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Is there a discord server? Anonymous 150952

I would really like friends, lost a close friend and I'm really lonely, does anyone here run a small/private discord? I just want to have friends to play video games with and show my drawings and crochet work n stuff

Anonymous 151005

Hi! I'd be happy to chat and play with you. I only play small, cozy games tho but I'm happy to play anything. I do embroidery so we could exchange on that as well. Its risky to exchange info directly tho because raids and stuff, but I have a throwaway email, if you have one too you can email me your discord. Or we can exchange first in a game. Less risky and I don't think it would break the rules if it's through something else.
I'd suggest joining crochet and embroidery servers btw! If you're on Pixel Stitch or Cross Stitch Chat you can find me there (my user begins by Scar and I have a fox pfp)

Anonymous 151014

when splaton 3 comes out next friday lets form our own CC clan (i think they let you use hashtags now too in the game to find specific people who use the same tags)

Anonymous 151018


What should we use, #CrystalCafe?

Anonymous 151020

I found my friends playing tabletop roleplay games.
I think those type of games allow you to quickly understand if those people are good to be around or not and it gives you an excuse to stay in contact if they are.
Discord doesn't really work for me, friendships made there always end up going south, no matter how great they seem at first.

Anonymous 151057

Ty for the carry nonas

Anonymous 151060

i think im going to make a thread on #media on release day specifically for it

Anonymous 151318

i'd love a discord server too, even though i prefer lurking

Anonymous 151319

would also be really interested in a discord! literally everywhere else i frequent online is super male-dominated and i'd love a small female only community

Anonymous 151411

Same! I'll probably be too anxious to talk (can voicecheck though) but i'd love to just have a comfy discord server with you all. The lolcow one was… not my thing. Perhaps a discord server would be a little bit more active than CC too because people are often on discord and the small talk makes it easier to talk more! I'd really love that but i'm too dumb to make a good server

Anonymous 151476


i'd love a discord as well, but how would we verify? i feel like just voice and face verification would be too easy to surpass, even if the face pics were timestamped?

Anonymous 151483

I would say face cam + ID (name etc censored obviously) + a hand sign.

I don't have the switch personally. Maybe we could first find an online chat to exchange our usernames? Before making a server we could have a private conversation and VC first.

Anonymous 151484

Tbh i think I'll make a new throwaway email with protonmail dedicated to exchanging discord users so we can build really slow

Anonymous 151486

I'd also like to join, but this seems excessive. A sufficiently dedicated moid will find a way in no matter what, the only thing this will do is scare away the more privacy-minded among us.
Maybe just do basic voice verification to get rid of generic trolls and combine that with a rank system that gives only active, trusted users with good status access to more sensitive channels. Creating a believable (!) female persona with matching post history and all is much harder for your average moid than bypassing voice or image verification.
Moid presence can never be ruled out completely in online spaces, it's best to keep that in mind and not let verification systems lull you into a false sense of security.

Anonymous 151523

true tbh, i got paranoid because i remember my experience on some girl only servers but you're right. if we keep it a rather small server anyway it will be fine

Anonymous 151524

So here's the email I created:

[email protected]

if you'd like to add each other on discord please contact me here and I'll make a group when we're at least 3, then we can think about creating a server

Anonymous 151525

its very fast to create a proton mail account btw and you're not forced to put another email or a phone number to create it, so if you feel uncomfortable sending an email with your personal one you can just create a throwaway like i did for that.

Anonymous 151583

Would love to chat with some of you but I strictly refuse to do voice chats.

Anonymous 151639

I do understand that some people don't like voice chats but it would be too easy for men and trannies to invade our space if we don't do basic validation… Birth certificates and stuff would be too easy to fake

Anonymous 151662

The neck pic with timestamp is a very good idea tbh!

I've sent some discord friend invited, I'll see my mails tomorrow for the ones who sent me one tonight.

I'll create a friend DM groupe first like I said to some and I'll send an invite in private when "proof of woman".

Anonymous 151712

So who's discord group is this that decided to flood this slow site here at this specific time

Anonymous 151768

My friend group is falling apart, this one girl who I felt was so alike me but whatever I guess. Trying my luck with reconnecting to old friends but it's hard.
I also prefer group chats to meet people. I was hoping to meet people via an MMO/any multiplayer game but it's rare that you click with them outside of that specific game as well
I heard so many positive stories about D&D I'm tempted to give it another go after my last first time ever session lasted literally one round.
Is there a specific website you recommend? How did you meet your current group.

Anonymous 151792

Big Bird.jpg

I didn't really "find" my group, rather from various different ones I found differently people and we stuck together in the long run.
It started on skype of all places but now we are all settled with Roll20 for games and discord for OOC.
I feel roleplay is the best way because it's a social game so people's shittiness surfaces almost right away and it's easier to be on talking terms with others if you do enjoy their presence, since if you have chit chats IC (in character) then you can easily have chit chats OOC (out of character).
Roll20 has a section for "Looking for Players" so it's easy to apply to anything.

I'm not saying it's easier to find friends though, just that it's a faster screening process… if you don't like tabletops though I wouldn't recommend it.
If you want to try otherwise there's lots of newbie friendly games setup!

Anonymous 151808

discord server update: its created and under building.

for the ones who wanna join, the mail contact works fine, you can ask me to add you on discord by writing me there :

[email protected]

Anonymous 152132


it's building with time!

so, just to clarify things:

i only send invites through discord DMs because i make temporary invites (1 use max) to avoid leaks

there is verification once you join the discord with voice chat, you can speak in any language, just 1-2 sentences are enough for now. if voice chat is impossible we can discuss that.

if you feel unsure or unsafe before joining, i can voice chat with you in private and i'll be the only one talking. verification will happen either way though, sooner or later.


[email protected]

Anonymous 152155

Anonymous 152739

So what was up with with this discord thing, never heard anything back. Considering all the apparent weird deleted posts here, I wonder if the email was just some moid trying to get usernames and pics from us.

Anonymous 152777

???? i email everyone back and add everyone who gave me their user! we're almost 20 on the discord already. check your emails or send back one. i'm sorry if I missed your mail, maybe i read it and forgot to reply. the deleted posts weren't mine, i didnt even see what those posts were.

Anonymous 152778

also i ONLY give invites through DMs, if you asked me to send you one through mail its normal i didnt send it to you but i always reply to people and tell them to add me on discord so i can invite them.

Anonymous 152780

and i have a rule about pics. verification is through voice chat preferably, pics are only the neck and only if YOU completely refuse to voice chat. this is for safety, because if i dont verify people males can enter the discord.

Anonymous 153137

Smug anime 3.jpg

>only the neck
I get it.

Anonymous 153147

Not sure if it was a sarcastic response?

Anonymous 153160

trannies don't pass, essentially

Anonymous 154410

I already know this is probably going to be a shitfest in the end, but I'm so devoid of female friendships that I might give it a try.

Anonymous 155433


received and responded to the emails.

btw as i told the girls who contacted me i wont be available for verification in the next few days (its temporary) and i may be less fast to reply to mails and send invites but someone else has the power to verify and give you roles in my place.

we're about 30 now :) lots of artists and nerdy girls, its very comfy! hope more of us join. thanks

Anonymous 155714

I'm in a comfy discord with women from all around the world, including the cat painter. It's creative hobby oriented, with no drama or negativity.

Anonymous 155815

just emailed! Can't wait!! Thanks for making the disc and making sure it's troon free lol

Anonymous 155835

I’ll join later! Have to make a throwaway email.

Anonymous 156356


Anonymous 156953

anyone got a link to lc dc?

Anonymous 159390

just emailed too!

Anonymous 161291

How can I get the email?

Anonymous 161401

it's in the thread

Anonymous 161831

Been waiting awhile, someone probably this poster >>155433 added me on discord but they're never online. Could I get someone else send me an invite?

Anonymous 162192

Hey, the owner is currently between hospitals or something atm so someone else is verifying members who get in. Give it a day or so and you'll be given the invite and verified :)

Anonymous 162267

We need more fujo femcel neet representation in server

Anonymous 162305

Be the change you want to see

Anonymous 163795


what do you guys talk about on the server besides yaoi and if I join will i be the decrepit elder as a person in their late 20s

Anonymous 163835

The majority of members are 20+ dw nona :D

Anonymous 164098

Sent an email too.

Anonymous 164099

just sent an email !

Anonymous 164149

Anonymous 167526

If anyone in the server wants to be online friends please say it, i'm too shy to do it. Sorry.

Anonymous 167689

Hit me up, I'm the top of the leaderboard :)


Hiii I've sent an email, hopefully im not too late to the party and you guys are still vcing?

Anonymous 170784

Just sent an e-mail as well!

Anonymous 171203

discord update

Just responded to the mails sorry. We still accept members yes. :)

Anonymous 173630

discord update

responded to the recent mails. sorry i dont look at them as often because i dont receive as many as i used to and i was busy.

Anonymous 174378

hi i sent u an email :)

Anonymous 174394

email sent!

Anonymous 174399

sent an email!

Anonymous 174628

Anonymous 177249

i sent an email too.i dont want to use my real discord but my burner is throwaway#6638

Anonymous 177250

guys i dont want to spreed mistrust but one minute after this post theres was a moid raid in the no bf thread and he was promoting his server scrotes as boyfriends something like that. im not saying this anon is a moid but be careful when add strangers from there

Anonymous 177253


yeah I get the mistrust, but I wasn't looking for random adds from random people. I sent a mail to the burner email the one nona made to be added to the server ([email protected] ), but I never received a message back. I sent that email my real discord as well. throwaway is just a fake or w/ever in case the server anon sees it here instead. I get what you mean about the raids. I saw some gross shit in /b/ that stayed up for fucking hours.

Anonymous 177254


ohh the one from the discord server said that she dont look at the recent emails often >>173630 so maybe it will take some time before they add you. still take care nona!! even in a "female" space there are some weirdos.

Anonymous 184355

Hi I sent you an email!

Anonymous 208406

just to bump this thread i also sent an email :)

Anonymous 208475

Also sent an email. Thanks for the bump >>208406 I didn't know there was a server

Anonymous 209043

sent an email

Anonymous 215983

I sent an email

hellocrystalcafe 216962


checked my emails today and responsed to everyone! i sent you an invite directly by mail to the verification discord as we dont do verifications on the cc discord now, but i also sent you a friend request. please check your mails for the invite, i wont send it by dm if you see my friend request first unless you cant use the invite to avoid making too many links!

sorry for the wait, i was busy and i also had to wait for security measures. thanks a lot.

Anonymous 216971

request sent!!

Anonymous 218218

Wish more miners from the US joined the server.

Anonymous 218239

Have you ever gotten any trannies trying to get added to the server?

Anonymous 218240

I wish I could join but big groups of people scare me.

Anonymous 218255

I don't think this discord is that big. It's doesn't hurt to get out of your comfort zone anon.

Anonymous 218289

I am in the discord and I can say 100% that it is a cool bunch of girls from all different backgrounds and they were super welcoming to me.

hellocrystalcafe 218447

Why, for meet ups? We do have members from the US but it's just so big that many come from different states.

We were suspicious of one person trying to get in because of the voice but could'nt really tell. Didn't matter because female or not something else about her seemed shady so we didn't let her in.

One XY tried when I founded the discord though but it was obvious (male name he didn't bother to change, pepe profile picture, very moid bio status, very moid writing, refused to voice chat). It was funny because he tried to trigger us with antisemitic jokes and stats about black men, except that I don't care, it's not even forbidden in the rules as long as it doesn't create drama. I like american free speech, I don't like bitchy people. We think he was some 14yo edgy r9k boy because he genuinely believed I thought he was female and kept going with his memes acting like he "owned" us despite us not being offended. Ben Shapiro from walmart.

We're a little bigger than I expected but it's very chill and slow, you can get in and see if it works for you, no pressure. I only filter out inactive people once i a while to avoid "spying".

Thank you :)

Anonymous 218910

sent an email

Anonymous 218917

hi there! i got added back in october but couldn't find an invite or friend req… the only friend requests i had at the time were from moids (in their profile pics). Should I email again? ty <3

hellocrystalcafe 218986

Hello, yes don't feel shy and send an email again if you didn't receive a response or couldn't find any request or invite! You can just specify it in your mail or tell me about it in vc just so I know you reached out before. thanks for asking :)

Anonymous 219058


I sent an email

Anonymous 219073

I'd maybe be interested in joining but I'm not sure how many other miners would be a similar age to me (late 20s)? Also wondering what channels you have and what sort of stuff is often talked about?

Anonymous 219075

We have quite a few late 20s and 30s nonas. We have channels for essential media/hobbies and ones for more personal stuff, I'm sure you will find what you like to talk about there. It's a women's space, free of political correctness so you can complain about anything as long as you don't attack other users.

Anonymous 219093

i emailed!

Anonymous 219347


I sent an email!

hellocrystalcafe 219626

discord update!

its getting more active :) thanks for joining

i responded to emails today, please check.

i always add you when you give me your tag by mail so if i didnt thats because it didnt work. please don't wait for my friend request, check your mails and if you can't find a reply send a mail again!

Anonymous 219627


I didn't get added! But I emailed you again!

hellocrystalcafe 223041

No one left recently, there's a bot message when someone leaves.

But let's say you're not a troll lying/trying to make a bad portrait of the women in the discord: I'm sorry you couldn't bond with anyone here, I hope you find a discord more suitable. Have a nice weekend

Anonymous 223086

I sent an email!

Anonymous 223733

Just saw this and sent an email

Anonymous 223960

Anonymous 224501

i sent an email as well

Anonymous 224522

Is this still active? :')
sent an email

Anonymous 224554


Heyo, seriously asking if this discord thing is still somehow active? anyone withing the server can confirm this?
If the answer is no I intend to make a new server myself using the same proton method, I'll wait for responses but if I get none I'll probably do it this week.
How many nonas are still interested in the idea?

Anonymous 224558

Where'd you get that Dostoevsky fanart from?

Anonymous 224564

Hey, yes, the discord server is quite active! If you sent an e-mail, please be patient ^^

Anonymous 224627


Pinterest ofc but the artist is from Tumblr

Alright Perfect!, I already sent an E-Mail so I'll just wsit for it

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