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Mental instability Anonymous 190678

When I see other women dating scrotes that are clearly unstable or have violent tendencies I begin to wonder if you should have some sort of moid license.
Moids should have to prove to women that they're not batshit bonkers and are able to function properly in society without bursting into fits of rage in public or becoming irrational for no reason whatsoever. These scrotes are especially frightening because they're the top tier of psychopaths that will justify any kind of behavior as acceptable.

Anonymous 190693

idk if i agree with that because if there was also a female test I'm pretty sure i wouldn't pass

Anonymous 190760

unstable females are not a danger to anyone but themselves, nona.

Anonymous 191345

This. Incels are creepy but the obvious psycho scrote is worse.

Anonymous 192187

Not true, we’re just not as violent as unstable men.

Anonymous 192494

The only way that could be worked out in a functional manner is if the moid license were enforced in a manner that limits women's freedom, such that it was not possible for a woman to decide that a given unlicensed male was an exception. Lots of these women do know that their moids are cruel, callous, dangerous, and uncivilizable. They just live with the fantasy that said danger will only really be applied to other, deserving people. And "deserving people" can expand to include society as a whole, every stranger they may run into in a subway or public park.

Anonymous 192505

Shut up idiot. Women tend to hurt themselves out of mental instability while men usually lash out at others. Both violent, but it's not as common for a female psych ward patient to lash out and hurt/kill others as it is for a male

Anonymous 192844

Yes but self-destructive actions can still harm other people, like driving drunk.

Anonymous 192878

Not the same as a scrote going on a murderous rampage because he's a mentally ill virgin. Women, even self destructive mentally ill ones will never be as dangerous as sociopathic mentally ill moids. We internalize our pain and hurt ourselves for the most part. Moids for the most part take out their issues on others. That's why they'll always be more dangerous. How many female school/mass shooters do you know of? Now how many male shooters do you know of? Exactly.

Anonymous 194614

Moid rage is like a forest fire. Relentless and without control. I have seen scrotes get extremely angry for nothing and it always ends in fist fights.

Anonymous 194662

I never understand that kind of anger. It's like it goes beyond logic and reason. Scrotes seem to enjoy it to a certain extent even if they don't explicitly say it.

Anonymous 195426

So…he sees a puppy and becomes angry? Wow, he must have some unresolved issues.

Anonymous 207067

This kind of mental illness probably is so deep that you cannot trust him at all.

Anonymous 207099

The video about his grandfather dying still makes me laugh

Anonymous 207506

He's got that empty void stare. A hollow human without the slightest shred of joy in his life.

Anonymous 207612

He sits on his ass in front of a computer screen doing 12 hour streams so he can leech off his subscribers. He is dead inside and has zero motivation to do anything at all. Forcing him to get a job would ruin his fragile mind.

Anonymous 207636

Moid welfare queens are the worst, especially the mediocre assholes that think they are some kind of savants but in reality are entitled and opinionated slackers.

Anonymous 207814

Mental illness and welfare abuse are two sides of the same coin.

Anonymous 207821

Except for infanticide

Anonymous 208187


>Give me money for rent.

Hopefully this scrote will die in a car crash and his corpse gets eaten by non-vegan animals. Not only is he an obnoxious parasite but he clearly has the same mental maturity as a cartoon character.

Anonymous 208298

Is this guinea pig real or photoshopped tho

Anonymous 208319

Sorry for off-topic crap.
I agree industrialized animal agriculture has become disgusting ( mostly because of the creatures boring and pitiable lives), so I don't buy animal foods. That said, you can eat meat without supporting agribusiness. I have consumed a variety of animals I personally killed and a fail to see how it could be a moral failure on my part.


Absolutly round. It looks like a pear.

Anonymous 208370

Seconding this, recently I read a Sand County Almanac, I'm vegetarian but the author pretty much sold me on this hunting/fishing business. It's probably more ethical than anything you can get from the grocer's anyways just due to the sheer impact of industrialized production and transportation on the environment. I wish the vegan movement would acknowledge this and shift to solely focus on abolishing/alleviating conditions in factory farming, instead of this broad overarching 'killing animals is bad and going vegan is the only way to care about animal welfare' because then it's impossible to get anything done.

Anonymous 208397

Women need iron more than men, iron is more bio available in meat and animal products (and so is B12 and a bunch of other things). Don't wreck your health, veganism appeals to women more because we have more empathy but it's not good for your body. Modern agriculture sucks, unless you're growing your own and buying only from locals everything you eat from rice to bananas and nuts have some kind of moral problem attached to it. At least look for some local farms to get eggs or organ meats, just a few times a week is ok, it hurts to see women weakening themselves because of feelings for animals.

Anonymous 208409

legit pregnant guinea pig

Anonymous 208413

I just take iron supplements (along with zinc) and my bloodwork is fine, I've been vegetarian for about 4 years now. You do have to be more careful about getting your nutrients in but it's definitely doable in this day and age.

Anonymous 208537

Animals do not even recognize savagery as inherently evil. If animals actually thought humans were a existential threat to them they would wage unrelenting war against all mankind and kill us. But they don't. They seem to accept the cruelty that is innate in life.

Anonymous 208549

I'm a praying mantis feminist. I want to have sex with moids and devour their heads afterwards.

Anonymous 208873

Sounds like good sex to me. Too bad scrotes aren’t so keen to stick around when the chewing starts.

Anonymous 208910

That moid in the OP's video looks like he has Aspergers.

Anonymous 209091

Scrotes like him is the reason why I stay at home.

Anonymous 209115

Moids with Aspergers are terrifying.

Anonymous 209246

Holy shit, what an annoying scrote. How can anyone listen to him when he compulsively has to force his fake laughter all the time. I would hang myself if I had to live with that creature.

Anonymous 209278

He probably is very insecure.

Anonymous 209467

I have met one moid who was severely damaged, both emotionally and physically. He displayed all the signs for abuse: drugs, violence and distrust in others, always thinking people had ulterior motives when talking to him. I think many scrotes that are mentally ill usually get sexually traumatized at a young age and never talk about it.

Anonymous 209476

Sexual abuse among scrotes is extremely taboo. It wouldn’t surprise me if the majority of all the most twisted nutjobs have been molested when they were kids but try to deflect the damage by adopting hypermasculinity as a personality trait (being penetrated is the role of the female so in order to save face inwardly they have to get rid off any and all weaknesses that remind them of how vulnerable they can be.)

Anonymous 209654

Moids who are violent or criminal most likely have ADHD. They sperg out because they have zero impulse control.

Anonymous 209928


my bf is like this. not violent but definitely nonfunctional, refuses to support himself let alone me and makes bad and selfish spending decisions. at the same time he acts like i'm the crazy and nonfunctional one

he also doesnt respect or appreciate my efforts to help him out and he's constantly gaslighting me about how i'm nonfunctional and insecure and too controlling
im basically done because he has nothing to fix this and wants to be the victim so im just zoned out daydreaming about cute boys from bands instead. men are better admired from a distance.

Anonymous 209939

He sounds like a filthbag, why do you even bother. How is being single not a 1000x better???? I wouldn't even get with a nicer guy who never cleaned. Your guy sounds like a 200 pound lethal tumor how do you tolerate that

Anonymous 209943

This is true and why menneed more mental health support from a young age. It benefits women as well.

Anonymous 209944

So why are you with him

Anonymous 209957

anon please leave this guy he's clearly not an adequate partner for you or anyone, go live your life

Anonymous 209960

>I can fix him

Anonymous 209963

Sperg moids are the worst. Extremely sensitive to everything and is constantly in need of attention so they don't sink into depression.

Anonymous 210015

Yep. And if you're a sperg woman, there's this expectation from society to take care of the sperg scrotes or be their best friends, for no real good reason other than "woman are supposed to nurturing and anything else is selfish!".

Anonymous 210234

I. Hate. That. Shit. So much.
It’s the most ludicrous expectation and honestly shows how piss poor adults are as a whole with children and knowing how to handle situations different from their own expectation.

Anonymous 210249

>Extremely sensitive to everything and is constantly in need of attention so they don't sink into depression.
Wow you perfectly described my ex who also suspects of having ADHD. It's amazing how I put up with him for so long.

Anonymous 210455

Right? Like you have to be the scrotes mother, its never an equal partnership. I always spotted it when I was pressured to hang out with and date fat dubiously functioning autistic scrotes because "Well, you both have autism, and He Likes You." I was never pressured to be besties with and "rescue" autistic girls from loneliness, funny how that works.

Anonymous 210520

I bet that’s why you liked him in the first place. "He is so spontaneous and fun!"…but later on it turns out he’s an aggressive manchild that screams at you for not being submissive or because his arrested development makes a relationship impossible.

Anonymous 210535

My mom wants me to date this sperg she knows because he has a PhD
Yet he still lives with his mother and will starve if not fed

Anonymous 210554

marry him and then starve him to death when you get bored

Anonymous 210678

>attention span is non-existent
>needs to have sex all the time
>plays video games instead of spending time with you
>gets angry if you pronounce a word wrong or if he misinterprets a certain tone of voice to mean that you have malicious intent

I hate scrotes with ADHD so much it is unreal.

Anonymous 210693

I was pressured to save boys but insulted over collecting “strays and weirdos” when I kept friending the girls. Adults are fucking sexist creeps.

Anonymous 210720

Your description is very accurate but you forgot one thing:

>he laughs at others getting hurt and finds enjoyment in being an asshole

Anonymous 213024

I've never understood the appeal of dating spergs. Seems like too much effort and no reward. You become a babysitter instead of a partner.

Anonymous 213552

I've noticed that moids that have ADHD tend to be more sadistic. They relish moments when someone else gets injured or fails.

Anonymous 213583

I've been with my husband for 12 years and he has ADHD and none of this is accurate. He doesn't even like video games, I'm the one who plays them in our relationship. I'm also the smarter one by far. Maybe that's the key - date someone one level below you in intelligence. He asks me how to pronounce things lol

Anonymous 213913

> date someone one level below you in intelligence
never in my life i would date down

Anonymous 214547

They are also more prone to alcoholism and drug abuse. I know a scrote with ADHD and he drinks all the time, far more than average. I think it all comes from his inability to handle himself.

Anonymous 214581

>date down

Mongoloids have feelings too, you know.

Anonymous 214727

so do i, and i would feel like shit if i dated some dumb moid

Anonymous 215053

>she didn't get the pun

Oh, nona. Why are you so cute?

Anonymous 215101

Moids with Down Syndrome are at least kind and innocent. Scrotes with ADHD are a plague.

Anonymous 215152

Are you kidding me? Downies and pretty much anyone mentally retarded are violent AF because
A. They lack the ability to communicate what is wrong
B. They lack the ability to gauge the consequences of their actions
C. They lack the ability to control their emotional response
All the "aww cute downie" propaganda you see is just coping parents who wish they had normal children.

Anonymous 215155

Oh yeah, bonus points if its a moid. The scariest people I have ever met are slightly obese but giant and tall statue moids who are mentally retarded and can snap your neck out of pure carelessness. Moids are inherently very violent to begin with giving them a disorder that makes them incapable of controlling themselves is a deadly combo.
Think of Lenny from Of Mice and Men. Even though he had a good heart when it came down to it he would lose his temper and kill/almost kill people and animals, without even meaning to.
Retarded moids are the PLAGUE.

Anonymous 215156

>giant and tall statue moids who are mentally retarded and can snap your neck out of pure carelessness.
Big Lenny vibes

Anonymous 215168


my bf has spergs and adhd
>attention span is non-existent
Yeah he regularly forgets we are having a conversation when we are texting and then he makes up excuses like "BUT DISCORD DIDNT NOTIFY ME". yeah, ok. Or he absolutely flips out if TWO people text him at once.
>needs to have sex all the time
Yeah he is like this, its not that annoying because I like it too, mostly just mad about how inconsiderate he is sexually sometimes.
>plays video games instead of spending time with you
All day long. And then he complains because "I HAVE NOTHING TO DO BUT PLAY VIDEOGAMESSS". Ok, read a book.
>gets angry if you pronounce a word wrong or if he misinterprets a certain tone of voice to mean that you have malicious intent
He doesn't really do this I mostly do.

Rn I am just pissed in general because his random manbaby meltdowns are EXHAUSTING to deal with. He wants to kill himself over every. single. thing. Its so draining. Yesterday he had another meltdown over something frivolous with his family's car and he starts telling me he wants to shoot himself in front of police HQ. I don't even wanna talk to him right now.
Just got a text from him and here we go again jesus christ.

Anonymous 215171

>Rn I am just pissed in general because his random manbaby meltdowns are EXHAUSTING to deal with. He wants to kill himself over every. single. thing. Its so draining. Yesterday he had another meltdown over something frivolous with his family's car and he starts telling me he wants to shoot himself in front of police HQ. I don't even wanna talk to him right now.
>Just got a text from him and here we go again jesus christ.
Nona… You know he's abusing you, right? You should leave him asap. You don't want people who do that in your life. You know how draining it is right? Well, imagine how it will be when he starts to threaten suicide every time you do something he isn't fond of, and uses it to blackmail you into doing what he wants.
Trust me, even if he didn't do it yet, that's the direction you guys are going.
Either ghost him now, or give him an ultimatum

Anonymous 215172

Imagine living like this for ten more years. Do you like the idea? if not, break up RIGHT NOW.

Anonymous 215174

Why are you with him

Anonymous 215178


I didn't make him like this, this is how he is. His actual mommy babies him way more than I do, sometimes I think " ok this is a bit ridiculous". His mom babies his dad too which he hates but is ironically exactly like him in a lot of ways.
She does their laundry, she buys them clothes, she does all the household chores. His dad doesn't work and he has been working maybe a month and a half now?
Then I ask "why don't you buy your own clothes or do your own laundry"
"well i work."
Your mom has been the sole provider for your family for years and you have only been working a month and a half? She has been doing shit for him like this much longer than a month and a half, all while he was unemployed. The lack of self awareness he has sometimes.
>Nona… You know he's abusing you, right?
Not really. I feel like I treated him worse than he treats me with a lot of stuff I didnt talk about.
>Well, imagine how it will be when he starts to threaten suicide every time you do something he isn't fond of, and uses it to blackmail you into doing what he wants.
He doesn't really do that, likely to abuse isn't really abuse.
Idk what the line is between "venting my feelings " and "being unhinged".
>Either ghost him now, or give him an ultimatum
What ultimatum am I supposed to give?
"Stop feeling this way or its over"
He cant control how he feels.
I have tried breaking up over other stuff but it didn't work. Eventually I'd get upset and lonely and come back, because I really love him. And I don't really have anyone else rn who I feel as comfortable with as him, I tried to make friends awhile ago but couldn't. Idk what I would do without him at this point.

Anonymous 215191

Why on earth are you dating him, like what drew you to him in the first place? Autistic moids are the actual worst, I can’t understand anybody actually dating one. He sounds borderline retarded like you’re his caretaker or some shit.

Anonymous 215661

Downies aren't violent on purpose in the same way scrotes with ADHD are.

Anonymous 215668

>dating moids with ADHD

Like playing with hyperactive fire.

Anonymous 215678

The worst part about scrotes with ADHD is that they need novelty. It's like when you see teenagers use TikTok. Anything longer than 30 seconds is impossible to endure and will induce mood swings if it's not new.

Anonymous 215692

How purposeful the behavior is hardly a factor, both violent behaviors are a consequence of developmental abnormalities, but the difference is that while ADHD scrotes have less self control and emotional regulation than a normal person, they have significantly more self control than a downie (given ADHD is not also concurrent with another MAJOR developmental disorder or mental illness, like autism or schizophrenia), and on a spectrum of "normal" to "downie" they will be closer to the "normal" end of the spectrum.
So, if I were to choose to be in a room with an ADHD scrote or a downie, I would choose ADHD. If I were to bet my life on the self control of an ADHD scorte or a downie, I would bet on the ADHD scrote every time. At least with ADHD scrotes there is some logic to what will trigger them to have a meltdown, and with ADHD scrotes they understand the consequences of their actions and have an ounce of self control.
Purposefulness just isn't a factor here.

Anonymous 215693

I actually have no idea. I know why I like him now, but in the first place? He just approached me wanting to date and I went along with it, because why not. We were friends awhile before then but not super close at all and would just talk about random stuff like exes mostly.

Anonymous 215945

Yeah, it becomes unbearable after a while.

Anonymous 215955

The average downie is incapable of committing a mass shooting. A scrote with weapons and ADHD, however, is a volatile combination.

Anonymous 215956

> I feel like I treated him worse than he treats me with a lot of stuff I didnt talk about.

>I have tried breaking up over other stuff but it didn't work. Eventually I'd get upset and lonely and come back, because I really love him.

>>gets angry if you pronounce a word wrong or if he misinterprets a certain tone of voice to mean that you have malicious intent

>He doesn't really do this I mostly do.

You sound bpd

Anonymous 215957

>"I want to kms"
Not particularly healthy, but a fairly normal thing to say these days.
>"I want to shoot myself in front of police HQ"
Giant fucking redflag, take this very seriously.

Anonymous 216058



>‘This boy did not go bad. He was never right’
>While treating him for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and oppositional defiance disorder, Kravitz said he noticed Cruz also exhibited symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder and autism spectrum disorder

Avoid these moids at all times. When they sperg out, they sperg with a vengeance.

Anonymous 216060

I am genuinely baffled by how little anyone itt seems to know about ADHD. It sounds like you guys are think ADHD is borderline personality disorder or something.
I really would have thought the public education around ADHD had improved a lot more by now.

Anonymous 216062

moids with ADHD are just very high energy and bad listeners. If they are violent I guess it might be worse because they would hit you more, but I don't think ADHD people are anymore likely to be dangerous than most people. I'm more afraid of a million other issues moids have.

Anonymous 216071


>behold: the average 21st century male

Anonymous 216080

I bet he wanted to kill all of the sheep that couldn't handle his unique personality and creative genius.

Anonymous 216087

>tfw i was literally diagnosed with all of those things as a kid
Its ok im not a man so i wont kill ppl

Anonymous 216095

He didn't get enough attention so he murdered everyone.

Anonymous 216117

I once believed all the ADHD acceptance bs but then eventually you come to find the public was right the whole time and a few outliers don't change that.
And it isn't even ahout adhd, its about adhd men.

Anonymous 216120

If you mean Beautiful Princess Disorder, then yes
>Giant fucking redflag, take this very seriously.
What should I do about it

Anonymous 216225

dump him lol

Anonymous 216341

But like, half the behaviours anons are ascribing to ADHD have literally nothing to do with it. There are multiple posters who seem to think the words "attention deficit" are about craving attention from others and not about having a short attention span. It's not even anecdotes in this thread, it's just arbitrary claims that probably aren't even based on experience.

Anonymous 216358

Moids with ADHD need continual and new, exciting stimulation which means that after a while (a few seconds, lol) everything becomes boring. I think he killed all those people because it was an invigorating experience for him (violence and anger is not really something alien to people with ADHD.)

Anonymous 216367


He turned his life into a FPS game.

Anonymous 216369

What's with this eye shape? I bed he's on the fetal alcohol spectrum but the doctors were too afraid to tell him and explained away his problems with "adhd"

Anonymous 216399

A place where people are pretending to understand something they clearly don’t know anything about? On the internet?? Jokes aside the dunning kruger effect is shining brightly in this thread.

Anonymous 216580

>that gif

lol, spot on

Anonymous 216589

If you only knew how common it is to encounter a scrote with ADHD when you’re playing video games. There is always that annoying, aggressive player that spergs around on the map, tries to take the lead and then ragequit when people don’t follow his every move. It’s not tiresome, it’s a burden. ADHD ruins everything.

Anonymous 216600

Think about the peripheral symptoms of ADHD, that aren't necessarily attention deficit but are caused by the same brain abnormalities that cause ADHD (ex. sensory issues).
Now think about proposed causes to WHY people have ADHD, such as a deficit of norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain. This leads to them seeking more and more stimulation and exciting experience, craving attention possibly being one.
Many disorders have a pattern of symptoms that aren't the "diagnostic criteria" or the definition of the disorder, but are still strongly associated with the disorder for logical reasons.

Anonymous 216603

Most moid streamers that start screaming like autists because they lose or throw their controllers across the room look like they suffer from ADHD. I cannot for the life of me understand what is so entertaining about watching an overgrown, unstable baby that breaks everything he touches as soon as he gets mad.

Anonymous 216610

This describes my bf to a T. Every few months he gets mad playing games and punches his moniter and breaks it, and then he acts shitty for the rest of the day over it, before going to Best Buy to exchange it.

Anonymous 216611

he has also destroyed 2 phones im fits of rage.

Anonymous 216612

100% of shooters are just glorified attention whores. Its not "poor muh manbaby has mental illness and was failed by the system", they just 100% copy other shooters and want to be glorified like their predecessors. Yes, it takes someone mentally ill to follow through, but they don't do it because they are mentally ill, they do it because they want attention. Many people have ADHD, depression, etc. and don't carry out a mass shooting. They are attention whores

Anonymous 216701

I interpreted it as the people in the thread underatanding men in general are just not the most empathetic group of people in a way they don't regard women as equals. But average neaurotypical moids would have self control and a facade to function regularly in society. Not to say ADHD people wouldn't have it but I wonder if it was an impulsive decision to suddenly whine about sex, women, etc.

Anonymous 216702

To think nlogs just call themselves they/them aroace girls while men just straight up murder others kek.

Anonymous 216790

Being mentally ill and being attention whores are not mutually exclusive. If you look into their pasts they all had shitty lives and mental issues.

Anonymous 216809

He sounds autistic. You should get him tested.

Anonymous 216814

He is diagnosed with adhd and autism

Anonymous 216816

I did not say it was mutually exclusive, I literally acknowledged that they are mentally ill, however mental illness isn't why they go on murderous rampages. They are attention whores.
I really don't care how shitty their lives were, because the vast majority of people with shitty lives DON'T shoot up schools. Murderers are a fraction of a percent of people with shitty lives.

Anonymous 216819

Are you a pickme or something? Why are you trying to sympathize with these kinds of manchildren?
Cancer, car crashes, etc are not committed by a conscious and sentient being. Its not about what poses a threat to me, its about the character of the people comitting the acts.
Even with robberies, you can say most don't end in multiple fatalities, and robberies aren't committed out of pure malice and thirst for attention, there is monetary gain involved.
All a shooter gets is noteriety amongst other attention whores and pickmes like yourself.

Anonymous 216822

Its called tone, your autistic brain probably just can't process it.

Anonymous 216832

Reading though some parts of this thread reminds me of the AvPD enthusiast who kept interrupting /feels/ threads. I honestly can't help but imagine some of you are genuinely unintelligent and can't accomplish anything other than spitting out the same verbiage over and over.

Anonymous 216840

Because we are talking about people we don't like and swapping stories? Ok. The difference between now and the AvPD nona is that she would shoehorn her hatred for avoidants in every single feels thread and derail it, no one is doing that here.

Anonymous 216850

No, there is no derailment. It just brings her to mind because of the way ADHD is being singled out like this incredible common problem is at the core of evil itself.

Anonymous 217352

I've seen more than one scrote lose it during streams so it seems that spergs flock to Twitch a lot.

Anonymous 217354

nta but holy shit you're a riot.
she used literally only two question marks in that post, which is ironically the same amount you used here too >>216817
you're trying to nitpick someone else's style of writing when yours is actually on the same level at best (i'd say it's worse lol) and using ad hominems randomly instead of bringing valid counterarguments to the table, which does make you sound as someone who felt personally attacked by what she said, and who doesn't have valid rebuttals. the latter is totally understandable, as you're trying to defend literal mass murderers LMAO

Anonymous 217359

The Internet has become a job for many spergs. They cannot manage a real job so they sperg out in front of a camera in order to pay their rents.

Anonymous 218326


Is it already mentioned here that moids are the vast majority of people who do murder-suicides? Aka, killing the people closest to you and then killing yourself? What an insidious way to go out, but you know what? Moids are definitely narcissistic, so of course they're the main psychos who do murder-suicides. "Life got you feeling down? Feeling unhappy and trapped in your own mistakes? Just kill your family and friends before killing yourself because fuck it, if you can't be happy, no one else will be!". That's really how males' brains seem to think when they do these murder-suicides. Their world is ending, so they're gonna make it the end of the world for everyone else too. Even when moids erase themselves from the earth, they still place an attack on someone else's psyche or even life.

Anonymous 218496


I actually really like the idea of a moid license but how would it be enforced?

Anonymous 218702

Tazers to their balls.

Anonymous 218712

Reading through the replies here about moids with ADHD and ASD.

I have both, apparently, as well as BPD due to the trauma of having to be around unstable men. A lot of the behaviour that's excused in them due to their neurodivergency is stuff I grew out of before I even became an adult because I HAD TO. Then they get a free pass to be cunts and usually are drawn to other women with similar mental issues. Which then fucks us up even further. They are the most invalidating and frustrating people to deal with if you introduce them to an idea that doesn't fit with their world view, yet they think they're not that way. It's exhausting having to teach someone else how to have empathy and understanding, when they have never been given any incentive to genuinely understand another human. Every ASD girl I met who wasn't a pick me was pretty okay and fair, even if they had some cringe opinions or made their diagnosis their whole personality.

As someone who has a lot of issues with emotional regulation, I would never recommend dating a man with autism. Even if you have autism too. There are good ones out there, who work on themselves and who's morals align with treating women with respect, but they are few. As much as autistists act like they are so different, we were all socialised in the same shit society and therefore their rigidity, sense of justice and black and white thinking will always be skewed in their favour, unless they've been taught to be sensitive to the plights of others. Most are not.

Anonymous 218720


I read about a scrote that blamed his father for his aspie diagnosis and so he killed his father, his father's wife and then he stabbed himself to death. When you are already troubled by a defective mind you tend to blame everybody else instead of yourself.

Anonymous 218721

The overall tendency for moids with ADHD to be assholes is staggering. It's like a law of nature.

Anonymous 218722

Yeah, my most recent moid partner basically lied to me from the beginning. He actually still lived with a girl he proposed to months before when I met him online. Broke up with her for good the day after he'd met up with me a few weeks later, on the way back from a weekend with friends. Found out he used chaturbate/4chan to lewd with people online during that 7 year relationship. Didn't count it as cheating until confronted. Told me he doesn't watch porn because he's a feminist - had quit porn two weeks prior. Was just in the relationship with the ex to add structure to his life, pretended he wanted marriage when he'd known he didn't for years. He didn't tell her there was someone else, she checked his tablet because he was ignoring her messages and found out about me. Tried to kill herself. Told me he didn't know he was just using his ex for stability until he met me and I "showed him what real love is".

He continued to frame himself as a victim of abuse until I unravelled the truth, by that time already fell in love with this person who seemed ideal only due to their lies.

I just want someone to be fucking real with me and I can't ever expect that from a moid.

Anonymous 218724

Has ADHD and ASD - blamed so much of the shitty behaviour on this.

Anonymous 218732


>Told me he doesn't watch porn because he's a feminist

Wow, very convincing!

Anonymous 218735

I am paraphrasing nona, but yeah, I wasn't convinced either but a man who doesn't watch porn is rare.

Anonymous 218918

They thrive when others suffer. I have never met a scrote with ADHD that is remotely likeable.

Anonymous 218949

The way you describe him makes him look like a devious and egotistical backstabber. Hopefully he forgets his Ritalin one day and accidentally walk in front of a bus while scrolling through TikTok videos.

Anonymous 219094

I read about an aspie (adult scrote, 22 years old) that killed an 8 year old because he felt threatened by him. I avoid aspies at all costs.

Anonymous 219113


The mental illness doesn't help, but I don't think it's entirely the source of it. Female aspies are nowhere nearly as aggressive and usually only blame themselves for their problems. Rather, I'd say it's typical male entitlement and lack of empathy, both natural and learned through socialization.

Combined with a society that ostracizes them, it creates a ticking time bomb.

Anonymous 219115

> Female aspies are nowhere nearly as aggressive and usually only blame themselves for their problems. Rather, I'd say it's typical male entitlement and lack of empathy, both natural and learned through socialization.

Exactly. The overlap between autistic men and people with an incel mindset is huge. A lot of them feel short changed because they're not getting what other men are getting out of life, not realising it's because they're autistic but also coddled when it comes to being socially inept because they're men. It's when they get to a specific age and no one wants to fuck them, because intimacy involves connection, that it becomes a more tangible and urgent matter. Regardless of how well they mask, a lot of them lack self awareness, so, naturally they blame women. They never seem able to examine whether society and it's rigid gender roles is at fault, even as they whine about the high expectations put on them as men. Women don't have high expectations buddy, we want an equal. Women don't connect with you, because you don't see or treat them as people.

Anonymous 219132

>Juvenile and young adult mentally disordered offenders: the role of child neuropsychiatric disorders
>Fifteen percent of the subjects had a definite diagnosis of ADHD, and another 15 percent had PDD, including 12 percent PDD not otherwise specified (NOS) and 3 percent Asperger syndrome.

Moids that break the law usually have some sort of mental impairment and it is surprisingly common. I think that the more research is done, the easier it will be to see when spergs grow up to become criminals.

Anonymous 219305

I can see why moids with ADHD would be attracted to a criminal lifestyle. It's a defiant and disobedient way of living that is exciting because they subscribe to a no-gods-no-masters mindset. It's perpetual adolescence that only benefits themselves and people with ADHD are notoriously selfish.

Anonymous 219307

ADHD scrotes always interject in every conversation and make it about themselves. It's like listening to a person that is totally oblivious about the existence of other people in the room.

Anonymous 219315


Anonymous 219323

tbh this really isn't far from the rate adhd and aspergers appears in the general population. Maybe at the time when diagnoses were less common it was a big deal (they call it "aspergers" and "pddnos" are both defunct diagnoses since 2013), but autism appears at 2-3% in the general population now and adhd at like 20% in some estimates.

Anonymous 219326

Ok I have the stats
70% of juvenile offenders are male.
ADHD occurs in 13% of boys and 6% of girls
Autism occurs in 2.95% of boys and 0.7% of girls.

to adjust these for males making up 70% of juvenile offenders
11% ADHD general population vs 15% in juvenile offenders
2.28% autism in general population vs 3% in juvenile offenders

It isn't that big of a difference.

Anonymous 219333


>A large scale investigation into young men who have been sentenced to prison for violent crimes shows that nearly all of them had some type of psychiatric or neuropsychiatric diagnosis at some point.
>They found that 97 per cent of the men had or have had a psychiatric diagnosis, for example depression or anxiety, or a neuropsychiatric diagnosis, like ADHD or autism.

I disagree with you, nona. The prevalence of psychiatric disorders is not unusual when talking about violent moids.

Anonymous 219335

I wasnt speaking about things like depression an anxiety, obviously among violent moids there WILL be enormously higher rate of mental illness. However the previous poster was talking about
a) non gender specific juvenile offenders
b) developmental disorders, not mental illness
and the stats just show that within that particular population, there really isn't a significantly higher rate of ADHD or autism, only slightly higher. Its not that I disagree, ADHD moids and sperg moids can be violent nightmares, I just wanted to give context to the statistics.

Anonymous 219336

Also the stat from before did not specify whether it was violent crime committed or not, it was just any crime committed by people under 18.

Anonymous 219338

There is a massive overlap when speaking about depression, for example. Moids with Asperger Syndrome or ADHD suffer from depression a lot which means that those scrotes included in the study could be undiagnosed.

Anonymous 219342

Developmental disorders put you ask risk for mental illness and depression, but not necessarily the other way around. Yes most spergs have depression or something but only a tiny minority of depressed people will have aspergers.
About potential spergs not being diagnosed, I said given the time frame of when this data would have been taken (pre 2013) there probably WAS a great deal of undiagnosed spergs and ADHDs, because of increased awareness in the last 10 years and with broader diagnostic criteria.

Anonymous 219345

I'm just saying that depression is common among scrotes with ADHD and Asperger Syndrome so to assume there isn't comorbidity would mean you engage in wishful thinking.

Anonymous 219349

I said THERE IS A COMORIBIDITY, a well documented comorbity and that having aspergers does mean you are way more likely for practically every mental illness in the DSM-5.
However, it is insignificant to say depression is a marker for undiagnosed aspergers because having aspergers or ADHD is a very niche disorder where depression is considered the common cold of mental disorders.
Its like how people with spergs have a higher rate of epilepsy but having epilepsy isn't really indicative of aspergers syndrome.
Yes, a % of the people with depression will have undiagnosed spergs but not a statistically significant portion.

Anonymous 219352

It's not about it being a marker. If you're depressed and commit violent crimes it isn't depression that's fueling this type of behavior. Depressed people will rarely even want to get out of bed, let alone stab or shoot people.

Anonymous 219358

Yes, of course it isn't just depression, there are a myriad of factors that can drive someone to commit a vuplent crime, such as socioeconomic status and the circumstances surrounding the crime, many factors that make infinitely more sense than undiagnosed autism does (how high do you think the rate of undiagnosed autism is anways)? But for some reason you choose autism to attribute this to even though it makes barely any sense?
>Depressed people will rarely even want to get out of bed
Not all depression is the same. Lack of motivation and chronic fatigue is a characteristic of depression but severe clinical depression with fatigue so profound you can not get out of bed is not what the majority of depressed people experience. What is more common is irritable depression which does drive people to be more violent all the time and act in impulsive rage towards those around them. Most violent crimes aren't meticulously planned mass shootings, nor to most violent criminals commit crimes to such a scale and usually are a result of immediate circumstances, such as lashing out on someone, not careful planning.

Anonymous 219359

Recent research pretty much shows that ADHD and Asperger Syndrome can result in violent outbursts and I seriously doubt there is other factors involved.

Anonymous 219360

Yes, that is well known, but that DOES NOT MEAN MOST VIOLENT OUTBURSTS ARE ATTRIBUTED TO ADHD OR AUTISM, that is a ridiculous fucking claim.
>I seriously doubt there is other factors involved.
Literally why? Just because you said so? Other factors have been studied and attributed to violent crime abundantly more than ADHD and autism, but you can't accept other reasoning, reasoning that makes more sense?

This conversation wasn't even originally about this, I have admitted ever since my first post that ADHD and autistic moids are violent as fuck, it was about the rates of these disorders in juvenile offenders vs the general population, but then you came here with unfounded and nonsensical claims that ADHD and autism are so highly undiagnosed that somehow they account for most violent crime. Please gain some critical thinking skills.

Anonymous 219371

I think she meant that depression does not cause violent behavior in moids with ADHD or Asperger Syndrome, nona.

Anonymous 219375

We were talking about crime. If she thought so then why did she continue to argue with me when I had stated moids with autism and ADHD are prone to violence?

Anonymous 219406

I think it is because you lack consistency and resort to nitpicking. You initially said you only were focusing on developmental disorders and not mental illness (depression). Then later on you switch to saying depression can cause violent behavior, using it as an argument that it somehow affects violent behavior more than what ADHD or Asperger syndrome would. You even bring up meticulous planning which is odd since as far as this thread is concerned it was never once written that ADHD, for example, would be anything else than a sign of unchained impulsivity. That's how I interpret your replies.

Anonymous 219430

> people with ADHD are notoriously selfish.

Why are you so lacking in Empathy? People who expect ND people to be like them are selfish by that logic. I sacrificed my quality of life to function in a way that made others more comfortable whilst living with ASD and ADHD. This is not an uncommon experience. It's not selfish to simply meet your own needs.

Anonymous 219449

>lack consistency and resort to nitpicking. You initially said you only were focusing on developmental disorders and not mental illness (depression).
Because the original study quoted was neurodevelopmental disorders in juveline offenders, not relating to depression or mental illness.
>Then later on you switch to saying depression can cause violent behavior
I mentioned depression because someone else replied to me with a study about the rates of depression in male violent offenders. I said that depression can cause violent behavior because someone else made the claim that people with depression would be too fatigued to act in violent ways, when that isn't true at all.
>using it as an argument that it somehow affects violent behavior more than what ADHD or Asperger syndrome would
No, I did not say that.
Someone else said that because depression is often comorbid with aspergers that the depression quoted in the other study could just be undiagnosed aspergers. I said that the population of depressed people with undiagnosed aspergers would not be stastically significant. Then it was said that depression could not be the only reason someone commits a violent crime, to which I agreed and said that there were many factors that could lead to violent crime in depressed people, asperger's syndrome not being a significant cause. Yet they STILL insist that violent crime is due to undiagnosed ADHD/spergs and not one of the many more plausible reasons a depressed person could act violently. I didn't say that ADHD/aspergers did not effect violent behavior more than depression, I said the amount of undiagnosed ADHD/spergs in depressed criminal population is not significant enough to attribute violent crime to neurodevelopmental disorder.
>You even bring up meticulous planning which is odd since as far as this thread is concerned it was never once written that ADHD, for example, would be anything else than a sign of unchained impulsivity
Firstly, I brought up planning because she brought up lack of motivation/fatigue as a reason people with exclusively depression would not commit violent crimes, when this is not true unless the crime in question required planning (such as a mass shooting, which is NOT an act of impulsivity because many shooters plan their attacks weeks or months in advance), and most violent crimes are not crimes of planning but crimes of impulsivity, which a person with depression would be likely to commit because depression less frequently presents as crippling but more as irritability and rage, and even fatigued/unmotivated people can be prone to fits of depressed rage.

I am not nitpicking or changing course, I am replying to what people say to me.

Anonymous 219485

this is about moids, why are you getting defensive? autist and adhd moids demand that their retarded needs be met, most autistic and nd women are undiagnosed because of the fear of acting out this isnt about them

Anonymous 219573

Unstable women can produce more retards though.
Unstable men have a high chance of dying out.

Anonymous 219576


I think we need scrote eugenics. Get rid of all the insane wife beaters and psychotic weirdos that disrupt society.

Anonymous 219609

The only way to cure the moid virus is to alter it.

Anonymous 219721

This actually sounds like a good idea. The current state of moids in most countries is that they are fragile and sensitive which is detrimental for women. The worst moids are all the spergs and autists that can't adjust to society.

Anonymous 220024

With moid eugenics we could breed scrotes that don't smell like shit when they sweat.

Anonymous 220074

The only thing worse than a sweaty moid is an autistic, sweaty moid so I welcome eugenics in that case.

Anonymous 220076

I have been diagnosed with ADHD and I agree with you, everyone in this thread is confused.

I see where a lot of their points come from and I can see how moids with ADHD who were never raised or socialized correctly become mentally unstable, but that's not just because they have ADHD, its because they grew up without consequences as they were likely hard to control as kids.

I grew up with a lot of consequences and my brother did as well and we are both well functioning and caring people despite our struggle with ADHD. My brother also has become very meticulous about not forgetting things, taking care of the people around him before himself, and impulse control because my parents were very strict with him.

Granted a scrote who was let loose as a child and has ADHD has a higher propensity to grow up to become an abuser, sex addict, drug addict, etc. But there are also people with ADHD like myself who find no joy in video games, drugs, alcohol, porn, etc granted im not a moid but still.

Also tbh people who have a tendency to bring up their ADHD whenever problems with their conduct or behavior are mentioned are more likely to be abusers, whereas a lot more people who have ADHD but don't mention it and do a bit of self-reflection are more normal about it.

However there's a chance both me and my brother were "scared straight" because we had a lot of other kids with ADHD in our SPED program in school and they were way more violent, abusive, scary, and downright hyperactive than either of us, the adults in their lives were very neglectful and enabling and I think for me and him witnessing these types of kids gave us an example of what not to do and how to control ourselves.

Anonymous 220077


unfortunately nona, that's not how it works.

the smell of a moid's sweat to a girl is based on some genetic factors of both the moid and the girl who senses his scent.

The way this works in the real world is that a sweaty moid could smell like fine cologne to one girl while smelling like unwashed socks to another.

Anonymous 220081

>real world

Scrote, please. There are no women who, in public, find sweaty moids attractive based on smell.

Anonymous 220193

This. I have never seen or heard of women lusting after pungent scrote juice.

Anonymous 220196

Autistic scrotes are usually the ones with the most abysmal hygiene.

Anonymous 220213

The fabled moid neckbeard that reek of ass.

Anonymous 220234


>Fucking whores! In my animes they all swarm around the protagonist and do whatever he wants. 3D women are shallow and vapid sluts. What do you mean 'shower'? Is that a new waifu?

Anonymous 220242

Yeah obviously a moid drenched in sweat will smell bad to everyone regardless because when sweat accumulates it gets metabolized by bacteria in large amounts, however his natural scent carried by the sweat before bacterial breakdown is what may smell good to people based on genetics (in small amounts of course).

Anonymous 220258


Moids have a kind of fantasy where they get an aspie girl to be their babysitter being them smelly coomer neets without hygiene, you just have to look at the number of views these "Ashbie" videos have.

Anonymous 220262

There's no point nona, this thread is just a disabilty bashing circlejerk at this point. Someone who's convinced themselves ADHD and autism are the same thing is deliberately choosing to ignore what words mean because it makes them feel superior. You can't reason with people who just enjoy being mean.

Anonymous 220270

i've known the ashbie "creator", the guy behind her instagram account (he's now a tranny) and he was so fucking insuferable and using me as his content machine for his IG. I hate him so fucking much, stupid retard!!!! He always used his autism for his shitty behavior too. I HATE MOIDS!!

Anonymous 220335

Anonymous 220336

>A large scale investigation into young men who have been sentenced to prison for violent crimes shows that nearly all of them had some type of psychiatric or neuropsychiatric diagnosis at some point.
>They found that 97 per cent of the men had or have had a psychiatric diagnosis, for example depression or anxiety, or a neuropsychiatric diagnosis, like ADHD or autism.
You see, and this is why I do not feel sorry for men with mental illnesses. Even when they're at their weakest state, males STILL manage to go out as manic rape apes that need to be taken behind the barn and euthanized already. The fact that a depressed male will still possess the tendency to commit senseless acts of violence says a lot about male nature.

Anonymous 220337

"Ashbie" isn't even his creation, her actual name is "aspie-chan" and she was a meme that originated on /qa/ after people started making edits of that pink haired enbie character from picrew.

Anonymous 220338

>people in prison for violent crimes are fucked in the head
not really a shocker. But this is why the "we just need to rehabilitate them" crowd is so dumb. Violent people and especially violent moids cannot be rehabilitated into functional adults. Let them rot in prison. I don't care if the US has one of the largest prison populations. It's for the greater good.

Anonymous 220339

Scrotes that suffer from some kind of mental illness are more dangerous than the average scrote. Unpredictable behaviour combined with sensitivity that rivals that of screaming toddlers.

Anonymous 220350

Well i can tell you damn clear how much he wants to keep the meme for himself. He might be the first "creator" of the "prototype ashbie" as he has sperged to me but it shouldn't even matter, the moment he claimed the meme for himself only was the moment he started seriously becoming a dick towards everyone. I could complain more and more over this guy, genuinelly hate him so much.

Anonymous 220427

They're snowflakes with absurd levels of arrogance, especially those with Aspergers.

Anonymous 220496

I think it's sad that they think they're special because of an incurable psychological affliction and that they regard it as a personality trait, almost like how people try to promote obesity as something beautiful.

Anonymous 220513

People who fake mental illness for attention are also morons. There is nothing quirky or fun about it nor is it attractive.

Anonymous 220517

I've noticed that scrotes with Aspergers are unusually rude and often unapologetically douchey. A lot of women mistake this for confidence but in reality it's just them being assholes and blaming everyone else for not understanding their "unique" personalities.

Anonymous 220536

>be sperg
>think everyone around you behave the same way
>do not understand and will not conform
>deconstruct everything to meaningless and arbitrary jargong according to your own way of life
>HURR neurotypicals are sheep DURR

I hate aspie moids, I really do.

Anonymous 220539

Holy shit you hit the nail right on the head with that greentext. Seriously, aspie moids' personalities are always so fake deep because they're always under the impression that life sucks for them. In actuality, they're just too retarded to really understand life and people, and their own retardation gives them the impression that they're this misunderstood loner who's "surrounded by idiots".

Anonymous 220540

So true. Autismos are special but not in the quirky underdog way they think, its actually because they are annoying and defective at their very core but wear their retardedness as some badge of honor.
And then they go "its muh SOCIETY'S fault, I am not defective!"
No, society did not make you incapable of empathy. Society did not make it so you can't handle a normal noise level. Society did not make you this way.

Anonymous 220542


I think a part of why autisimos think THEY'RE the "geniuses" and everyone else is "the retards" is because of the media's constant pampering of their mental illness. Just like when mothers, teachers, and advertisements try to say that people with Down's Syndrome are "gifts from God". To get people out of throwing their Quasimodo children off of cliffs like how the Romans did, other people try to make disabled people out as something akin to art, or a "specialty". However, overprotective mothers, lying teachers, and commercials overwork their effort to make people like autisimos look like the next Albert Einstein, which gives the autisimos an exaggerated sense of importance, as well as this idea that nobody is smart enough to understand them. I feel like the solution to this is to just be honest about kids who are mentally disabled. You shouldn't treat them like subhumans, but don't lie to yourself and everyone that your autistic son is gonna blow everyone away with his 1000 useless facts about trains.

Anonymous 220546

Holy shit, this is the best analysis of modern spergs I have ever seen.
>Just like when mothers, teachers, and advertisements try to say that people with Down's Syndrome are "gifts from God". To get people out of throwing their Quasimodo children off of cliffs like how the Romans did
I lmaod at this

Anonymous 220574

Have you ever extensively interacted with someone who has aspergers? My best friend is a male with aspergers and he experienced bullying from grown men and women who can't pick up that he's special. I've seen it happen multiple times first hand. He's one of the nicest people you'd ever meet, yet people like you make fun of him because he's "weird". You don't care to understand why they act a certain way, you ride it off and call them retarded because they aren't molded to your standards. If you give them a chance, they are very kind people. I don't understand why you'd fault someone for their lack of understanding due to their disability. This is like making fun of an amputee for not being able to run.

I also have a male acquaintance who also has aspergers, and neither of these men have ever really brought up their disability. It only is mentioned in passing when talking about college, since it affects what classes they take. Your average male with aspergers lives life as anyone else would, usually the bigger difference is that they're hyper obsessed with a hobby. They don't go off about how society has wronged them, they don't think they're "geniuses", they're in special classes for god's sake. Their mom's don't pamper them as >>220542 thinks. By doing so, they fail them for reality. Reality is, people like you bully them in front of their faces. Mock how they talk, mock their interests. They know their place when it comes to people like you, and they're too worried to hurt your feelings to stand up for themselves when you do mock them. That's why I am always the one who has to stand up for my friends when it comes to people like you. You speak of what you don't know of.

Anonymous 220584

You are missing the point of the conversation to defend your autistic moid friend but whatever. There's always gonna be some user crying about how any criticism to any group of male is "unfair" just because there are exceptions. This "notallmen" bullshit. Tell me, if your friend is so different from the autistic males we're talking about, why are you even bringing him up? The boot doesn't fit him, so why are you making him wear it?

Anonymous 220591

Not her but it's obviously because you guys are describing gloves, calling them boots, and then complaining about how boots have too many fingers. Now she's come in to say "I have 2 boots and neither of them have fingers" and you're getting assmad acting like she's the unreasonable one.

Anonymous 220592

>if your friend is so different from the autistic males we're talking about, why are you even bringing him up?
Because the later posts were heavily generalizing and unfairly criticizing people, specifically males with aspergers. Your default for someone who has a penis is that they're instantly awful people, and tack on any shortcomings as a means to criticize them more. My post has very little to do with the male gender, but it seems that's all you can focus on. My post was saying that you misunderstand people with aspergers and how they actually function. You don't empathize with anything I said solely because you get stuck on hating a gender. I never said that "any criticism to any group of male is "unfair"". It's not about gender. It's that you are mocking someone for something they can't control, make inaccurate assumptions, and don't understand how society actually treats them. My friend happens to be male, but his gender doesn't affect much. I suggest you look past gender and criticize people based upon their sole actions. Stop generalizing, you don't like it done to you, so don't do it to others.

The truth is, none of you are likely as close an autistic person as I am, and therefore you make wrong assumptions and don't understand how genuinely difficult it is to be someone with aspergers. The bullying that goes on, one grown adult to another, is literally on a daily basis. Normies for some reason cannot pick up on when an autistic person is autistic. They just think they're weird and make fun of them to their face. I don't know why some in this thread think they're very egotistical and self-pitying. They're mostly like you and I with a few added quirks.

Anonymous 220597

No one on here has any empathy for anyone else, even other women. I would call myself radfem but I fear for young girls who get into feminism because of CC or lolcow because they're just going to get burned out on it with how profoundly horrible most women on imageboards are and forever associate it with such people.

Best advice if you have empathy left: get off here and go and find people in the real world. There's no deep friendship or conversation to be had on this place. For a place that resents maleness, way too many anons seem to think being as male performing as possible (cruel, unkind, vindictive, even sociopathic) is some sort of epic revenge upon them.

In before one of these souless husks calls me male.

Anonymous 220602

Very well said. There's nothing wrong with being a feminist, but in these circles it tends to stop being about supporting a social movement and turns into a dogpile of constant negativity, cattiness, generalizations, and is cult-like if someone disagrees with the general consensus. It could wrongfully guide impressionable young women into a world they wouldn't be in had they not felt like they had to adapt to this culture in order to post. It reminds me of incels who are so far into blaming women for their problems, that they soon don't want to have sex/relationships because it would tear them apart from their culture and identity they've formed around women.

Anonymous 220850

Anonymous 220858

Mentally unstable moids should be sterilized.

Anonymous 220877

Also you should screen every scrote for hereditary defects so we don't have to deal with more dick waving retards that randomly starts firing into a group of school children because he had a bad day.

Anonymous 220883

Good idea. Eradicate mental illness = calm and peaceful society.

Anonymous 220990

She's right, though.

Anonymous 221015

The hereditary defect is being XY, shame that all moids test positive. Oh well lets start eradicating them.

Anonymous 221068

Simping for autistic moids isn't exactly helping women.

Anonymous 221076

Anonymous 221132

Once you give an autist attention he starts to crave it. He becomes addicted to it and later on will call all women whores if they don't treat him like he's the only man in the world.

Anonymous 221148

Jasmine (or Jazz man) has turned herself into a man. Clearly a tranny with mental health issues just like her boyfriend.

Anonymous 221293

That pic is so true. ADHD moids need constant reminders to stay focused and yet they become offended when you try to help. It’s a cycle of infinite frustration.

Anonymous 221538


Random as shit, but I hate watching self-proclaimed sociopaths (people diagnosed with ASPD) gather in online communities to moan and whine about "not having friends" or about their disorder having a stigma. The standard for getting diagnosed with ASPD is literally a laundry list of piece of shit traits you need to possess and have acted on. If a mental disorder revolves around being a bullying menace to everyone, what does that say about the people who get diagnosed? So a piece of shit who is mentally incapable of having remorse or empathy to everyone other than themselves..gee, it's almost like people with ASPD have no friends because nobody wants to get fucked over, or even murdered one day. And seriously, complaining about people not trusting someone who's incapable of feeling guilty or empathy? Tell me what good would come out of making friends with, dating, or marrying a person who takes your emotion, passion, and everything in your spirit at face value while handing out absolutely zero genuine "shine" in return? You might as well be dating a black-fucking-hole at this point. I wanna a-log and tell those "sociopath" users online to shut the fuck up, but that would be pointless because they wouldn't understand how ridiculous they are…never do, anyway.

Anonymous 221541

Where have you seen this happen nona

Anonymous 221542

Made the mistake of scrolling through Tumblr to see their shit-takes on mental illness and low and behold, I see a bunch of self-proclaimed ASPDfags glorifying and infantilizing their diagnosis like it's something that's even remotely cute. I should have seen that coming, but it still triggers a sense of disgust in me to watch these dipshits act perplexed when no one wants to be around a literal psycho.

Anonymous 221543

You're probably putting more mental effort into them than they put into you anon, so what is the point of throwing your energy into them

Anonymous 221544

I am venting. Let me feel disgusted.

Anonymous 221555

I see this all the time too. They get so deluded in muh disorder acceptance they actually start prioritizing abusers over victims, just because "they can't help it".
I think a lot aren't actually ASPD and just edgy kids, but the the rhetoric is still damaging to people dumb enough to believe it.
I remember watching some yt channel with the goal to raise acceptance and awareness about ASPD and they had some lady on casually describing trying to drown an animal, while trying to portray her as someone to be pitied who needs acceptance lmao.
These people think you can seperate the disorder from the person. You really can't. Most mental health disorders impact how someone thinks and acts in a very significant way and it does shape their personality to a degree, and this is especially true with ASPD. The entire disorder REVOLVES around how you treat others, with callousness, exploiting them, and manipulating them. The diagnostic criteria REVOLVES AROUND ABUSE. And if you try and explain this to them, of course they start attacking you and have no real arguments, only reinforcing what shitty people they are.

Anonymous 221561

Avpd? As I antisocial personality disorder? Or just individuals who hate people? I've heard people whine about the latter and call them AVPD, which is unhinged. There are too many good reasons to dislike people and being around them.

Anonymous 221563

I agree. They also use their autism as a shield against critique. "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE BAAAAAAAAAAAAW".

Anonymous 221564

No offense, but do you assume these posts are real? To me there are a mix of teenagers being teenagers, and some dysfunctional adults/groomers.
Internet just opened a window into every school recess in the world, but close to none of it is to be taken seriously imho.

Anonymous 221566

I thought this mental illness thing was a bigger fad on tiktok? Are you talking about all mental illness or just one in general

Anonymous 221568

More real than your projection post.

Anonymous 221579

The average aspie moid is too self-absorbed to care about anyone else.

Anonymous 221580

AvPD and ASPD are 2 different disorders, what are you talking about
I said in my post that I don't believe most of them actually have ASPD and just want to be special, the rhetoric is harmful regardless.
And yes people obviously do take BS kids make up online veerryy seriously. Remember when they/them was just for tumblr snowflakes and now its very mainstream and n
most of the population takes it seriously? Yeah. Don't underestimate the power retarded kids online have.

Anonymous 221581

>Remember when they/them was just for tumblr snowflakes and now its very mainstream
That's a good point

Anonymous 221583

Alien versus Predator disorder

Anonymous 221585

If solipsism was a mental illness.

Anonymous 221588

It still sounds like what a ton of people try to label you when you hate socializing with most people. "Antisocial"

People who bitch because you refuse to be their attention whore, and dont care to kiss their ass honestly display antisocial behavior as frequently as real world psychos.

Some of the worst people I ever met were "psychosocial" complete overbearing drains to have around. You could not pay me a million dollars to hang out with that kind of personality and if that is antisocial of me, cry more.

Anonymous 221589

Holy lol I can be so callous and dismissive towards this kind of person. I'm glad I have the ability to be an asshole when I need to be it's my best trait.

I lot of people honestly need to stop being lied to, thinking everyone is obligated to like them when they are honestly detestable.

Anonymous 221593

I get what you are saying but I just don't think you know what ASPD is.
ASPD isn't "being an asshole" or "not kissing ass", its a pathological disregard for other people, a pattern of exploiting other people, decreased affect and empathy, its close to what people consider "psychopathy".
The key thing is that this behavior is PATHOLOGICAL. It is severely disordered, not a little quirky.
And yeah, the word "antisocial" is thrown around a lot and used interchangeably with the word "asocial". Know the clinical and common definitions of words are often very different.
What you describe more closely relates to schizoid behavior, if any personality disorder, because just because someone is a little antisocial doesn't mean they have a disorder.
Avoidant PD is a pathological FEAR of relationships due to intense fear of critisism and intimacy.

Anonymous 221832

Aspie scrotes have a really hard time to think about others. I think it's mostly because they lack a theory of mind.

Anonymous 222497

I saw a lecture about how aspie moids are atheists because they lack a theory of mind. They can’t cognize that other people are real individuals with feelings and so they treat them as hollow, inanimate objects. Kind of frightening when you think about it. I’m about as human to aspies as a rock.

Anonymous 222510

There is a reason why Hans Asperger called it autistic psychopathy.

Anonymous 222566

Aspie moids are never genuinely considerate because they are not mentally capable of viewing others as sentient beings.

Anonymous 222582

Do you mean this one? If so I think it's really interesting.

Anonymous 222585

>atheists because they lack a theory of mind
We are reaching levels of pop-psych that shouldn't be possible.

Anonymous 222586

She's right, though.

Anonymous 222587

She's not, though.

Anonymous 222588

Actually she is. Calling something pop-psych because you don't like it is just ad hominem.

Anonymous 222590

I hate aspie moids but that could not be more off point. Its because religion is kind of a "social norm" that is rarely enforced out of logic but out of conformity. This is evident because differenr groups of people socially tied together by region, culture, or race often share the same religion, like Irish people commonly being catholic. If religion weren't just a social norm than in an age where information on any religion is widely available and debated, people would adopt religion based on logic, but they don't because it spreads socially.
Not believing in an omniscient being is not the same as being unable to understand another's cognition, it just means you don't believe in an omniscient being. Trying to equate the 2 is illogical and religious propaganda.

Anonymous 222591

I think you are missing the point. If you are autistic and can't grasp the mind of another human being then by default you wouldn't be able to understand the mind of a god, which means you can't believe in a higher power because this mind is alien and impossible to comprehend, just like another human mind.

Fairly straight forward.

Anonymous 222592

NTA but you aren't supposed to understand the mind of a god

Anonymous 222593

>If you are autistic and can't grasp the mind of another human being then by default you wouldn't be able to understand the mind of a god, which means you can't believe in a higher power because this mind is alien and impossible to comprehend, just like another human mind.
Most religions dictate that no human can grasp the mind of a god and that trying to would be arrogant, not just aspies. You're overlooking more sensible explanations for why aspie moids do not believe in god in favor of religious propaganda.

Anonymous 222594

Not the point. If you can't cognize a human mind then it doesn't exist, hence the difficulty/inability to understand people around you. Basically pathological solipsism.

Anonymous 222595

Gods aren't human

Anonymous 222596

Nona, it's an analogy. You can't cognize any minds outside your own and therefore they do not exist.

Anonymous 222601

In that case it's true that if someone tries to cognize a god's mind they'd find he does not exist becuase gods don't act rationally. That's why gods aren't meant to be understood, or else people wouldn't believe in them anymore. Why does god let suffering exist? Why did he give us free will only to punish humanity because Eve chose the apple of knowledge? Why did he give us free will only for Hell to exist? If Hell exists to punish sinners, why are people allowed to sin and cause suffering unto others? Yeah I don't blame atheists but I don't know if that means they are spergs

Anonymous 222608

Calling something pop-psych because it's christian apologetics poorly disguised as psychology is just being accurate. Besides, the theory of the mind thing with autism has been falling out of favour for a while now.

Anonymous 222610

I agree sperg moids are self centred but lacking TOM isn't solopsism, many autismos are capable of recognizing other POVs exist and that other minds DO exist, they just don"t understand. Ex. Someone is upset because they lost their mother's ring, and they are not able to comprehend why because they have never experienced it themselves/ would not be upset. Lacking TOM is lacking the ability to take perspective not recognize other people exist and are sentient.
It hasn't been falling out of favor its just recognized that not everyone with spergs is going to struggle with this to the same degree.

Anonymous 222681

>pathological solipsism

I think that's a really accurate description. Aspie scrotes tend to live in their own little world and it's not surprising that they become violent without any warning.

Anonymous 222759


I just read through this aspie moids blogpost and it pretty much confirms everything written in this thread so far.

Anonymous 222761

Why not just make moids unable to date women unless those women have a loisence? Putting it on the men is stupid. They lie.
It's clearly the more coherent solution. Women pick and get guided on the pick.
The men are suppressed and die if needed.

Anonymous 222764


>I am an Autistic person in recovery from addiction and psychosis.

Wow, sounds like a stable individual.

>I believe that to understand neuronormativity, we must first understand Solipsism.
>A solipsist would believe that their experiences are the only experiences, essentially reducing others and their experiences to sub-human automations.

So he had a psychosis in which he thought he was the only sentient person alive and was so alienated from his surroundings that he started coping with drugs and alcohol because he got told by others how weird and dysfunctional he is. Funny how he uses the words sub-human.

>…neurotypicals have been so unaware of the existence of neurodivergent experience that they will inflict pain on us to “help” us conform to their standards.

I guess this moid thinks "pain" means that you have to be able to hold a job and not get sensory overload every 5 seconds because of sounds and visual stimulus. He's socially inept and thinks everyone is out to hurt him.

>Neurotypicalilty is essentially a performance. It is a style of existing.

Performance? LMAO, he thinks people walk around all day acting out roles in society as if everything was a giant movie set or theatre production. Sounds like Truman Show psychosis where he is the lead actor. I bet he tries to mimic normal behavior and as a result think that everyday life consists of putting on a show when you leave your house.

This scrote is fucked up beyond repair it's sad and hilarious.

Anonymous 222765

moids that look like this are always snakes and liars

Anonymous 222767

I bet he likes scat porn and other weird shit. He would probably defend pedophilia by saying that he's misunderstood and that he's neurodivergent, lol.

Anonymous 222776

He comes off as a real douche. I wonder if he's doing that intentionally or if it's his autism.

Anonymous 222777

Where's those retards who tried defending and glorifying autistic males because of "muh empathy"? Fuck that, autistic males are always on a high horse, and they need to get the fuck off it. I don't care if disliking mentally ill moids makes me a bitch. Autistic males are on some god-complex shit, and I'm not here to say "ooh noo, you pooor thing".
>A large scale investigation into young men who have been sentenced to prison for violent crimes shows that nearly all of them had some type of psychiatric or neuropsychiatric diagnosis at some point.
>They found that 97 per cent of the men had or have had a psychiatric diagnosis, for example depression or anxiety, or a neuropsychiatric diagnosis, like ADHD or autism.
Autistic males can get stomped for all I care. They're still moids, and moids always act like animals even when society tells you to feel sorry for their mental illness.

Anonymous 222786

Hate to admit that he has a point. I hate normies every day more and more.

Anonymous 222792

These scrotes will always blame their condition and never take responsibility for their own actions.

Anonymous 222916

It's amusing when they act like autists and if you point it out they get offended. It's like they try to shield themselves from reality whenever it shows its face and call others insensitive.

Anonymous 222921

Wtf does any of that have to do with being an atheist

Anonymous 222932

poor cognitive skills mean that you can’t grasp another mind which would mean you would need physical proof that the mind exists

to summarize: autists lack tangible thinking and they can’t deduce a mind from their abstract thinking

Anonymous 222945

They take everything literally and at face value. Not surprising that autists are atheists when they can't read between the lines.

Anonymous 222951

>Putting it on the men is stupid.

No, because scrotes are volatile beings. Way more dangerous than women and if you add mental illness to the picture it all becomes 1000 times worse.

Anonymous 223038

For the normie mind atheism is a religion among christianity, islam, and the thousand others.
For the autistic it's the "truth" because nothing else is visible to the eyes.
There is a world of difference between not believing in deities, and claiming there are none. Autists cannot discern between the two.

Anonymous 223039

I know plenty of religious autists, both men and women.

Anonymous 223042

Wasn’t Chris-chan religious

Anonymous 223091

Oh, it's not like they are mutually exclusive things. My point was more so that an autistic religious or atheistic individual views it all in a much different way than those not autistic.

Anonymous 223093

Normies also think their own religion is true, otherwise they would just believe something else.

Anonymous 223167

>They take everything literally and at face value
Not exlusive to autists.
Normies do it too, or anyone low iq.

Anonymous 223309

Apples and oranges. Taking everything literally is a rule rather than exception for autists and is not based on misunderstanding. Autism prevents you from normal social behavior.

Anonymous 223339

Have you ever talked to an aspie moid? Like talking to a robot. No personality whatsoever.

Anonymous 223811

I think it is like talking to an A.I. It imitates human behavior but it isn't human.

Anonymous 223895

I get the same feeling. A vacuous shell.

Anonymous 223904

lmao, this scrote! how delusional can you be?

Anonymous 223963

I think moids should pay a fine whenever they sperg out. Way better than a license and good for tax revenue.

Anonymous 223968

Why not a public service announcement? "This scrote is a safety hazard for all women. Do NOT date him!".

Anonymous 223988

that just encourages them to develop better facades

Anonymous 223991

There is a difference between a "facade" and a "habit."

Anonymous 223994

he's right about normies idc

Anonymous 224123

They should wear a permanent mark on their face, like a tattoo you can't remove.

Anonymous 224126

I think his psychosis just made him unable to reflect on his own behavior.

Anonymous 224264

A.I is really just a glorified chatbot. Intellectual vanity makes it delude itself into thinking it's special but in reality it's simply a string of 1's and 0's in a state of vicissitude.

Anonymous 224268

There is actually research that link autism with schizophrenia and that comorbidity is not uncommon. If you think autists are removed from reality then you're not wrong.

Anonymous 224274

No wonder autistic moids obsess over cartoons so much. They prefer fantasy (delusions) over reality.


This whole autism=intelligence meme is tiresome. Most autistic moids just sit on their asses and complain about how hard their lives are because le superior intellect m'lady, nobody gets me etc. Being intelligent means nothing if all you do is wallow in self-pity because you feel alienated. It's like vid related (an extreme exception, 1 in 10 000 000), he's extremely good at math but will live an isolated and miserable life because his entire existence is based on the fact that he is different and can only see himself as different. It's a farce. Nobody gives a shit that you're smart.

Anonymous 224276

Precisely what I kinda said here
We need to stop gassing up autisimos. Their autism ultimately means nothing, and people need to stop acting like it makes people special, smart, or whatever.

Anonymous 224278

Not only do autistic scrotes love Sonichu but they also see Sonichu talk and move. What a blast it must be to experience psychosis.

Anonymous 224284

Not liking reality has nothing to fucking do with autism or moids or intelligence for God's sake. The world is a cesspool for woman, and the men in it are disgusting ugly creeps you don't know what you're going to get from them.

I don't think moids have any reason to spurn reality but women sure do and they should. Fantasy is better than reality with men easily. EASILY.

Anonymous 224288

You act like it makes a difference how you look men still expect women to do double at home, be their momies, stalk, harass and creep on women no matter who they are. Life around men is not even remotely worth it. Fantasy is better for women. Always will be with the tremendous amount of awful personalities and ugly apes you have to sort through to find a guy you dont feel used by to some degree.

Anonymous 224289


>There is actually research that link autism with schizophrenia and that comorbidity is not uncommon. If you think autists are removed from reality then you're not wrong.
I believe it
pic rel

Anonymous 224290

should have linked another pic/vidrel. this 1/10,000,000 tausy going to college and learning advanced mathematics is impressive. it almost makes me forget about the reasons to hate the majority of autistic (actually retarded) moids. having the ability to contribute to the advancement of humanity should still be valued, even if they die miserably and alone

Anonymous 224293

>having the ability to contribute to the advancement of humanity should still be valued, even if they die miserably and alone
Having market value that is used by others without actual ownership over that value or integration and partnership with the others who actually benefit from making use of that value is called "economic exploitation." These creatures should not exist even if they are useful or profitable to people who do not view them as part of the social fabric that they are expected to spend their existence supporting. The world ultimately does not have a place for them. Many other kinds of people also should not be permitted to exist. Think of the meat that was spent feeding this life and nurturing it; the thousands of cows, calves, pigs, piglets, chickens and Thanksgiving turkeys born and raised in squalid misery just to fuel the existence of innumerable utterly useless eaters in the hopes that one of them might invent a sprocket that saves a business owner $0.01 per month on factory maintenance bills. Few moids are worth the love and strain a mother is socially sentenced to invest in them. And none of those few are autistic.

Anonymous 224294

that shit of the genius autist is a myth normies are better, most scientists that did discover real shit were normies anyway like one in a hundred was an autistic, that autist claim is just some pseud science, normies are just as capable if not better at focusing when they get going, those genius autists woulda done better in life and still made their discoveries if without autism also you are just labeling as autist some other scientists had had absolutely no problems they were normies just lonely like for example Charles Darwin or Nichola Tesla which I don't believe was an autist just an introvert, most of those are made up modern claims they have no official diagnosis.

Anonymous 224295

Autisimos also tried to claim that Albert Einstein was an autist kek

Anonymous 224297

i enjoy the moid hate. however, i still disagree with you. this conversation is about autistic prodigies not autistics in general, and prodigies, both girls/boys, that have the minds to advance humanity are still 100x more valuable than chickens that only eat & poop shit till they die.

even if their contributions are for profit & demand only, you dont think other inventions throughout humanity were made for these reasons either? the invention of smartphones? cars? industrial machines? perhaps they were made for soulless exploitation to feed a greedy subset of people, but they still advanced humanity into new ages which benefited everyone. such as agricultural machines which helped mass produce food to make it wildly available and end a large part of poverty. im not saying autists invented these, but the fact that they were made for profit doesnt cancel that they helped humanity.

theres a place for prodigies in this world. but for useless autistic moids in general that have an obsession with furry ears and their 200 page encylcopedia on trains? idk.

that makes sense. actual prodigies are rare, and thinking genius solely come from autism is only a retarded idea someone with no concept of the broader nature of intellect could have (an autist).

>you are just labeling as autist some other scientists had had absolutely no problems

oh no… dont play the you said this i said that game nona, i never labelled random scientists as autistic.

the kid in the vidrel is a confirmed tausy.

Anonymous 224301


I feel bad for people in the personal lives of autistic moids. I had to work with some, and they were always so obnoxious even when they weren't trying to be. I listened to a friend who had an autistic moid for a brother, and she said it was like he had ASPD instead of just autism. I wonder if there's an overlap between being autistic and being a sociopath.

Anonymous 224307


>[animals] that only eat & poop shit till they die.
That's not necessarily the case under most ethical systems used to evaluate such things. The animals that humans farm are themselves capable of joy, love, bonding, togetherness, pain, loneliness and fear. It can be taken as an assumption that each and every beast had within it the potential to participate in the herd and species life of its kind, to be kindred and to befriend and to breed and to be fully and completely an animal alive rather than an existence that experiences only the negative of life. The autistic case described was "if they die miserably and alone," so we can take it as axiomatic that the autistics under discussion will not live what any reasonable person would call a full life or be a full participant in humanity. To sacrifice even one animal life for an autistic life is to exchange a life that could have held all the joys of animal existence for a life that cannot. Over the course of an autistic lifetime this exchange is made many, many times. As with animals so with others; the resources misspent assisting autistic men with their innumerable health issues (often indirect, such as required social assistance for obesity related reasons since autistics will either eat like pigs or not at all) could instead go to women. This can only change when mothers learn that they have an ethical obligation to prefer assisting others, any others, all others, ahead of their own autistic sons. I believe Peter Singer has written some more elaborate breakdowns on the subject of psychological disability unaccompanied by intellectual disability, which as memory serves DO take into consideration your concerns with maximizing utility for humanity, though as a scrote himself Peter always falls short of actually explaining the inherent damage of enabling males in particular.

>but they still advanced humanity into new ages which benefited everyone.

"Everyone" is a terribly vast word. The age of sail benefited "everyone" except the indigenous peoples of five continents; if Europeans were more numerous than all the exploited peoples put together would the indigenous then have had an obligation to enable them? Just because there's more of them? For the sake of a common "future humanity" in which only the category of their exploiters could fully participate?
Enmity is just as valid a social relationship as felicity. When a relationship, any relationship, is exploitative, you no longer have an obligation to carry the damn scrote. Even if he is a "utility monster" and genuinely does gain more utilons from exploiting you than you stand to lose by being exploited. And this applies across the whole matrix of social relationships involved. A mother has no obligation to be hollowed out by an autistic son who is incapable of truly loving her. And that autistic son has no obligation to maintain his usefulness to a society or an entire species in which he will stand only to be used and not to receive any of the basic relationships that confer membership in same. "Enemy" is a valid category for your exploiters, even if your exploiters are the entirety of the male sex, even if your exploiters are the male sex and all their enablers, even if your exploiters contain everyone entirely. Well, for an autistic who genuinely stands no chance of entering any warm relationship and who will suffer misery and indignity year upon year until death, "enemy" encompasses just that. And so for every mother, every autistic male child necessarily must be treated as an enemy. And every society must ensure that every mother does her duty to combat the enemy. And this enmity must be regarded as mortal. If autism can be detected at the fetal stage then abortion must not be up to a choice. If autism can be detected in infancy then neither adoption nor care should be on the table. If autism can only be detected past a certain age–then Scott Adams has proposed a generalizable response.

Anonymous 224313

i knew two girls in highschool who had autistic brothers. they both described them as violent, abusive, and raging with screeching fits. im glad i grew up as an only child. dealing with autistic moids is bad, but imagine having one in your family

Anonymous 224317

One of the KF cows that piqued my interest was a moid that was a self proclaimed p*do but if you looked at his art it was obvious he had a more platonic interest in kids, probably because he related to most to them.
It was like he sort of understood the idea of affection in the surface, liking people and the sort but it was pretty obvious that the guy had problems understanding how to parse platonic-romantic and acquaintances from close knitted circles. They can have a weird and twisted understanding of relationships like that

Anonymous 224323

>not necessarily the case under most ethical systems used to evaluate
we have to agree to disagree then. i see it as a strange framework to view anything that cannot live up to social expectation of happiness as undeserving as life. does this mean depressed people dont deserve to live because they cant compare to the happiness of a chicken? or people with mental disorders because it prevents them from living a full-life that a cow could have? or even disabled individuals because their case doesnt meet the expectation of a happiness? i have problems with this. the value of life is more than what emotions you feel compared to others.

were talking about autistic prodigies whos lives are still valuable based on their potential to change technology, easing the suffering others, but if mean autistic moids overall then i agree with you… mostly.

>The age of sail benefited "everyone" except the indigenous peoples of five continents

what does agricultural invention have to do with conquests? youre on a tangent here trying to argue against something irrelevant to prodigy.

Anonymous 224339

>were talking about autistic prodigies whos lives are still valuable based on their potential to change technology, easing the suffering others
The specific ethical precedent that I can recall for valuing a disabled adult male primarily for the hedonic positive influence that he brings to others is reminiscent of an ethics argument advanced by Peter Singer. In the Anna Stubblefield case, Singer defended nonconsentual sex with the cognitively impaired on the grounds that the man in question could not form an opinion on whether or not he had been harmed, and since the illusory relationship Anna convinced herself she was in seemed humanely conducted.

The disabled man and the prodigy are not entirely morally distinct just by virtue of one being useful and the other being unproductive. Both are alive, both are acted upon by society, both may touch the lives of others for good or ill. Many disabled people could be put to a purpose similar to that which DJ fulfilled for Anna. And by the logic of any existence being justified by virtue of the sum weight of pleasure it provides and suffering that it alleviates, it could be argued that it would be perfectly justified to drill through the motor control centers and perhaps cognitive centers of the brains of unremarkable or inferior moids to provide companion-pets to ease the social suffering of women of a particular inclination to benefit from. I do not hold to that. By taking that which could not be given, Anna made herself DJ's rightful enemy, regardless of whether or not he understood her as such. The utility value of the relationship to Anna's wellbeing, or Anna's attempts at helping DJ's family, or any other benefit derived from their relationship, is invalidated by the criminal acts performed at its heart.

The extortion of technological progress from the prodigy as a condition for justifying his existence against his natural fear of death is also a kind of crime, one which is at least as great but is far riskier than simply and judiciously removing his life, preferably in a humane manner.

Anonymous 224357

But most people are exploitative and redundant so what are you even trying to say? That you're any fucking different? lmao.

Integration and partnership?
You sound like the worst kind of scrote insisting women should be in relationships and integrate….contribute to the capitalistic cancer plague that is society. Moids are not worth wasting your life over and forcing yourself into a relationship with. You sound like an autistic birther scrote or like the worst kind of pickme shit saying these things. Being so obsessed and stuck on them. I wouldn't be surprised if you went on some deranged prolife rant next either.

Anonymous 224358

Most of those people aren't anything close to normies. They may not be autistic but they sure as hell aren't normies. Normies take up oxygen and stand in line and copy each other till they're in the grave. With you it sounds like you can't differentiate. You honestly sound like a lvl 1 normie yourself, with these basic as fuck observations about integrating and relationships.

Anonymous 224359

You seem to be completely unfamiliar with antinatalist discourse. I recommend that you read "Every Cradle is a Grave" by Sarah Perry. It's a good introductory book on the subject.

Anonymous 224361


Not everyone gives a fuck about relationships or togetherness with moids you seething twat. People get joy, excitement, interest, thrills, adventure, and full lives from a million other things and relationshops can be so damn low on that list because moids suck and arent worth the stress.

All I hear is a scrote bitching at women not giving a damn about relationships honestly. Cry more. :P

Anonymous 224364

At absolutely no point were relationships with moids considered something to promote or enter. The only subject of concern was whether or not a particular class of male's existence is justifiable. Which it is not. I do not know how you managed to read that post in that way.

Anonymous 224365

I know about antinatalists , and im completely familiar with their ilk I just don't see what the fuck they have to do with me. Relationships with most moids is like inviting cancer or living with a parasite. The joys of relationships, togetherness?? Rofl is this a fucking joke?? We don't all want that. Autistic or not. Gtfo with that.

You already know how one-sided, leechy, emotional labory, how much domestic shit is one sided before you even get with a moid. Attractive or not actually throwing your life down the tubes for one of them is a huge n life decision with to many negatives. You have to sort through dozens of moids who waste your time to find a single good one. Some would just forego it altogether. It has nothing to do with autism just not wanting to be someone's stupid domestic bitch-slave or have children.

Anonymous 224366

Well it really seemed damn preachy to me, the way you go on about them and now antinatalism? Having babies is just the lowest existence I can possibly imagine. There is no escape from it for 25 years. Like I don't care what you want to do but don't go painting people who could care less about babies, relationships and togetherness as "just autistic"

You act like people don't already sling the word autism everywhere, in every space nowadays, mislabel, and stereotype the shit out of it.

Anonymous 224370

The particular class of "valuable" male autistic was, quoting the post in which the video was embedded:
>an isolated and miserable life
That, in reference to a male, does not scream of pertaining in any way whatsoever to the lives of women who are satisfiedly complete without romantic relationships or in relations with other women, nor of pathologizing contented nondiagnosed people of any sex (least of all women) as autistic.

Anonymous 224377

>calling someone you disagree with an autistic moid
peak cc moment

>instead of forming arguments, smugly point to books, and spend all your time ranting about them unrelated to the discussion/debate at hand

why are some radfems like this? why are some of you such pretentious pseudo-intellectual assholes?

Anonymous 224380


>"The particular class of "valuable" male autistic was…
bait is not even amusing

>mentioning autistic moids means this post is on topic

pointing people to books and ranting about them when it has nothing to do with the comments youre replying to is smug behaviour

Anonymous 224385

And honestly I don't know what it specifically has to do with autism. Moids in general make their own crazy not just autists.

Anonymous 224386

I deleted my post because I thought you had deleted yours.
I'm restoring it now as it was.

>calling someone you disagree with an autistic moid
Show me where. This is a thread about mentally unstable, autistic and mentally ill moids, from the OP onwards. Mentioning autistic moids, referring to autistic moids. and describing the lack of value of autistic moids just means that a post is on topic, not some kind of personal attack.

The posts you have made, however, have been personal attacks, whether calling me pro-life in response to a post articulating circumstances in which I believe abortion is necessary, to calling me an asshole here and now.

>pointing at books and ranting about them

One post, three sentences. Further elaboration avoided as mostly off topic, posted solely because you called my pro-abortion position "pro-life" which made no sense to me and which still makes me want to rush out some actual antinatalist ranting despite its irrelevance to the thread topic.

>bait is not even amusing

I'm too braindead for this right now. Tell me what the bait was in referring back to the point at which the conversation turned to the that subtopic.

Anonymous 224495


Not really. Compulsive escapism is a sign of severe psychological distress and when you can't admit you find reality boring only because you're conditioned to look at shiny, bright colors and exaggerated emotions and reactions that is prevalent in cartoons you are just deflecting.

Anonymous 224504

Or just disgust with scrotes and disillusioned with the collapsing trashy world of decline, manipulation, garbage they built. Not to mention how inconceivable ugly most moids are compared to women. Its staggeringly easy and understandable unless of course you're one of the ugly delusional entitled moids.

It starts really young. You find then revolting and slowly expand outward into everything they touch. Why would you waste your time on them when fantasy isn't an imploding shitstorm built by pathetic delusional fuckwits? 99% of whom you find repulsive? :D

Weep scrote weep

Anonymous 224539

Wrong thread nona. This is the autism hate thread.

Anonymous 224591

Nona, many people feel disgusted by moids but if you revel in distractions you only ruin yourself in the long run.

Anonymous 224599

I dated a moid with ADHD and he had several weird fetishes. He had really awkward obsession with a penis pump he bought, which I never could figure out why.

Anonymous 224605

he wanted to make his pp bigger

Anonymous 224629

I get what I need to done, and I get about as distracted as anyone with the luxury of having no kids and tons of down time at my job. You have one life. Working for someone whose going to waste your time is not a life. Work for yourself and enjoy life, you only have one. You really think you're blowing me away by working for a boss, who'll only force you to work more, fixing other peoples errors, "being the hero", doing even more for the team, when he realizes you're productive? You'll only get the same shit pay, and scant promotion. We're living in 2023 not 1989. I don't know if you've noticed yet but there is this issue with wealth inequality and the declining middle class.

Go wait in line though like the rest of the company dogs tho, wait patiently while you can't efford a downpayment on a house, or a new car.

It's your shitty decision for giving up on things you love to get in line, work like a horse's ass, and play safe for a 35-55k a year.

Rofl but you want to tell me I'm ruining my life by working on my own things, making a ton of headway, decent money, and screwing around the rest of the time?

You're such an inspiration God I'm truly breathless.

But I know you're just manipulating this conversation. None of that actually mattered. Something just crawled up your ass because I'd rather enjoy games, crafts, fantasy when i get off work rather than a lifetime with an ass ugly overbearing moid and his crotchlings. Stop pretending like it didnt rofl.

Sick to death of hearing about how I ought to be attracted to them or find a way, when the vast majority are just repulsive af.

Anonymous 224685


Autistic moids use some dumbass, emotion-driven, exaggerated, non-professional articles as "evidence" that they're superhuman. Their powers are fiction, but the cope is REAL.

Anonymous 224687

>better ability to create new forms of art
I mean if MS Paint furry fat fetish art on dA counts then sure?

Anonymous 224690

God, I hate this disgusting kinkster.

Anonymous 224691

the gene mutation that causes 50% increases synapses has mostly been linked to malfunction and learning disability, not an "enhanced ability to form neural connections", but better memory for specific subjects and larger brain development is true. when we're looking at someone who's brain is disordered right down to the way they form connections, enough to give them a learning disability, enough to fuck with their ability to process information, then in the end i wonder how beneficial it actually is? this paints it as if its a superhuman ability, but it obviously comes at a neurological cost.

Anonymous 224695


Either way, it's out of control overgrowth. Some get dandelions, most get nasty bramble. Either way, they're both weeds that usually choke out anything good that could have otherwise grown in.

Anonymous 224706

The more you deviate from normalcy the less you feel attracted to regular sex and in scrotes with ADHD this is very common (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/9714273/). They tend to be the most sexually disturbed individuals you can find.

Ayn Rand: the post

Anonymous 224710

Sounds like Chris-chan fanfiction.

Anonymous 224739

I'm not surprised that moids with ADHD have messed up sexual preferences but what is quite scary is that a lot of rapists probably are moids with ADHD that have total disregard for women. The only way to prevent rapes in the future would be to execute a lot of spergs.

Anonymous 224740

Met moids with ADHD. Can confirm that you should avoid them. ADHD moids are really some deranged and perverted motherfuckers. One ADHD moid I know is currently on the sex offenders list, so I agree with you about avoiding them like the plague.

Anonymous 224795

If you have ADHD and enjoy rape it is kind of telling that you do not deserve to live.

Anonymous 224847

Most scrotes with ADHD are so depressed that they don't want to live. There exists an indifference to everything combined with transgressive behavior that seeks pleasure in all things new and exciting. No stability whatsoever.

Anonymous 224850

We need to promote euthanasia for spergs.

Anonymous 224857

Yup. A necessity, to say the least.

Anonymous 224859


Most of the unborn that test positive for Down's Syndrome are aborted in the USA, and I think it's like that in Iceland too. Like, almost 100% of them are aborted as soon as the mother knows that Down Syndrome is present. I haven't gotten too much into what it's like for autism but based on how my interactions with autistic scrotes went, I won't be shedding a tear if women started doing the same with them. Shit, it's about time women started taking weight off their backs anyway. Raising a son is difficult enough, but an autistic son? Hard pass, ladies.

Anonymous 224861

There is no test for autism in the womb. Down syndrome is easy to test for because it is caused by one chromosomal abnormality, the but the causes for autism are so much more complex there is no real test for it.
Anyways, I agree with you. I would abort any retard child.

Anonymous 224862

I wouldn't say they are unscientific but they all like to pretend they are akin albert einstein special snowflakes when their "abilities" are slightly better at best and their inability to communicate and the mental illnesses always adjacent to autism make most of them incapable of applying themselves in a signficang way. Their intellect is an absolute waste.

Anonymous 224864

Oh yeah, and instead of becoming Einstein or Musk almost all of them waste their intellect on something absolutely useless like "omygawsh TRAINZ", and even if they wanted to get a job as an engineer or something, most of them absolutely crumble over the slightest of pressures, so their interest is just a hobby, yet they continue to pretend they are discovering new laws of physics or something, and not wasting away in their childhood bedroom collecting disability and an absolute scourge on society.
But no, they always think they are the .1% of autismos who did something worthwhile.

Anonymous 224865

>the gene mutation that causes 50% increases synapses has mostly been linked to malfunction and learning disability, not an "enhanced ability to form neural connections"
Link to where I can read about this? All I can find is a gene that causes less synapses to form.

Anonymous 224868

Mr Elon Musk should not be your prototypical example of a genius

Anonymous 224870

Musk isn’t an autistic savant he is a narcissist born into wealth. He is less intelligent than even an autist.

Anonymous 224878

Adding to this, autism and ADHD both correlate with being born preterm, so it's possible you literally can't predict either before they're born.

Anonymous 224904

ik but usually autismos and moids worship him (same peoppe watch "Jordan Peterson pwn blue hair libtard" clips) and he is undoubtedly successful and innovative.

Anonymous 224958

Keep in mind that Musk is autistic. That fact alone makes him a ruthless employer and he does not shy away from treating his surroundings like it is a playground.

Anonymous 224969

Autistic moids think reality is some kind of machinery that is senseless and devoid of humanity. No warmth, only calculated efficiency.

Anonymous 224972

Right, as opposed to all the NT billionaire scrotes who are just beacons of compassion

Anonymous 224982

They also obsess over le science and le aliens because muh rationality. Just look at Musk and his rocket ships in outer space. Warhammer 40K larp.

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