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Anonymous 166234

What are you expecting?

Anonymous 166238

Screenshot 2022-10…

Anonymous 166240

at least it's not corpse husband

Anonymous 166244

>I require your strongest potions

Anonymous 166246

Damn his "fans" are obliterating him when he's just normal, almost could feel bad

Anonymous 166247

He's a 3 at best, cope.

Anonymous 166248


you can't handle my strongest potions

Anonymous 166251


I said your strongest, potion seller. I'm not fucking around here.

Anonymous 166253

This the guy who cheats in mine raft

Anonymous 166346

He's so fucking ugly lmao I hope it disillusions most of his fans and they lose all interest in him or his retard friends

Anonymous 166348

Pretty normal for a guy to be a 3, sadly

Anonymous 166351

Don't know who this guy is and don't care but I'm having a blast reading all the posts from triggered moids on 4chan who can't cope with the fact that women said he is "average".
As if they don't call women above their league much worse things than "average" on a daily basis.

Anonymous 166466

He’s white and not obese (anymore) so no doubt his fans will be simping harder than ever

Anonymous 166473

He looks like the smug seagull from family guy

Anonymous 166478

Crystal cafe users are all naturally skinny aspies. Ana chans are tryhards who browse other boards.

Anonymous 166479


Ikr. Incels coping hard, claiming people are only saying he’s ugly to be spiteful and because they’re jealous of him. Kek. Moids are such delusional narcissists. Aren’t there studies that show men consistently rate themselves higher than women view them too?

Anonymous 166480

This anon is calling others malding when he or she is seriously malding hard, either a butthurt poltard or a bedwench/female whiteknight.

Anonymous 166485

>complaining about young people using slang
>writes a barely comprehensible word salad
Really makes you think.

Anonymous 166493

girl you never saw 3s huh

Anonymous 166500

Cope with what
I am saying he is far from ugly
And how the fact how many men you have fucked is even relevant

Anonymous 166505

Pretty much. Tbh I don't even find him ugly, he's just a normal dude. But to these delusional fucks being considered anything short of a 10/10 Chad is unbearable.

Anonymous 166507

KEK it's so like a moid to blame literally anything on moids of another race.

Anonymous 166556

>there are adults who watch Dream

Anonymous 166568

I dream every night

Anonymous 166578

They'll lose interest when the excitement of a long awaited face reveal wears off

Anonymous 166587

Incel and redpill scrotes have spent literal years developing theories about what women find attractive, but they still can't understand how this guy isn't a Chad. Their work has been a failure and waste of time.

Anonymous 166598

They know they just want to use women while being as ugly as possible about 80% of the time

Anonymous 166599

I was expecting the big chungus that people sleuthed out a couple years ago.

Anonymous 166606

I am so happy that this is happening, only to post on 4chan and blackpill more sociopathic incels into suiciding and never trying to get out of their shell ever

Anonymous 166608

Those pictures were already old, and also he's been on a weight loss regime for a while. Same eyes though. And mouth area. I definitely think this is the fat kid. Impressive weight loss journey, but he's still a potion seller.

Anonymous 166611

He's wearing the wrong foundation too

Anonymous 166622

Outside of the vocabulary mumbo jumbo, it's true in some way, it definitely also had something to do with dream making some comment on some minorities (it was related to blacks + native americans i don't remember much) since most of the insulters i saw were spewing around things like CRACKER/WHITE outside of the shrek memes lol

Anonymous 166634

That's just what Black Twitter does

Anonymous 166649


Anonymous 166654

I still don't know who Dream is or care, but this sounds alot like the Cry/ChaoticMonki situation from back in the day. His smiley face mask even reminds me of the one Cry would be drawn with. He also had managed to make a whole gen of girls horny for him through his voice by fantasizing and drawing him as a bishie, writing fics about him, shipping him, etc. etc. He never did a face reveal himself, but it was eventually leaked and I don't think most fangirls had realized he was actually a fat neckbeard IRL. (Not to mention that he was a groomer, afterward) He has the looks that would have clearly made most fangirls drier than the desert, on the spot.

This guy doesn't seem nearly as bad-looking to though.

Anonymous 166662

I know an Indian guy that looks like that but has brown skin, still uggo and moid 3/10

Anonymous 166668

could pass for sicilian

Anonymous 166670

I have seen a lot of beautiful Indian women though.

Anonymous 166673

I don’t think it’s their features as most Indian men have the same skull shape as white men. You probably just don’t like dark skin.

Anonymous 166678

Or maybe, you know, that's just your preference my god listen to you

Anonymous 166679

I honestly think you're all just racist moids. Only moids are so blatantly fucking racist.

Anonymous 166685

All this comes down to really is your insecurity with your economic/ social standing, it's the only real reason shits become racist nazis. But really your personality is so shitty, you might as well be as bad as whatever youre trying to project onto another race. You'll find any fucking reason to make these statements because irl you're some feeble-minded slob pffft

You say it's 'just the features' but you still sound racist af

Anonymous 166694

This nona has a twitter feed with thousands of posts on why white men are le bad

Anonymous 166699

fuck off to /pol/ sad creature

Anonymous 166704

I have seen girls talking with incels like they’re their gay best friend or something. Currycels and black pill are the worst combination, don’t even know why both can coexist at once

Anonymous 166734

Follow your own advice.

Anonymous 166773

>no deformity
>not fat
>seemingly decent skin
>white teeth
>decent hair
>everyone calls him ugly
Why is being normal not good enough? Is everyone so fed up on porn that they cannot find beauty unless you have cartoonish features?

Anonymous 166774

Porn has the ugliest fucking men ever, are you dumb

Anonymous 166785


I also think he's normal/average looking, it's just the fact that he hyped the face reveal for so long and the fact that it's fun to make fun of people. Had he always had his face public people wouldn't care so much. My tinfoil is that he waited so long so that he could lose weight kek.

Anonymous 166786

his weight loss is actually pretty impressive

Anonymous 166793

Anonymous 166794

He's cute

Anonymous 167307

Not Henry Cavill over here but face-wise it's not a fucking 3 like some are saying, like, holy shit, if Dream is a 3/10 then my brother is an actual sewer rat and my college classmates are actual lovecraftian monsters, I agree that most men are not that good looking but then again I don't think women are either, I'd consider myself to have pretty high standards for both sexes but I suppose most people ar ehiding their lookism power level.

Anonymous 167332


Fucking this. Someone please educate zoomer/gen alpha girls to avoid parasocial shit with e-celeb scrotes like the plague. They're not even trying to differentiate anymore.

Dream is pretty much Cry if Cry had the money to make himself artificially popular and wasn't a mentally ill pedo, but still a cheater. Cry's popularity stemmed from being part of the early YouTube days, which he pissed away by burning bridges with other creators due to his mental illness. Dream just bought popularity and fangirls hopped on the bandwagon anyhow.

It saddens me to see history repeat itself, as a ex-fangirl of Cry's who began sniffing out his strange behavior on lolcow about a month before the whole dam broke.

Anonymous 167461

Moids will always try to bring each other down even tho it makes no sense.

Good for him he lost weight, that is very admirable.

Anonymous 168493

idk if i'm having a stroke but what do both of these sentences even mean?

Anonymous 168521

You girls are forgetting that his body is now a giant hunk of flabby skin after losing such a large amount of weight. You would have to lift up a curtain of skin to suck his dong.

Anonymous 168800

excess skin after weight loss depends on a lot of different factors

Anonymous 168821

The weight loss is definitely why his face looks "off." Former obese people always have weird faces from excess skin.

Anonymous 168822

He can afford skin loose skin removal so he should do it

Anonymous 168836

He's the most average white guy I've seen, I think people are just shitting on him because they don't want to let him off the hook so easily, with his past cheating scandals and all that. Personally (as someone who's had BDD) I feel bad for him, I think people are taking it too far.

Anonymous 168858

What do you guys think about the fact that he’s being accused of being a pedophile on twitter rn

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