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Is hybristophilia common? Anonymous 166895

So many incels claim that girls only like "bad boys", criminals, drug dealers, bastards… those kind of people. I believe most girls simply try to avoid being targeted by male violence, so they comply with their abusive mindset, but many girls wouldn't like such moids otherwise. Those who would are probably toxic theirselves, so no surprise they stay around like-minded people.
Reddit spacing
Personally I don't want a toxic relationship with a "thug". I would prefer a cute guy who wouldn't kill me (nor anyone else) overnight. You know, someone who cares about me. But moids can't be genuinely nice. Maybe someone, but they are hard to find. And surely they are not glorifying school shooters.

Take picrel as an example. He is Nikolas Cruz, that psychopathic moid who did Parkland shooting, self-proclaimed incel who said that "Eliott Rodger won't be forgotten". This sounds exactly like something an entitled incel would say. Yeah sure like, he withholds the power to choose whether people will forget or not someone and their actions. That's so stupid. This moid had a girlfriend, and he screw it up because he was a paranoic psychopath, although she did her "misdeeds" too (she posted his nudes on internet, and this is wrong). But no, he was an incel because women are evil and like to make men suffer. Maybe being such a psycho wasn't totally his fault, but it is quite normal that people will go away from him. His biological sister too isn't mentally stable and went in jail. And they didn't even grow up together.

Btw, I saw a thread on 4chan /pol/ and among the usual nazis there were homosexual guys lusting over him! And they were saying he is "based" and weird shit, and should be set free. Wtf. So now remind me how it's the girls who lust over criminals?? Maybe he is kinda cute, but he is an incel who killed innocent people. They complain girls only like bad boys and then they shoot people for "justice". Is it so hard to see the incoherence and the hypocrisy here?

>Incels are deeply dumb in the head and hypocritical. And they are bad boys unironically. How do you feel about this?

Anonymous 166897

No we just dont want to waste our live with sad tepid weak men. Very few of the “bad boys” the weak tepid fragile incel “men” are seething about are bad. They just have to craft elaborate copes as to why their personal failures are actually caused by someone else doing something unreasonable.

Anonymous 166903

>But moids can't be genuinely nice.
right. the female mating objective (vast majority of them, excluding masc lesbians, etc.) is finding the Grug that is willing and able to smash another Grug's skull in with a rock. the tricky part is you need (should you pursue a relationship at all) a Grug that can and will do that should a bad situation go down yet also the Grug is not so aggressive that he harms the female.
it would be nice if said Grug was genuinely nice in addition to the capability of defending himself and the woman - but they are essentially never nice. like the word choice this anon used >>166897
tepid. good choice of wording. a tepid man is not a nice man.

moids come in two broad models: tepid or harmful. the typical dream man for most women is a moid that is not weak, able and willing to do righteous violence and never aggressive to her. this pretty much does not exist in practice and that is why women constantly turn to fanfiction writing or dreaming up a secret, hidden emotionally to walking voids like Nikolas Cruz. this is why women in relationships are still fixated on their "blorbo" men. it's because real men are never the female ideal and relationships with them are emotionally barren.

Anonymous 166905

*hidden emotionality

Anonymous 166907

I also suspect some women are into criminals/killers because simply they come across as more real, raw in a honest way. these are men that no longer have the cover the saying the right things. you are seeing a male that has done what most males secretly wish to do. the male finally being made to be honest.
they're no longer merely the creep that said a sexual comment out in public; they're the the furthest on the male behavior spectrum.

Anonymous 166918


A lot of the men that claim women love bad boys actually want women to date extremely undesirable bad boys who are incapable of functional empathy and compassion (having great social skills, working charity or something like that, doing kind things because it brings them intrinsic joy, isn't friends with misogynists, not thinking putting on a mask and saying nice words for 5 seconds makes them a "good person", would never be bitter over not getting women, not obsessed with sex nor porn, etc–which rules out most men).

Public alt-right figures, also those popular among incels, sometimes even suggest that men that go crazy, like school shooters, can be blamed on women for not giving that "poor guy" a chance, like you saw on /pol/. Implying this: they actually WANT women to be punching bags for bad men for as long as he's so undesirable, he has nothing else to offer. The more irrational it is for a woman to date a guy, the MORE they want it. I believe Jordan Peterson even implied something similar, kek.

The real reason why they have a fixation on the concept of bad boys is that the men that whine are bad boys themselves that have 0 opportunity, power, or leverage to get their way, so they're caught up with the ego/power trip of it and get fetishes for kinds like in OP. It is why they often sperg and chimp out on men that treat their wives or gfs well; it's because actually, they want men to treat women like shit because it's no fun if it actually seems rational for a woman to be with a man.
Also no I am not saying there aren't some women out there that fall for it. However, stockholm syndrome, lying, manipulation, abuse, etc., exists. I've seen misogynists actually shit on women for breaking up with men that show red flags before it gets terrible and often want women to not break up with shady men, furthering the fact it was never about wanting women to make better choices. >>166907 I also agree. Did you know there's research on how men are greedier, more likely to lie for self-benefit, and have higher incidences of narcissism + Machiavellianism? It's extremely common for men to be snakes so of course there's some women out there that just want a Grug. Even if it's also crazy.

Anonymous 166923

everyone absolutely hates when women mate select. everyone picks at it, debates her choices. the world genuinely needs women to mate select for the cream of the crop but when any woman exercises her mate selection? everyone is furious.
it's been 5,000+ years of women not being able to mate with what is actually, naturally desired by them so that's why there's ugly, balding moids running around. society is a pyramid scheme of we'll-give-you-a-woman-if-you-work for men. affirmative (having sex with a woman) action for moids.

Anonymous 166924


It's funny because sometimes this supposed "hybristophilia" is actually moid cope in thinking the male that a woman is interesting MUST BE a bad character and how unfair and cruel the world is to him because he is the "good", """nice""" one. :'( Abloobloo.

Men often like to think of themselves as the protagonist hero in their lives, even if they aren't even close to being moral or just. If the girl they're crushing on shows interest in another guy, THAT GUY must be bad! It's easier to cope if he thinks the other guy is evil and his "maiden" needs "saving" from him than to just accept rejection.

Also, take a look at how much men fetishize being cuckolded and you'll understand that sometimes for them they just love the idea of a villain they can't conquer over validating their uselessness, helplessness, and low self-esteem, because personal improvement takes work and being a loser is easy.
Likewise, some of them truly ARE "the bad guys" and won't admit it because they think being a bull and cucking other men is the ultimate form of masculinity and something to be praised, and that has nothing to do with our opinions on the matter. I have genuinely had guys into me tell me they love stealing me away from other men to have me for themselves. Males like winning competitions, real or imaginary.

Males have themselves to blame, once again, for their own problems.

Anonymous 166928

why do they always pretend to be surprised and baffled by the evil of men (read: themselves)? how is this news to them. they grew up male, around males, saw what males were like in locker rooms and other settings without any female present.

Anonymous 166933

No. The reason why Jeff Dahmer and Ted Bundy get more attention is simply because they're physically attractive. If hybristophilia were the cause, women would be drooling over John Wayne Gacy and Ed Kemper. But they're not.

Anonymous 166934

This is exactly why I think transgenderism is becoming so popular, and why you have snakes who are no longer "male feminists" but transwomen. They don't want to challenge traditions and solve big boy problems, so instead they try to escape the problem. Maybe in another couple of decades this shit will sort itself, or maybe it will just regress further. Hope for the former, expecting the latter. Maybe 2024 or 2028 will change things.

Anonymous 166936

Gacy did receive "significant female attention". Kemper has a personal stance of throwing away all fan mail.

Anonymous 166946

This thread is bait made by a tranny.

But in my opinion hybristophilia is an evolutionary survival mechanism. People forget that prior to our comfy modern lifestyle, we were basically living in a smaller tribalistic feudal setting where invasions and mini wars between the moids of tribes would have broken out quite regularly.

A woman who encounters a rapey murderous moid cannot fight him off with her bare hands. Her only option is to give him sex and hope he is satisfied enough to not kill her afterwards. Women who had sex with their rapists and kowtowed to them survived more and passed on their genes. Women who fought back against men trying to rape them would have mostly been killed.

Anonymous 166951

The idea of a bad boy is fictitious. I don’t think women are attracted to real criminals unless they’re off the deep end (like those gays on /pol/) or super young and impressionable. I’ve seen plenty of girls swoon over “bad boys” (take JD from Heathers, for example), but they would never put up with him in real life. It’s comparable to how someone might fantasize about strangling someone when they’re mad but don’t do it because it’s morally wrong, against the law, and they’d feel worse afterward. People love macabre things. I think part of liking bad boys is feeling protected, or they’re simply attracted to a tough attitude.
But the moids who say women are only attracted to “bad boys” have their heads screwed on backwards and can only see the world as black and white. The men who are trying to “save women” from “bad boys” with their love or whatever deserve a good kick in the nuts.

I’m a lesbian and I find the women from the movie Chicago hot. Doesn’t mean I go around murdering people, or supporting real murderers.

And honestly, my first thought when I hear “bad boy” isn’t even criminals. My first thought is like, a young biker with a leather jacket on smoking a cigarette. I have met people with that type and they’re not violent by default.

I just don’t know what this thread is trying to get at.

Anonymous 166953

I just realized I sound like a fucking degenerate theatre kid in this. Sorry for mentioning musicals twice but they’re both movies (one without music) so I guess it’s not as bad.

Anonymous 167010

how any girl is still attracted to nik Cruz after his porn history was read out loud is beyond me. He literally googled pedo shit and shit like “school shooter porn” and hiv+ porn

Anonymous 167012

>their physical is trying to tell you that they are actually less human, they bald to make space for the devil horns they would get
Based psycho nona

Anonymous 167019

I unno she did get the idea from the scrote who made Fable soooooo

Anonymous 167041


The whole appeal of a bad boy centers around the idea women like to be abused which is wrong. Not even the genuinely messed up women like being abused its just they don't know any better and have issues which prevent them from figuring out its wrong. If we're talking from a purely aesthetic perspective I enjoy black leather cuties, but most of them I wouldn't touch without thorough vetting if I even want to date anyone at this point.

Anonymous 167044

Incels are stupid, most women like nice guys.

Anonymous 167046

"the bad boy" is liked when he is protective and not a cheater, irl most are cheaters. also because they have more style because they give less fucks about what society thinks, they create a better image for themselves.

Anonymous 167051

download (7).jpeg

Yes the bad boy being disagreeable is good at protecting himself because he attracts conflict from being disagreeable. That doesnt mean he's good at protecting others but he can be which attracts more agreeable women. Assuming the bad boy isn't the bat shit insane kind, The agreeable women helps the bad boy see how to protect others while the bad boy shows the women how to stick up for herself better. The dichotomy between the two is pretty solid.

Anonymous 167077


most "bad boys" irl tend to be the sociopathic guy that uses his own friends and cheats on his girlfriend often. They tend to be a waste of time dating them, they are literally wasting years of your life.

Anonymous 167095

download (4).jpeg

I thought I made it clear I would thoroughly vet any of them beforehand because of this exact problem what I was discussing in that post was bad boys as simply disagreeable dudes if you need clarification on my views of bad boys as psychotic see this post >>167041

Anonymous 167098

I don't think "hybristophilia" specifically is common but I do think it's probably quite common to like a bad guy type. Like I'm sure nobody REALLY wants to hook up with a serial killer, it's just a silly fantasy

Anonymous 167120

People like “bad” boys/girls because they like to fantasize that their partner will be “good” only for them - here’s the feeling of exclusivity. Of course that’s not what happens usually, but that what a fantasy is about. Also yes - protection. Being violent/sociopathic means being powerful, because it induces natural fear so nothing can stop a “bad boy”. So it’s about safety (dubious , but yeah - that’s in theory) plus a feeling of sharing that power.
Some people like the idea of “taming” others - once again - being so special and outstanding that bad boy just couldn’t resist etc etc
And the main thing, I think, it is an aura of independence. Which is also, obviously, attractive.
>school shooter porn
At first I thought “wtf something like this exist?” but then yeah, there are much much worse porn out there, so I shouldn’t be so surprised

Anonymous 167288

this thing is just as common in men as in women. re: moid reaction at every decent looking female criminal ever. plus just look at the love interests they make for men in video games, all of them usually have an edgy side for that reason (like pretty much all female characters in dragon age). the reason why it's not as prominent is simple - too few serious female criminals out there compared to make one.
why this creature is allowed to roam free unbanned?

Anonymous 167289

Ah, true, for example 99,9% of serial killers just happen to be male, so that’s why there is a misunderstanding of the phenomenon to be present among women predominantly

Anonymous 167300


fine, 100%

Anonymous 167302



Anonymous 167306

I used to obsess over dead murderers because they felt like characters, or celebrities, that you could project adoration onto guilt-free (I am an obsessive but I would feel guilty if I felt that way or obsessed over someone irl.) It’s different from encountering violent people personally, which removes the fantasy aspect of it. There are levels to it. People like me would be unhappy if we met the people we fantasize about, but there are hardcore hybristophiles like Karla Homolka who have attractions to dangerous men they meet and feel a desire to commit crimes with them, which is very different from having a juvenile crush on a handsome face in a newspaper or documentary.

Anonymous 167314

I wouldn't call myself a (I don't even want to say the term because the female version sounds gross to me), but I'm avoidant, very disagreeable, into lifting and combat sports. I've noticed that the people who would be the most harmed by my disagreeableness and avoidance, are the most interested, because they hope to be special enough that I'll suddenly change or make an exception. The more I warn, the more they seem to become more interested, even though I can already imagine all the ways I'd unintentionally trigger their abandonment issues. With women you can clearly see the interest comes from wanting to repeat previous patterns and hoping that suddenly the cycle will be broken. Which is why I reject them, I don't want to be used as a form of self harm. I know I shouldn't be making decisions for other women and maybe it's internalized misogyny and I'm treating those types too much like a fragile teacup, but I don't like the feeling it gives me.
Scrotes on the other hand see me as a feral cat in need of taming and despite being a butch lesbian, they won't leave me alone. Then they're surprised I get violent towards them.

Anonymous 167324

I don’t think Karla was a genuine hybristophile. She was just dating a guy who was a bit physically out of her league and who she was desperate to hold onto. If you read about her in depth you find she was into very corny fluffy lovey dovey type stuff. I think she was just absolutely enamoured with Paul and willing to do anything for him, it became a long drawn out sex game that eventually got out of control. Paul was also incredibly physically abusive to her (we’ve all seen the pictures of her with the two black eyes after Paul beat her with a flashlight) and I think she was so gaslighted and brainwashed into thinking it was normal and okay to behave like this because of how sure Paul was about himself and his immorality. I’m not defending or excusing her, but it’s clear she was willing to die for Paul, until she finally fell out of love with him and reported him to the authorities. I think Karla may have had NPD and Paul was just full on ASPD.

Karla and Paul are very interesting to me because of how wholesome and sweet they seemed on the outside but how evil and perverted they would be privately. The aesthetic of that era makes me nostalgic too, the mixture of cutesy hallmark Disney 90s wholesome suburban family life mixed with such evil depraved murders is so addictive and uncanny.

Anonymous 167326

>she was just dating a guy who was a bit physically out of her league
Oh no you did not just say potato-face Paul is prettier than Karla. Anyways, if you listen to some of the tapes where they are discussing what they’ll do to their eventual victims, you’ll find that she very much wanted those crimes to be committed and in some cases initiated them. She picked up a girl, unprompted, for her oaf husband to molest. And she only turned against him after it became clear that they would be caught for the crimes because she got a plea bargain out of it.

Anonymous 167331

Serial killers frequently have conjugal visits. Ted Bundy notoriously hooked up and married one of his lawyers before he was executed. She gave birth to his child.

Anonymous 167335

Bundy didn’t have conjugal visits. He hid a condom full of semen in his mouth and passed it to his wife.

Anonymous 167363

what was wrong with my post? do you think I'm a moid after posting something filled with nothing but (rightfully) dumping on moids?
the point is, for women, attraction to moids is always fraught with either their tendency to harm her combined with their emotional barrenness.

Anonymous 167364

>potato-face Paul
I'll say it. Paul Bernardo was hot asf.

Anonymous 167418

Screen Shot 2022-1…

i could have saved you

Anonymous 167434

Rodger still has a fangirl that thinks like that and says he was good looking (he looked decent he was just autistic af)

Look up; Elliot Supreme Girl something like that, in fact tell her to come to the thread she is welcome here

Anonymous 167435

ElliotSupremeLady* yeah its not a bad idea to get her over here she is a real woman, she has no community at the moment, etc.

Anonymous 167438

images (5).jpeg

Im banned on Twitter for critizicing the misogyny of troons. Somebody reach to her in DMs or in some way if you can. Poor girl is community less and might want one.

Anonymous 167444

I’m aware of her. She might get mad at me for liking her crush though kek. It would be fun to have more people indulging in the fangirling though.

Anonymous 167445

I know, I know. He could have calmed his autism down and waited a few years to be contacted but some moids dont have that patience/rational mindset. Anyway if you got a Twitter share this thread with her and the website idi if she is a chan type of girl but she is def an internet girl, I think she got a tiktok as well. I dont remember. She does not have a huge platform so she aint doing it to attention whore, she got her YouTube banned in fact which aint clout chaser behavior, clout chasers always change their views depending on the publics reaction.

Anonymous 167472

These women/girls don't actually like murderers. They like the the "misunderstood softboi who was pushed into darkness by society" archetype, which they naively attach to all sorts of villainous characters, real or fictional.
Look at how Tumblr fangirls tend to portray school shooters and serial killers in their fanfictions. They always play up the uwu poor bullied bean part and ignore or downplay the actual violent parts. Unlike 4chan moids, it's not about the violence for them. The archetype - the fantasy of being the one loving girl fixing/nurturing a poor broken softboi back to his true self - is what matters. Even the ones who like violent aesthetics are ultimately just in it for that fantasy.

Consider the typical Tumblr Sexyman. Many of these characters are villains or antagonists in their respective source material, because the misfit/"forsaken by society" factor is part of the appeal. Nikolas Cruz stans are no different from, say, the Once-ler fandom in what fundamentally motivates them.

"Hybristophiles" are either misguided girls chasing after an IRL fanfiction trope or sociopath moids who get off to violence and gore.

Anonymous 167483

She would never cared for him if he wasn’t dead incel murderer.

Damned if you do damned if you don’t.

Anonymous 167485

Thats not reddit spacing, reddit spacing is putting 2 spaces in between both paragraphs

Anonymous 167486

Holy fuck the reddit spacing is out of control now

Anonymous 167488

>Sorry for mentioning musicals twice
You did say you're a lesbian so I think it was inevitable, haha.

Anonymous 168132

>making paragraphs easier to read is… le reddit!!!1!
Go back to 4chan


Don’t you see that only a woman who is completely obsessed with a man would want to see other women he has sex with be killed? She was jealous af of them. She tolerated him having sex with them because the upside for her was that they’d end up dead anyway.

Anonymous 168139

You make an interesting point about jealousy. Paul was a serial rapist long before he met Karla without killing his victims. The murders only began after they got together. Would she have been able to stay with a man who would continuously cheat on her if he didn't simultaneously choose her over them? Probably not.

Anonymous 168145

Most women aren't attracted to murderers or rapists, the hybristophiliacs are just a vocal minority and I also think they are mentally ill, socially inept, cripplingly low self-esteem, and/or truly believe that those men would change for them or show them their soft side. And since women are taught from an early age that men are good people and that bad boys are good deep down or can change for you, etc… plus, women are also raised to be submissive and accept the bare minimum even from abusive moids, not to mention trauma which is so common among women and causes them to become even more vulnerable… well, for those reasons, there's a lot of women who """like""" "bad boys" or simply settle for abusive scrotes. Because they were raised to think that's what they should do and/or because of trauma.

Anonymous 168227

We must get ElliotSupremeLady to browse CC she will like it

Anonymous 168235


Elliot Rodger is the hottest killer to ever exist and if you disagree fuck you.

Anonymous 168247

what the fuck is wrong with you people

Anonymous 168249

Anonymous 168265


Ew not like he-is-a-killer-ew, but he-is-a-uggo-ew
Young Ed Kemper on the other way… While he is a laughable and pathetic incel narc - besides everything else, and I am kinda disappointed he wasn’t tortured and murdered, but he is visually cute and I like his style and voice and all, oh why he is so degenerate, that’s such a waste
That’s what he wanted me (or anyone) to think about him, I guess, regarding all his scheming and manipulation, so maybe that means he kinda win here, but look at him
I don’t think it’s hybristophilia, because in this case I am “separating the art from the artist” - his appearance from his mind and personality. I mean if there was a random passerby with a similar look, I would be pretty charmed too

Anonymous 168284


When you talk about Edmund, it is clear that you are focusing on the shallow aspects. You see the big tall man with the glasses and the mustache and the goofy 70s hair. He is an object in a scene of a fantasy playing out in your head. You loathe his personality; you'd strip him of it if you could. That is why you must specify "Young Ed Kemper" as a discrete object separate from the person that is Edmund Kemper. He should serve as a doll in your dream. That is the only appeal he can have, because he is a non-person. He is a dummy. A placeholder. A fluke.

Elliot is different. In addition to having a serene beauty that makes other moids dull by comparison, he has a beautiful soul. He is beloved for his entire personhood. His will, woes, wonders, world, and worrisome ways. He is more than a snapshot in time. No image of him is separate from himself. He could break his sunglasses and lose his car and shave his head, and he would still be Elliot Rodger, the supreme gentleman.

Anonymous 168286

This must be ElliotSupremeLady. I hope she is.

Anonymous 168287

No I'm not her this is still >>167418

Anonymous 168313


I don't love Elliot for what he did, but I love him for the person he was. He did not actually want to do what he did, he mentions feeling sick at the thought of it, he didn't want things to be this way. I would rather him not hurt anybody and just be with him. So I do not consider myself a hybristophiliac but ppl always say I am, but I know I'm not.

Anonymous 168319


jeffrey dahmer was cute. he reminds me of my boyfriend who also wears glasses and has blue eyes. i really like this look…
the fact he killed men makes him more human to me than a female serial killer so i cant hate him. also his autism is endearing and i feel like he had more soul than the average killer, like there was a deep sensitivity in him. i relate to the crippling fear of abandonment and craving complete submission of the people i love.
besides dahmer i never felt fascinated with any other criminals and its not his crimes that make me like him but just the overall persona so i'm not hybrystophiliac. yes i'm watching the series now but i've always liked him.

also most women don't like jerks or violent men and that's a male cope. or we could also say all straight women are hybristophiliac because all men are monsters which is also true. the only thing that tames a scrote if he isnt completely far gone is a gf. if you take access to pussy away from a scrote, he turns like the scrotes itt, even if he might not act on it.

i dislike all other male criminals btw, and even when it comes to dahmer i wouldn't say he is a crush.

Anonymous 168320

All the males posted itt look creepy as fuck.

Anonymous 168322

What you said makes you a hybristophiliac, seek help.

Anonymous 168324

>the only thing that tames a scrote if he isnt completely far gone is a gf. if you take access to pussy away from a scrote, he turns like the scrotes itt, even if he might not act on it.
KEK, keep believing this incel cope. Did you know? The number one cause of death for pregnant women is being murdered by their scrotes. You're completely delusional, where the fuck do you think you are? Maybe you should go back to Twitter where everybody believes moids are good boys deep down because #notallmen and women are just as bad as males. Also reminder that males commit 98% of violent crimes regardless of socioeconomic status or race.

Anonymous 168325

thats why i wrote "if he isnt completely far gone", illiterate monkey

Anonymous 168326


Anonymous 168328

He looks like a child wtf

Anonymous 168340

ER a cute

Anonymous 168341

One cannot detect a cold blooded killer, but def as universal advice to be safe do stay away from substance abusers, drugs, alcohol, etc. Those people are often very messed up, if they dont kill at least it is certain they will hurt.

Anonymous 168347


hybristophilia isn't common at all but i feel like bad boy behavior might be attractive to shy women on the autistic spectrum, or something similar.
i was an extremely sheltered girl who never experienced parties, drugs and teen mistakes.
all my boyfriends up until now were nerdy introverts with little to no friends or life experience and they weren't very exciting to be around. i always wondered what there was on the "other side" of my social boundaries of the lonely vidya and anime outcasts.
my long time crush did like some of those nerdy things but he also was a fairly well adjusted guy with normie friends and engaged in plenty of criminal young moid behavior (nothing too serious just the average weed smoking, drunk driving and yes i called him out on that etc).
this change of pace was super exciting to me because i felt like i could finally feel more normal and experience the wilder side of life as a young girl, and it also meant i wasn't interesting only to no options dudes which is flattering for someone with a self esteem as low as mine.
so yes every time i see him smoking weed and cigs and being edgier and reckless in general it makes me giddy.
maybe it's the same for a lot of girls who are into this type of man. but very few are into serial killers and i certainly don't like those or anyone who does something as bad as that.

Anonymous 168352

No it doesn't I literally said I wasn't attracted to him killing people and would rather him not, and would love him before any of that How in any way could that mean hybristophilia?

Anonymous 168353

He is a child there it's an older pic lol


I don’t find ‘bad boys’ or criminal types attractive in the slightest. As soon as a guy is rude or mean, to me or even just strangers around us, it makes my pussy dry up. All I want is a shy wholesome boyfriend, but it’s increasingly hard to find one, as they’re all so tainted early on by porn and gross moid locker room talk. Honestly I really hate that liking bad boys has become a stereotype synonymous with women, because there are many of us who don’t like those kinds of men at all.


Liking bad people is not a woman thing and I’m tired of moids pretending it is. So many men I’ve met love to simp for the worst kinds of women. When I was in HS and college, the kind of girls all the men simped for were the slutty stacies who clearly had BPD or some shit. These girls who lie and cheat all the time and they were bitchy and two faced and everyone knew it, but it didn’t stop men from lusting after and idealizing them. People like Belle Delphine and Amouranth are clearly horrible bitchy greedy people but it doesn’t stop legions of men from worshipping them.

Anonymous 168357

Meh I personally think that Ed k guy and Dahmer are ugly, so I guess it def must be a personal preference I don't see the appeal at all. It's like ppl saying Ted Bundy is hot but the dude just looks like a serial killer version of Bob Saget lol. No hate tho you like what you like.

Anonymous 168362

it's because every aspect of female sexuality is endlessly put under a magnifying glass. as soon as even a single woman does something out of the acceptable moid paradigm for female attraction (must like ugly but "good" men, and good means only that he is the father of her kids) it is analyzed, chastised, theorized upon and extended as a generalization to all women that proves how they were evil shallow whores all along.
everyone talks about the women that sent love letters to serial killers but no one brings up how men did the same, and worse.
also even if i'm >>168347 i agree with the sentiment that a mean scrote is ridiculous and unattractive

Anonymous 168363

I definitely get what you are saying, he took his anger out on the wrong people, although I don't think anyone would deserve to die.



It’s funny because there’s endless studies showing most men are pedos, men cheat far more, men leave their wives far more when they’re ill than the reverse, men are more visually stimulated and shallow than women, men are incapable of monogamy and only being attracted to one woman etc.

But no one ever talks about that, because women are supposed to be these pure asexual virginal angels who love ugly men with shit personalities, and when women don’t meet those expectations they’re crucified.

She’s attracted to handsome men? She likes sex? She doesn’t get turned on by obese hideous ogres? ‘OMG WHAT A FUCKING WHORE, I HATE ALL WOMEN.’

Scrotes are so fucking pathetic, I swear.


Anytime a man says anything you should just go on your phone and ignore them. I’ve started ignoring men and not even giving courtesy laughs at their shit jokes anymore. When they try to make conversation or be edgy or offensive and get attention, I ignore them entirely. Men exist to be ignored and you shouldn’t even give them the satisfaction of getting angry at them. When they’re denied attention, they will act out, like petulant children, in order to get attention that way. So ignore them. You don’t get angry at a dog for pissing on a tree, likewise you shouldn’t get angry about men being ape-like retards. It’s just their nature.

Anonymous 168378

thats true incels dont abuse without end, all men do

Anonymous 168381

>nooo you can't point out that moids are shittier partners than women by every available metric! FALLACY

Anonymous 168382

yes im not a man so im not stupid

Anonymous 168389

This so much. I'm a sheltered introvert on the autism spectrum and I prefer wholesome men as well. My partner doesn't smoke, doesn't do drugs, doesn't drink and doesn't watch porn. He is always kind and helpful and cares for me a lot in general. Bad or risky behavior is not attractive at all.

Anonymous 168413

Very based takes

Anonymous 168416

That’s only because fathers are usually don’t even be near their child
Of course it would be more present among women if men are fucking nowhere to be found lol

Anonymous 168425



Anonymous 168426

The stats might be misleading, but it's no secret that male sexuality operates differently that female one. Men really do get turned on by looks, are less monogamous etc.
And men really do leave ill partners more.
The point the anon was trying to make, more than how many scrotes do that, was that scrotes do that and are like that, which is to say they are worse partners than women while society still expects more from women than from men in relationships and make women look like the actual bad guys, rather than the exact number of moids who engage in degeneracy and shallow behavior. Which I'm sure isn't low by any means anyways.

Anonymous 168436

Men don’t bother murdering their kids they just abandon them lol.

Anonymous 168443

Lol there’s literally no stats that show women as being worse than men in any moral sense, any ones that do have been clearly and probably manipulated by men. They simply don’t exist. The studies I mentioned had controls and also were adjusted for population. Are you really going to start sperging now about how the men commit 90% of murders and rapes is wrong now? Bearing in mind the conviction rate for rape reports is less than 2%….

Anonymous 168479

What's funny about all this is that that retarded incels will fanboy over killers just as hard if not more they sound gay asf. They will worship killers but if a girl thinks one is cute then it's a problem.

Anonymous 168505

that is true they worship the ones that did those mosque attacks

Anonymous 168510

Yeah they worship all killers, even if they aren't incel like them it's bizarre. It's almost like they have an attraction to criminals or something, the thing they always accuse women of lol.

Anonymous 168524


Does hybristophilia exist in straight men and lesbian women too? Plenty of relatively attractive female mass killers out there too. P/ic related trucked 8 randos because she felt lonely despite having a bf. She even had a short manifesto:

>I am a loner. A destroyed woman. A woman destroyed by people … I have a choice – to kill myself or to kill others. I choose TO PAY BACK MY HATERS. It would be too easy to leave this world as an unknown suicide victim. Acta non verba. Society is too indifferent, rightly so. My verdict is: I, Olga Hepnarová, the victim of your bestiality, sentence you to death.

I mean she got the rope in 1975, but there gotta be plenty of living ones.

Anonymous 168525

this or also how they side with the attacker rather than the victim in every scenario, ofc especially in rape cases but also when there's a war they will call the belligerent side that occupies a nation "based" and despise the "weak" that are being conquered. scrotes are monsters devoid of humanity and empathy who love to delusionally see themselves as ruthless machos and act as if theyre the shit (even if theyre all retarded spineless crybabies who never amount to anything)

Anonymous 168526

i knew an incel who idolized her

Anonymous 168527

Yes. Female serial killers get lots of marriage proposals from men in jail.

Anonymous 168774

u know why that is? its vry simple actually. Its because these are women that have lost basically a lot of their freedom and material things they used to have in civic life so now their standards bar is lower so moids know. There is moids that stand outside women's jails to get married to one of the inmates when she is out and stuff.

A similar thing must happen to some women with serial killers, serial killers aint gonna think too much and their standards in the joint are just going to be lower to marry whoever is willing.

Anonymous 168782

Now that this guy was sentenced to life without parole, do you think his fangirls will start writing to him again? He had one girl who was from Reddit write to him. He talked about having kids and getting married in prison

Anonymous 168785

That video where he is pretending to be crazy for the police is cringe as fuck
Dahmer was so damn cute, too bad he was gay and an absolute psychopath

Anonymous 168786


Not really a mass murderer because the police stopped her, but I remember seeing some guys lusting over Lindsay Souvannarath back when she was arrested.

Anonymous 168794

It is extremely common, but not what mids think. The "bad boys" are at most like a gangster or tough guy but not a mass shooter who kills kids for fun

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