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Bechdel test thread Anonymous 181558

In this thread we will talk to each other about anything EXCEPT for moids.

So, huh, what's your favorite thing in the world? mine is FRIED unhealthy as fuck sushi. I know it's not real japanese sushi but I do not care, it's tasty.


I like french fries

Anonymous 181565

Books. Love science fiction and fantasy. Dragons are the bomb, but most people cannot write them well. Anyone here read the Temeraire series? I definitely recommend it. The author, Naomi Novik, also does Spinning Silver which is pretty good, but I felt like Uprooted just fell completely flat.

Anonymous 181568


Dark chocolate and salmon are my fav foods. As for fav thing ever in the entire world, the people I love!

Anonymous 181569

i wish i had friends ……
also. fried sushi. never knew about this. is it even sushi then? i mean i assume the frying cooks it…..

Anonymous 181573


I wouldn't exactly call it sushi but…I love it

Anonymous 181581


I like too many things to have a favorite but i think fuck toast might be my favorite thing to eat at least

Anonymous 181582

garbage tier
i always wonder what the new craze of "california crunch roll" sushi that supermarkets have tastes like but i bet bad

Anonymous 181596

It's good

Anonymous 181603

Would this even taste good

Anonymous 181608


You know nothing…
Also grilled onigiri is cool, but can you deep fry an onigiri… I guess it is possible
There are arancini - fried rice balls, but they are more like bite sized croquettes

Anonymous 181614


wats up I’m usually on lc with my “on da toilet” posts but I got banned because of another user sharing my ip so now I post my “on da toilet” post here

Anonymous 181637


When coconut crabs invade Australian BBQ

Anonymous 181639

crabs cursed.jpg

God I love crustaceans they are so fucking cute

Anonymous 181642


Who the heck released them on the train?

Anonymous 181654


>i wish i had friends

>most people cannot write them well
I sadly belong to that category, even though I love making up fictional worlds and characters. There is one that I had for many years now, a sci-fi world with multiple alien species and extensive lore that exists solely in my head because I suck at writing.

Anonymous 181759

what are you talking about? those are just the train crabs, that's their natural habitat

Anonymous 181778

My cat. He's been carrying my mental for last 13 years, I will probably kill myself when he passes.

Anonymous 181981

>1960-70s english folk music
any reccs nona?

Anonymous 182124

I want to meet your cat
Tell him I love him

Anonymous 182134

I have a hiccup, what do I do?

Anonymous 182136

swallow air a bunch of times, works for me

Anonymous 182144

everyday i miss my ex-girlfriend's dog Ginger. she was such a sweet and quirky girl. the way she sat while watching TV was hilarious.

Anonymous 182149

I wanna girlfriend. Also some stroopwaffles.

Anonymous 182173

You have now open my eyes to the deliciousness of Stroopwaffles and I shall curse you for exposing to the temptation of such a treat that I'm unable to posses.

Anonymous 183960


Okay I was thinking is it possible to deep fry an onigiri and look what I’ve bought today

Anonymous 183973


RIGHT NOW my favourite thing is my bed because I had a busy week and I'm tired and I just wanna be under my blanket resting and warming up! Idk what my favourite thing is when I wake up tomorrow

Anonymous 183980


Fried sushi is probably most non-Japanese (non-East Asian?) people’s gateway to sushi, don’t be ashamed for liking it. If it weren’t good it wouldn’t have taken off.

Anonymous 183995

Ngl, that looks disgusting

Anonymous 184010



>So, huh, what's your favorite thing in the world?

Garlic bread

Anonymous 184038

Pic so comfy, I aspire to be him…

Anonymous 184042


Sushi maybe it will be sushi. Have you tried it yet? Today is a great day to sushi

Anonymous 184048


i fucking love pirashki/pirozhki
a persian stand downtown at my place makes them also cheesy and super delicious

Anonymous 184049

Same lol instead of a grumpy bitch

Idk sushi is so expensive over here I never go eat it on my own but at least the good thing about being a vegetarian is that I wouldn't need to put that awful wasabi in my mouth and then suffer lol

Anonymous 184050

Hmm sorry I guess I'm a bit negative today after not sleeping much at all and stuff sorry for being grumpy :(

Anonymous 184062

Looks like fried gyozas.

Anonymous 184177


today i was looking to improve a personal website i was making and part of it required clearing the cache on my computer. couldnt figure out how to do it so i started fucking around on my computer to change the theme and stuff for like an hour. at least it looks nicer now. might add some custom icons or smth.

Anonymous 184186

Anonymous 184194

Anonymous 184200

Ume blossoms?

Anonymous 184284


>what's your favorite thing in the world?

Smoked reindeer toast with goat cheese and honey. The succinctly unique and savoury taste of the reindeer together with the semi-melted goat cheese mixed with the sweet honey results in the absolute apex 'dish' of sandwiches and the like. There is nothing quite like it.

Anonymous 184285

Where do you live that you can just go buy a reindeer sandwich

Anonymous 184290


And to clarify i do not buy it pre-made, but assemble the concoction myself.

Anonymous 185414


Bump to hide CP

Anonymous 185437

I feel fucking USELESS!
I tried making soup from "scratch" and now I've wasted roughly 12 dollarydoos in ingredients!
All you have to do is add water, soup cube, vegetables, and seasoning yet I can't even fucking do that right!
I'm angry at myself for my own incompetency, I can't even blame how I was raised or some past trauma on this bullshit, this is all me.

Anonymous 185459

Don't let a simple cooking failure ruin your mood. Cooking can be difficult. Just learn from your mistakes and try again some time

Anonymous 185463

Fragezeichen Karto…

>Spread honey on it and put the bread in the toaster oven
Wouldnt that ruin the oveb? I mean you put honey on it after, right…?

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