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Anonymous 166846

This is a weird little rant. But I think it’s absolutely bullshit we learn Spanish in American schools and not ASL. English is the number one spoken language in the world. We are choosing to teach a language simply because we have a real hard on for minorities. Minorities who are making a choice not to learn a language in the country they live. People who are deaf are not making that choice. It would make more sense to learn mandarin over Spanish because it’s the second most spoken language.

Anonymous 166849

If you live in places where Chinese is even spoken??? Where I live there is virtually no Chinese. Where the hell am going to use that in a real world scenario? Why would you call it filthy and disgusting to learn a second language btw? are you broken in the head my dear? You can usually chose from Spanish French German in most public schools.

Anonymous 166850

Honesty why would you want to learn mandarin at all in the USA… unless you live in LA or SF OR NY. Who the fuck speaks mandarin in Kentucky? Are you really this dense

Anonymous 166851

The whole point is we should learn ASL instead. Because you’ll come in contact with a decent amount of deaf people. It’s also not that unlikely that you could lose your hearing either. But it’s still make more sense to learn mandarin over Spanish due to the amount of the world that speaks it. I have no problem with learning a second language. If I moved anywhere else, I would learn the native language. Wether they spoke English or not. I also already know ASL and German.
Are you so dense that what I was saying just went over your head? We shouldn’t learn mandarin. We should learn ASL because people who are deaf aren’t making an active choice to be deaf. But Spanish immigrants are making an active choice to move to an English speaking country not knowing or learning the language. We expect deaf people to just read lips or figure it out. They can’t learn how to hear again. Things on packages are in both English and Spanish but don’t have brail. We’re choosing to be inclusive to minorities and living out people with disabilities.

Anonymous 166853


how the fuck was the point of an argument as simple as this missed so fucking badly? How's about we take a look at how you did in reading comprehension :D

Anyway, coming from another country with mandatory 2nd language taught in schools, yes I do believe teaching sign language would be way more beneficial. Weird how that didn't even come across as a viable option to replace the mandatory one

Anonymous 166857

>we learn Spanish in American schools
I didn't, spanish was an optional class along with French and german.
Spanish is probably most commonly taught because its the second most common language in the USA (not fucking mandarin) making it a useful skill, especially for those working at specific jobs with a need for some people with at least basic spanish communication skills.
I do think ASL would be very useful, that's actually an excellant idea.
>boomer ramblings about muh immigrants
Yah this is bait

Anonymous 166859

You better start learning how to say sorry in Russian bitch

Anonymous 166864

Except there’s actually more deaf people in the United States than they’re are Spanish people. It’s not bait and it’s not about hating immigrants. It’s about the fact that we leave people with disabilities to fend for themselves. My great grandparents, grandparents, and most of my family all came from Eastern Europe in the 60s and learned to speak English. So why can’t people living in a modern world?
Stfu omg

Anonymous 166866

I agree. Although I think ASL should be an option alongside Spanish, and instead of French or German, which are completely irrelevant. A lesson or two in English class on Latin and Greek word roots would be better than four years of those two.

A small amount of ASL should be mandatory, even. The basic niceties, donde esta la biblioteca, etc.

It would be neat to see what everyone knowing basic ASL would change. Imagine the little arguments about masking, with the added element of most people being able to conduct daily communal tasks without speaking and spitting everywhere. Or little moments in our movies that would make them less globally accessible lol.
>[Translator's note: idk wtf this sign means.]

Lol @ the point about Mandarin derailing this.

Anonymous 166871

Good luck finding 130,000 ASL teachers and paying for them in a system that is dropping even english and math as courses.

Anonymous 166872

Second language + ASL (or your countries equivalent of sign language) should be mandatory.

Anonymous 166873


In my state LGBT history is mandatory to graduate middle school. There are enough teachers.

Anonymous 166874

You just need to read few books and wiki articles to add LGBT history to your teaching skillset. ASL requires way more..

Anonymous 166881

OP is the kind of tourist who goes to a non-exglish country without learning the basic of its native language & then gets mad at the people living there for not knowing perfect english.
Met too many of these porks….

Anonymous 166882

Real issue is that they don’t teach you both (and more). Not sure about ASL, but it’s very easy to become an intermediate to advanced speaker of Spanish, French, and other similar languages is one year. And that’s a generous amount of time. Yet people from English speaking countries spend 10 years taking language classes and end up barely able to say hello.

In my experience, teachers waste too much time on lists of nouns and topics that aren’t useful in daily life. They don’t spend enough time on verbs and conjugation. Plus immersion is practically non-existant. No one mentions shortcuts for telling male vs female nouns, rules for cognates, etc either.

Anonymous 166884

> If I moved anywhere else, I would learn the native language. Wether they spoke English or not. I also already know ASL and German.
Learn howwww to read

Anonymous 166942

I cannot tell you the amount of times I wish I was (completely) taught Spanish in school. (I live in the us) it would have been WAY more useful to me than ASL. I've never ONCE needed Asl or mandarin. I learned 3 levels of spanish, but because it was really incomplete I never used it much and forgot most of it.

Anonymous 166974


The only reason mandarin is the most spoken language is because of native speakers. English is the most spoken across the world.
Apparently you didn’t need Spanish either if you forgot it.

Anonymous 166977

I agree on this so much! I think in general school should teach more actual useful stuff, like first aid, how to fix clothes and the type of stuff you just do everyday.
Not only I don't care about the difference between taiga and tundra but it has 0 uses in my life, I'd rather wish I was told how to do first aid properly or how an extinguisher works.

Anonymous 167097

Lol americans are so monolingual theyd rather learn english twice

Anonymous 167106

I came to this thread JUST to post this!

Anonymous 167117

Well I don't disagree

Anonymous 167263

taking an asl class right now and absolutely failing

Anonymous 167318

I haven't met a single deaf person in my entire life.

Anonymous 167321


>tfw no deaf bf to sign lovey-dovey gestures with and be dependent on you in noisy situations

Anonymous 167496

British hands wrote this

Anonymous 167498

They had ASL at my high school. As well as Spanish and Italian. Italian made sense though because I lived in an area where there were lots of Italians. Also, do you know how hard it is to learn a second language? Shouldn’t call people lazy for not wanting to do it, no matter what their first language is.

Anonymous 167499

Anonymous 167533

if you wanted to walk into another country on your own continent, the country above you speaks the same language (and french a bit maybe but everyone knows your language) the country below you speaks spanish and then all the other countries further to the south speak spanish afaik.

how is spanish not the best possible choice for this situation. it maximizes your ability to communicate with people from countries nearest to you.

in and around europe you couludn't do that. you couldn't just learn one language and then speak to everyone for as far as you can walk. there are dozens of languages you could walk to.

>english, french, spanish, german, portuguese, polish, dutch, swedish, finnish, italian, greek, arabian, turkish, russian, chinese, ….

what's wrong with spanish? maybe some spanish kid bullied you. in that case fuck em!

Anonymous 167541

Never ever have I come across anyone deaf, but I have met some Spanish speakers…
Also Spanish is usefull if hoy want to go to any other country in your continent.

Anonymous 167544

Sign languages are useless to learn in almost all cases. All deaf people understand the written form of whatever language is spoken in their country. You can use your phone or even a piece of paper to communicate with them, in the off chance that you actually run into a random deaf person on the street.

Americans are retarded if they actually think ASL is more useful to learn than Spanish.

Anonymous 167585

>trash and major source of crime
So moids?

Anonymous 167588

its all moids

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