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Post what makes moids visually repulsive to you Anonymous 149770

I actually really wish we could talk about it more. I love seeing what women hate in overbearing masculinity.

I like talking about the worthlessness of deranged repulsive screwballs.. it's the most uplifting kind of post I see on here, really makes my day. I don't think the pink pill thread focuses on what makes men physically/mentally unattractive enough. It's great because it raises all our standards.

Anonymous 149771

I like to think about nice things sometimes instead.

Anonymous 149774

The best way to be a feminist imo is to avoid thinking about men as much as possible and devote as much time and energy as possible into focusing on women instead.

Anonymous 149775

I just don’t like male energy.

Anonymous 149776


I feel uplifted and empowered when I see this discussion, I don't associate it with negative experiences at all though. If anything it's satisfying as hell. Like scratching an itch you've been dying to scratch for ages. Any other women who feel that way, welcome to my thread.

On the other hand if you don't like to post about it, there's always other threads.

Anonymous 149810

I fucking DESPISE facial hair. It has the same exact texture of pubes.

Anonymous 149813

this seems hyper specific and totally insane, but some men's hands look a particular way and I think it's fucking disgusting looking, idk why. I can't find a good pic right now but the best way I can explain what I'm thinking of: the hands are small, clearly no musculature, nails are short so they look oddly fleshy, and they'll be oddly smooth with some hair. I think it's something about the way they look too soft/fleshy that makes me have such a reaction.

Anonymous 149820

i don't like hairy moids, specially when bearded or are so hairy they have hair even on their fingers and feet

Anonymous 149827

Thinking about a guy's butt is the most effective way to gross me out. Especially when they have that posture that causes their ass to stick out.

Anonymous 149833

I literally know exactly what you're talking abouf

Anonymous 149834

I fucking hate how selfish and manipulative men are. I've met so many men who hide behind jokes because they're too cowardly to be honest about their political opinions, intentionally mess up household chores enough times that their wife just gives up trying to get their help, pretend to care about children to punish women for having sex, be extra condescending to women who join their spaces to get them out and then use the fact that there are barely any women in them to claim that they're inferior, desperately try to make any woman who critizes them look crazy… I could go on forever. Close relationships with them are usually not worth it imo

Anonymous 149840


> dirt/grease/acne
> neoteny
> obese (thicc can be cute)
> pasty
> skelly
> southern accent
> beard more than 1/8” ish long
> low iq- or meathead-lookin face
> dead eyes
> baggy formal wear
> general outdoorsiness

Anonymous 149845

I just hate how they lie about everything. Not just from a relationship perspective but just well, everything in life. They lie about everything. Men will happily lie and swear on their mothers life while doing so. All men are liars and manipulators. Even the ‘nice guys’.

Anonymous 149852

Yup that’s definitely what annoys me most about scrotes too. Moids will pretend to care about other moids just to feign solidarity. They’ll pretend to care about babies just to piss off women who want access to abortion. They’ll pretend to care about victims of terrorism or crime just to spite Muslims or blacks. Men are so disingenuous, all their opinions and arguments are in bad faith or ego driven, and they are unable to feel love or empathy. The moid worldview is completely self centred and myopic and their innate sociopathy means they are unable to perceive the world from anyone else’s perspective or even attempt to understand it, even just for a split second. Very low EQ and IQ.

Anonymous 149876

I also have hair on my knuckles

Anonymous 149881

Hairy chest, obesity, greasy hair, shitty beard. M

Anonymous 149882

Forgot unhealthy yellow teeth.

Anonymous 149885

Hair on anywhere other than the head. Men are retarded to think that only men like their partners having no body hair. Men think shaving is gay because they are thinking from a straight mans perspective, gay men like masculine men with body hair, women do not and find it repulsive/makes their poor hygiene worse as it enhances the smell. Shave your legs apes.

Anonymous 149887

Fat moids shouldn't even exist, their bodies and hormones are built against being fat pigs. At the same time, bodybuilder types make me want to gag.

Anonymous 149889

Anonymous 149893

Veins look disgusting which men have more of showing on their body usually, not even as in coloured ones you can see, but raised veins. They look like spider webs I want to tear out. But the worst has to be the fact they cannot style themselves for shit. Worst of all is the retarded shaved sides but hair on top haircut. It looks so fucking ugly and dumb. Men are already cursed to lose their hair yet they shave the sides? Wasteful. I'm straight but most men are shit tier so I don't date. Can't even wash themselves or not sperg about women or think trannies are totally real women because they think women are mutilated men and cling to the idea that if they say no homo then fucking men isn't gay. No one gives a shit but stop lying about being straight because men will make fun of you because of dumb hierarchy bullshit. That's another one, taking other mens opinion of what women want as gospel while disregarding what women actually say they want.

Anonymous 149949

i totally agree on the veins thing, specially roided guys with popped up veins all over their body make me want to vomit

Anonymous 149950

>(thicc can be cute)
>skelly bad
stop being a chubby chaser

Anonymous 149958


Anonymous 149961

Fat is disgusting, but nothing is more repulsive than a man with no bone mass in his face.

Anonymous 149967

what is bone mass

Anonymous 149970

Saw an absoulte cutie twink yesterday, but then he got up to reveal a beer gut. Yikes

Men's feet are usually disgusting.

Anonymous 149977

There is also the category of
> fit

Anonymous 149997

i hate that moid titties cant lactate, like why tf do they have them in the first place. It's like even the moid genetic structure is hard wired to take everything from us. They're such gimmie gimmie creatures

Anonymous 149999

Lord FarQuads

Anonymous 150000

>their bodies and hormones are built against being fat pigs.
are they?

Anonymous 150003

Cheekbones, jaw, chin, nonsloped forehead

Anonymous 150004

Yes, so a fat XY is a sure sign of no impulse control and high levels of selfishness and mental illness.

Anonymous 150027

I could forgive mens outer ugliness if I didn’t know they are even uglier inside

Anonymous 150069

Baldness, fatness, coomer brains, hatred towards women. There are a lot of things actually, but I really hate is the whole madonna whore complex

Anonymous 150071


Men are just generally revolting, more akin to dogs or primates than human beings (but far less cute than those animals of course). Seriously, they all have horrific hygiene, dandruff, they spit loogies constantly because their disgusting moid throats and nasal cavities are infected with bacteria, their feet stink, they have horrible BO, smegma all over their penises, they don’t wash their hands, wipe up their piss or clean their ass properly after pooping, and are walking around all day with skidmarks and piss stains in their undies. They piss and shit in the street because they’re miscreants. Most of them have STDs and carry herpes. They have blackheads and flakey dry skin. They don’t even wash themselves after cumming and many of them cum directly into their underwear, onto their sheets or even onto the carpet beside their bed, overall they’re just disgusting and they stink.

Anonymous 150121


It was a girl that did tell Lincoln to grow out his beard though

Anonymous 150122

This. They have no redeeming qualities.

Anonymous 150152

Is north London full of super wealthy creeps? If so he gives me pride.

Anonymous 150156

A £720,000 house in London is completely average.

Anonymous 150160

Yeah, because Lincoln was really going for that pussy-wetter look.

Anonymous 150166

it was an 11 yo girl

Anonymous 150169

A fetus develops nipples before it develops its sex thats my scrotes have them aswell. Its alright as long as they are not puffy

Anonymous 150211

Short hair

Anonymous 150215

First off, attraction to men is not real. It’s simply an evolutionary survival mechanism, a throwback from when sabre tooth tigers were still roaming around and moids simply had an evolutionary advantage over us due to more upper body strength and they are also more aggressive when competing for resources, so we had to depend on them to survive. Yes, women basically memed themselves into finding these rape apes attractive simply so they wouldn’t die. 3/4 of women can’t cum from PIV sex. Women have to rub their clitoris in order to condition themselves into enjoying being stabbed with a meat rod over and over.

Secondly, the reason you’re attracted to height, jawlines etc is simply because it means that dude is better at beating up other men and taking hits when they’re fighting with each other.

In reality the natural baseline state of women is lesbianism, female heterosexuality is simply a form of Stockholm syndrome towards rape apes.

Anonymous 150216


And possibly the most disgusting thing about moids is their penises. There is nothing attractive about these ugly, blood filled, alien looking mushroom things that shoot disgusting slimy smelly dicksnot full of human tadpoles out of their pisshole, nor the wrinkly saggy coin purse of fused labia, dangling beneath them.

Ever thought it’s weird how men are complimented by other moids as having ‘balls’, despite balls being the ugliest, most vulnerable and easily damaged part of a moid? And are called pussies when they are being cowardly, despite vaginas being anatomically protected, resilient, hard wearing, and the bringing of life into the world? Just shows how schizophrenic moid monkeys really are.

Anonymous 150219


Anonymous 150250

No this is not real

Anonymous 150253

Generally I'm repulsed by how men age. Even the most handsome guy will one day get bald and ugly and there is no cure. Old women can look amazing if they take care of themselves, women in general tend to age gracefully. Old ladies have a certain elegance to them. But males all look like rotten potatoes. All of them nasty and smelly.

Anonymous 150269

>the natural baseline state of women is lesbianism
This does not make a lot of sense from an evolutionary perspective.

Anonymous 150311

No it’s not you lesbophobic idiot. These are just the same old polilez rhetoric you retards regurgitate in rf spaces

Anonymous 150322


Also that is just is crazy. A lot of men are just damn good looking. I deeply believe it's in our genes to love beauty just like the birds, and men are bizarre mutants trying to reverse the bird rule.

Not adhering to the bird rule turned us into capitalistic, environmentally catastrophic, hierarchical consumers of an infinite amount of garbage, all because WE FEEL NOTHING and they bully us into feeling nothing, into making us forget attraction to gentleness, beauty, emotional intelligence.

It does exist in men it's just been massively suppressed by the old ones for generations, because they want to keep all the power and women for themselves.

Anonymous 150327

Because you’re one of those idiots who thinks the entire point of human life is to reproduce as much as possible. It’s always moids driving this opinion because they have a narcissistic obsession with creating their own tribe of mini mes to control and subjugate and represent themselves. In a matriarchal world, people have longer and better lives, with respect for others and their boundaries, there is far less murder and violence especially when moid monkeys who commit 96% of violent crime are shut up. In a patriarchal world, men are constantly killing each other and invading each other’s boundaries and tribes and genociding one another.

The only reason there was such an emphasis on female heterosexuality and reproduction in history is because rape apes were CONSTANTLY KILLING EACH OTHER and the burden ended up on women having to repopulate the earth and get the numbers back up.

Not to mention historically, 1 in 75 pregnant women died in childbirth at any given time. Are women born simply to die trying to bring new life into the world, and their child dying with them? Of course not. It’s unnatural. The human body does everything it can to keep us alive for as long as possible when it’s in its healthy state. Childbirth is not healthy. Reproduction was a hassle and left countless women either disabled or dead.

Now because of mens egotistical and narcissistic obsession with having shit tons of mini mes. The earth became too populated and even now scientists agree women in third world PATRIARCHAL countries run by MOID MONKEYS are contributing to overpopulation due to mens disgusting narcissistic obsession with spreading their seed. Patriarchy is toxic cancer on this earth, and has knock-on toxic effects on everything else too.

Anonymous 150329

> gentleness, beauty, emotional intelligence
Notice how those are all female traits.
>it does exist in men
No it doesn’t. Moids are apex predators, produced for and created by an environment where other moids were constantly trying to steal from, rape and murder each other and their families. There is nothing beautiful, gentle or emotionally intelligent about an apex predator. They are psychopathy incarnate, they exist solely to consume, have sex and make other mini apex predators. They have no soul. They’re simply eating, raping, killing machines.

Men can only be ‘beautiful’ or good when they are exhibiting female traits. And no, trannies don’t count because they’re simply AGP incels acting out a fetish and wearing a costume.

Anonymous 150346

I can't tell, are you saying men can or can't be good?

>>Men can only be ‘beautiful’ or good when they are exhibiting female traits. And no, trannies don’t count because they’re simply AGP incels acting out a fetish and wearing a costume.

I'm confused by how you wrote this.
I've met men who were closer to decent many times. They weren't always perfect but they were much more decent. And then I met a few amazing men like I described. They definitely weren't predators, most of the things they did in their lives fell into the good category.

Anonymous 150347

Go through those ‘decent’ mens search history.

Anonymous 150352

Liking porn is not really a crime. Then again there are actually men who don't look at porn at all. Most guys aren't into extreme bdsm violence or children. I know it's common to think that on here, but most porn is just pretty heteronormative, slutty and strange. Tons of drawn on eye brows and some fake boobs. Yes they look at 20 yr olds a lot but women are the same, you can hardly fault them for that.

Anonymous 150353

Also I would hardly discount all the decent things a guy did just because he looks at the normal kind of porn

Anonymous 150357

>it’s okay that men have been jerking off to women being raped on camera since they were 11! It doesn’t have any dramatic affect on their psyche or their perceptions of women!
Moid or troll either way kys.

Anonymous 150428

But this is a new phenomena, and if boys didn't grow up this way they wouldn't be ruined. Men who grew up before the internet did not have anything close to the issues young men have today.

Anonymous 150433

Yup, men from all over the world during every period in history have been natural born misogynists and rapists. It's their nature, it can't be explained in any other way other than accepting the average male is inherently evil, abusive and a sexual predator and the very few exceptions are just outliers.

Anonymous 150434

I grew up around men who weren't like that and also dated a few. There is definitely a variety, sorry you never got to see that.

Anonymous 150440

Your experiences mean nothing when we look at male violence worldwide and all throughout history including the present. Plenty of handmaidens with internalized misogyny think all men they meet are good because they're too braindead to even notice how misogynistic all these good men truly are. And even just because a man seems good doesn't mean he isn't violent and misogynistic. How many men who brutally killed and raped their wives get described as "the perfect father and husband, nobody ever thought he could do this!"? Just look at Lundy Bancroft. The man dedicated his whole career of getting into the mind of abusive violent misogynists and explaining their behavior and he ended up abusing women himself. Men's natural state is to be violent against women.

Anonymous 150449

I don't doubt most of what you're saying. I think most men in history were opportunistic rape apes. Yes. But they were also products of the times, ignorance, cult of religion, culture, scarcity.

I think a lot of men are victims of other men too though. I don't know how else to explain men I've met with emotional intelligence. I just think most men assimilate to the rigid toxically masculine ideal because they abandon introspection, sensitivity when they're most rewarded by society for doing so.

Anonymous 150461

Men don’t suddenly forget their genetic programming overnight. It’s too ingrained in them, both psychologically and biologically, to change.

Anonymous 150476


Men with giant round beer bellies. How the hell is this even physically possible. It looks hard to the touch.

Anonymous 150480


I know, I hate bloated swollen turgid scrotes like Alec Baldwin. You can just tell they fart constantly and take massive stinky greasy shits and don’t wipe the skidmarks off their ass properly.

Anonymous 150507



Anonymous 150641

>just ignore all your experiences and uncritically accept my uncited claims about nature of men to universally true
You are an intellectual juggernaut.

Anonymous 150642

Abraham Lincoln?

Anonymous 150650

Bitch you need citings to recognize men are our oppressors and most of them are violent rapeapes? Just go outside retard. Read the news. Look at statistics. Read up on female oppression all throughout history and notice how nothing has changed and women are still men's slaves. How the fuck do you not even realize this. You seriously think you meeting one or two fags that didn't seem all that bad proves men in general are good? Most women here are so attention starved they'd think the most sexist incel is actually a dream come true.

Anonymous 207742

I like them too

Anonymous 207759

I'm friends with a scrote who is ugly
>large round body and long thin legs
>hair frames his face bad
>bad side profile since his neck pushes foward giving him a hunch
>weird round face
Can't hack this lads, just pack it in and go home like

Anonymous 207762

>weak jaw
>beer belly
>short neck
>wonky hairline
>dead eyes
>hair on ass cheeks and back

Anonymous 207771


Disgusting emotionless shark eyes. Ageing features and looking 30 when they hit 19. Nasty presence. Disgusting facial hair. Awful clothes. Disgusting haircuts that are often too short and just gross. Porn addictions. Retard opinions. No brains. Massive baseball mitt monkey hands. Unga bunga head. Skinny fat. Lurking in the shadows like a school shooter. Having no meaningful hobbies. Sucking at vidya games. Useless and incapable. Obese landwhales. Opening their mouth to speak and they are fucking annoying. Speaking without being spoken to. Being too tall and gangly like a gibon. No fucking humor.

Anonymous 207795

Slicked back hair.
Dead eyes.
Their feet.
Crooked teeth.
Failure to take care of their health and not going to the doctor and dentist.
Their constantly red faces when they get old and have untreated hypertension like the thread pic.

Anonymous 207798

Mostly obesity and lack of hygiene, also stupid zoomer haircuts.

Anonymous 207801

I don’t really get it but I hate facial hair.

Anonymous 207803

never understood dislike against bald men, but only if they have prominent facial features like a chiselled jaw and high cheekbones. if anything the lack of hair emphasizes it more

Anonymous 207809

usually it's true but then you see the perfect face and my sight just gets drawn to it. seems masculine, not like those "moids" who cling to their last piece of hair, or have a transplant kek

Anonymous 207810

They don’t look that bad. I’ll take a transplant over a bald head.

Anonymous 207812

to me the fact that they would go to such a length they might as well have a full fake of make-up. don't you find men who overly groom a complete turn off?

Anonymous 207813

I don’t know. I never met a man who overly grooms himself, it’s usually the opposite.

Anonymous 207815

Omg same even shaven feels like velcro men will have disgusting facial hair and demand women have bald asses and pussies. This is why I will refuse any man over 25

Anonymous 207820

Old post but this poetry

Anonymous 207844

>to me the fact that they would go to such a length they might as well have a full fake of make-up. don't you find men who overly groom a complete turn off?

You have moid tastes, there's nothing wrong with men wearing make up or being over groomed, actually it makes them better than other men because they may understand the pressure we're under ! baldies always look like middle aged sexual deviants, if the hairline starts receding it's already unattractive no need for them to be completely bald.

Anonymous 207849

Anonymous 207872


This thread is way too extreme. I preferred CC before the LC tourists took up residence here to be honest. Do none of you have even decent relationships with male family members? It's especially annoying because s are a bunch of kink obsessed weirdos yourselves, who alternate between extreme hatred and wanting to fuck the worst sorts of moids, as anyone who browsed /g/ before it was nuked could tell you.

Anonymous 207875

I like skinny men but I'm disgusted by guys who have disproportionately skinny legs, especially if they are wearing oversized pants. Men wearing pants that don't fit is another thing repulsive on itself, I hate when the wait is low even tho it's just a normal waisted pants and the way the fabric piles up at the bottom. I also hate roided guys, roided guys who somehow still have a beer gut, guys who wear skin tight shirts to show their disgusting roided bodies, that spiked duck butt hair style that was popular over 10 years ago but there are still men wearing it, facial hair, flabby pudgy men are like reverse thinspo, common place tattoos.

Anonymous 207881

I'm really grossed out by male body hair. I tried hard not to be, but there it is. Beards and seeing stubble up close is unpleasant. Female body hair is super cute though.
I also hate the appearance of muscles, specifically on older men. On young men with some body fat it's just neutral to me. Even on women I find low body fat a turn-off, but on men it's actively upsetting.
I like men as individuals and indeed have men who I love in a platonic or familial way, but I'm a kinsey 5.

Anonymous 207894


All moids that aren't pretty boys are visually repulsive to me. I hate especially the bald chinlets that larp as chad when they are ugly as fuck

Anonymous 207929

Anonymous 207955


He looks like a gypsy. He'd fit right in the Romanian gypsy ghettos.

Anonymous 207981


that's good because after he gets out of prison, that's all he has to look forward to.

Anonymous 207992

Men acting oblivious. I told a man that most teenage girls who are "mothers", has a reason as to why they are more likely to be mothers than teen boys being fathers. Adult males were fathers of 26.8% of babies born to mothers aged 13-14 years. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/10227344/

40% of girls aged 15 years had a partner at least 20 years of age.

I told a man this about abortion, and he instead acted oblivious and asked me what it had to do with what he was talking about. I told him to not be obtuse and blocked him.

Anonymous 207994

love how some people got actually upset over this post

Anonymous 208017

He probably didn't even know what "obtuse" meant.

Anonymous 208039

This nigga is microcephalic

Anonymous 208077

>Just look at Lundy Bancroft. The man dedicated his whole career of getting into the mind of abusive violent misogynists and explaining their behavior and he ended up abusing women himself.

are you serious? I can't find anything on this.. horrifying

Anonymous 209581

Beer guts are disgusting, but steroid guts are a thousand times more disgusting. No picrel cause I'd vomit.

Anonymous 209583

Absolutely based, idc if female heterosexuality is real or not, its awful and traps women with scrotes when acted on

Anonymous 209584

Existing within my field of view.

Anonymous 209589

That they exist.

Anonymous 209619

I hate beards, and men with beards. Not only you have to wait MONTHS to grow them, but it is also useless. It only looks "good" if you are a faggots with a weak jaw. Also, there is a bunch of ugly mfs in my university who have beards that look like fucking pubic hair. It's disgusting, and I have no fucking clue why they don't shave, like, a double edge razor is cheap as hell, they have no excuse

Anonymous 209623

My Nigel has drank himself a beer gut but at least he's embarrassed by it and cutting down on beer. He sometimes tries to make light of it and I just can't.

Anonymous 209626

i read this with a scouse accent

Anonymous 209627

for me my biggest ick is a really pronounced forehead, specifically the brow bone. it makes me think they are actual fucking Neanderthals

Anonymous 209637

This sounds like something one of those unhinged lesbian tumblr accounts would say

Anonymous 209642

Hideous and fat, watches porn, when inceloids try to talk to me, trembling retard rage, literally born with a fucked hairline, balding and malding at ages 15 and up, when they wear a sweater with multiple different colors of stains (it mightve been a troon lol), hunchback failmales, useless and lazy, males have no social skills either

Anonymous 209652

IDK some beards look like pubes, but some guys can really pull it off. I think it just that guys don't go all the way or take care of it properly

I like it when older men have really long beards or thick handlebars. Beards mainly just look weird to me when it's just a wiry layer of dark hair on these college aged boys.

Anonymous 209814

it got scrubbed off the web but if you look up his name on tumblr you'll find a post about this with archived links… I saw the post years ago and it was eye opening, a lesson on how far a man can go with his feminist larp to be in a position to abuse women

Anonymous 209912


Anonymous 209971

This has probably been posted before but there is fucking nothing more disgusting than a man who turns into an angry, pushy, pissbaby when you don't reciprocate their sexual advances. I seriously want to kill men like that.

Anonymous 209976

I guess that for me to find a guy attractive it depends considerably on how he's styled, because my idea of attractive physical features isn't that narrow. Often when I find a guy decent looking, I'll think "he'd be better if he shaved and let his hair grow", because 75% of moids or something have beards and that stupid hair cut that fades on the side. Male fashion trends seriously need to stop being set by moids.

Anonymous 210008

Moid handwriting really confers how they're not fully human to me.

Anonymous 210018

The stereotypical "chad" chin is so fucking repuslive to me.

Anonymous 210019


Anonymous 210020

I agree with this, short hair on males doesnt work all the time. Many moids would benefit from shoulder length hair specifically (longer or a little shorter depends). And no facial hair, unless it actually looks neat (I personally don’t like it)

Anonymous 210071

yeah but very very few they have to be very attractive to pull it off otherwise they look like unwashed cave trolls. Actually both long hair and beard can cover some moid's ugly facial features i can see that being used that way.

Anonymous 210086

I don’t think the moid needs to be above average to look slightly better with long hair. It can help ugliness; bangs to hide unga bung brow, neck looks less long, hides big monkey ears, makes face look less long, can look good with various cheekbone structures, etc. Yes it cannot take attention away from certain things such as zero chin, dead freak eyes, nasty hair genes, fat, massive unproportionate nose, nasty shaped nose, thin sociopath phenotype lips, having a penis et al

Anonymous 213862

‘pussy’ as an insult is originally derived from ‘pusillanimous’ not from vaginas

Anonymous 213973

literally no one knows that

Anonymous 213991

Well now you do at least

Anonymous 214000

I knew that

Anonymous 214002

you're nothing

Anonymous 214003

Tattoos, not all of them, but the great majority.

Anonymous 214004

what the fuck

Anonymous 214005

Not having a real hairstyle when they have long hair. they are so lazy with it, makes my spartan routine look like glam.

Anonymous 214008

Moids who are skinny/scrawny/thin/twinks are fucking disgusting

Anonymous 214011


why such hostility

Anonymous 214023

I just fucking hate it when men are men. I don’t like feminine men, masculine men, right wing men, left wing men, tall men, shirt men, rich men, poor men, privileged men, oppressed men, straight men, gay men they all make me fucking sick. The mere act of being male is an act of violence

Anonymous 214025


plain and simple example as to why men/troons can’t and shouldn’t do makeup. It always looks like shit. Whether it’s dry, overdone, cracked, translucent or just the typical troon winged eyeliner and traffic light red lipstick combo it’s fucking disgusting

Anonymous 214067

I dig this. He looks like if Honter Schafer didn't take titty skittles. Unfortunately it's MGK so all attraction is null because, y'know, MGK.

Anonymous 214070


>shirt men
are you referring to haberdashers?

Anonymous 214104

Anonymous 214508

I hate when moids in those gamer circles put on those ugly cat ears and shein maid outfits and get asspats even though they’ve got severe acne and a Habsburg jaw

Anonymous 214899

I wish moids were brave enough to just come out and say they're massive pederasts. Notice how all of these moids in cat ears and cheap maid dresses look barely 18 years old? Modern moids are just like the Romans, still have some innate desire to groom their young into being their sexual playthings.

Anonymous 214900

I don't get why everyone fawns over them when they'd absolutely destroy a girl who looked similar. Imagine all the hate a lanky, flat-chested girl with acne, a big nose, a massive brow ridge and sloppy makeup in a cheap amazon costume and a halloween store wig would get.

Anonymous 215419

Does anyone else think "douchebag" when they see a guy with a beard?

Anonymous 215431

I just think he must be an idiot for actively making a grooming choice that makes him look worse.

Anonymous 215433

Yes I feel pretty pissed about weak jawline and no chin sporting douchebags thinking women negged from birth about every so called imperfection in their appearance are such oblivious idiots that they genuinely cannot tell those dudes are frauds just because they have a thin veil of hideous, strategically placed face pubes. It makes me doubly upset when I spot the rare actually non-hideous moid with a proper jawline and normal chin falling for le epic manly beard meme.

Anonymous 216892


Fat males. Repulsive is the only true adjective for them. Their personalities are always childish, or outright shitty. Either one is not good. Males are biologically inclined to avoid becoming fat, so for fat males to exist is proof of their sheer self-neglect. They reek of cheese, and every other woman I talked to who have slept with fat men have always regretted it. Apparently they have a smegma problem, and their gelatinous globs of flesh only make sex more like labor. Fat males are peak human repulsiveness, and they do not get shit on enough. Normalize refusing to date fat males.

Anonymous 216912

I think 'pubebeard pubebeard pubebeard' and scowl

Anonymous 216913

I've always thought fatness is a symptom of mental or physical illness. Fat people that have no hormone disease, diabetes or any other physical ailment that can cause obesity are usually mentally ill, they'll have depression at the very least.

Anonymous 216976

If fat males are fat because of depression, they need to hurry up and kill themselves.

Anonymous 216979

fully legalizing fentanyl w/o requirement of prescription would solve a lot of problems tbh

Anonymous 217338

Long fingernails make me gag.
Conversely, I also hate chewed, bitten down nubs of fingernails.
Long toenails. You aren't an eagle. Cut your talons.
Stringy hair.
Balding men who don't just go ahead and cut their hair short.

Anonymous 217462

all masculine features repulse me. there is no saving them.

Anonymous 217464


Anonymous 224611

Fucking based.

Anonymous 224630


>97% change they are ugly as fuck
>Repulsive facial hair
>Don't care enough to groom themselves
>Usually complete fucking normies with no original thoughts
>Hiveminds, once a male is introduced in a group of other males he completely loses any sort of individuality
>Sexist, the average moid thinks he's better of you because of a 4.5inch flap of meat between his legs
>Incapable of forming deep thoughts, they are reactionary creatures

I hate them so much, they are so fucking dumb

Anonymous 224631

Saw a male coworker with the longest fucking nails, it was disgusting. How are you not tearing shit open by accident with claws like that? Clear sign of mental illness in a moid.

Anonymous 224641

Males are generally very ugly, stupid, and worthless. They're basically the human versions of NPCs, for the most part. No wonder they kill themselves so much. If I was born as a moid, I probably get depressed and kill myself too. For a gender that's so damn foolish, they always have such tall fucking foreheads too. Yuck.

Anonymous 224644

It's absolutely repulsive how dirty men are and how dirty they keep their living places. I can't believe how hard it is to find a guy that showers at least five times per week. And I'm not even going to start writing about how almost every home that is kept by a man is a pigsty. One of the most repulsive things is seeing guys reluctantly clean something and pulling a face because their girlfriends asked them to do a single thing in the household.
Most men are just whiny children. Pathetic.

Anonymous 224833


Morbidly obese men just gross me out.
Also alcoholics, I think beer guts are disgusting.

Anonymous 224961

Nope. It's just a nightmare to be straight.

Anonymous 224996

how can you like the opposite sex if you find them repulsive?

Anonymous 225004

To be honest? Almost everything. Male pattern baldness is gross, they smell bad, they're unfunny (not all visual things I know) and they have such weird proportions. Ugly women? Love them. What's considered "ugly" for women is simply having unique and striking features. Moids, however, are genuinely gross and ugly almost 100% of the time, and even if they start out pretty, they age like rotten milk. There's not enough hatred for men's appearances. They don't even have good personalities to make up for it.

Anonymous 225015

>the saggy balls
I've been thinking about this lately. I went to a family gathering a few weeks ago. My auntie lectured my cousin for not wearing a bra… I don't wear one either, so I just stood there in awkward silence… while she told her once she gets to her age, she'll "regret it."

If that shit really does stop sagging, why aren't ball bras a thing for men? They could seriously use it.

Anonymous 225025

>There's not enough hatred for men's appearances. They don't even have good personalities to make up for it.

Anonymous 225026

I cry.png

I'm straight but men just evolved wrong in the sense that they just didn't have too much evolutionary pressure to look attractive, they can't even keep their hair past their twenties. I feel like I'm yearning for something that doesn't exist. I feel like I'm one of the few women with principles because most women just accepted that men are ugly and that's just how it is on this bitch.

Anonymous 225104

Same I'm just rarely ever truly attracted to someone. Guys will say my standards are too high but that is fucking LAUGHABLE when you look at how women take care of themselves. Probably the most disgusting thing about being straight. So I fucking refuse to have anything to do with them irl. I w old rather indulge in fantasy. Because that one simple expectation is not something im willing to part with. It would feel truly sick and disgusting to settle. If it wasn't this way I'd probably have tons of motivation. But it's not so I really don't and refuse when they are only really capable if giving back filth 97% of the time.

Anonymous 225105

Not being East Asian.
>inb4 racist

Anonymous 225106

Women are allowed to have preferences, nona. Males are not because fuck their happiness.

Anonymous 225130

Anonymous 228309

literally in the word's definition of your link:
>despite what you may have heard, pusillanimous does not serve as the basis for pussyfoot, pussycat, or a certain related vulgarism.

Anonymous 228335

Disagree. I think nature consistently favors attractive males because females HAVE to be choosy and selective. Go for the best genes. Nine times out of ten they're going to opt out of most male advances from the start. It is a huge cost, and burden to the female to mate and reproduce, so she's going reject as much as she can.

Meanwhile males just want to have fun and get their dick wet.

It's not "oh fuck what Men want, fuck their happiness" women are literally better off having high standards, putting off mating with whoever otherwise they'd be mated to death and taxed to death in the wild. Being selective and smart is healthier for the female and her offspring when it's always raining dicks.

It's like putting the oxygen mask on yourself before you put it on the passenger next to you. (Offspring)

Anonymous 228342

>being desirable by anyone
lol, lmao
if anyone ever found them eveb remotely attractive they wouldnt be incels now would they

Anonymous 228352

It's surfer season here, meaning there are more moids with nice bodies around, but their faces are still underwhelming to put it nicely.

Anonymous 228366

I think the appeal of "sexist incels" to many chronically online women is that they want to be the exceptions to the worldview, not that they're attention starved.

Anonymous 228394

As an attention starved person I can confirm. I only like extremely nice moids.

Anonymous 228398


Anonymous 228400

Men also come from women and they not only hate but have institutionalized, normalized and justified hatred against women in society for centuries and in many different societies around the world. "Man-hatred" is one of the few ways women have to defend themselves

Anonymous 228403

>Men can actually lactate during wartimes
Ehmm excuse me wtf?

Anonymous 228410

So that one post about how moid tits don't lactate got you this upset? And you didn't even elaborate on how their tits lactate during wartimes? Instead you just go on a rant about how women give birth to men so it doesn't make sense to hate men? Shut the fuck up and explain why men's breasts leak during active combat or gtfo.

Anonymous 228420

I think It's a reference to SsethTzentach's World of Tanks review. At one point he showed a clip of him driving a tank with a mod that changes the crew into skimpy dressed anime girls with big breasts saying
>Did you know? In times of war, men can lactate?
while trying not to laugh

Around 9:10 in the video

Anonymous 228423

You will never be a real woman. You have no womb, you have no ovaries, you have no eggs. You are a homosexual man twisted by drugs and surgery into a crude mockery of nature’s perfection.
All the “validation” you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back people mock you. Your parents are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “friends” laugh at your ghoulish appearance behind closed doors.
Men are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed men to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even trannies who “pass” look uncanny and unnatural to a man. Your bone structure is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a drunk guy home with you, he’ll turn tail and bolt the second he gets a whiff of your diseased, infected axe wound.
You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.
Eventually it’ll be too much to bear – you’ll buy a rope, tie a noose, put it around your neck, and plunge into the cold abyss. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment. They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your birth name, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a man is buried there. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably male.
This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.

Anonymous 228425

>Hating men is paramount to hating women
>Women generate men, so for women to hate men is highly hypocritical

Anonymous 228430


Tranny confirmed.

Anonymous 228432

You will never be a real woman. You have no womb, you have no ovaries, you have no eggs. You are a homosexual man twisted by drugs and surgery into a crude mockery of nature’s perfection.
All the “validation” you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back people mock you. Your parents are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “friends” laugh at your ghoulish appearance behind closed doors.
Men are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed men to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even trannies who “pass” look uncanny and unnatural to a man. Your bone structure is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a drunk guy home with you, he’ll turn tail and bolt the second he gets a whiff of your diseased, infected axe wound.
You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.
Eventually it’ll be too much to bear – you’ll buy a rope, tie a noose, put it around your neck, and plunge into the cold abyss. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment. They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your birth name, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a man is buried there. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably male.
This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.

Anonymous 228448

If real, moids are somehow gigatarded, more than I previously considered.

Anonymous 228988


Men can actually lactate lol it's just very difficult.

Anonymous 229895

>detailed and reasonably well sourced etymology, definition, and historical origin/usage of the word clearly indicates otherwise
>”but…uh…don’t believe the preceding several paragraphs we just provided for you OR what you may have already heard OR your lying eyes ladies because yeah it’s totes hella sexist”
>sources cited: just trust us
sounds a bit fishy to me

Anonymous 230276

it was an evolutionarily advantageous trait. so yes it is.

Anonymous 230277

by that logic nothing is real because every single aspect of human behavior is an evolutionary survival mechanism.
you have a frontal lobe. please start using it.

Anonymous 230343


This tranny on my fb

Anonymous 230344



Anonymous 230351

Anonymous 230412

That's why I prefer East Asians - they don't age so fast and they don't start going bald in their mid-30s.

Anonymous 230440


this moid from highschool i know that was cucked and introduced to sissy porn a few years ago

its like someone put a wig on a goblin

Anonymous 230441

>my fellow women let's all come together to make fun of this man with a humiliation fetish

Anonymous 230442

Anonymous 230443

no its okay he got therapy and is now a self loving proud lebsian

Anonymous 230444

FAS phenotype

Anonymous 230448

>How the hell is this even physically possible

Anonymous 230454

He'd be disgusting either way.

Anonymous 230494

They have massive double standards, want women to be meek and submissive and don't want them to status away from their image of them yet males themselves are never willing to change for their wives. It's also so disgusting how their first reaction to role allegations is "but what if women is lying" as if men didn't spend years and copious amounts of money to cover their tracks about sexual abuse and rape. It's also so funny how they'll say "women are so emotional dude" when there have been multiple mass shootings because an incel got mad for not getting any dates. They are also always defending pedophilia with their lives.

Anonymous 230503

Thinking and acting like a violent 30IQ subhuman, entitlement, sex obsession, mouth breathing, obesity, and poor hygiene. The last one especially because men smell more in general. My bar for being "okay" isn't high, just be a decent person and fucking bathe, yet so many don't meet the basic criteria. If you're not respecting yourself or others, it's hard to respect you much back. Take care of yourself, care for others, and stop thinking "I do all that which means I'm a nice guy but I still can't get laid!" That's still thinking in terms of selfish transactionals revolving around cumbrain nonsense. Like, if you think this is incorrect and thinking like an adult monke baby is natural and proper, ask yourself if being that way has been good for you or actually helped, even in regards to that one narrow goal. For the vast majority of men, the result is not positive. Live your life properly as an actual human bean and learn to prioritize. If nothing else, because most people are not zoophiles.

I knew a friendly but unshowered weeb that kept his nails long on purpose so he could cut them into claws like InuYasha, so you're not wrong. Last I checked, he married a woman who genuinely thought her dad had been a real incubus. Also friendly, just sorta batshit. They kept a bunch of cats, and let them piss and shit in a mountain of never-cleaned cat litter heaped on the floor under the stairs in a house they were renting at the time. I don't know what happened to them after they moved, but I can say with certainty that they were far too powerful for this plane. We can only hope they learned proper pet care or stopped keeping animals.

Anonymous 230705

I knew a regular fat man who grew his nails as long as inuyasha claws for no particular reason. Just refused to cut them. And ontop of that he worked with customers at a front desk so they were proudly on display 24/7. Probably topped a lot of things for me.

Anonymous 231720

>gentleness, beauty, emotional intelligence are all female traits.

Pick up Shakespeare or any of the myriad greatest poets in the English language and tell me again how men lack these things

Anonymous 232059

Definitely not all, just the waste of space ones that serve no purpose whatsoever to society.

Anonymous 232321


Anonymous 232330

Yes, dear. Abraham Lincoln. The president grew a beard because a little girl wrote a letter to him.

Anonymous 233076


The mask they wear scares me. The more wholesome a man tries to paint himself, the more I feel like he's a hair trigger from spewing the most hateful, hurtful things out of his mouth. The more likely I think he's going to murder someone via beating their victim's head against a wall in a blind rage.

The worst part is I know how illogical this thought is. I know it is, but my ape brain has been wired to see the patterns. It's looking into these shadows, and seeing the hand of the man coming out of it who two seconds ago was talking about loving puppies or some stereotypical nonsense like that.

At least when they're openly acting like violent, over evolved chimpanzees, it's something I can see. The ones manipulative enough to hide it just make it so much worse. We look at these men historically, seeing them "overcome" their violence to do better, and it's treated as heroic. Ashoka burns India, but gets better. Hercules murders his entire family, but gets better. Gets better? Settles down? They're animals.

Anonymous 233084

Maybe stop hanging out with degenerate stoners and you'll meet a man with good handwriting and an education? You really outed yourself as a loser with that one.

Anonymous 233101

>Hercules murders his entire family, but gets better
Being fair, Hera literally used magic to drive him insane and he doesn't really "get better" as much as he just does what a bunch of kings and gods tell him to do so he can be "absolved of his sin" and ascend to godhood.

Anonymous 233104

this is so oddly specific it gives me the sense youre projecting, kek. are you offended moid?

Anonymous 233146


The thing is I have to ask how much of that story is just shifting the blame. Especially, when I consider the source. The Greeks would be all too happy to make everything a woman's fault. Their entire cultural identity is based around a war started because of a jilted man placing every last ounce of blame on a woman. It's a woman's fault they waged war for ten years.

Yeah, okay. Nobody should believe that, but, here we are. Greeks come to rape and pillage the surrounding villages that happen to exist in the same general area as Troy to starve out the city, but this love story will live through the ages.

Anonymous 234072

nona can you explain this image please

Anonymous 234089


What causes this? Can it be prevented?

Anonymous 234091


Anonymous 234094


Anonymous 234096

>What causes this?
>Can it be prevented?

Anonymous 234097

his eyelids are just filled with FAT

Anonymous 234110

>What causes this?
Being a lazy fat fuck who doesn't do cardio at the very least, I doubt he's got any excuses either.

Anonymous 234112


The 'millenial male' look from this meme is so deeply disgusting to me. There's something so creepy and ugly about small, balding, bearded nerds.

Anonymous 234115

No I think its soy products

Anonymous 234121

Bad hygiene, refusal to shower/shave disgusting pube beard, poor diet of processed foods, lack of exercise, lack of sunlight. Basically average american male lifestyle

I’ve also noticed that people who exercise from an early age come out looking better than those who start later (or never start in this case of this disgusting moid)

Anonymous 234122

>>234112 I know a ton of men that look like this irl. They always have porn addict vibes

Anonymous 234125


the resemblance is uncanny.

Anonymous 234158


Looks like a troon and manlet

Anonymous 234162

Oh my fucking god

Anonymous 234196

they are dysgenic

Anonymous 234198

people's preposition to general health/fitness and likelyhood to grow obese has been linked to the conditions of the mother while the child is in the womb, the state of the father when he fertilizes the egg and the conditions during childhood.
You're right about the diet, lack of sun and exercise, but this kind of thing can go back to before they were even born. Standards have been dropping across the board.

Anonymous 234273


The red haired one is Cinnabar, a character from the manga, Land of the Lustrous. Chinese alchemy believed that the mercury found within cinnabar would give people who consumed it immortality, so it was commonly ingested by Chinese emperors.

As an aside, while the artwork is pretty overt about the Chinese aspect, the anime does it a little more subtly by having Cinnabar's theme heavily feature an erhu.

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