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Anonymous 142346

How to raise a boy in the current political environment?

Anonymous 142347

NO INTERNET whatsoever unless it’s supervised or for his homework otherwise he’ll eventually stumble upon blackpill/neo nazi propaganda/general incel stuff. Don’t want him to turn into a defeatist, resentful and hateful loser

Encourage him to read and have hobbies that aren’t just mindless shit like video games. Depends on what he likes

Can’t think of anything else but this is the bare minimum for me

Anonymous 142348

With a father

Anonymous 142349

homeschool for first 3 years
no internet as leisure, show him you spend your free time being productive instead of online
provide books and go to the library together, read him stories
give him a strong father figure that he can look up to
love your husband / bf so your son knows what to look for in a woman / gf
emphasize the importance of being sporty but let him choose which sport he wants to practice, be a good example and make sure you and your husband are sporty too
cook from scratch as much as possible and provide him with nutritious meals
bake your own cakes, cookies and other sweets and do not buy processed sweets or other junk. all that extra energy from sugar is not good for people and certainly not for children

the bottom line is that you have to be a good example
children learn not only from what you say (wisdom) but also from what you do (action), because they observe your daily habits and thus will learn what is important and what is not in life

Anonymous 142350

types the one whos posting on anonymous imageboards

Anonymous 142356

I know. I browse this board every 6 months so it's fine

Anonymous 142357


Girl, here at crystal cafe there are girls discussing good parenting, on most boards people are discussing pornography and neo-nazism

Anonymous 142358

yeah i guess thats fine
once every half year is a long stretch.
still!…you hypocrite….lul

Anonymous 142363

Internet is entertainment for women. In males it activates their destructive urges and turns them into brain-rotted, porn-sick, hateful misogynists. The two are not comparable.

Anonymous 142365

idk about you albeit its only a means of communication for me. none of this corruptive brain control mumbo humbo hoopla

Anonymous 142366

funny I see this post because I was just thinking about this earlier today…if I have kids and I have a son how tf do I make sure he doesn't troon out.

this seems like a pretty solid answer.

what worries me is when he hangs out with other kids. we know how boys can be, and I'm worried about some freak children showing him hardcore porn and he gets hooked that way. I know you can't control every little thing they do but sheesh.

Anonymous 142369


You don't

Anonymous 142379

what scares me is that at some point kids start copying their peers instead of parents. and it happens pretty early iirc (elementary school maybe?). i believe thats the reason why so many guys grow up evil

having a mixed-sex friend group could save a boy but it almost never happens early enough

Anonymous 142380

That would just make him the guy friend of the girl group

Anonymous 142382

>at some point kids start copying their peers instead of parents.
nobody genuinely wants to copy their parents lets pretend like freedom is'nt what were about and we'll all be arranged off to a man without our choice because yaaay that sounds so fun and i want to be just like my parents! woohooo!

Anonymous 142383

Why is a father figure the most important thing? Are lesbian parents and single mothers that bad for a male's development?

Anonymous 142384

No idea why, and never met a man raised by lesbians but comparing the ones raised by single mothers to the ones with fathers its night and day.

Anonymous 142385

Eventually due to socialization and their interaction with other moids your son will learn to respect you and your opinions less. is there any way to stop this?

Anonymous 142387

it's hard to get good data on lesbian parents because their kids tend to be genetically superior (literally, because of donor sperm) so all their outcomes are really good; it's hard to disentangle the effect of lesbian parenting from the genetic effect.
single mothers are a strong predictor of bad outcomes, possibly just because it strains family resources and stuff, or because it correlates with being in a shitty culture where everyone else has an absent father too so it's really the peer effect and not the family effect that's at issue. some would say that if you control for family income and neighborhood then single motherhood is actually neutral. I do know of some successful unmarried women who decided to have kids on their own and it doesn't seem remotely the same as the classic "broken home" scenario.

Anonymous 142391

>it's hard to get good data on lesbian parents because their kids tend to be genetically superior (literally, because of donor sperm) so all their outcomes are really good; it's hard to disentangle the effect of lesbian parenting from the genetic effect.
Is there data that suggests children raised by lesbians have better outcomes? It seems like you have some background knowledge that I'm missing.

Anonymous 142403

You don't raise your son in American society in the modern American way, you have to make something of your own design that will work and you let him be edgy on the internet saying words like "faggot", "retard" & "tranny".

You tell him that a well mannered man that takes care of his appearance goes far in life and you make him go to kick boxing classes or jiu jitsu so he will be able to protect his sister from the degenerate coomers that inhabit our modern cities.

Anonymous 142404


Fatherless childs often do end up growing up different, but that is because they often are unlucky & they have liberal moms.

If you ever met a though black mother they turn out alright. I seen it. Basically it depends on the friendships they get because the males he meets will become his "father figure" so as long as they have a super based male friend they will be alright. As for Lesbian couples I dont fucking know, I just know Lesbians are much more less likely to abuse their children than gay moid parents because modis are inherently more coomerish. For Lesbians it must be the same case as the fatherless child meme, the lesbian couple must not be liberal show some tough love, he just needs to have based moid friends and he will be alright.

Anonymous 142412

Agreed absolutely no internet lest they become completely fucked, deranged porn addicts and mentally unwell from brainwashing

Anonymous 142431

>nobody genuinely wants to copy their parents
when you're like 3 years old you have no choice but to copy your parents or whoever is raising you, otherwise you won't be able to function in society, children are hard-wired for that.
when you introduce a kid to peers it's going to move onto trying to fit in with them instead ofc, internet works too
if you grew up in a society where "not marrying a random man" is considered straight up insane like in earlier times, with no access to internet, you would most likely just accept your fate. thats why old books are more chill about topics of rape, murder and other cruel shit

Anonymous 142432

i was thinking more like a 1:1 gender ratio but now that i think about it again, boys would learn misogyny from somewhere else anyway. taking my words back

Anonymous 142464

Because only men know what it takes to raise a man. They have their own struggles and social expectations duties, and women often don't understand the male world. They will raise them with what a woman's perspective on the opposite sex are, but it's not practical for the boys development. Boys need father figures. Its important to have a mother and a father really for boys and girls

Anonymous 142470

What is the male world?

Anonymous 142477

>women often don't understand the male world. They will raise them with what a woman's perspective on the opposite sex are, but it's not practical for the boys development.
Do you have any particular examples/scenarios of what this looks like? Seems a little vague to me. I'm also curious as to why you imply that you're more knowledgeable about the male world. What is your source of insight into this mysterious domain?

Anonymous 142478

If you had ever spent a lot of time around male groups, be in their social circles, you get a different sense of the world, how they experience it and what is different for them and the different expectations and problems and duties and what not. You raise a boy like you would thinking in your own world, its not gonna be good for him

I use the term "male world" for lack of better term. What ever you want to call it

Anonymous 142480

>If you had ever spent a lot of time around male groups, be in their social circles, you get a different sense of the world, how they experience it and what is different for them and the different expectations and problems and duties and what not.
I don't deny that gendered socialization exists, I just think you're overstating the degree to which women are isolated from it. Men act differently, but they have female peers they interact with every day.
>You raise a boy like you would thinking in your own world, its not gonna be good for him
You say this again, but again, what would this look like? What is something a typical mother might do that unwittingly harms the development of her male child?

Anonymous 142481

It's less having a mother, and more only having a mother that is the problem. Children look up to parent figures. If all a boy knows is mommy playing dressup and has no example of how to be a man, you'll end up with a tranny stealing your clothes and makeup.

Anonymous 142482

But why do you think they won't just pick it up from their peers? I don't think there's much mystery about male development. They basically just begin to shave their facial hair as they start getting older, and maybe banter more.

Also, I think transes exist because of strict gender roles telling people that if you're GNC, you're basically the opposite sex. If that boy hadn't grown up feeling like being remotely feminine was taboo, he probably wouldn't have started dressing hyperfeminine in private. Or maybe he's just a homophobic AGP weirdo, IDK.

Tbh, trans people kind of depress me. I used to think men and women were basically the same and only acted differently because of socialization, but seeing so many people completely fail to act like the opposite sex convincingly has made me wonder if most masculinity/femininity is just biologically innate.

Anonymous 142483

>Men act differently, but they have female peers they interact with every day
Yes but they change when they are interacting with women. Like, if you had a group of your friends all female and then guys come in, you don't talk about the same things or act the same. Its the same thing

>What is something a typical mother might do that unwittingly harms the development of her male child?

>now Jimmy, don't entertain bullies. Just turn the other cheek. I don't want my little Jimmy turning out to be a raggamuffin, you will be a gentleman!
Big nope. The kid will get bullied to death, physically beaten unless he shows he isn't weak or has a spine. Men scorn weak men. Even in adulthood they show distain for them. Something to do with masculinity idk

A mother won't teach him to do physical labour that men do. Or the skills and hobbies that men need and do. Fathers teach their sons how to fix things, how to do things that they do. Things that women don't typically do. And a father knows how to. If he only has a mother he'll end up useless as a man.
Fathers install discipline and the fortitude that their sons are going to need in their life. Like for example, my mother wouldn't be out in the snow splitting sticks with my brothers. She wouldn't had been out teaching them how motors work, or building a shed, mixing concrete, drive a digger or be able to give the right advice that is exclusively for men. I mean, what else can I say? Men have men things and a man needs to teach them those things. It is not complicated

Anonymous 142484

>Even in adulthood they show distain for them. Something to do with masculinity idk

Its because people that are walking mats are just stupid, it has nothing to do with masculinity.

When you are an adult one can be armed, or if rich af have a lawyer or afford a body guard. Or all 3. In adulthood there is no excuses to have a bully, unless that bully is your boss in which case you have a really shitty job.

Anonymous 142485

I don't really know how to respond. This sort of talk about weak/absent fathers leading to weak and sissy men really reminds me of what my grandparents used to say. It just seems out of date.
>Fathers teach their sons how to fix things, how to do things that they do. Things that women don't typically do. And a father knows how to. If he only has a mother he'll end up useless as a man.
Maybe working class men. Trust me, there are plenty of middle class, maybe college educated men who are "useless as men" by that standard, and they all had fathers, and a lot of men have bad relationships with their fathers because they don't agree with all the macho stuff. And my mother has taught me physical stuff, like changing tires and jumpstarting cars and stuff, though I'm not a guy.

Anonymous 142486

it depends on a lot of things how a son turns out more than just father being there or not otherwise how can moids explain faggot sons of straight couples that never divorced. There are a bunch of those so we know its bulltshit.

It has to do with all the other male figures in his life I think. Friendships matter too, I would say they matter more even your son spends much more time either interacting with his friends or strangers on the internet than family, prove me wrong. Everyone here does, I'm doing it right now. So ideally your son would get cool friends that aint cowards but also ain't fake alpha bro retards that destroy random shit just because of "retarded masculinity" to impress their friends or be le randum funni. It's just stupid. The father can influence them early on though but so do cartoons or anime: Dragon Ball Z, Legend of Zelda, Super Heroes. Kids act like all 3 all the time and its normal.

Anonymous 142487

>mom won’t teach him how to do REAL boy things

yeah it’s not like mom can learn any of that shit either! what a loser mommy is! it’s so obvious you’re a male

Anonymous 142488

Even if you "couldnt learn" that shit one can always just pay a boxing instructor or something. It's not even hard. And yes likely you are talking to moids sometimes especially on /b/, moids dont think pragmatically they are either retards or smart. 0 to 100.

Anonymous 142489

Just curious, does anyone in this thread have experience from childhood of being physically bullied by older boys? Not sexual harassment, physical harm for the sake of physical harm directed at you.

Anonymous 142490

>Maybe working class men. Trust me, there are plenty of middle class, maybe college educated men who are "useless as men" by that standard
I suppose that is a good point. If he gets a good enough job, earns enough, he doesn't need to know shit because he can just pay someone else to do it for him. But not everyone can be middleclass

But even besides practical stuff you have fathers doing things with their sons like fishing and whatever else. Fther son bonding, It seems important for boys to have that instead of sitting in their room playing video games or getting up to badness

Mom didn't though, and often doesnt
>yer a male!
You're a sperg

Paying someone doesn't replace a parent what even is this argument

Anonymous 142502

most men are forces for evil in young boys lives. in order for men to be useful parents they need to be overall decent and useful people. and women can fish, but also, boys don't need to engage in "boy" activities and they're honestly probably better off if they don't, aside from actually constructive hobbies like maybe woodworking or something

Anonymous 142513

Well, my dad isn't evil, nor are my brothers. If i didn't have a father I don't know where i'd be. Especially my brothers, they'd be lost. You need two parents, a mother and a father, I don't care about any radfem bollocks

>and women can fish

Yeah, I used to myself. But I don't know any other women that do. I couldn't name a single one, It's not a matter of if women can, of course they can. It's that they don't, and they don't tend to be interested in those male dominated activities
> boys don't need to engage in "boy" activities
Emmm no they absolutely do. It's good for them. I don't see why its bad for them. What do you suppose they do instead? All the fatherless men I know ended up dropouts from society, street scum and man children so fathers must be important to them

Anonymous 142514

if your son needs to learn to defend himself just get him into MMA classes or something, Joe Rogan is right. The fuck is a dad gonna do, sometimes dads give shit advice too. But yeah its better to have both parents that one is a no brainer, but sometimes it happens that it just cant happen, he moid in the relationship dies, is an unfaithful hedonist piece of shit or just doesnt wanna work to provide for the family, etc. shit happens. for these scenarios its good to know what to do.

I can see some Moids seething in the comments because they dont wanna admit some dads are just useless and worse even get in the way, some kind of people are honestly better not to have around, most men arent saints, neither some women.

Anonymous 142517

Kek, nta but sorry you're easy to clock scrote. Men are so retarded and entitled its even evident when they post on anonymous imageboards.

Anonymous 142518

Accept when divorce wasn't common or allowed men were still violent retards killing people and starting wars kek. Men believe in their own made up mythology where they declare themselves reasonable, smart, and those who should lead, just like trannies they don't actually think they need to portray or have those traits, they just claim that those traits is something all men have/should have (even though they are traits not exclusive to men), they're like trannies in that they identify as good and smart and the best boss without actually having those qualities because they aren't genetic. They use their chimp strength to enforce people to pretend that they are kek. Men need to cope they are necessary to make good boys for multiple reasons, the first being that they want to coom and pass on their genetics when in a society where women have choice and can provide for herself they actually have to tone down using their retard aggression which drives women away, the other being that they need you to accept men in society without acknowledging that men have a problem with violence and using it to get what they want which is 9/10 shit for themselves aka just being massive hedonists because it questions the narrative they have tried to establish which is basically that women should just serve them/let them coom and pass on their useless genetics because God, they need to find a new method to insist on their usefulness (without actually being useful by providing and being functioning members of society because competition is hard and they want the greatest reward with the least risk) as people are becoming less religious. They needed to even try and usurp womens position as the real observable creators of life by insisting the ONE TRUE CREATOR is a man and first made men and Adam made Eve as a cope. In truth, you should just try avoiding having sons so less violent people exist overall, men rely on pretending men and women are the same so they can project their bad characteristics on to women. While men and women can both kill, statistics show only one of the sexes, men, have a huge bias for being violent retards who destabilise society on the whole, just look at all the mass shootings. How many women have committed mass shootings in history? Not anywhere near nor even close as the number of men. Men have a rage issue/are entitled hedonists and are supported to be so by a society run by moids who established the society using violence, and need to convince you they are necessary and you should do what they say/serve them, when in the end they have less to offer than provide. They won't change because actually providing something tangible and not hollow promises means competition, and competition means less chance to coom and pass on their worthless genes kek. It should be like in nature, where the 20% of animals who adapt and compete actually pass on their genes and establish the next generation because they're the most useful. We have a surplus of canon fodder and wage slaves. Essentially they're like communists, insisting if you do what they say (even though it's be done before), society will definitely be great this time, when in fact old society which did what they said was even more shit than now.

Anonymous 142519

I also met a guy raised by two moms but he was really neat, really open minded and thoughtful I was impressed. Only thing was he wad in a horrible accident and addicted to pain killers. God I hope he is living a better life now

Anonymous 142520

This is because men cope that they totally wouldn't be losers if daddy was there like Null on his MATI streams. These men are always craving the respect of other retard men because loser attracts loser, which relies on retarded complex hierarchies they construct to feel important for simply existing for ego boosting while not actually having to be important/develop things and be useful because that means work and they don't want to take personal responsibility for their own failings, socially or sexually, just like incels who cry that they can't get a girlfriend because of society therefore stop telling them to lose weight and shower and be less hateful and people will like them and women will be attracted to them. Men are one giant cope of why they're still the based God King Leader Smartest tm when they're just retarded and selfish x 100 more than women kek. It's why they cope about single mothers when the connecting factor among 99% of violent crime is male, with the next biggest factor being poverty. They're essentially trying to trick you into being mommy bangmaid. Plenty of single mother raised men are normal, and there isn't an epidemic of violent women from being raised by men, nor is staying with the father always best such as domestic violence situations, or even the dad realising you're trapped or are going to have a new work load so they want to troon out to live their fetish 24/7 with you as their new caretaker because you are the childs caretaker, so you should be theirs as well in their mind. They need you to believe they have something you don't so you serve them, without actually having something you don't that would be useful because it's all about what they gain vs what they lose. Less lose for bigger gains.

Anonymous 142526

>doesnt shower
>hates women because he is not attractive to them (i wondeer why lol I bet it goes beyond supercifial looks but those are shit also)
>very entitled
>thinks he is smart, annoys people with his "smarts" often
>acts like you are the one who has to impress him constantly so he gets anything impressive done himself
>cant even clean his own room
>thinks he is a leader

the moids that are dying alone rn very likely deserve it, not all of course there is some unfairness in this opportunistic world sometimes some people are never found out about but what do you expect.

Also on the violence thing men are better at it thats why they commit mot as well but knowing this men must want to be protectors not criminals then, the rational usage of male force is as a guardian, not the opposite super harmful usage of ones physical power. Moids become a parasite, actual nuance when they choose to go evil and fully selfish with nobody to love, these moids deserve capital punishment: death.

Anonymous 142527

Anonymous 142528

Yup , explains why I really have no motivation to pursue any of it. The scales are tipped in extremes against females no matter what you do. Especially the male will to manipulate and destroy women's minds, beginning when they are really young.

>>142518 explains the detail exceptionally well. But women are also willingly stupid. A hell of a lot of the time. They continue falling all over themselves for performative femininity and get 97% garbage in return.

My primary concern is the longterm mental game, the rules I unconsciously follow to live with a diminished mind per their subtle brainwashing. Eliminating it. I will not have any of their garbage in my head. You know that's all it is right? I want to live with the most freed up state of mind possible. If you dont develop your own whole perspective, your own "ego", like they do. You become less effective. Your thought is on a lower level. You essentially only censor your highest thought from diminished confidence, and function on a way lower level. Explains why women sell themselves short so much, and lose opportunities. They close themselves off to higher thought. While men dont, so men proceed to manipulate them and lord over everything, and women continue to fall for the stupid game and tell themselves to diminish their minds, "otherwise its just having an ego". But what the fuck is the alternative ??! The alternative is bring a ridiculous mental-handmaiden. Only allowing your thought to proceed so far because you wall yourself off due to the social henpecking or bullying you experience.

In other words that becomes the only thing that really drives you as a woman and your mind is left profoundly diminished.

Its fucking stupid and regressive for women to fall in line for that lie.

Thinking this way is so dysfunctional and self destructive, I don't even know where to begin.

You are always free to relish your space as volcel though, so i say fuck all of the noise. Women have so much more subtle awareness working in their favor. So much awareness men completely dismiss. There truth to the saying "Arm yourself with the confidence and swagger of a mediocre white man" too though.

As much as you seem to hate ego, its simply a better way to think without crushing your own clarity and advancing a complex perspective.

Why in christ would you leave that power for only idiots to use? Do you like cornering yourself in a hole?

Anonymous 142530

you're absolutely right, anon. i feel similarly and purposefully do not date and would never fuck myself over by getting married, having children, being attached seriously to a man or even sleeping with them (been there done that too much for my liking anyways, it sucks). i do admittedly engage in performative femininity to make my life easier but going so far as to making it your actual life and bringing men into it, having children, etc? fuck no. insanity.

Anonymous 142531

I find as long as you're not completely ugly, dress well and groom you don't really have to do any of it but that's just me. Performative femininity is too much if a twisted psychological game that hurts you in the end though

Anonymous 142532

i mean in the sense that being GNC or not engaging entirely results in difficulty from others, plus i feel it doesn't suit me particularly, physically, but i do agree with you.

Anonymous 142533

>the rational usage of male force is as a guardian, not the opposite super harmful usage of ones physical power. Moids become a parasite, actual nuance when they choose to go evil and fully selfish with nobody to love, these moids deserve capital punishment: death.

Men always use violence/ manipulation for their own personal gain. Even modern society is designed to suppress women. Guardianship my ass

There is a place for violence though, there always has been. Even men have been tortures and supressed by shitty rulers and monarchids. Without war, without the suppression of oligarchy you'd still live as a serf. Do you think the French revolution just accomplished nothing???

We're better off with violence. Most of it is just for show now, and most war is started to make money, because war is lucrative. That's not always the case though and your ignorance is astounding. The whole reason people become horrendously suppressed is because they don't fight to quel forces that rob them of resources, stability and agency

Anonymous 142534

i think that's what that anon is saying though? they're choosing to use it for evil. though i'd say necessary violence to secure the wellbeing of others is a form of guardianship. mind you, most men are not guardians and as you say most wars are fought for profit entirely.

Anonymous 142535

Idk I never experienced difficulty like that. Haha I mostly experience difficulty because I am silent a lot and people interpret it the wrong way, but when i do talk it's a positive experience, and I know I should have kept doing it. I mean, I do have hair that goes below shoulder length, I'll wear skirts and mostlg a lot of black…my personality says idgaf though. Maybe people interpret performed femininity that isn't there because I look like a normal female. I just don't go above and beyond or do extra emotional labor and I'm pretty blunt. There are a million ways to interpret it I guess who even knows.

Anonymous 142548

Yeah I just dont think its that simple. people /in power/ never actually use it for guardianship. Well thats well established, but especially not men in power.

Still even at home, men will abuse the idea of gaurdianship. Say its one thing, when they actually use it to control or manipulate, playing mindfuck games with you.

I guess my point is.. I cannot see male force/ gaurdianship as rational these days. There was a time when I did but I think there is too much toxic belief floating around online and offline. Its all coming to a violent head, and the people who don't care that they're evil are pretty shameless and brazen about it.

The only tool you have is "evil" violence. How can most people call violence anything but evil? It's too easy to do that. There is no way around it. It's serves a function and it isn't pretty, it's ugly. So people fear it. Normal people don't know how to use it though, only powerful people who are used to using it and weaponize their lies regularly.

A lot of people don't know how to admit when theyre up against a wall, that they have to embrace kt because they have no choice. It's ridiculous. It's not black and white like she's describing evil "which deserves execution" anybody can interpret that, in any way they want. There's obvious evil which will destroy us all and then there's imagined evil, with too many stupid forms to count because some people believe anything.

This idea of evil clouds reality. It makes strong people stronger and weak people weaker, because normal people give into the mindfucks used against them. It's not cut and dry at all.

Anonymous 142581

What I'm saying is that ideally physical power should be used be for guardianship and corrupted and anti-human if its not. It is that simple. Point our when somebody is using their physical capacity unfairly we are supposed to belong to the smartest most civilized species in this planet so we must act like it and weed out the turlly anti-social retards who do not get it.

Anonymous 142591

>monitor his internet usage, he can end-up on a lot of bad sites if you're not careful
>homeschool him or put him in a private school if you can afford it, if not, try to supplement what he learns from public school to make sure he doesn't become ignorant/misinformed
>make sure he reads plenty of books. what kind doesn't matter so long as it's on his level, and won't become a bad influence on him
>encourage him to go outside and stay healthy, get him on a fitness routine when he's old enough.
>make sure that he finds a constructive hobby he can really enjoy
>teach him how to cook, clean, etc. too few men know how to do these things and it can really hurt them in the future.
>make sure that he finds friends that will be a good influence on him (homeschool groups and hobby groups can be helpful in this area)
>when disciplining or rewarding him, remember to stay firm, fair, and consistent. be too harsh and it will stunt him, too soft and it will spoil him, and if you jump between these too often it will just confuse him.
>make sure to tell him that you love him often, as well as give him other forms of affection, i.e. hugs.
that's everything that comes to my mind.

Anonymous 142608


Anonymous 142612

Anything that isn't "womyn = infinitely good, men = infinitely bad" no matter the situation is a "scrote poster"
Look, you probably had a bad father, and if you get a bad father, or bad parents that will fuck you up, I understand, but i am talking about the ideal. I can see the effect being fatherless has on boys with many examples IRL, it doesn't seem like a positive to me. I might not understand exactly why but i post my understanding of it. You can disagree but actually discuss it instead of saying "hurrdurr yer a moid"
This shit is tiring. You cannot discuss anything in terms of men and women unless it is 2 dimensional because of your neuroticism

Anonymous 142614

Don't let him near anime or video games with a large troon following. Also teach him shame for not being a real man if he falls out of line.

GNC men are disturbed freaks, and crossdressing should be criminalised under social decency laws.

Anonymous 142630

I think the key is to keep them off the internet but spoil them with other things like tons of video games, get them good at sports and involved in a sport or extracurricular while they're young so they develop strong passion and motivation. Give them tons of space to experiment and make mistakes. But keep CORE rules like… empathize with others, learn to have emotional depth and emotional intelligence. When you give them freedom and emotional intelligence they feel it reciprocated obviously, they have space and freedom to make mistakes but also grow into complex emotional person with backbone that likes challenge and doesn't shy away. Consistency would be key. Keep them the f off the internet.

Anonymous 142632

You sound disgusting. I would teach them the value of masculinity and femininity, and dissuade them from trooning out because it's like amputating the power of one half of yourself.

Anonymous 142658

Are you dumb? She said not to let him near troon-infested communities.

Anonymous 142676

Cope. My father is normal but scrotes are degenerate. You need to think everyones had a bad life to disagree with your fake ass narrative. Sorry scrote-kun, you aren’t special and men are degenerates who become colm addicts at the drop of a hat. It’s why trannies have so much power, the allegedly rational sex are all coom addicts. They identify as rational kek.

Anonymous 142677

Men cause 99% of violent crimes. Try and not have a son if you want a kid by eating a higher acidity diet or other methods. Men can cope that they are rational but in truth as long as the majority in power is men they will try to oppress women because they only think in the short term goal of coom and die while women think with empathy about the future of their children due to the lack of paternal anxiety. Do not have a son if you can help it.

Anonymous 142678

Nta but:
>you just had a bad farther
Or your wrong and can’t believe someone would disagree with you and they have to be biased to not worship scrotes false leader/boss narrative. If anons who acknowledge men are retarded must have just had a bad father, surely men who think women can’t lead or hate women or become killers JUST had a bad mother? Your bullshit makes no sense. You’re obviously a moid coping why men need to control women while being obviously not the ‘intelligent, rational’ beings that they claim, as if those traits are sex specific. In truth, men just want to be seen valuable for being male without actually being valuable to individuals or society.

Anonymous 142679

They do truly identify as correct kek.

Anonymous 142680

Lot’s of miners seem to think troons are caused by being girly when it’s just pornsickness, a type of addiction. That’s why you see geriatric trannies who have never played a videogame in their life suddenly declare themselves women, they see women as objects to be fucked/used. While you should never let any potential son play videogames or watch anime, you should also not let them watch porn. Tell them imagination only. Actually, best not let them use the internet at all, prevents pornsickness and becoming an incel.

Anonymous 142681

>My father is normal but scrotes are degenerate
So then why the knee jerk reaction? Why are you so hostile to boys having fathers? Is your father a degenerate too? Why are you so invested, seething posters who think having a father is a positive for them? You are not even making the argument against it all you are doing is seething. You have to believe that anyone makes an argument that isn't some radfem rabid bullcrap that they are a moid poster. Utter hypocrisy
>You’re obviously a moid coping why men need to control women
Where the fuck did I ever argue for that? Retard
>having a father is controlling women!
You're unhinged. You are not even interested in the topic you're just a pea brained reactionary retard

Anonymous 142682

>Emmm no they absolutely do. It's good for them. I don't see why its bad for them.
Boys don't need to go hunting, fishing, or carving wood. It's not bad but it's not going to harm them in any way if they don't do this. I doubt most boys have done any of this. Knitting and sewing, cooking and baking are also equally practical, but no one insists boys need this for their development because they're seen as feminine activities. Pretty sure what most people mean when they say masculine activities are essential is that they think unmasculine boys are defective somehow.

Anonymous 142683

Well that gets into the nature vs nurture dilemma on whether the sexes interests and behaviours are inherent or is it taught. There are a lot of guys that like cooking, and I have a few hobbies that are considered masculine myself. I don't think anyone forced them upon me. You just like what you like and I think there are strong natural tendencies for each sex to like masculine/feminine activities that derive from biology, but that doesn't mean it is determined. And of course nurture is a significant factor, but I would say it has it's limits too
So I think boys would be at a loss without a father. But if he would be a shitty abusive father they'd be better off without one because it would cause more problems than it would solve

Anonymous 142684

You don't really sound like a scrote, you just sound like you came from a redpiller/tradwife discord and that you're here to argue (and you made fun of that other person for being """invested""" even though you've been replying for hours so…ok?).

People like you pretty much never go a round telling men this stuff because deep inside, you already have assumed no man will listen to you but you're trying to maintain hope by clinging on to the idea that this little thing will save society.

For a while now, the "family values" crew has almost exclusively been pressuring women about this stuff and into becoming talking heads spewing idealism because it's operating off the presumption that it can get through to women, but not men. This is a very distinctive one-sided trend that is pretty much everywhere where these things are discussed.

So, while it is viable enough to say "kids should have good parents", it's still pretty much about telling women to make wild gambles and couple with men in hopes they'll somehow manage to function in a role almost none of them actually want to fulfill nor have been taught and encouraged to (and yes, including most of the ones that claim they want to).
The "patriarchy" has a vested interest in teaching women how to believe these ideals so they try to couple with men while refusing to actually enforce such ethical and moral values in men in…probably most cases.

There's studies on how certain traits relevant to being a parent or caring for an individual is just more common in women. Women are flawed and not perfect angels, yes, but there's just more that are capable of doing the bare minimum in terms of parenting and I find it funny that women are the ones pressured into having kids when in reality, it's about putting almost all the accountability and onus of responsibility of nurturing a tiny human on women while ignoring that the system is feeding on women like this and the usually undervalued and underappreciated labor they will do from within a marriage.

Few men actually respect and value femininity in a form that is actually "raw" and not based upon obsessively trying to cohere to the male gaze and desire for control.

And let me concede. I don't think all the values or principles you're talking about are without merit. It's just funny and rather disappointing when the majority of men talking about the single mother problem or whatever are huge misogynists that have a genuine disdain for women, are usually obsessed with sex, youth, and porn and celebrate getting blowjobs more than happily married parents, etc. Mens' obsession with sex is hegemonic, patriarchal in a very degenerating way, and often hostile, actually, to the idea of meaningfully maintaining a family.

To become good, a boy's and a man's entire village around him has to teach him well–not just his parents but from both fronts, society is fucked…and in theory a good father will be a good bandaid but it won't defeat the toxic structures that largely define male socialization and conditioning which will end up mattering and more the more distant a man's childhood gets from him.

Anonymous 142686

>why the knee jerk reaction
Because it's obviously a wrong statement, presumptuous, and kind of entitled like you think you're correct and everyone else must be broken or wrong or somehow biased to believe otherwise?

Because claiming men are necessary to make another man be a normal functioning member of society is false if you have critical thinking skills. You imply traits which aren't sex specific are, like rationality, protectiveness, etc. Simple as. It's all bullshit to con women into getting with men, when in the past women got with men they still turned out violent and aggressive. Men are the majority of society destabilisers too, unlike men who claim men need to raise boys and thats why men are trooning out (please ignore all the men raised prior to so called feminized society who are also trooning out as stated above like the geriatrics because it is really just porn addicition), women do not claim to be necessary to make a rational society, nor do I use anything but factual evidence to state my piece, such as the whole violent crime being 90% male thing with the rare exception of a woman thrown in, and even then sometimes its caused by men like women who kill their abusive husbands and are trialled.

Anonymous 142687

Not to mention that the men who ree about single mothers often blame all of society's ills on women even when they do have a father they cope it must be because the women they are violent retards. Even though they say a man raising a kid = a normal good boy, when that turns out not to be true they blame the mother. These will also be the same men who seethe about white replacement theory and women not wanting kids. In truth, it's just a male thing, with exacerbating factors like poverty, abuse. It's why women with the same factors who come from either a single mother or father don't turn out the same way on the same scale, it's almost exclusively a male thing to be violent and retarded in a killer way, women at best will become addicts or thieves, but won't shoot up schools, creating less problems for everyone else overall. It's also done in an effort for men to not take responsibility for their actions, since taking responsibility means potentially being seen as a less valuable mate.

Anonymous 142689

I'm not a "trad redpilled wife pick-me" I just live in a fairly traditional area/country and a lot of what you guys say about men just seems like hyperbole to me mostly based on TV. Or maybe things are really like that in places idk. Look, I didn't want to talk about men pacifically because its off topic, but I know there are a lot of disgusting men. I'm not trying to minimize that. I just think having a normal family is crucial to the development of children, boys and girls because that's what I've known and if I didn't have that i'd be fucked. I criticize men where I need to, and there is a lot of material there. A lot of this post is just irrelevant to me, it does not apply

Yeah, I would like children, and yeah, I'd like to have a husband. And yeah I think that is not unreasonable. I don't see that as wanting a man to control you and what ever. And I understand that a lot of men are pornsick and it is very disappointing, but you just stay away from them because all they want to do is fuck around. Not even worth the thought
If you don't want that, thats ok, you don't have to. No one is forcing you to want or do that

Anonymous 142690

They hated her because she told the truth.
This place is full of tiring strawman falacies.

Anonymous 142695

the truth.png

Just like the way scrotes hate this kek. Truth hurts. Men identify as correct, and men identify their own beliefs as truth while coping and saying to disregard facts. So much for the rational muh facts and logic sex.

Anonymous 142696

Typical. Can't support an argument so you just declare yourself right. Is it a day that ends in Y?

Anonymous 142705

Is it really that hard to understand and separate the concept that males are better off with a father figure from your personal feelings about men generally. Thread instantly derailed from the topic.

Anonymous 142712

"Contribute, or die."
There's usually a pretty good correlation between the enforcement of this directive and the health of a society, like the 50's. Instill an internal desire to improve rather than externally mandating it, or he's a deadbeat once the external is gone. Show clear cause and effect. Give them an out when a rule is set. (dont forbid them to buy the toy, show them some ways to start making money in a reasonable amount of time to acquire it) Modeling the proper way to interact with the opposite gender with your SO is pretty important. It will really be his only reference point to a functional relationship that has people similar to him. If he doesn' like his mother, that will probably influence his fundamental beliefs, but the result can go either way. Also be aware he'll probably sexually imprint on you at age 4-5. If you're normal he'll probably like normal girls. It's a good time to not wear makeup, so his little moidbrain subconscious stays within reality and makes him like girls that actually resemble you. Finally, make sure he adores rightousness. If he grows up with a moral compass he'll treat women more courteously and conscientiously.

Anonymous 142740

there are 99 outcomes where he ends up a dumb chimp loser scrote and 1 where he's tolerable. it's not worth the time, money, and emotional investment to raise a son.

Anonymous 142750

Agreed. It's not worth it to pollute the world with yet another male.

Anonymous 142753

More like 3% chance he's a racist. 7% chance he's a violent criminal. 50% chance he's an annoying dude bro. 38% chance he's a creepy "feminist ally". 1% chance he's a fag. 1% chance he's actually worth something.

Anonymous 142756

100% of people are racist, where you getting 3% from lol

Anonymous 142761

It doesn't mean you let it dictate your existence and become a fascist. Okay sure I might unconsciously generalize or make wierd racist assumptions but it doesn't mean I don't question it and refrain from being a prick

Anonymous 142776

There's also a chance he could be a pedophile.

Anonymous 142853

Ha, even as a girl I did this to my mom and kinda feel bad about it. She became an absolute control freak when she noticed it happening. I plan to be a mom soon and this is my biggest fear. Considering kids esp sons seem to drift naturally from the protective authority of mom to the boundary-pushing authority of dad, my plan now is…to accept that…however…I think as a mom I could transition to more of a friend and experience-sharer. How nice it would be to let my kids "rebel" against me in favor of my husband as I mature into a new role where they won't hate me (that much :p).

Anonymous 142854

samefag but to others in this thread who need to hear it, my husband was raised by a struggling single mom. While he thinks that having more resources would have been good, he would have instantly taken a dad over that if the choice were his.

Anonymous 142864

that wont happen

Anonymous 142867

these percentages are alllll off

Anonymous 142885

don't have a boy in the first place. you should screen your embryos for sex before implantation

Anonymous 142886

how did the kids of those rich women you know turned out

Anonymous 143034

During the pandemic, as a girl I also started being frustrated with my life, so I kinda understand the incels. I'm unvaccinated.

Anonymous 143109

Don't have kids at all. Problem solved.

Anonymous 143112

one is still a baby so I can’t say. the other turned out great though it might not count because she does have a good relationship with her father’s family, her parents were just never married and she was raised mostly by her mom. some kind of hippie thing I guess.

Anonymous 143113

I don't think it matters, and it depends on the parents themselves. If you're a smart woman you could be an amazing single mom. Horrible, good fathers exist to, but I definitely wasn't better off around mine. I couldn't wait for the day my parents got divorced.

Anonymous 143123

Thats funny because mom had to supervise my father around us kids, the image is a joke. I would have taken living with my mom over both parents any day.

Anonymous 143163

The statistics about single mothers are a bit less "disproportionate" when you realise that they outnumber single fathers between 4 to 1 and 9 to 1 depending on the country. Obviously more violent offenders are children of single mothers than children of single fathers because drastically more people are children of single mothers than children of single fathers.

I wouldn't be surprised if single father households produced more stable children than single mother households but to think that it's just because women are evil harpies who sabotage their own children is just naive. I'd like to see statistics for the reasons why people are single parents. For women it's probably more likely being abused or abandoned by their partner (which would imply other coexisting conditions which could explain the negative consequences on the children), while for men I imagine being a widower is a lot higher on the list.

Anyway, if men are aware that single mother households are so awful, why do they keep walking out on their own children? Why do they father children they don't have any intention of raising?

Anonymous 143164

somehow i don't think the same males walking out on their families care the ones who care that it has a negative impact on the children

Anonymous 143247

making sure they spend a lot of time with and bond with their grandparents, making sure they spend time with and bond with their female relatives, and in that process encouraging respect and positive relationships with these relatives. i'm sure some would disagree with me and say well, maybe those grandparents and female relatives are bigoted or a negative influence or something. all i can say is that in my culture i've noticed a huge difference between boys raised like this and those who are not.

Anonymous 143262

Unlike what some people in this thread are saying don't be a fucking restrictive parent, instead of having him resent you later on have him see you as a role model.

Anonymous 143270

I just don't want my future child to become a tranny. How do I do this?

Anonymous 143281

The most important thing is to not make it any worse. Don't ream him out every time he says something you slightly dislike, it'll wear down his self esteem and train him to accept whatever regressive nonsense other people push on him without thinking for himself.

Anonymous 143282

This. The people I know who most wholeheartedly embraced the toxic parts of modern culture (gender bending, full-blown promiscuity, drugs, lefty extremism, creepy social trends, etc.) came from strict households. People who were raised with moderate parents are more likely to learn to see through that shit, since they're free to try it out and experience how stupid it is rather than spend years seeing it as "forbidden fruit".

Anonymous 143287

>Essentially they're like communists
More like capitalists, since that's what poisoning the world right now.

Anonymous 143290

and what culture would that be?

Anonymous 143291

this reminds of this idea some years ago that generation z would be conservative because they were raised by permissive generation x parents and that is not what happened at all

Anonymous 143295

I agree with this in principle, but I also know the enemy doesn't work that way. They will absolutely train him to accept everything without thinking for himself, and punish him harshly if he doesn't do it. Is there a way to win?

Anonymous 143337

That really doesn't make sense as a complaint. If someone else is damaging your son, obviously you should not also damage him. There are more things that can be done in addition to just not being an asshole and making the problem worse, but that's a good start.

Anonymous 143338

I think it did happen. Gen Z is much more cynical and grounded in reality than millenials, and this will become clear once they stop being silly kids. Everyone seems silly and day-dreamy at a young age, you can't do an apples-to-apples comparison of generational values when one is still in their teens and early 20's.

Anonymous 143348

Don't be poor and don't be so overbearing that you manage to let your kid become an adult without learning how to fail.

Anonymous 143350

What do you mean "someone else"? It's an immense pressure coming from everywhere in society (schools libraries, media, peers). If you're permissive and everyone else is a troon fascist, of course he will become a fucking troon.

Anonymous 143351

>Gen Z is much more cynical and grounded in reality than millenials
I'm sorry, are we talking about the pronoun generation? The "shifting" generation? The generation that took fringe Tumblr ideas only the most mentally ill of millenials ever came up with and made them mainstream?

Anonymous 143352

Millennials were up to all the same shit and worse when they were young.

Anonymous 143353

shifting is real btdubs

Anonymous 143354

>What do you mean "someone else"? It's an immense pressure coming from everywhere in society (schools libraries, media, peers).
Obviously I mean just that.
> If you're permissive and everyone else is a troon fascist, of course he will become a fucking troon.
So your plan is apparently to send him to a school where his head will get filled with liberal bullshit and he'll get his shit kicked in if he speaks against it, and then scream at him if he expresses any of these ideas at home. Great plan, truly. Totally won't cause serious emotional issues when he realizes he will get bullied either way and no one is actually on his side.

Anonymous 143355

That's false though. "Astral projection" and Tumblr extreme SJW stuff existed but was pretty niche. Millenials had the emo craze with teens self-harming, but it didn't reach the proportions of the tit yeeting that goes on these days, or at least it wasn't glorified by the mainstream media. I'm not saying this is gen Z's fault, they just happened to be the generation that was exploited to this end.
Now you have hordes of idiots like >>143353 who think you can literally spend a semester at Hogwarts during sleep or whatever.
>So your plan is apparently to send him to a school where his head will get filled with liberal bullshit
No my plan is the exact opposite of this. I'm saying that your approach of passiveness and permissiveness will 100% favor the groomer side.

Anonymous 143356

I'm not saying "let them do whatever they want", I'm saying "don't scream at them and make them cry every time they say something you think is slightly out of bounds"

Anonymous 143357

Take a look at Gen Z in 5 years, you'll see them being was more successful than millennials.

Anonymous 143359

I can tell you're a young millenial by your awkward response. This isn't about "being successful", we're talking about conservative vs. "progressive" values. Gen Z is everything but "stable".
As for "successful", if millenials are feeling nostalgic about their younger selves in their 30s, look at the gen Z women panicking about ageing as soon as they hit their 20s. You have examples of threads about this in this board. That's everything but well-adjusted, and it's a pretty bad sign of how they'll cope when they stop being the meme youth (gen Alpha kids are already turning 12, tick tack).

Anonymous 143360

You don't seem to be able to think beyond stereotypes.

Anonymous 143361

Cool, and I'm not saying "scream at them and make them cry every time they say something you think is slightly out of bounds". I mean show them there's an objective clear right and wrong and that they don't have to be relativist about every single thing just because a man dressed like an eldritch demon told them so.
If anyone has to be firm, it's the party that is not embraced by mainstream society. I reiterate, there is absolutely no way a parent can instill healthy ideas in their children's education when the rest of society is heavily biased in the opposite way, and employing fascist ways to enforce it.

Anonymous 143362

Amazing rebuttal. Maybe I'll shift to some reality where gen Z isn't as insufferable tonight. Here's hoping.

Anonymous 143364

Which shows you're just saying random things and not listening to people's ideas.

Anonymous 143365

I mean, you're the one who put words in my mouth. I asked if there is a way to win and you didn't give one single suggestion, you simply jumped to your headcanon of son-beating-terves and told me that my "complaint" was unreasonable.

Anonymous 172410

its' simple
mom raises the boy till he reaches puberty, from puberty and on let the dad raise him

Anonymous 172412

Don't have children because the world is going to hell.

Anonymous 172436

The actual problem with single motherhood for children is the lack of income and the fact that these women introduce strange males into their children’s lives through boyfriends and stepfathers. These men are so many more times likely to abuse the child and the mother it will fuck up their development inevitably. If you are raised by a single mother and she has a high income and doesn’t bring strange men to the house I don’t see it being an issue. Men really overestimate their importance as parents. They are usually checked out and uninvolved even if they are around anyways.
Presence of bad male figures affects a child more than lack of good male figures.

My dad abandoned us before I ever knew him. I did not need him or miss him or feel a desire to know him. I loved a comfortable and happy life with my mother and things only started going to shit when she decided to date again. I sincerely believe if she stayed single until me and my siblings grew up we would have had a great childhood. It’s too risky to introduce men into the lives of your children, and even if they aren’t abusive, it’s a traumatic experience to see your own mother open herself and your siblings up to strange men.

Anonymous 172532

Stupid mindset, for every child you don't have an immigrant will have twice. It doesn't matters if you don't want to be "selfish", if you don't eat the food that was assigned to you that only means someone else will eat it and have double portion.

Anonymous 172547

homeschooled kids are freakshows with no social skills. not the move imo.

better would be to place the boy in a small bilingual/immersion school. private will have the best education, but private school also turns boys into entitled monsters.
put them in sports right away, baseball is safe. i would never let a kid play football.

its such a slippery slope really. definitely agree with no social media/smartphone tho.

Anonymous 172556

Now that I actually have a son, I'm fairly confident in raising him in the same environment his father was; a large matriarchal family. He grew up with and had to deal with women as equals from birth, and despite being very masculine, learned to respect and accommodate others because there wasn't a male-driven system in place to teach him he was somehow separate and superior to 50% of people.

Mass media is going to be limited to only what's necessary. We're both fine with letting our kids watch a certain number of shows and movies, and play games, which will be highly relevant to other kids to make socialising easier, but in general we're trying to remove a lot of the harmful bias they consume early on.

School is kind of a necessity for socialising, but we don't want him to think it's in any way the norm for how kids should interact. We expect most of his actual friends will be in his extended family and wider social circles; hopefully eliminating the incredibly toxic influence that forcing bullied and ostracised young boys together produces.

Most of their education will be at home, taking a lot of unnecessary days off school so that in his early years, while children tend to simply accept information as fact without the ability to think critically, he's not exposed to teachers pushing personal agendas, or any government education initiatives which might convince him of harmful and misinformed positions.

The internet will be tricky, but the plan is to limit its use to monitored, necessary sites until he's old enough to exercise critical thought and self-control. Learning cyber security and coding will be important, and I even intend to make sure he knows how to pirate online content. I know it's hopelessly optimistic, but I want to try my hardest to ward him away from social media and porn for as long as possible.

Anonymous 172557

You are gonna make your son suffer and grow up to hate you

Anonymous 172559


Home schooled kids are better socialized and more intelligent than non-home schooled kids: A second study by Smedley, (1992) found that, “home educated children are more mature and socialized than those sent to school.” Smedley's study is similar to this study in that both utilized a parental perception form to assess the social skills of children and found similar results.

Anonymous 172563

There’s so many butthurt men shitting up this thread

Anonymous 172566

She's not even being strict wtf. It used to be the norm to keep children away from degenerate content. These days, this degeneracy has infected our public school system as well, so keeping boys out of school becomes necessary.

Anonymous 172568

>I have never met homeschooled kids in my life
They turn out fine. The real culprit is
Christianity. Christian homeschool kids get raised by their church and that makes them retarded. So long as you don't raise them Christian, they turn out great. Try raising your kids as pagan, heathen, or even wicca for none-aspie results.

Anonymous 172569

>bilingual/immersion school
Your kid is going to be taught that he's the devil because he's white

Anonymous 172587

Which of these parenting policies would make him suffer, exactly?

Anonymous 172619

5/10 for the effort, but not a very convincing bait otherwise because you overplayed the stereotypical antivaxx homeschooler karen vibe

Anonymous 172624

incel in the making

Anonymous 172654

Pretty clear you either didn't read it or you have extremely poor reading comprehension. Maybe if your parents had taken an interest in your education, you wouldn't be in this situation.

Anonymous 172671

I can't tell if this is some moid trying to mock us. It's like a cross between Jehovah's Witnesses and feminism.

Anonymous 172676

Same. I'm probably going to replace video games with library books though. My bf and I are horribly addicted to video games.

I'll hopefully make enough to live in silicon valley so the schools will be gay as fuck but also be among the best schools/best schools for STEM in the state (because of all the asians). I'll homeschool if the kids are getting severely bullied and moving them to a different school doesn't work. I think kids need the socialization. I can always teach them math drills or STEM related things at home. For everything else when they're older, I have a community college that has a lot of online courses and there's always a few high schoolers in my classes.

I'll also have them cook with me every night and maybe we'll figure out how gardening works together.

Anonymous 172699

Honestly, if you chose not to abort it, you already committed the crime of unleashing a potential rapist/pedophile into the public. Moid are a menace, it's in their nature. There's no amount of "raising" that could change that.

Anonymous 172738

>not letting your child watch tranny porn for 8 hours a day is religious fundamentalism
You HAVE to be American.

Anonymous 172742

>I'm fairly confident in raising him in a large matriarchal family
No mentally sane parent call their family in a matter of a political social system

>Mass media is going to be limited to only what's necessary, but in general we're trying to remove a lot of the harmful bias they consume early on.

In a nutshell, indoctrination.

>School is kind of a necessity for socialising, but we don't want him to think it's in any way the norm for how kids should interact. eliminating the incredibly toxic influence that forcing bullied and ostracised young boys together produces.

>Most of their education will be at home
I cant even begin to describe how incredible wrong these are, defiantly the worst ones.
Those creeps that stare at you from across a restaurant or bar, how do you think they were raised?
Because you are on your way to be raising psychopath.

>The internet will be tricky, but the plan is to limit its use to monitored, necessary sites until he's old enough. Learning cyber security and coding will be important, and I even intend to make sure he knows how to pirate online content.

This is actually good

Anonymous 172757

>No mentally sane parent call their family in a matter of a political social system
It's just a big family where women maintained cohesion and social engagement, not a cult, calm down.

>In a nutshell, indoctrination.

Indoctrinating them to what? We're not religious and we have no interest in introducing politics until they're old enough to think critically. We're trying to STOP indoctrination.

>you are on your way to be raising psychopath

Do you actually believe that raising a boy to respect women as equals, engage with peers, regardless of gender, in a healthy way and stopping them from being systematically victimised their entire childhood is harmful?

Anonymous 172759

You’re replying to a /pol/moid who has been shitting up this thread because he wants all boys to be raised to become schizoid racists by their fathers. Nothing you said is wrong.

Anonymous 172771


>It's just a big family where women maintained cohesion and social engagement, not a cult, calm down.
How would you feel if your co-worker or any man you know said to you that they are going to raise their kid a patriarchy. It just sounds bad.

>Indoctrinating them to what? We're not religious and we have no interest in introducing politics until they're old enough to think critically. We're trying to STOP indoctrination.

It didn't sound like that in your original post, still I believe it is better for them to be exposed to every side like all children do. Overprotection have massive detriment in a kid mental health.

>raising a boy to respect women as equals, engage with peers, regardless of gender, in a healthy way

All of that just for not to being in school? Is there a "Sexism 101" class that kids go through nowadays? Values are taught in home, every single racist, homophobic, sexist person out there come out like that because of their parents. How is he gonna learn to socialize and make friends outside of school? Kids these days don't play with their neighbors, school is probably the only place where he is gonna engage with other kids.

>and stopping them from being systematically victimised their entire childhood

Wot? How are children being systematically victimised in school?????

Anonymous 172778

Yeah you're replying to a man, he's been trying to shill male necessity because he thinks it will help him get a gf and stop being an incel.

Anonymous 172817

>going to raise their kid a patriarchy
I hate to tell you this, but most families are patriarchies.

>better for them to be exposed to every side

They're not exposed to every side, they're exposed to popular messaging, which now includes the erasure of gender and the idea that children need to examine their sexuality and perception of gender before they're even hit puberty. THAT is truly unhealthy.

>All of that just for not to being in school?

Yes. If you honestly see no problem with the way children are socialised in school, particularly in how they learn to treat girls, something is deeply wrong.

>How is he gonna learn to socialize and make friends outside of school?

I already said his main social groups will be outside of school, where he can actually pick friends, rather than be forced together.

>How are children being systematically victimised in school?

Bullying is completely endemic and school staff are even less able to combat it than they were years ago. If your kid is any way different, they will likely suffer systematic victimisation by a small group of peers. That's not fearmongering, that's just a statistical fact.

Anonymous 172820

Even now their is the added bullying harassment by men pretending to be women to prey on girls while vulnerable in school.

Anonymous 172889

No kid form friend groups outside of school/the internet, that's just how it is, and no matter how hard you try it. You wont be able to change that.


Bullying is needed. That's how kids learn what's acceptable or not, that's how they learn what behaviour is correct to display in public or not.
Times changes, you don't and wont be able to predict what that behaviour is, the only way to know that stuff is interacting with peers their age if you don't allow him to do that he'll grow up to be weirdo.

Anonymous 172892

absolutely deranged

Anonymous 172896

>Bullying is needed
Fuck you.

Anonymous 172898

It's far too sheltered. Kids need to be around others their own age to develop social skills.
My mom teaches at an elementary school, 4th grade–all of these kids are absolutely fucked up socially because of the covid years that robbed them of almost three years of an extremely important period of socialization. And when you talk about socialization its not just about making friends/or being anti-social or something, its about how you interact and cooperate with other people, developing empathy and self-control. Humans are inherently social creatures, if you rob a child of this experience and shelter them in homeschooled environment it will not prepare them for the real world.

Somewhat unrelated, but everyone in the media is talking about falling tests scores etc. bc of covid but the greater issue with these kids is their lack of socialization. I genuinely do not know how they will function in the future.

Anonymous 172900

Bullying is only needed for deranged moids to prevent entitlement.

Anonymous 172903

>Bullying is needed
Bullying is a process of building status for the bully. "Weirdos" who get bullied are just loners who have no influence, and someone needs to be bullied in the group after all.
They are bullied because they are easy to bully not because they are weird.
Would never happen because half of the human population and their handmaidens benefit from male entitlement.

Anonymous 172943

Look into how many kids in pre school can't read facial expressions properly, or are behind in pronunciation and diction.
The masks alone absolutely devastated them, let alone being stuck alone in front of a computer all day.

Anonymous 172957

the Internet turns women into misandrists

Anonymous 172958


>They are bullied because they are easy to bully not because they are weird.
And that's what they need to learn how to defend themselves of people like that, how to form boundaries. Hard thing like that cannot be taught trough parenting alone and the kid have to develop them by himself (With guidance from his parents, of course, by it has to by done by his own hand at the end of the day) that kind of stuff is important to be learned early as a kid because it will develop his confidence, if not he'll become a pushover trough is teenage years which more likely will result in a negative feedback of “he gets bullied, he doesn't defend himself, he isolates himself, his socials skills worsen, and he becomes more of a pushover, he gets bullied harder, rinse and repeat” and that's why it cannot be done in adulthood.

>"Weirdos" who get bullied are just loners who have no influence, and someone needs to be bullied in the group after all.

You are saying it like if in every group that has a bunch of kids innit the inevitable result is that at least one of them have to be bullied, which is simply not true. It is true that there will be someone who tries to, but that doesn't mean he will get his way.


You should not push politics into kids.
And children aren't abusing any woman, those are adults who have the capacity of critical thinking and decide to do it anyway.
Also, don't want to get political or anything, but I personally believe that in situations like that it just that it's the overall culture who needs to shift.
>But imagine being so creepily cultish and psychopathic, absolutely disgusting.
Meanie ;(

Anonymous 172960

No, just seeing how men act and think. Internet just allowed it to be easily witnessed.

Anonymous 172961

It's called reaping what you sew and taking responsibility for your actions. Men not giving a shit about male violence or having empathy or understanding or viewing anyone other than those who look and think like them make people hate them.

Anonymous 173078


>And that's what they need to-
Woah woah I don't give a shit that's not the point.
Just that:
>That's how kids learn what's acceptable or not
Nope, It primarily targets weakness not weirdness.

Anonymous 173079

Not to mention moids literally create religions around the dehuminization of women and demand subservience as if that isn’t hatable enough.

Anonymous 173081


Being weak is weird, most people are not weak.

Anonymous 173082

and most people no strong y no bully hmm

Anonymous 173085


Not know I answer give cannot

Anonymous 173170

you can’t raise males to be human beings mainly because men are slaves to their dicks all people have an animalistic side because we’re animals at the end but the difference between males and women is that males don’t have a human side they’re completely animals they care only about their biological interest they’re just like animals their purpose in life to them is to have sex and reproduce they have high sex drive and don’t really have any rule in production that’s why unlike women they’re slaves to their instincts and for them to reach their goal reproducing and having sex they have to sexually enslave women that’s why patriarchy exist it’s a sexual strategy men wouldn’t give up their most important goals for you they’re programmed to be narcissistic many of them are actual psychos their brains objectify anyone they’re sexually attracted to they’re degenerates by nature they’re pedos they prefer girls aged 11-16 the most according to studies they feel empathy rarely and only with people they can relate to that’s why they don’t feel empathy towards women how they can be empathetic to what their brain consider an object? many of them has NPD/ASPD you can’t raise males to be good people that’s biologically just impossible so just stop producing them that’s the only way to be free from their evil

Anonymous 222144

Get him circumcised
Make him wear chastity belt
Raise him religious and home school him
Put him in wrestling

He’ll be a better khabib

Anonymous 222146

What would you do if your son was a rapist
I have no ideas what to do or feel

Anonymous 222159

throw him to the police, so he goes to jail to pay his sentence

Anonymous 222162

Ya that’s the thing I can’t rat out my family or friends
How do I disown my little monster

Anonymous 222163

Minimal internet usage is the obvious first step

Anonymous 222167

Lock him in a mental institution

Anonymous 222180

More like "none"

Anonymous 222202

>he’ll eventually stumble upon blackpill/neo nazi propaganda/general incel stuff.
He will still eventually stumble upon things you don't want him to identify with, even if he never uses the internet.

Anonymous 222228


Women overestimate their influence over their sons, you are One women against S O C I E T Y+ you son's inherited wicked nature. plus at some point he will NATURALLY try to break free and find a MALE role model and no amount of restrictions you'll put on him will change that, if anything he might grow to resent you for it. You have to stop thinking that you can raise the son that is different and not like the others and most importantly, you have to stop thinking that you're different than the generation of women who tried that before you.
don't have a son.

Anonymous 222235

Who needs children when there are cats?

Anonymous 222236


>>222235 and puppies :3 !!!

Anonymous 222239

>you son's inherited wicked nature
I shouldn't have to explain to you that this is not a healthy way of thinking. Men can and must be reeducated into feminists. There are men in our society and there probably always will be, at least with current technology. Referring to men as inherently wicked almost absolves them of the guilt they should feel for their sexist and violent choices. It's the ultimate "boys will be boys" and it isn't a thoughtful approach to feminism or a good mindset for a feminist working toward true equality of he sexes.
Men can have female role models. And male children aren't inherently wicked. Just as many women look to their fathers as role models in some ways. I know I did. I looked to both my mother and my father and learned from both. And I looked to my mother more not because I was female but because she was less violent and put less gender-based pressure on me. I think women can provide a better future for their male children by teaching them to be feminists.
We need feminism for men. Men are held back emotionally, to their own detriment and the detriment of others. They've been denied emotionality. To say males are inherently wicked is to be stuck in a mindset that excuses their behavior and provides no real way forward. To believe that men can be taught to be real feminists is an axiom that gives us hope for our future. Think before you post.

Anonymous 222240

the pet/child comparisons are more reason you shouldn't have a son, imaging releasing the P L A G U E from your vagina because you wanted a little pet? you only think of them as little babies and not the men of satan they'll grow into and that's fucked up. Really fucked up
> Men can and must be reeducated into feminists
they don't want to.
>almost absolves them of the guilt they should feel for their sexist and violent choices
No it doesn't.
>Think before you post
I did a whole lot of readings and a whole lot of thinking for every single word I typed.

Anonymous 222242

Moid feminists are the biggest creeps though.

Anonymous 222243

Babies are babies, not demons. Your language sounds like a parody of feminism.
And to your point about what you think men want, I have spoken to men who were able to open up to me emotionally about the difficulties of living in a toxic masculine society. They may not be the majority, but I truly believe there are men who want to be free from the patriarchy because is actually to the detriment of men, at least to their ability to form genuine human connection and develop emotionally, something which can't occur properly in an environment plagued by male violence.
To say that men are naturally violent is to throw your hands up, give up on making the world a better place, and at the very least naturalize male violence. Male violence isn't an earthquake. It can be prevented. At least in my view, male violence is not natural, but a by-product of the patriarchal society we live in that demands men deaden their emotions and perpetrate violence against women, children, and each other in order to maintain existing power structures.

Anonymous 222249

Other nona's probably said this already but teach your kids to convert their frustrations into words.

Anonymous 222250

By that logic, all moids should take estrogen and no one should take testosterone. Unless you think violence is a good thing? Anyway, if your cure for toxic masculinity is to trans all men… I don't even know what to say to that. I guess you're just not taking me seriously.

Anonymous 222254

I don't think the ultimate cause of male violence is simply that men are stronger than women. Equality isn't weakening men so that women can feel stronger in comparison.

Anonymous 222256

I dont get it why would we make moids take estrogen, clearly it doesn’t work or do anything to curb male violence. Plus think about the estrogen shortage. I just think sons should not be coddled and autistic males aborted before birth to prevent future victims. Or aborted in general, I don’t care or blame any mother for only wanting daughters.

Anonymous 222257

>autistic males should be aborted
Yet some anons on here think this opinion is only for sociopaths who "need more empathy".

Anonymous 222263

Obvious ans is make daughter stronger. A weak moid son will not make the other 3.5 billion moids any weaker.

Anonymous 222264

Realistically, 5 stages of grief.
Then, once I’ve reached acceptance, lock him away from society or drug him into incapacitation. Either way, if he becomes feeble-minded enough I’ll toss him into a group home or something (somehow) so that he can’t harm me or dishonor me.

Anonymous 222281

> I have spoken to men
I have spoken to a bear and it said it won't maul me, I don't even have it in me to address the rest of your post because frankly it has no substance, you seem confused about your place in the world as a woman and the nature of the relationships between males and females. You are blind to the extent of parasitism that has overtaken our lives.
>>All men are genetically programmed to rape
feminists didn't say that, in fact feminists including radical feminists historically were the most opposed to this fact.

Anonymous 222326

i basically raised my 3 brothers and learnt as i went through trial and error, heres my plan for if i ever have a son
>generally perfect died and health to make sure he grows to his maximum height and strength
>age 1-5 no internet and limited tv
>age 5-12 Combat sport and a normal sport, probably boxing and basketball. Studying 1 hour everyday with a tutor
>age 12 i will buy him a games console to play on for 2 hours maximum per day and a laptop for any homework. still 1 hour of studying per day and his sports
>12-15 continue to advance him in sports. set him up with a few girls.
>age 15 he will get his first phone, i will check it and the internet will be filtered
>age 15-18 much more hands off other than the occasional checks to make sure hes on the right path
>age 18, he leaves highschool with very good grades due to his studying, with luck he could get an athletic scholarship to college.

And after that hes basically done, He will be the best possible man he can be and youll maximise his chances of being happy

Anonymous 222330

Sounds normal. He'll play videogames, play sports, and have girlfriends like any other boy. What's revolutionary about that?

Anonymous 222331

Physical strength isn't the root of patriarchy. Sexism isn't the result of women not being buff enough.

Anonymous 222334

I don't know about you hut I actually like being a woman. Feminism isn't about making women more like men so we can be equally violent. Besides, I don't want to grow a fucking beard. That's fucking disgusting and if you like it you're probably a TIF

Anonymous 222349

Sounds like you're not a true feminist. You think men are better than women and you want to be a man. You hate your own femininity that's why you love testosterone

Anonymous 222361

Don't be ridiculous, i don't know about your specific brand of feminism that you believe in, but the last time i checked the generally agreed upon major goals of feminism were to achieve equality with moids and to protect women, so if you don't want us to stay under physical threat of moids forever, what other realistic way do you propose to accomplish that? You lack conviction of a true feminist, i bet you shave your armpits.

Anonymous 222362

>i bet you shave your armpits
NTA but there's nothing wrong about shaving. Moids are the ones that should start shaving, women shouldn't stop doing this. This armpit trend is almost as idiotic as HAES.

Anonymous 222365

True, but there is nothing wrong about NOT shaving your armpits also and yet society is brainwashed to think that only men have both options, when a women does it, its usually frowned upon.

Anonymous 222377


Anon, let's not be mean and pick apart each other. With some women (like myself), we've grown up from dysfunctional lifestyles, either from home or being bullied in school, where we've been conditioned to rely on acting in the masculine side of our ego as a survival mechanism. I've talked about this with my psychologist, our ego is divided between the masculine and feminine energy and we all stand liminally in between the two. Though with some women, who have undergone abuse or trauma, we resort to acting in our masculine as a way of retreating in our shells and protecting our psyche. Despite our hatred of moids, we do observe and take note from the masculine personality: strength, independence, assertiveness, pride. So when a woman is operating more in her masculine, instead of acting derisively towards her, why not comfort her and realize that this is a woman who has been trapped in survival mode all of her life and has had no one she could be vulnerable with or depend on?

Anonymous 222378

Please for the love of God and all that is holy do not let him have un monitored internet access

Anonymous 222383

How is he supposed to be cool without an unrestricted internet access, do you want him to be bullied in school?

Anonymous 222386

Then send him to a better school district or private school you idiot. And regardless, I would rather have a bullied moid son than a degenerate incel moid son who has been conditioned and groomed by online porn and redpill spaces online. Be the change you want to see in the world, raise your moid sons on books rather than TV and internet

Anonymous 222387

That's a recipe for a serial killer right there.

Anonymous 222391

Oh har har har "An intellectually stimulated child who's separated from the mind-numbing scourge that is current modern media is just DESTINED to become the next Ted Bundy!"
Stop watching True Crime podcasts, anon and get a real hobby

Anonymous 222393

It may shock you, but most violent offenders do not come from sheltered backgrounds. In fact, most come from poor, violent families who don't give af what their son does so long as he doesn't steal their cigarettes.

Anonymous 222408

No, simple facts do not shock me, what does shock me is, how you're shamelessly twisting my words, since i did not say "most violet offenders". She's claiming that isolating her son from his peers to the point he becomes a loner and gets bullied is a good idea, such a kid would be unlikely to grow up to be your typical thug, however he would likely grow up with bottled up resentment towards society or his mother, without the necessary psychological tools that can only be acquired through genuine interaction with one's peers, unable to vent his frustration her son would likely become the type of misogynist resembling Elliot Rodger.

Anonymous 222409

>paying attention to internet activity is like isolating your son from peers or making him be bullied
Okay since when did monitoring your teenager's activity online become synonymous with basically banning them from having friends? Or setting them up to be serial killers? Those are some ridiculous counterpoints to make about monitoring your kid's internet to prevent them from becoming an incel or even a troon. Holy shit, your points are such reaches, I really gotta wonder if both of you are trolling.

Anonymous 222412

Until what age are you going to monitor his online communication with his friends before his friends start making fun about it? Presume you're right and i am reaching, that's still setting up your son to become an object of ridicule that could snowball into loserdom, its a sick world out there, but being too protective can backfire.

Anonymous 222415

If I ever have a son (unlikely), I'm abandoning him in the woods to be raised by wolves, it's the best for both him and society.

Anonymous 222421

There's grand theories about society and oppression, but the real problem your daughter will face day to day is being continually, physically threatened by moids

Anonymous 222429

> But why do you think they won't just pick it up from their peers?

Do you really want your son getting his idea of masculinity from the average boy in 2023?

Anonymous 222467

idk I've known plenty of women with hairy armpits. Like my mom and a lotta my lesbian friends. Plus, I'm pretty sure a guy that shaves his armpits could end up getting called a fag. So I think it's a personal choice that either sex could be judged for.

Anonymous 222468

>the only way to accomplish something is to give up
I take it that strategy's gotten you really far in life

Anonymous 222469

It would be safer and more effective to arm and train women than it would be to inject them with testosterone or something. Which was the ridiculous idea I was typing against.

Anonymous 222522

You make no sense, moids can be armed and trained too, testosterone is fairly safe, its a natural hormone.

Anonymous 222523

Testosterone is not a natural hormone in excess for the female body

Anonymous 222524

Nature is wrong if it makes women oppressed.

Anonymous 222527

I don't think it is nature that makes women oppressed, it is the arbitrary societal standards set in place by moids. Testosterone wouldn't make women as strong as or stronger than males anyway, it would just poison the body. Maybe microdosing some testosterone and exercising a ton can make you buff but you still won't be stronger than a strong moid. Unfortunately the differences between the sexes in humans is obvious. You'd think men would use their strength to protect women and the community, and some do, but fewer and fewer nowadays. Also humans now live very separate lives from nature. We are basically a separate entity from the natural world.

Anonymous 222529

And, correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it debunked that testosterone is the culprit for making males violent? Like, didn't someone already debunk this when they studied the impact of castration?

Anonymous 222530

>I don't think it is nature that makes women oppressed, it is the arbitrary societal standards set in place by moids
I just don't see it that way, the only reason why moids have any say at all is due to their physical abilities, equality will be impossible until we become physically equal.
If so, no problem, there are steroids.

Anonymous 222531

Yes the theory is that moids beat the shit out of anyone who disagreed with them back when we were all unga bungas. Like literally just beat over the head with a club anyone who disagreed. They still do that. Thankfully it isn't legal to assault people (doesn't stop moids). That is why you should buy a gun if you can. I guess the best thing to do is avoid all moids and be financially independent.

Anonymous 222534

>avoid all moids and be financially independent
A recipe for happiness, proud of you, nona.

Anonymous 222542

That's more like societal power, which is very different from personal power. Like all the societal power couldn't stop Melinda from leaving Bill Gates. Personal power is strongly tied to physical power. Like if at a party or remote alley way, a moid decides to rape you, if you don't have physical power, you can't stop him. If he's even a little smart about it, like using a condom so he doesn't leave DNA evidence, he'll never get caught.

Anonymous 222545

Sick of moids and their heinous behavior towards women and children. Fuck it. Abort more males, because I don't think the human race can handle the male population being this high with all the downfalls of it anyway.

Anonymous 222553

Single motherhood is the only way to go.

Anonymous 222556

lots of kids are fucked up by not playing sports, unmonitored internet, lack of studying and a bad diet

Anonymous 222797

The majority of prison inmates come from single mother households, if you're going to have kids they need two loving parents.

Anonymous 222801

Yes, two mothers

Anonymous 222802

Femininity is a shitty brain drain trap that guarantees your mentally deficient in your insecurity by ages 10-12. Femininity is a plague on women and it ruins their minds for decades. Get the fuck out with being mentally female it guarantees you failure and weakness in pretty much every way in life, because it's complete brainwashing.

Anonymous 222804

They absolutely do not scrote. I would have been better of without my dad around and just my mom for too many reasons to count.

Anonymous 222805

Nature?? Men imposed sexual dimorphism and femininity on women for aeons. Thst was not nature, it was men and it was completely unnatural if anything.

Anonymous 222808

Don't shoot the messenger, go look up the stats for yourself.

Anonymous 222822

I never said use steroids, I said train themselves physically. Which includes both mentally, in body and in skills.

It's not about roiding, it's about closing the gap in physical difference. Why are you against that? If you had a daughter, are you going to tell her, oh don't bother learning to defend yourself, you're going to get raped anyway!

Anonymous 222829

>Men imposed sexual dimorphism
Lmao what? Sexual dimorphism predates men and humans. Next you'll be saying placental mammals were invented by men.

Anonymous 222831

Uh no. Men might have imposed hypertrophic mammary glands but not hip shape, muscle mass, hand and foot size, etc. Those were imposed by evolution.

Anonymous 222922

yeah its fucking stupid, any looks argument is dumb. To put it simply womanhood is about being born with a vagina, a real one. If you are a real vagina haver feminism is your social political theory and you can contribute to it. Period.

Never follow "feminist" theory pushed by dick havers, you can consider their arguments but ultimately they dont know and they cant know, we just aint the same thing and no amount of subjective mental gymnastics will change that only the objective matters, that is what truth is.

Anonymous 222924

It's because children bounce between imitating Mom and Dad at different sections of their development.
They have a "favorite" parent for a year or two before switching back again to continue exploring the other parent's world. Having gender roles is just important. Not that it has to be completely traditional or anything. But the different dynamics of home life/work habits/being in public contribute a ton to how they view the world.
Obviously they're missing a huge chunk of habits/information/socialization.
It's like this for girls too, I'm just not completely familiar with the effects.

Anonymous 222926

None of that is universally true. Kids just need balance. What are you all implying that mom stay with the shitty husband until her kids grow up?

Anonymous 222927

This is all a bunch of bunk. It's just easier with two parents. Problem is dad is often just a child himself and it's sometimes easier to actually be single than take care of one extra grown child.

Anonymous 222935

I agree but most mentally ill moids are just incapable of being fathers this is just facts, they dont stay or they cheat or they hit the wife or they develop a fucked up fetish due to porn addiction when married. Moids are weird.

Anonymous 222979

you are fucked if you give birth to a boy. should have aborted it, the only sane option.

Anonymous 223030


I’m preggo right now and I hope it’s a girl.
But regardless of it’s sex, they are going to be homeschooled k-12 and no smartphone/internet access without supervision.

Hobbies that include more than just video games.

And looking at this thread, oh wow I really hope some of you never have children bc wow oh wow some of this thinking is toxic af.

Anonymous 223071

Wow this is I’m 14 and very deep energy

Anonymous 223143

There seems to be a lot of emphasis with sports in this thread, why is that? Personally I hated sports and I remember some more nerdy moids from my school hating them as well. Surely a more intellectual hobby would be fine too, right? Although you would probably want to provide earlier computer access (with supervision) in this case.

Anonymous 223165

So you want to your child to be lonely antisocial outcast?

Anonymous 223169

I think the point of wanting sons to do sports is to prevent them from becoming out of shape, couch potatoes.

Anonymous 223194

>encourage him to play sports
>have him do chores around the house
>if hes disrespectful to anyone, dont let it slide or try to excuse it. Punish him.
>if you ground him, go through with it and dont change your mind.
>no internet until at least 10 years old. Monitor it until he is 12-13
>stay away from sugar when he is a child
>teach him to respect women as he gets older

Anonymous 223208

Ehh, you should try to do it with both your daughter and your son, and try to have an alternative that will keep them in shape and that they won't hate if they are not into it.

Anonymous 223252

It's because male sports channel natural sexual competition instincts for males in ways that invest them into society instead of the social free for all knife fight of independent or, worse, socially abjected interests. And neither you nor I nor anyone else know what interests will be socially abjectional in ten to twenty years' time. It could be that due to AI art, getting him interested in painting will make him look like he's taken up the hobby they give the retarded kids in the special needs class. But we do know that sports have endured as a if not even the most socially acceptable integrative interest for males for thousands of years.

Imagine a normal, average high school football player with a normal, average level of football talent and what was a normal and average physical build from the days before coach directed steroid supply scandals. He wants to become a normal college football player and go on to be a normal former college football player with a disgusting hairy gut and no hair at 40, and he will get a normal high school or college football player's level of social prestige. He is not someone who needs to be the best at footing balls in the entire continental United States. In contrast imagine a normal, average 1980s comic book fandom male. He needs to be the literal best comic bookist in the entire continental United States to get anywhere or gain anything from his interest. He needs to be an immensely talented artist with pencil, ink, coloring and likely painting. He needs to be an extremely talented writer as well with a silver tongue and an appreciation for the classical literature and the avant garde art movements that influence his edgy 1980s comics in order to hold even local social status or any respect even in local nerd circles, much less to push his comics interest into a profitable career as an independent or corporate artist after graduation. He also needs absolutely extraordinary social skills to make his retarded manchild hobby seem acceptable much less interesting to socially discerning 1980s young women, as sexual competition will be hitting him from all sides. He will need to either be the very highest genetic and socializational quality of male to even reach parity with the average footballer, or he will eat dirt. Because his interest is inappropriate and makes him less socially acceptable the socio-sexual competition involved in becoming an acceptable adult human male becomes equivalent to the competition to be the very most desired male on the planet through normal channels.

All of this needs to be hidden from him, obviously. If he's allowed to understand that sports aren't for his own enjoyment so much as to ease social acceptability he'll likely say fuck this during a fuck society phase. So say "because football's fun!" or "because you need to work off some of that boyish energy" or "because you want to stay in shape" or at worst "it's because we want you to know what it's like to win." In a decade or two he will probably figure out on his own that it's really because conforming to the interests and acceptance of others is easier than forging your own path outside of society, and that parents do need to play by the odds and have little confidence that he'd be able to do that since the number of males who have ever actually succeeded that way is statistically insignificant.

Also why the fixation on sports for sons is distinctly more important than it would be for daughters. If a daughter doesn't want to play soccer or softball and only enjoys music or art or something then encourage that instead and let her enjoy her adolescence, the joys of life are so few and so concentrated in youth for women because men will enter her life.

It's a kind of long term cruelty to allow a scrote to enjoy his boyhood if those joys do not integrate him further into society and conventional, prosocial masculinity. Scrotes do not experience any equivalent to the kind of cruelty that is inflicted on young women by forcing socially conventional femininity upon them, and proper scrote upbringing should not be evaluated against women's very different personal experiences.

Anonymous 223257

>You gave up on moids instead of wasting your time and energy trying to fix them

Anonymous 223259


Anonymous 223294

Does it really need to be a socially acceptable hobby? It this all just so he can find partner? I don't know, having to go your whole childhood and teen years doing something that you hate just for this sounds miserable and depressing, even if it is hidden from him.
Can't a successful moid be creative and do things for self-improvement without depending on others for validation of his self-worth while at the same time being respectful and kind towards other people?

Anonymous 223297

> It this all just so he can find partner?
Lord no. If only. The majority of Gen-Z and Gen-Alpha males have exactly 0 male friends. They are actually hit harder by the post-covid friendlessness epidemic than women despite existing in the same technological space. An early-in-life romantic partner (not sexual necessarily) is probably important to multiple understudied dimensions of male socialization since God knows women have moved heaven and earth for their moids since time immemorial. But it's also extremely likely that when sexual competition is stripped of the paint and the socially acceptable abstractions, all other male social interactions follow. Like a human version of that extremely famous case of male bull elephants who were raised without adult males directing them, who for an entire generation became raving psychopaths until zoologists introduced healthy adult male bull elephants from other herds, we have to expect that there are serious unknown-unknowns in the socialization process of adolescence and it's probably best to err in a direction of conventionality.

Anonymous 223301

Fair enough, what would you do if he hated it though?

Anonymous 223365

No. There are plenty of women who are mothers who agree with me.

Anonymous 224150

Going to public school isn't a guarantee that you'll end up normal. All of us using this site who went to public school still ended up here somehow.

Anonymous 224275

You honestly sound extremely toxic and bitter, but most of all, misguided and miserable. You live in abject fear of society's expectations, and are willing to sacrifice your kid's happiness to garner some form of acceptance you probably never got to experience yourself.

You let your kid do what he likes. There will always be other kids into whatever nerdy hobby your kid likes. Sports are great, sure. But if the kid isn't into it, manipulating them into doing something they hate for the sake of "easing social acceptability" is not a smart choice.

Not to mention your entire drivel about footballer vs comic book artist is all about careers and we're talking hobbies. You don't have to become a comic book artist if you prefer reading comic books to playing football.

Anonymous 225116

Does anyone else notice that male toddlers/kids who go "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" are usually already violent and annoying and will grow up to be retarded? Versus girls and boys who just laugh and have fun and play and maybe screech once in a while? I don't know, maybe it's a primal thing, but if I hear a small boy going "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" it makes me want to punt him. Flashbacks from childhood I guess?

Anonymous 225117

You're not the only one. I have many extended relatives, and I had to look after the little ones at times as I was one of the oldest kids. The little boys were always so rowdy and violent, while the girls were hyperactive sometimes but definitely less stressful to babysit. I want to say that it's entirely just about how little boys and girls are raised differently, but lots of the little boy relatives' mothers did lecture and punish them accordingly when they acted too out of line. Yet those boys still acted like they were wolves. Perhaps the differences in how girls and boys act are more instinctual than I previously thought.

Anonymous 225122

This might be more damaging then letting him have unrestricted internet access. I have younger brother who just turned 19. He never had any friends, but also had no access to internet throughout his life. Once he hit 18, the parents raised the restriction and he became incel in matter of just 5 months. If he had internet access, he would at least have something like Instagram of Snapchat and have something to talk to with his peers, but instead he just became too dependent on his mommy since nobody wanted to talk to him. No social media presence also made him huge red flag for employers and right now at Uni he struggles academically because he is unable to get any study materials that are all online, all because he is more tech illiterate then our grandpa.

Anonymous 225124

Only way is to ensure he is as successful as possible while also being raised liberal.

If he turns into a loser with parents raising him to be respectful, he will revolt and turn to nazi ideology because his "pussy ideology" is why he is unsuccessful
If he turns into a loser with parents raising him to be conservative, he will agree with his parents and become nazi because it is the worlds fault he is a loser
If he turns into successful guy while being raised conservative, he will become even more conservative and later nazi because his iseals must be right if he is this successful
If he turns into successful guy while being raised to be respectful, he will become amazing and never turn on nazi ideology which would ruin his perfect life

No other way, sheltering him will just make him autistic and once you can no longer shelter him he will be even easier target of radicalization.

Anonymous 225154

>Not to mention your entire drivel about footballer vs comic book artist is all about careers and we're talking hobbies.

You have better odds of making it as comicbook artist than a footballer (still not good odd mind you) and you can be comicbook artist in your 40’s and beyond but good luck being of any use as a footballer at that age.

Alcaline 225160

It's not as simple as just not having internet or playing video games. He's still gonna have peers in school and will get a smattering of the popular culture from them. The only thing you can do is control the access so it's balanced and he can form a levelheaded character from it.

Also masculinity seems to be a big topic for young boys today. This is why they follow freaks like Andrew Tate. So you have to make sure they have positive male role models.

Apart from that hobbies. Sports, musical instruments, reading. Enrich their character basically. Encourage him to try new things and voice his opinion. The goal here would be to educate him with enough values so that when some blackpill bullshit comes in contact with him he can be mature enough to recognize it as the grift it is.(do not use the name field)

Anonymous 225334

You can't defeat genetics, nonas. Find a moid who is not an utter chimp hoping he will pass on the non-chimp genes and hope for the best. Alternatively, do not have male kids, ever-much safer option. These are the two principal solutions to the issue in OP, the rest is situational fluff which may or may not work.

Anonymous 225652


>How to raise a boy in the current political environment?
I'm not quite clear on how to raise a boy, however this question reminded me of a perverted group of boys I witnessed back in my elementary days. I, and the rest of the class of kids were ten, yet this particular group of boys make nonstop sex jokes, and degrading comments about women. One scrawny geek boy said that the best thing about the country of Mexico was the strippers. I'm glad that this question on raising sons is being asked on CC, because it feels like boys are being more exposed to sexual shit and turning into degenerates earlier now.

Anonymous 225691

with or without a father?

Anonymous 226078


Stunting someone's technological growth in this day and age is setting them up for failure

Anonymous 226083

>raise a boy
eww why would you do that?

Anonymous 226129

if they get bullied put them in MMA classes and explain the situation to the trainer and he should explain how he is getting bullied step by step to the trainer so he can figure out what the boy can do.

Anonymous 226137

Easy don't raise ANY
Who in their right mind would want to bring a child into the world the way it is now??

Anonymous 226173

the cruelest thing any parent can do to their child is have one

Anonymous 234205

>>142347 whitelist all educational sites from your wifi

Anonymous 234215

Now more than ever, women have more choice when it comes to marriage and having kids. I think it's ultimately up to women to raise their standards and only pick the best men who are suitable for the role. If you have kids with a pornsick pedo scrote, guess what? Your little moidlet will grow up to be just that

Anonymous 236199

Tell that to the kids who were foxtails or said "ITADAKIMASU" before eating.

Anonymous 236200

Why introduce video games at all?

Anonymous 256087

This makes me want to cry. Humanity is so messed up.

Anonymous 256162

This is such utter tripe though. We all know performing feminine is a form of psychological socially conditioned slavery and the only reason you do it is because you're afraid of how you'll be judged by society if you're not. Every feminine performance I put on when I was really young was nothing but stifled smooth brain anxiety. The only reason you do it is you hope youll be rewarded for being miserable and taking scraps. That was the TRUE defense mechanism. If you can't feel pride and excitement in your existence you live as a shell of yourself.

Anonymous 256168

get an abortion while you still can

Anonymous 256172

your psychologist is full of shit because strength, independence, assertiveness and pride are not inherent masculine traits. for centuries we were not socially encouraged to express those traits. if anything, women are stronger than men because we can give birth and feed children and they can't. we are biologically built to withstand physical pain better and recognise more patterns in nature so we are literally the stronger sex.

Anonymous 256174

Hmm, a 7 months old post but I'm not sure if "masculine" traits are trauma responses.
Wow, a girl wearing pants and a shirt!?
Must be operating on survival mode.

Anonymous 257534

The limited data on single fathers seems to show better outcomes than single moms. I think it will be interesting to compare boys raised by solely a father with no mother present in the home versus one with a mother present in the home. Should lay a lot of this debate to rest.

Anonymous 257538

So then what are moids supposed to do in practicality? Just get out the way? Die off entirely? I seriously don’t understand what real-world action you have in mind with regards to feminism and moids. No participation? No effort to educate and better themselves? Obviously they won’t try but I’m imagining an ideal world

Anonymous 257550

Hmm… an 8 month old post and that too a reply to another thread.

I don't see anything wrong with nona's reply though. It's better to be skeptical about moids trying to pose as feminists and speaking for women. They can talk about sexual harassment or domestic abuse but they can't really know what it feels like, to be catcalled when you were a teenager by ugly grown scrotes, to fall in love with someone and only months later end up getting raped by them, to be silenced at workplaces because you didn't want to sleep with your bosses, and things like that. They can "understand" but they can never truly know what feminism is about.

Sure, homosexual moids can rape them but… it's different and less prevalent.

Anonymous 257557

I remember seeing a thread with lions and male on male violence but uh…

Anyway, I honestly feel scared when I see physical or verbal aggression,especially moids screaming at each other for whatever reasons. I see this happen a lot at sports especially. Moids in sports are celebrated and admired for being aggressive, showing their anger and rage in scoring or being strong, screaming and maybe even harassing their opponents by taunting them. It's very scary, and some of them have actually died while playing sports that are meant to be sportive, and not some a Roman gladiator death match.

Anonymous 257572

This reads like erotica

Anonymous 257580

I was reading the thread, I’m new here.

That makes sense. They can understand our problems, maybe even act to prevent them and systemically there could be change, but that understanding can never equate to having actually lived it. Thanks for the answer.

Anonymous 257778


Anonymous 257914

nope, not how it works. He will rebel and be able to consume whatever he wants. The way to make a guy avoid becoming mentally deranged by consuming stupid stuff is by creating a fulfilling and healthy environment where he doesn't fall into some type of vice.

Anonymous 258283

Moids are the entire problem. They will be sent their own way without having a lineage or grow up and become human beings.

Anonymous 258313

I think a college athlete has way more pressure. Nobody is really pressuring a guy to be a comic book writer but a college athele has a lot of personal, social and financial things at stake. They've been raised from young in an environment that rewards hyper aggressiveness, domination and scoring. It's no wonder that male college atheles are 1% of college populations but 20% of the rapists.

Anonymous 258346

No one here is being toxic.
Want to raise a degenerate moid,go ahead. You will be adding to a statistic one way or another.

Anonymous 258507

>allowing a moid to put his hands on you
>willingly raising his spawn

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