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Trench coats Anonymous 166700

Anyone else love wearing those?

Anonymous 166705

Your height doent matter. Just dont wear a long one that goes below the knees because it will make you look even smaller. Just take one that goes to the knees or above

Anonymous 166707

its not even winter yet

Anonymous 166710

i just wear a thick jacket

Anonymous 166724

Its not a winter outfit. It's actually much morr suited to fall.

Anonymous 166775


Anonymous 166789

I would if I left my house. they're cool af

Anonymous 166820

Yes, I wear mine all spring and fall. I got it used for $5 and I always get complimentson it.

Anonymous 166823

Awesome, where did you find it?

Anonymous 167022

How do you wear one in the first place?

Anonymous 167034


It’s already too cold to wear it. Would like to have one, but I think I could wear it for, like, a couple of weeks. So no use
Also I think it’s nice to wear it with something preppy-ish, not in a normie uniform way, picrel - looks kinda cringe (for me)

Anonymous 167035

Where i live winters are pretty mild so if you put layers underneath its fine.
What do you mean by preppy ish, like with a blouse and a skirt?

Anonymous 167036

I have one in a deep camel color and love it. It's so flattering and elegant. Unfortunately, my country is hot as hell and it's still impossible to wear it and will probably remain so until late November.

Anonymous 167055

What about spring? Is it already too warm?

Anonymous 167058

I like wearing them because it makes me feel like I'm Inspector Columbo
I love this series

Anonymous 167060

sweatpants dont fit with the trench coat, needs more formal pants even dark jeans fit with it

Anonymous 167069

Definitely too warm most of the time, sadly.

Anonymous 167114

Lel same or inspector gadget

Anonymous 167296


Basically like >>167060 said - just something more formal

Anonymous 167322

fatrannies think t…

this is a tranny dont believe what he says. He is posting the exact fit he had in lgbt, he thinks we dont know kys what a coincidence you recommend the exact shit you wear, pic related. also you are responding to me. I can just smell you I just know.

ywnbaw off urself soon scrote

Anonymous 167323

and you dress like shit trannies will forever be a mockery of women's fashion you dont even fit well retard

Anonymous 167325

Anonymous 167367


I usually wear it with an outfit that looks more or less like pic. Except for winter of course.

Anonymous 167368

good fit though

Anonymous 167402

No. Women's clothes always look off on men's bodies.

Anonymous 167432

No man. You look like shit, like a retarded man with a wraped idea of womens fashion, fits bad and you ended up looking like a a shitty merry poppins.

Anonymous 167480

Only if there is a hoodie

Anonymous 167501

based noticer

Anonymous 167505

It looks way better without

Anonymous 167507


Anonymous 167509


Are you on crack

Anonymous 167511

Trench coat with bare legs like this looks like your friendly park flasher lmao
But that’s nothing, I’ve seen people who wear it with barefoot sandals, like - can’t you decide what season it is or

Anonymous 167599

I disagree it looks just fine with barelegs. Flip flops look gross though

Anonymous 167601

Nta but hes posting the same pictures of himself on /lgbt/. Pay more attention

Anonymous 167794

Anonymous 167813

anon, trench coats with dresses/preppy clothes are one of the most basic and common fits. Just because one troon used a trench coat with a dress, that doesn't mean everyone posting trench coats with dresses is a troon.

his fit is trah btw, the length of the dress doesn't suit the length of the coat, the colors don't work together and the coat is all wrinkled.

Anonymous 167849

The same outfit, what he is recommending happened the same day on lgbshit wow what a coincidence. Yea right, the retard dresses like an slavic hobo granny. He is probably reading this because trannies are terminally online I hope he kills himself soon for his own sake and the world's because he is a failure and less than shit.

He will never fit in xs or s women clothes because he is a man and everyday he goes to the bathroom he will be reminded he is a man forever until he kills himself.

Anonymous 167858

Why are you browsing /tttt/ is the real question nona.

Anonymous 167866

Because there is cis woman generals and everyone clowns on the trannies for being terminally mentally ill incels even gays, bis, whoever clown on them.

Anonymous 167880

>cis women
Whipped by trannyism already anon, pathetic.

Anonymous 167885

Thats how they are called there but yeah I hate the term I always say real woman instead.

Anonymous 167887

all the "cis" general there are filled with troons

Anonymous 167890

Yea sometimes I notice trust me, they just aint like us in behavior and eventually you can just tell. I'd say I'm already at that point my anti-tranny radar has got extremely sharp.

Anonymous 167924

OP here, i legit didnt know about that, i never go on these type of boards and i was geuinly interested in the thread when i made it.
Didnt expect it would turn into such a shitshow

Anonymous 168111

Can you please chill
Is this baader meinhof or full persecutory delusion
I am that anon and I have no idea what people post on incelchan /abcd, and I don't think I should keep a track of it

Anonymous 168155


Like this?

Anonymous 168173

looks like the outfit from the guy from Watch Dogs. It doesn't look good.

Anonymous 168193

I've tried a few but I just look like a bag of potatoes in them. It's a pity because I do love the look (on others.)

Anonymous 168478


I actually prefer a peacoat over a trench

Anonymous 169477


It is cool af

Anonymous 176274

Anonymous 176280

I wish I had a trench coat. I only have a coat that's kinda like this >>168478

Anonymous 176281

Yes, it makes me feel like a detective.

Anonymous 176315

they’re outdated but cute

Anonymous 176402

$$$$ burberry coats are barely more than meh on gorgeous models on the runway, I've never seen one that looked on a regular person ever. Trench coats are just ugly.

Anonymous 178119

You just have to see which length may look good on you

Anonymous 178120

Nah, people just dont know how to wear them properly

Anonymous 178177

Don't respond to the moid, just report him and ignore him. attention is what he's looking for

Anonymous 178656

Sadly it's too cold to wear my trench coat anymore. I miss it but I value warmth over looks.

Anonymous 180053

Anyone know where I can get a trenchcoat for relatively cheap? Like $50 or under?

Anonymous 180057

Goodwill. Lmao.

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