insightful posts here and there.

Anonymous 135381

It's so fucked up that men literally bred us like this. Think about it, childbirth is incredibly painful, dangerous, and risky. Any cave women strong and fast enough to fight off the rape ape that is a man would be less likely to die, but also less likely to reproduce. So the women who were small and weak enough to be raped reproduced more compared to the strong women. Do this for fifty thousand years and you get the difference in size and submissiveness between men and women.

Anonymous 135701

Jesus christ yes!! I've been saying this for ages actually. It's backwards if male obsession with power is the only thing playing into it. I think powerplay should be split down the middle. Men who don't know how to play a diverse role sexually are pigheaded. Also it's subconcious manipulation tactics. Everything men do is some kind of power dynamic manipulation whether it's refusing to look good or contribute equally.

Anonymous 135958

death in childbirth is actually not that common under natural conditions with a midwife. it became common when doctors replaced midwives, because doctors of the time were going around performing autopsies and touching corpses and then attending birthing mothers immediately afterwards.
the real reason men are big is because smaller men were bullied by bigger ones until they died out, while women remained normal-sized.

Anonymous 135960

>smaller men were bullied by bigger ones until they died out, while women remained normal-sized.
so in other words the difference is that bullied women reproduce, while bullied men do not.

Anonymous 135961

Yes. Bullied men have very little chance of attracting a mate

Anonymous 135965

Sex dimorphism is social conditioning and sex forced onto women. Men want to be bigger so they can have more power over sex, more power in general. it has nothing to do with bullying. Roflhow many deaths by bullying do we have recorded? Where are the studies and evidence showing "small men were just killed off this way" lol this is so strange and bizarre.

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