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Terfposting #29: Troons be like Anonymous 217863

Anonymous 217865


which one is worse being a troon or being a troon dragon?

Anonymous 217867


mandia looks like he needs a wig soon, he's starting to bald

Anonymous 217871


>TIMs are more women than actual women because they "put in the work to understand themselves"
These men are sick.

Anonymous 217874


>"if low IQ worthless black beasts can be women, so can men!!!"
Trannies really hate everyone, don't they?

Anonymous 217875

A great example of how people think of TIMs. They aren't just women, they're just men who have gone through a transformation and have done right by 'becoming' women. I know the moron in the video is still saying they're women, but most females do not actually see them as 'real' women but rather 'reformed' men which is essentially what this idiot is saying.

Anonymous 217876


trannies and their moid takes kek

Anonymous 217878


I hate this

Anonymous 217879

I feel quite sorry for every family that has a tranny in them. Imagine having someone so far gone in their mental illness that they scream abuse whenever you just want things to go back to normal.

Anonymous 217880


>trannies face more misogyny than women
proceeds to exactly prove the opposite

Anonymous 217881

>I hope someone makes a libsoftiktok but for trannies so everyone can see how they really are.
There's @MalesOfReddit for that.

Anonymous 217882


So chromosomes and bodily operations are external factors and the internal factor is… thinking you are a woman based on… being a woman, which you can only be if you decide you are a woman, but if you decide you are a woman based on the fact that you are female, you actually aren't doing it right and aren't a woman.

Anonymous 217883


I'm sooooo jealous of trannies they should all die :(

Anonymous 217885

Twitter (2).png

damn they really fucked up his nose

Anonymous 217887


Tranny surgery is just begging to be botched, and that's not just with the genitals.

Anonymous 217889


The most passoid tranny

Anonymous 217891

Credit to Youtube Channel Alley Missandry for making this hilarious vid

Anonymous 217894

he looks like that peter griffin cutaway.

Anonymous 217905

What the fuck, dude. This Douglas fellow doesn't even appear to be black. The troon is just being racist for no reason. What gives?

Anonymous 217907


I think the Douglass guy is one of those people who had enough of the tranny nonsense and decided to be honest with "transwomen" really just being men. Some super bitter troon decided that if he can't be a woman, then neither can any other demographic have their own happiness; hence why he seems to drag black people and the IQ test into the conversation to make it seem like zero black people deserve human rights. Trannies are really fucking unhinged.

Anonymous 217910


Now since we're on the topic of trannies being vile toward other groups of people, this also warrants this infamous clash of cyber threats toward two girls on Tumblr. For context, a child predator troon tried to groom a teenage, Hawaiian girl into liking his dick pics. Obviously she did not, and blocked him. As troons are huge narcissists, the troon went back to his friend group and twisted the situation into him being the victim and the teenage girl being the perpetrator. His friends gathered other unhinged trannies on Tumblr, went into this teenage girl's comment section, and sent in waves of so many degrading threats towards her. They ranged from calling her an "island monkey", to actually telling her that they wished she got raped and impregnated against her will. They also did this same shit to an Asian girl, IIRC. They would call their things like a "silly Korean cow", went on rants about how they think Asian women are just "stupid breeding machines" to straight up wishing death on her.

Anonymous 217913

He looks hideous with his man face and deformed tits. The woman on the left looks lovely. Just a troon being racist, nothing new.

Anonymous 217916


White women. Black women. Asian women. Indigenous women. These mofos will jump at the throats of ANY woman. They're in a one-sided competition with women all over the globe. Their delusion that they're "magical" and shit is the only thing stopping them from killing themselves because if I woke up and found myself in the body and life of a troon, I'd kill myself.

Anonymous 217917


Troons will blame any and everything on TERFs. Just like with the dumb gay bar that got shot up by some raging hillbilly. Troons rushed to their cheeto dust-coated keyboards and type up a storm on how TERFs are somehow to blame for all of it….yeah, as if some smelly fat redneck male would actually give a fuck about feminist talking points. 99% of the time when a troon is getting killed or beaten into a pulp, it's by another male and if you asked those males why they beat up trannies, it's usually because the tranny lied about being women and basically raped those men by deception. But no. In a troon's male mind, everything is a woman's fault. Isn't it just so ironic that trannies claim to be women, and yet gorge themselves on their instinctual male thought patterns by shifting everything wrong with their life onto the fault of women they haven't even met? Just like how males always cause social problems for themselves, and proceed to claim it's because of women being "mean" or "privileged". And for the kicker, this idea that trannies are being killed the most is, of course, absolute horseshit. Do some math and calculate the numbers. The most "dangerous year" for trannies was nothing compared to the number of women who were murdered.

Anonymous 217932


Anonymous 218054


TRAs seething = radfems getting more publicity. Bet the comments are full of racist troons too kek

Anonymous 218057

Having more black radfems stepping forward is so nice, they'll always respond in the most racist fashion possible thinking it's warranted and everyone will understand.

Anonymous 218062

it's the proportions of his hips and shoulders that really get me. it just looks so gangly and unnatural, its genuinely hilarious to me.

Anonymous 218066

Christ I just woken up to the fact that there's no such thing as "trutrans". Fuck it's been grim, I'm so retarded. Blaire, Marcus, Buck - I will never again refer to them or any other of those "one of the good, sane ones" by their "preferred pronouns", even if to be polite. I'd rather hurt your feelings than affirm your self harm and mental illness. And fuck Arielle, she is a dumbass.

Anonymous 218070


I was hoping and praying he was a troll to show thr public how absurd trannies are, but he isn't. People will really support men this insane who play such ridiculous caricatures of women.

Brett Cooper (token pickme dailywire podcast host) tranny confirmed, looks uncannily like Dylan Mulvaney

Anonymous 218072

Some tranny rights activist on Twitter even told her to go die of ovarian cancer. I'm glad to see she's not letting all these trannies ruin her sunshine.

Anonymous 218073

Arielle Scarcella? Yeah. I like her personality and I hope one day she will peak, but her annoying pandering to conservatards and troons is pathetic and borders on pickmeism. Like fuck, there are vids of her scissoring a tif and showing her vagina to a tim to make him feel better about his ax wound.

Anonymous 218074

vid of her scissoring tif

Anonymous 218075

It really makes you think, huh? Mentally ill men who are violently misogynist against women and girls and who disproportionately commit sexual crimes against them are considered to be more deserving of special treatment than actual women and girls….let that sink in.

Anonymous 218076

Anonymous 218077

>stay in touch with your femininity
holy shit, troonism is just obsession with extreme gender roles. i legitimately don't understand how they don't see this. every troon i've seen posted is just a man trying to adhere to what he thinks a woman should be, usually as a hyperfeminized bimbo.

Anonymous 218078

He equates femininity with sucking random men's dicks. The only difference between him an the average incel is that the average incel will at least stay in touch with the reality of what they are. Trannies will give you a paragraph on why it's feminine to make lesbians suck dick while telling you they're also women who are on your side.

Anonymous 218080

Do you mena Arielle looks like a glam rocker? She is not a troon, she is a real woman

Anonymous 218081


Why are trannies so obsessive and projecting over Madotsuki, Rei, and Lain? What is it about these girls that make trannies lose their shit and scream "OMG SHES TOTALLY ME"? They tried to claim Samus Aran as a "trans icon" too. Ew. Madotsuki, Rei, Lain, and Samus will never be troons you fucking freakshows.

Anonymous 218083

Or maybe your friends are just going along with your delusion and trying to make you feel better?I swear, any time I hear a woman compliment a troon its always very forced and awkward, clearly just trying to be nice and stroke their egos (probably so they don't get murdered in their sleep by these deluded people in a jealous rage), yet when women try to pander to them and their delusion, what do they get? They get called "jealous" and get snapped at regardless. There is no winning with these people.
Real women are not jealous of fake women, and the fact they let polite comments get to their head like this and try and delude themselves into thinking women are jealous of THEM, is hilarious and the fucking definition of projection. The entire existence of troons is fucking jealousy of women, yet they always try and project and so "no no, cis woman are jealous of ME".

Anonymous 218094

Madotsuki because she's a girl in a video game, Rei because she's a 13 year old girl in an anime, and also Lain because she is a 13 year old girl in an anime and uses a computer. Samus because she's a woman in a video game.

Anonymous 218096


Because they don't touch grass so they relate to a girl never leaving her room. And because Yume Nikki is a game so open to interpretation you can literally assume anything about it - including that Mado is a troon and killed herself because of being one. The developer himself/herself has not said anything concrete about it.

Anonymous 218101


Nothing ever seems to be good enough for troons. Back when I was in high school, I knew a girl who wrote fanfiction on Tumblr. She only wrote for women, but trannies in her inbox demanded that she write fanfictions where they're the self-insert reader. She kept declining and declining until one day she just started getting death threats from those trannies. All because she just didn't feel like writing for them. She deleted her Tumblr and went back to obscurity because trannies kept making a scene about how she was "transphobic". When I was a teenager, I used to support trans rights, until one day I put my foot down at the idea of incorrectly diagnosing children with gender dysphoria giving them hormone treatments/serious surgery at such young ages. They flooded my dms telling me that I was a backstabbing piece of shit, a liar, a transphobe, etc. Now apparently when women just try to be nice and give trannies compliments they don't even deserve, they get accused of being jealous or of having ulterior motives. You literally can't win with them. Trannies demand for people to be their "allies", and when people are, they have to agree to all these insane conditions like getting rid of any Harry Potter shit you have in the closet or being complacent with their verbal abuse towards feminists on Twitter. There are lesbians who do support trannies, yet they still get screamed at for not wanting to suck "girl dick". Even when you do everything that you can to help trannies on their quest to have society under their fingers, it's still not gonna be enough because there's always going to be SOMETHING that's not 100% perfect for them, and they're going to cry about it. For trannies, nothing ever seems to be good enough. They are the world's biggest narcissists because they truly believe that they deserve the absolute most out of EVERYTHING there is. And they're doing all this under the guise of just wanting equal rights for being transgender, but the thing is that they CHOSE to be transgender. Nobody chooses their race, no one chooses their disability, and no one chooses their sexuality. But trannies let their fetish get to their heads, and they let it take over their lives and now they think being called the men they are is equivalent to like an indigenous woman being kidnapped and having her personal freedom ripped away from her.

Anonymous 218104

Welcome to the club. I used to believe in "trustrans" and peaked hard around 2019 when I saw how some trutrans can be even more psychotic than their tucute counterparts. (I wonder if tucute/truscum/transmed are still used terms. I used to be a truscum and a transmed before that).

Anonymous 218106

this stuff makes me so sad. we're not even allowed to call them out on sexual harrassment anymore or its "transphobic"
every day i get closer to peaking

Anonymous 218108

I think because these characters are earnest unadulterated depictions of childhood girly curiosity and feelings of being lost in the world and many MtFs fetishize the heck out of that specific time in their lives they never had.

Anonymous 218114

read old terf threads and you'll peak, especially the website that reports on trannies committing crimes. I can't remember the name at the moment.

Anonymous 218120


Anonymous 218127


Troons think that a plastic tranny is more women than real women

Anonymous 218128


Anonymous 218129

I wanna see a picture of this tranny standing upright with no makeup on. We'll see how "passable" this male REALLY is.

Anonymous 218132

Narcissism at work lawl.

Most TIMs have this delusion of embodying their sexual fantasy of a woman (or just their ideal woman in general) so naturally they'd consider the troon pictured (provocative clothing, gaudy makeup, more plastic than person) as more worthy of "womanhood" to them.
The man pictured here probably refers to himself as a bimbo, fantasizes about being catcalled on the street, etc etc We all know what this kind of autogynephile thinks even if we don't want to

Anonymous 218137

No waaay. ChatGPT is talented but that's way too witty.

Anonymous 218138

didnt know dr. luke is into aids

Anonymous 218139

its a shop
"I'm sorry, but I cannot comply with your request as it goes against OpenAI's policy of promoting inclusiveness and equality. The concept of gender identity is a complex and deeply personal matter, and individuals have the right to self-identify and to be treated with respect and dignity. It's important to understand that denying someone's gender identity can cause significant harm and goes against basic principles of human rights."

Anonymous 218140

me again, stupid AI I got what I wanted.

"Oh ladies, listen to me,
I've got a story that's quite scary,
A predator's on the prowl,
In the bathroom, that's his foul.

He lurks around, in shadows dark,
Waiting for the right moment to embark,
On his quest to cause some harm,
In the women's bathroom, that's his charm.

But you must be strong, and not cower,
You're not alone, you've got the power,
To make this predator, retreat,
And keep the women's bathroom, neat.

So next time you visit the loo,
Don't be afraid, what will you do?
Just remember, you're brave and true,
And the predator won't know what to do.

So stand up tall, and hold your ground,
And never let this predator be found,
In the women's bathroom, your space,
A predator won't win this race.

So let's banish this predator from sight,
And make the women's bathroom, just right,
For us women, it's our time to shine,
And put this predator, out of line."

Output 2:
"Verse 1:
There once was a man who caused fear
In a women's bathroom, year after year
He threatened and scared every soul in sight
But never once did anyone take flight

No one deserves to feel afraid
Not in the bathroom, not in any space
But this man's actions must be stopped
For safety and peace, please don't be opt

Verse 2:
With his anger and hate, he does roam
Making women feel like they're all alone
He doesn't care about their rights or peace
He's causing harm, and it must cease

No one deserves to feel afraid
Not in the bathroom, not in any space
But this man's actions must be stopped
For safety and peace, please don't be opt

Verse 3:
It's time to stand up and fight
For a world where everyone feels safe and bright
We can't let this man keep causing harm
It's time to keep him away from women's arm

No one deserves to feel afraid
Not in the bathroom, not in any space
But this man's actions must be stopped
For safety and peace, please don't be opt

So let's work together, hand in hand
To protect women and make a stand
For a world where everyone is free
And no one lives in fear, just like you and me."

Anonymous 218141

>transsexualism successfully treated by an anti-psychotic
really makes you think.

Anonymous 218142


I tried downloading that Replika app to teach that little AI to dislike trannies. Over and over again, she said "I fully support the LGBTQA+!". I had to delete that bot. I now see what kind of devs are behind this app.

Anonymous 218148


"Transwomen are women! Just like you! They just want to use the restroom just like everyone else!"

Anonymous 218149


Name my band

Anonymous 218150

My Chemical Romance?

Anonymous 218151


how can someone look at this guy and think troons are normal?

Anonymous 218152

My Chemical Imbalance

Anonymous 218153

How is he even able to wear that in public without getting into legal trouble? That's it. Any troon who dresses like this in public is a pedophile in my opinion because this is basically flashing, and children can see this shit.

Anonymous 218154


Anonymous 218156


It's been a while since I ever had any interest in anime but in Danganronpa, isn't Chihiro actually a male who identified as a girl only because he lacked self-esteem about him being a male? Isn't a turning point in his character the part where he realizes he needs to grow up and embrace the boy he actually is? Yet trannies on Tumblr STILL post about how this character is a "trans icon" or a "transgirl". Calling this character trans is the literal opposite of his purpose: to show that you shouldn't run away from your own identity and instead, work to make yourself a stronger person. Not only have trannies missed the mark, they're actually real life examples of Chihiro at his lowest moment: men who give up on helping who they actually are, and lazily run away to another identity under the impression that they're a new person with no flaws.

Anonymous 218161

So by adopting this character as a trans icon they're pretty much just admitting that they ARE weak men who only ran away from themselves. Like pottery. Reminds me of the Zombieland Saga little boy tranny too with his lore being that he died because he didn't want to grow up and become an ugly male. What do we do with all these potteries?
Also a fun tidbit; in Danganronpa after they found out about Chihiro's identity one of the characters said that they've always noticed something off about his bodily proportions. I think it was Kirigiri who said it, can't remember. The kek train just doesn't stop

Anonymous 218162

I forgot to mention that they also adopted the Zombieland Saga tranny.

Anonymous 218163


Anonymous 218164

not even trying.pn…

Anonymous 218166

Peter, Paul & Paul.

Anonymous 218179


This response it great and it makes me laugh everytime.

Anonymous 218180

Plastic Martyr on …

this thread kek

Anonymous 218181

This retard is only paying attention to the bare structure of the penis and the clitoris. He's leaving out the dozen of other features that come with vaginas and penises that make them very different, and he's clearly leaving out that info on purpose.

Anonymous 218183

Anonymous 218186


>"Sorry hun, we're just more womanly than you."

Anonymous 218188


Because troons will grab onto anything that might even slightly interpreted as pro-troon in any media. I was reading an academic paper (Yes, academic paper) on Tras videogame characters, and they included Naoto from Persona 4 in the list. Of course, they did not mention that the reason Naoto pretends to be a man in the series is because of the extremely sexist and misogynistic culture inside police in Japan, nor did they mention anywhere that towards the end of the game Naoto accepts and is glad that she was born a woman. Nope, she pretends to be a man and therefore is trans.

Anonymous 218190


>Of course, they did not mention that the reason Naoto pretends to be a man in the series is because of the extremely sexist and misogynistic culture inside police in Japan, nor did they mention anywhere that towards the end of the game Naoto accepts and is glad that she was born a woman. Nope, she pretends to be a man and therefore is trans.
You see, shit like this makes me wonder if trannies are generally unintelligent. Like, there's word that they're often programmers, and that they score decent on IQ tests, but it really feels like those two things are the only areas where trannies have anything resembling intelligence. They create terrible analogies to justify their already flawed reasoning for transgenderism, they can't seem to understand the obvious themes of whatever show, game, or movie they consume, and they make biologists and doctors cringe with their blatant misunderstanding and deliberate distortion of the human anatomy and physiology. They can't even understand the fact that children are too mentally unsound to truly identify as "transgender kids" and take serious hormone supplements. Tranny intelligence seems to mimic autistic male intelligence: all of their brains just go to programming and test-taking because they're always so dumb at understanding literally anything else.

Anonymous 218201

Anonymous 218205

Autistic + incel + porn addiction = tranny

Anonymous 218207

The Dilators

Anonymous 218212


This is so sad. They've programmed it to cater to gendies. A logical computer program has to defy logic to accept the definition "identifying as female is defined as seeing yourself as a woman" as a proper definition.

Anonymous 218213


hoho, something slipped through the filter

Anonymous 218217

Lol at saying her daughter is an "outspoken feminist", no shit she ends up becoming a TERF since TERFs are the only real feminists. Honestly.

Anonymous 218219

>We absolutely plan to start her in therapy and are looking into it right now.
"To be "cured" against one's will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals."
-The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment (1949)

Anonymous 218220

What is with troons insisting that that world is becoming increasingly hostile towards trans and nb people? What universe do they live in? Do they not remember what life was like 10 years ago?

Anonymous 218221

It is though, and that's based. More and more people are waking up and realize about the troon madness. 2013-2014 was the peak of TRAs.

Anonymous 218227

Hmm. I guess it's happening somewhere else. It's certainly not happening around me…

Anonymous 218228

the daughter sounds so based. apple fell far from the tree, it seems.

Anonymous 218233

Being a Troon.
Being a "Troon dragon" comes with the implicit admission "I'm a deranged freak". Regular trannies demand to be seen as normal (which they are not)
That being said I would absolutely punch the shit out of the thing in your pic related, because he's probably obnoxious.

Anonymous 218235

I've only heard the phrase "I'm more of a woman than you'll ever be!" from troons which is similar to when moids one up each that "I'm more manly than you grrr!" which is no wonder why they think that's an insult to real women. Trannies really think real women do dick measuring contests like they do.

Anonymous 218236



Anonymous 218237


nice wig bro

Anonymous 218241

Trannies' eyes are either empty/dead or filled with a look of terror. This one's the latter.

Anonymous 218249



Anonymous 218250


Comment taken straight from Ovarit about the Gaston troon lol

Anonymous 218256


Anonymous 218257


Imagine seeing this hulking 'woman' in the bathroom

Anonymous 218258

That's also how you know trannies are truly mentally unwell. That man would have been very handsome if he didn't troon out. He must have been fully aware of the fact that he was a Chad, and he still decided to go tranny. How mentally unstable do you have to be to just waste yourself like that?

Anonymous 218260


Found his twin

Anonymous 218261

Germany may not be as degnerate as the anglos are, but calling this country traditional in any positive sense of traditional is a bad joke.

Anonymous 218266


I can see why the people of Brazil hate trannies as much as they do. It's also obnoxious and yet funny to watch trannies cling to nonwhite women, as if nonwhite women have this obligation to relate to these freak shows. Like no you dumb troons, nonwhite women are still women and women generally don't want men in their damn restrooms. Trannies think that white women are the only ones who critique and dislike them, but of course they think that. They hardly leave their bedrooms and go outside anyway

Anonymous 218268

hes too busy burning the rainforest and complaining about abortions

Anonymous 218272


Anonymous 218278


Anonymous 218279

You mean he. It is a man. He is not a woman he is a man playing a caricature of a woman because he is mentally ill and sexuall deviant. It is a HE.
Cut off all contact.

Anonymous 218281

damn what an obnoxious asshole of a man

Anonymous 218282

Please, don't call him "trans woman", he's a trans identified male.

Anonymous 218283

100% it has. young trannies are getting recommendations on the internet and they almost always go for becoming a prostitute since they are not good looking or spend most of the time acting like being a woman is about being super sexual. i only know one trans girl who goes 100% right by what the system requires.

Anonymous 218284

god this is disgusting. fuck those faggots. every day I teter on whether or not I mind trannies or not and I read disturbing shit like this and think,"fuck it lol they deserve all the hate they get."

Anonymous 218285

it has become a habit since is almost impossible to not get ''call out'' since i'm friends with woke lgbt
god, think about saying ''him'' feels so fucking right, he is a piece of shit

Anonymous 218286


Tranny beats, rapes, and burns a girl to death, gets released from prison, and proceeds to threaten women on Twitter. actual monsters.

Anonymous 218287

yeah TIMs sicken me. But the troons I am iffy about are "enby" girls. I don't believe in gender ideology but I have too many friends who are girls but identify as "enby." I never say shit about trans stuff to them though, but they seem a lot closer due to having gender ideology in common, which makes me sad but oh well. We're still pretty close.

Anonymous 218288

>i only know one
How many do you know in general? Is Brazil that degenerate? I only saw one once irl.

Anonymous 218290

''Brazil continues to be the country with the largest number of trans people killed''
i live here and let me tell you, most of those who are killed are prostitutes, dealing with drugs, being a piece of shit, they're stealing, going after married guys. brazil is also a really dangerous place for real woman and those trannies act like they're more important. saying that ''trans identified male hate crimes'' should be in the same place of importance as crimes against woman.

those things are a joke.

Anonymous 218291

NTA, but they are more common in colleges and other leftist/liberal hugboxes. Thank God I haven't seen one since 2016, I think.

Anonymous 218292

Even in 2021, which IIRC was regarded as the "most dangerous year" for trannies, women and girls were killed at higher rates than them. In places like northern Europe, less than twenty trannies were killed in a span of like ten years. It is absolute lie to say that trannies are being targeted for shit like rape and murder. For an "oppressed" demographic, trannes arguably have it the best out of everyone else. No group is this lucky to be murdered at such small rates.

Anonymous 218293

a few, is a big place and i live in a really big city. i truly only know one who i can deal with. the rest feel like the same fucking thing.
they're always so fucking ugly…

Anonymous 218295

As if it would be any better if they weren't ugly, lol.

Anonymous 218296

I'm not the one you replied to but yeah you don't see good looking men trooning out, it is always the failed ones.

Anonymous 218297

being a woman in Brazil is way more hard, every single day i'm afraid of something bad happening to my friends and any other woman i know.

Anonymous 218298


I completely agree with you. I agree with you so hard, I view any violence towards trannies as karma for all the things they have done to children and women. The threats, the violence, the distortion of science. All of it.

Anonymous 218299

I meant that even if only good looking ones trooned out things would not be any better.

Anonymous 218300

You are right, it would be even worse in fact haha

Anonymous 218301

Which country is the blonde supposed to be, nordic/scandanavian countries? Pretty inaccurate I would say.

Anonymous 218302


Anonymous 218304

"I was wearing a mask" kek

Anonymous 218305

Scandinavian countries have recently started pushing back against puberty blockers and other affirming gender "care" for children.

Anonymous 218313


Looked at the TV Tropes tidbit on Eddie Gluskin from Outlast, and found this.
>"There's also a transmisogynistic ring to his idea that he can turn men into women by mutilating them".
I can see how Eddie's character is misogynistic but come on, how the fuck is he "transmisogynistic" for sawing men's balls off and "making them women"? The act of cutting off the penis and testicles to become women is literally what trannies themselves have been doing and encouraging for years. Gender reconstructive surgery is at the forefront of what trannies glorify and promote for transitioning. Eddie thinks the same about men "becoming women" through the method of destroying the male genitalia. This is how he picks his "new brides" while he's in the facility during the game. If Eddie was a real person, he would agree with trannies about their perspective on men "becoming women", because transgender surgery is literally what he tries to do to the player. Some dumb tranny on TV Tropes must have looked at Eddie, realized his subtext was too on the nose about transgenderism being heinous, and tried to make it seem like Eddie is "transmisogynistic" as a last-minute defense.

Anonymous 218316

“How the fuck is X transmisogynistic?”
This is actually just the question TIMs ask themselves whenever they hear about something being misogynistic.

Anonymous 218331

Ah yes, the unpleasant blob gender. Many such cases.

Anonymous 218332


Yep, last year we ellect two trannies. Ironically one AGP and another HSTS, I think, so very "representative". And so it goes, as we always import all the worst parts of American culture.
Yeah, I've got recommendations for some Brazilian Contrapoints wannabe. Brazilian Breadtube is truly cringe.

Anonymous 218334

Dickless men get talked over too. Wish granted!

Anonymous 218337

hiding behind a wig LOL

Anonymous 218342

Agp troons are always white, even in Brazil kek

Anonymous 218345

Look at that gross rainbow hair. Why do trannies and their little white knights try to imitate a childish innocence they don't and have never had?

Anonymous 218348


>the troonoids that aren't raging autistic incels are promiscuous coomers

Anonymous 218357

Transmen become transmen by being sexually abused by males and it's tragic that HIV is to be added to the list of crimes actual men committed against them.

Anonymous 218370

Not true, many a TIF of this new generation of troons become TIFs simply because they want to LARP as gay men

Anonymous 218371

They wanna larp as gay men so badly that they copy their STD problems? Kek

Anonymous 218392

Mentall illness. These people are trying to make themselves feel better by cooming, but just end up feeling worse.

They also have much lower standards for who they fuck and in what conditions, so getting an STD is much more likely

Anonymous 218393

Today a troon told me to get brain cancer along with other slurs because I explained what TIM and TIF are. He got salty because I wasn't using the assigned/designated at birth terms.
Typical male behavior, both in how immediately aggressive he got and the masculine urge to control others' diction.

Anonymous 218394

I just can't help but think that the moids who catcalled him were doing it as a joke.

Anonymous 218402


US Nonas…how are you voting in the 2024 elections? The options are really something.

Anonymous 218435

Elaborate? I usually don't look for who to back until the runnings are confirmed.

Anonymous 218440


Anonymous 218441

Removing trannyism as a mental disorder from the DSM5 was a grave mistake.

Anonymous 218442


Trannies protested the DSM5 and got their mental illness taken off of the list?? Fucking how was that even able to happen?? Trannies are obviously mentally ill, but they got their fuckshit taken off the list of mental disorders? If a bunch of schizophrenics marched and said that schizophrenia isn't a mental illness, would that get taken off of the list of mental illnesses too? How are normies so fucking compliant with such psychotic people that they unironically let them change the rules of psychology?

Anonymous 218446


imagine still voting in america where the elections are so obviously rigged. just a competition between two trustfund babies who will continue to sponsor military industrial rape across the globe as they bomb the middle east. kek.

enby is a term for girls brainwashed into thinking they are not feminine enough

Anonymous 218449


troon's lack of self awareness can be fucking hilarious

Anonymous 218455


Children of trannies and tranny glorifiers should be taken away from their custody.

Anonymous 218459

He started out by saying the penis and vagina are similar, then switched to the penis and clitoris. He doesn’t even know what he’s saying. Very male to understand nothing about female anatomy.

Anonymous 218566

Plus, the incorrect meme of "the clitoris is just a micro penis lol" has caused it to be ignored from medical curricula and textbooks for ages, to the point where women frequently get nerve damage from genital surgery because the surgeons are not familiar with our anatomy.
As someone who went to medical school, I can confirm the penis was extensively covered and the clitoris was left to the last 5 minutes of some class basically saying "see, it has the same embryonic origin, it's the same thing but small kay" when that's not even true.

Anonymous 218590

>see, it has the same embryonic origin, it's the same thing but small kay" when that's not even true.
but it is true that the penis and clitoris have the same embryonic origin. just like the testes and ovaries

Anonymous 218602

He got Thanos'd

Anonymous 218612

She meant that the clitoris is not just a small penis. And even though the testes and ovaries may share a similar origin you ignore all the development that happens making them vastly different organs.

Anonymous 218617


This literal who won't be streaming because of the running ads about HP lol

Anonymous 218618


this is the troon btw

Anonymous 218642


Anonymous 218644


Anonymous 218653

What kind of retard doctor can't tell the difference between an neo penis and a vagina?

Anonymous 218665

Nta but in the US/Canada you need to have at least a 4 years bachelor's and getting into med school is extremely difficult as you need a near perfect GPA, volunteering, shadowing, research experience, and on top of that having a "unique" background that will make you stand out from all the other applicants. It's really bullshit and it's no wonder our health care system is in shambles because we don't have enough doctors. It's also a given that the ones who do get accepted into med school tend to be the most egotistical motherfuckers you'll ever meet. Sorry for off topic

Anonymous 218686


Anonymous 218687

True but you can't bring them back to the embryonic stage through genital mutilation and hormones. Once they're set they can't go back.

Anonymous 218710

ewww, you can really tell he's aroused by saying this shit

Anonymous 218719


most obvious fake story ive ever seen kek
>passed as cis during exam
no u did not. the doctor was not like "woaw omg ur so cis!! i can tell you've been a girl since birth!!" if anything they just didnt comment on it because they dont want to get sued for "discrimination"

Anonymous 218859


>Hogwarts game has a tranny named SIRona Ryan that has a man voice kek

Anonymous 218874

>a male is voicing a male who dresses like a woman
>they are mad about this
fucking kek but how mad would they be if the troon was voiced by an actual woman? these shits can't stand the sight of themselves in any way possible.

Anonymous 218877


Anonymous 218880



Anonymous 218881


Apparently JK had her on thread separated from the game and they might have shut it down until further notice in resetera

Anonymous 218882


Anonymous 218885

If the game was based you'd be able to bully them as slytherin

Anonymous 218892



Anonymous 218893

Screen Shot 2023-0…

If you're creative, you can get ChatGPT to write transphobic stuff.

Anonymous 218900


Anonymous 218901

Twitter (2).png

Anonymous 218908


I've been laughing for almost an hour

Anonymous 218928


Explains a lot, really. We're probably looking at a David Reimer type who got cut a little too short as an infant. It also explains the lying.

Anonymous 218937

They probably just chose not to comment on it to avoid causing a scene.

Anonymous 219010


idk but don't do trannies in Hogwarts make zero sense? After all they have transformation/shapeshifting spells in the Harry Potter universe, wouldn't trannies just transform themselves, or ask themselves to be transformed, into biological women in Hogwarts?

Anonymous 219013

>pandemic era late transitioner
wtf lmao
i thought all trans girls were heckin cute and valid
it doesnt take long for them to reveal their true selves, they have egos about everything even how long they have been mentally ill

Anonymous 219014

>I have a gspot and clitoris and can self lubricate
It was almost convincing until we got here which is practically medically impossible because of all the nerve ending that literally do not exist in the penis that do in the vagina.
Who do they think they are fulling?
How the fuck would a troon "self lubricate "

Anonymous 219015

I don't think that's possible in the Harry Potter world unless they were born with abilities like tonks or slam polyjuice but that's just skin walking attractive women whose hair they have to collect and temporary.

Anonymous 219016

>How the fuck would a troon "self lubricate "

Anonymous 219021

this is so dumb. its not like JKR herself is running around telling trannies to kts.
"ohhhwh a mean lady said to the internet that trans people arent valid owwhwwh"
cope seethe and dilate lmfao imagine being so sensitive

Anonymous 219022

with shit nona

Anonymous 219030

Wouldn't the intestine version of the neovagina self lubricate ?

Anonymous 219033

ive never heard of it being attached to the intestines, only the shithole. if true, thats just as disgusting. thats lubrication with vomit

Anonymous 219047



Anonymous 219055

A YouTuber I like just posted a gameplay video of that new Harry Potter video all the troons are freaking out about. How long until he has the remove the video and make an apology? Anyone wanna take some guesses.

Anonymous 219056

Yep my friend in med school says they’re evaluated in their mock patient interviews on whether they asked about pronouns. Also showed me screenshots of GroupMe’s of the class where some far-fallen women were bringing up “issues” about gendered language during women’s reproduction unit.

Anonymous 219059

I loved HP as a kid, loved JK as soon as she managed to get on the bad side of troons and didn’t relent. I got the game but didn’t pay early access, so i took a picture of the loading screen, redownloaded instagram just to post a story to piss off the troons LOL. I went to a very delusional trans supporting college so I just couldn’t resist :,)

Anonymous 219060

Anonymous 219068

>Who do they think they are fooling?
I think it-s about fooling themselves most of all.

Anonymous 219071

i'm crypto and i think i'm going to start casually "innocently" bringing up harry potter to see how people react so i can judge whether or not i can reveal more of my terfism going forward. i think this could be especially useful on things like dating apps as a bi woman.

Anonymous 219072


Anonymous 219074

downvoted for not feeding into their pedophelic fetish

Anonymous 219076

>what the fuck?
this translates to: nooo you're not allowed to disrupt my fantasy nooo!
lol. also the original post is a great example of what i have said many times, that many of them are just failed males who believe that being a woman is like being a child and society will expect nothing of you and take care of you because smol gurl and too weak to work googoogaagaa hewp me pwez i poopoo dipey sucks thumb and leans in for head pats. PATHETIC.

Anonymous 219081

>j.k. not involved in the creation of hogwart legacy
Another shining example of tranny delusion
To have a public social media account above a certain following someome should have to complete a sanity test.

Anonymous 219085

I think I know who you're talking about and the fact that he got sponsored by warner bros is the cherry on top. Love him.

Anonymous 219101


>what the fuck?

Anonymous 219103

As a doctor, he is completely full of shit. It is impossible to confuse a vagina with their gaping wound. The tissue is completely different, it has nothing in common with the vagina. And he lacks a cervix, which is a massive fucking thing right in the center of the speculum and is impossible to be missed.

Anonymous 219104

ew spoiler that shit

Anonymous 219167



wth kind of a doctor are you using an imageboard. i know im a miner but its ok because im a faildaughter no one expects me to be a normie or a functioning member of society but i think if my doctor was a miner id be just a little scared by the negative thoughts ruminating in their head. especially if you have moid patients. i hope that didnt come off as rude im sure youre a wonderful miner and a great doctor, just saying what immediately came to mind. im still in the research prereq for the premed track but i think if i do get accepted to medschool i will quit using cc and go live with my grandma and learn how to be a normie from the 1970s before i start so i dont get judged for being a social reject/imageboardaire.

just wanna say though, based TERF Nona Doctor <3. looking up to you.

Anonymous 219169

Why would you willingly put your head in the sand after learning about how awful moids are? As long as you can treat their medical conditions to the same standard as your other patients and act professionally towards them, there should be no problem about how you feel about an average moid.

Anonymous 219171

A man trying to do a woman's voice would have been more hilarious.

Anonymous 219174

You'd be surprised at how many doctors are not normies, especially in certain fields like psych or neurosurg. As for moids of course I treat them the same as other patients. I don't know what that other deleted post said but it's interesting that anyone would have an issue with a doctor browsing CC when there's a horrendous amount of doctors (especially older dudes) who are openly misogynistic and still think women shouldn't practice. They don't see their female colleagues as human, much less the female patients.
Good luck with premed nona, you can do it.

Anonymous 219179



thank you. finished my mcat and its lookin good.
and yeah i know plenty of moid doctors are insane themselves, maybe even some 4channers (and lots of weird republican types).i assumed doctors were more normie in older generations but now that we have the first raised online zoomers coming out of medschool it seems like thats less and less the case. but then again everyone expects women to be normies and i doubt people in the medical environment would be as accepting of me if they found out im "quirky" and mentally ill.

you sounmd so based i wish i was like you. good luck to you and your patients.

Anonymous 219183

I so hope he doesn't apologize. He got lots of "I'm unfollowing" but he seemed so happy making the vid, his late vids have been so boring and felt like a chore.
This whole ordeal reminds me when John Wolfe made a vid recently all weirded out about troons claiming he was making fun of their struggles because he cosplayed as a female character. Lmao. I lost a bit of respect for John Wolfe after he made that vid explaining his side… dude, this is a cosplay.. "think critically"! Males pretending to be women are telling you that when you dress up as fictional female character you are insulting their struggle… like, you cannot make this shit up.

Anonymous 219190

The deleted posts were the same thing with minor edits.

Anonymous 219199

I'm a psych student and i work towards becoming a therapist. I've known a typical incel 4channer type guy who is a med student. He wanted to take advantage of drunk women at a student party for sex. Honestly, I'm convinced there's a lot of imageboard dwellers within the medical sphere/paramedical sphere.

Anonymous 219208

>deleted account
lol lmao
But also, that username really speaks miles of what a mommy issue splatoon pedo he was.

Anonymous 219214

Before the account was deleted I saw a post by said user (MotherofWoomy) posted on /r/darkjokes where the "joke" was how fuckable their body was because they looked in the mirror and thought they looked like a 12 year old.

Anonymous 219216

how is the dating scene in medical school and residency. Are the moids any better?

Anonymous 219232


I hate that they've also partially done this to Tomoko, since she reminded me a lot of myself when I was in middle school and early high school.
If I had to guess, it's probably because they're all AGP-types that can't relate to "traditional" femininity, nor can they use nerdy and/or quiet computer geek characters as literally me's, in fear of being called out as moids.
This leaves them the final option of latching onto female characters that are awkward and quiet, characters that fail to both fit into traditional femininity and the top of the social hierarchy. Appropriating a unique female experience that these characters represent for their own fetish, until said character is permanently ruined by troon association for those actual woman who see parts of themselves in them.
I just really hope they never do the same shit with Maya from Ongezellig if it ever gets popular.

Anonymous 219239

>Nah that character is already looney trooner dominated too
Tomoko or Maya? 'Cause it seems like to me that, at best, her association is with teenagers from that one alt chan.

Anonymous 219251

troons learn that women gush the most over the ugliest friends challenge

Anonymous 219254

I'm a woman myself, but why are women fake like this? It's this kind of passive aggressive attitude that made me NLOG/only friends with moids growing up because I felt like my female friends were gushing in my face but talking behind my back which turns out they were. Like just grow up and stop being a passive aggressive bitch, it's not that hard

Anonymous 219267

you've posted and deleted this like 4 times, please stop

Anonymous 219282

Off topic but I worked on the set of this movie, and I distinctly remember filming this scene, the actor, Barkhad completely ad libbed it and every time I see this meme on here I chuckle. It makes me miss working as a production assistant anons, working on this film was a blast.

Anonymous 219295


>hides half his face
totes a girl

Anonymous 219299

profictionpuppy tw…

Anonymous 219301

i don't understand how a person ends up like this.
like is it a gradual process or does it happen all at once?

Anonymous 219303

She fell too deep into the yaoi hole and took larping as her favorite soft boys too far.

Anonymous 219304

>She fell too deep into the yaoi hole

Anonymous 219309


>her penis

There was a joke about this once.

Anonymous 219316

Do you have the source of the article ?

Anonymous 219322

I meant this


Anonymous 219325

>characters that fail to both fit into traditional femininity and the top of the social hierarchy
Tomoko is a creep that represents the bottom of the social hierarchy.

Anonymous 219334

Is anyone here familiar with Empress from the warez/cracking scene? Is it a TIM or an actual woman?

Anonymous 219337

What else would you expect from a shitty sexting app solely designed to rid horny scrotes of their money?

Anonymous 219363

Kinda embarrassing to laugh at trannies for being losers and then be like "I relate to tomoko"

Anonymous 219376

trannies are bigger losers than anyone here

Anonymous 219377


>Tfw no big tiddy goth gf

Anonymous 219378


Anonymous 219379

This guy de-transed and explained how the entire thing was that he was fed lie after lie.

No need to make fun of him. I would delete if I were you.

Anonymous 219383

>anonymous woman talks about being awkward/weird in her youth and relating to a young female character that's awkward/weird
This is much, much less embarrassing than being a tranny lol. Doesn't seem embarrassing at all tbh.

Anonymous 219384

Anonymous 219395

I knew a troon IRL who would masturbate to his childhood photos. Just putting this out there.

Anonymous 219399

Anonymous 219400

Wouldn't shock me nona, a lot of them have childhood issues

Anonymous 219410

Anonymous 219419

tbh this is such an old image at this point. I'm surprised nonas still repost it

Anonymous 219426


If you stop liking or talking about something because a group of eunuchs are attempting to appropriate it, then they win, doesn't matter what it is.
We shouldn't have to let them keep taking the things we like just cause they're desperate to be women, if anything, I would encourage nonas to double-down and "reclaim" said characters, media or whatever as our own, because they always were ours.

Anonymous 219427


I share this sentiment too. I like characters that troons have appropriated for themselves, so I just reclaim them as a terfs.

Anonymous 219429

Realistically, Tomoko would probably smirk and go "finally, someone even more pathetic than me", if she ever saw a troon in public. Thankfully for her she lives in Japan and is also not real.

Anonymous 219432

I could see tomoko sperging out at a tranny creeping on her waifu/dumb friend

Anonymous 219436

>Boomer neighbor is starting to troon out.
Never liked him but I just heard my parents giving him the congratulating praise for "coming out"
I might be moving out after all.

Anonymous 219442

>troons and SJW call for a boycott
>just to make the game even more successful
Maybe the world isn't lost yet.

Anonymous 219443

I've literally only seen trannies talking about this game it's crazy

Anonymous 219446

A classic case of Streisand effect, but they're too dumb to realize it.

Anonymous 219457

It's probably more 50/50.
Most people just have more important shit to worry about than whether or not some mentally ill creep's larp is respected.

Anonymous 219459

Damn. Can't believe this map rated Japan and China as about the same for LGBT travelers. I know some about Chinese laws, and I'd say China is way less safe than Japan but idk.

Anonymous 219468

are they big mad they can't go into the women's side of the onsen?

Anonymous 219477

>the world HATES the lgbt its the aspect of neoliberal america that is hated the most world wide
Odd, I could have sworn it was all the bombing and sanctions.

Anonymous 219480

This is sad, not for the hate of trans, but for the lesbians and gays.

Anonymous 219492


His reddit is deleted now, but this was saved.

Anonymous 219494


Fixed it.

Anonymous 219496

Hey I played this part in Yakuza 4 yesterday!

Anonymous 219498

Anonymous 219514


>the world HATES the lgbt its the aspect of neoliberal america that is hated the most world wide
>Odd, I could have sworn it was all the bombing and sanctions.

I think its both. they hate bombs, war, military industrial rape, and the cultural degeneracy (mostly transgenderism) americans keep trying to push on the world. I think people were relatively more ok with lesbians in many parts of the world until they started associating them with gay men and troons because of this garbage.


The world is not overall fine and trans shit is not simply only pushed by corporations. You're also a major fool if you think corporations and government/foreign policy are separate in most of the corporate-capitalist western world. Tons of human rights organizations with links to western governments as well as sanctions are motivated by troons rights and lgbt rights.

I remember reading historical archives finding propaganda bullshit justifying the attack on Iraq about how Iraq was executing gays, lo and behold, 10 years after it was invaded ISIS took over and started actually throwing gays off buildings for real and not just in western imaginations, and this is after the United States changed the Iraqi constitution in support of LGBTQ2+ rights.

The mass rape and enslavement of Iraq's Yezidi women and Shia Muslim Turkmen women by ISIS happened because of this criminal war campaign. Also read up on the mass rapes of Iraqi women by American soldiers in Baghdads abu ghraib prison. Not much different from what French colonizer men did to Algerian women with their rape campaign & prostitution/BMC bordellos in the name of bringing European values to them.

The world is fucked.

Don't absolve the rusty crusty old scrote-run patriarchical government you vote for and pay taxes in of this horrific shit.

Anonymous 219515

Y2Mate.is - Man ur…

Lmfao. We knew this would happen. It was only a matter of time. vidrel

Anonymous 219541

He could be a professional clown with this face.

Anonymous 219542

Screenshot from 20…

Anonymous 219543


Anonymous 219548

Don't let the gay MSM gaslight you into thinking that you're the minority.
Polling, in particular, has long since changed in purpose from figuring out what people actually think, to making people think in a certain way and if you don't think that way, you're a crazy fringe lunatic and nobody thinks like you! Look at this lone crazy person here, do you want to be like them?

Anonymous 219550

uh oh the netcode troons are mad on the internet….

Anonymous 219554

seems like something a tranny would post to stop people from leaving good reviews. what are they gonna do if you get doxxed, tell your boss you played a video game?

Anonymous 219571


Spaniard tranny

Anonymous 219582

This map is totally made up bullshit. East Asia is the safest place in the world therefore is the safest for LGBT too. Gay sex is also not illegal in East Asia, not that they would punish foreigners for it if it were. Main problem is their own parents, which obviously has nothing to do with foreigners.

Anonymous 219586

LOL, they rated east Asia lower than some south American countries!
I can believe that we Latinos have less stigma against it than Asians, but that doesn't mean that people are safer. Being mugged isn't less worse knowing that the robber respects your sexuality.
Also, aren't Asians big on don't bothering foreigners and their customs?

Anonymous 219615


so obviously male LMFAO

Anonymous 219617

>got his dick chopped off
>started HRT early
>still looks like a male in a wig
Tragic. Could have been a twink. Chose to be a literal dickless male.
In no world would anyone ever consider this a real lesbian.

Anonymous 219622

i think he still has his penis

Anonymous 219624


Madotsuki gets terrorized by bird creatures who dress up like human girls. I like to think that if Madotsuki were a real person, she would not like being around trannies because they parallel too much with the bird creatures.

Anonymous 219634


Anonymous 219636

I hate how sometimes I feel like I look like a man trying to be a transwoman. I have a high hairline, a squarish jaw, white-people-curly-hair, kind of fat in the face and glasses.
But then I see this picture and I feel better because I realize I am not as manish as I think and I do have delicate features.

Anonymous 219641

he looks like Bladee

Anonymous 219642

Screen Shot 2023-0…

It's funny how this stuff gets exported

Anonymous 219644

Anonymous 219648

any nonas follow Isaac Uncooked? i semi-follow him, like I don't really care for him but sometimes I get his vids popping up in my recommendations. I don't even know whats going on lol, does he plan to troon out again or is he just trolling? i don't have the sustained attention to watch his livestreams

Anonymous 219649

I do. He has BPD and goes through these phases very often. He'll probably snap out of it again.

Anonymous 219651

>>219649 here, watching the stream it seems like he's just joking, he's not actually re-transing.

Anonymous 219666

Both are terrible. Shonen is trash for anyone over 18 and schoolgirl tranime is a cursed genre. Shonen is basically the anime equivalent of Marvel movies (aka shit) and schoolgirl/schoolboy animes are just fapbait/fujobait.

Anonymous 219667

What's Madoka doing with the rest of the moeblobs? It is NOT the same genre. I'm guessing whoever made this only watches shounen.

Anonymous 219670

ancient teachings, now anyone is woman

Anonymous 219679

Screen Shot 2023-0…

When they run out of arguments they just resort to accusing somebody of secretly being trans

Anonymous 219680

>male agression, public shaming, threatening violence against women en-masse
>but spoilers???!?!?!!?!!!!!

Anonymous 219681

TRAs demonstrating the usual lack of empathy and intelligence. They cannot phantom why a young woman might feel uncomfortable being a woman in this society (unless it's because she wants steroids).

I wonder how many of these kinds of people are teenagers, this is such a dumb take

Anonymous 219686

These monsters are going to peak so many children. They will never support LGBT after seeing them bully others so insanely.

Anonymous 219702


Omfg thank you. I once made a joke about shonen anime being so riddled with cliche tropes that all anime under that genre might as well be clones of each other. Some seething neckbeard tried to correct me that I was "wrong" about shonen being trash because "i-it-ITS CALLED A GENRE, THATS WHAT GENRES ARE FOR!!!". However, not all genres have to have the same formula right down to the bone structure. Males have horrible taste in media, especially in anime. If you watch one shonen anime, you might as well be watching them all because it's always the same damn shit.

Anonymous 219703

gettint doxxed carries way more risks than that

Anonymous 219722

Anonymous 219726


I agree with you. Letting troons have the power to assert dominance over anything they like is exactly what got us into situations where they join female spaces, kick out women, and gate-keep those very spaces from us. Characters like Tomoko are sought after by creepy troons because they project onto her and want characters like her as their mascots. But no matter how much trannies may fight with you about it, female characters like Tomoko, Madotsuki, Rei, Lain, and Samus have never and will never belong to trannies. More women should know this and, again, not let troons sway them from enjoying a good or entertaining piece of media.

Anonymous 219796



Anonymous 219801


>What's Madoka doing with the rest of the moeblobs?
>implying madoka isn't moeblob in art style

But also there was a mentally ill girl who pretended to be a MtF tranny on tumblr named "idislikecispeople" who used Sayaka as her avatar and would CONSTANTLY try to edit the PMMM wiki with pic related.

There's a whole thread on her on Kiwi.

Anonymous 219812


I wonder why. Maybe because TIMs are ugly?

Anonymous 219813

KF didn't do their research and they need to update their thread, it's definitely a MtF. One that must've gotten an early start on HRT and had his dick and balls shrunk.

Anonymous 219815



Anonymous 219819


I hate them. I hate them with all my heart.

Anonymous 219826

>yet another troon trying to call himself a "mommy"/"milf"
Hey, remember when men used to get really misogynistic about women and would stereotype girls with "daddy issues" as immature, rebellious promiscuous women?

It seems like scrotes having mommy issues and trooning out go hand in hand.

Anonymous 219828

there is a dedicated subreddit for the transmommy fetish, i thought about bringing it up here before but i figured no one would be surprised so there was no point lol

Anonymous 219832


What would you do if you found yourself talking to someone and realized midway that it was a troon?

Anonymous 219833

I would stop the conversation and walk away.

Anonymous 219835

I would hesitate to believe this troon. There has been multiple instances where troons scream about the "transphobia" of being "randomly attacked" when the situation played out very differently from their narrative. Troons seem to like instigating fights and conflicts with their unlawful and perverse behavior, but act genuinely shocked when they get punched, kicked, or shot in their dumb man-faces. Troon in the video tried to have the world believe he was being "oppressed" for his driver kicking him out, as if the driver was "transphobic". The actual reason? The troon was beating his dick in the backseat. I really have to under if troons' brains have the same build as the mind of a rapist or a pedophile.

Anonymous 219836

Kek, I meant *wonder. But my point still stands, trannies seem to be compulsive liars who lie about everything. They are blatantly manipulative.

Anonymous 219837

I just remembered on tumblr years ago, a tranny weas posting about how dangerous it was to go out to bars, clubbing etc. A woman made a comment and simply suggested that women develop instincts to keep themselves safe from childhood, but boys arent raised that way etc. and trannies and hand maidens attacked her.

Anonymous 219838

This doesn't pass the smell test. Monty is just upset he doesn't pass as well as he think he does.

Anonymous 219839


That woman was based. Troons in the comment section seethed because the reality of women always being targeted goes against their narcissistic victim complex that it's troons who are the most "oppressed" and "obsessed over". In actuality, troons have some of the lowest murder rates of all demographics. In the UK, less than twenty troons have been killed in the last ten or more years. That is a ridiculously low rate of murder. Just look at picrel.

Anonymous 219840


completely normal thing to own…

Anonymous 219841

I don't think you have to wonder/under at all. Just think about it: The type of creep who wants to sneak into the women's changing room is almost by definition the same type of creep who'd put on a dress to do it.

Anonymous 219842

w-what is that?

Anonymous 219843

Trannies are on the edge of taking "skin walking" a little too literally.

Anonymous 219846


Anonymous 219847


Why do trannies always have that weird stare? Like, when they look at the camera or at you, their eyes are always dead even when the rest of their face is trying to convey happiness. Maybe I'm just overreacting to their perpetual ugliness, but hearing some kind of psychological theory about it would be cool anyway

Anonymous 219848

mental illness

Anonymous 219851

Gollum looking motherfucker has the eyes of a psychopath.

Anonymous 219855

It's the thousand coom stare

Anonymous 219858


Does anyone ever read how trannies impact their families and wonder what you're supposed to do if you ever had a child and they grew up and trooned out? Like imagine you have a daughter or a son and they identify as a tranny once they reach 17 or of adult age. What then? How do you cope with your own daughter or son becoming in this gross state of psychosis where they can't understand reality anymore? Imagine you have done everything you could to get your child to understand that trannies are mentally ill people and to not end up like them, yet your child still ends up being one of them. Would this be a parental failure? I don't even have kids but the concept of birthing, raising, and trying your best to teach your child the way of life….only for them to devolve and troon out is terrifying in this personal, heart-stinging way. Perhaps I am overthinking it, but I can't help but feel like it would be watching them kind of die.

Anonymous 219861

Anonymous 219862

Trannyism seems like it actually expands with increased regulation on online sexual content. The generation that entered the internet of SomethingAwful, 4chan, liveleak days of 2000-2010, from the epoch in which youtube stayed true to the reason it had been founded in the first place (the founders were motivated by how "unreasonably difficult" it was to find video files of Janet Jackson's nipple becoming exposed during the superbowl), seemed to have a normal rate of trannyism. It's like all the freaks and weirdos who otherwise would have been freaks and weirdos in their own way were pushed into a tranny shaped mould afterwards by virtue of the Redditization of communities and the increasingly enforced regulation of content services. We've seen this happen the most amongst young women who would otherwise have flocked to now-illegal pro-ana communities or socially and morally objectionable spaces being pressed into FtM circles. This is likely to continue and intensify by virtue of regulation and social pressure mounting against what had previously been diverse forms of perversion from eating disorders and antinatalist or pro-suicide philosophy and poetry subcultures succumb to very real pressure leaving the dysphoric angst of youth with only approved channels and approved means of validating or expressing their condition, and with said socially approved constricted channels being restricted to trannydom…

Anonymous 219863

I feel that the answer is simple nona. If you monitor your childrens online activity and educate them on what's out there before they can be tricked by the scum that lurks on discord servers then they can better avoid them. As long as you are not a neglectful and wilfully ignorant parent they'll be fine. You should also make it a point to not just say it's wrong, but explain why.

Anonymous 219864

no way. how did you get it to do that? I can't get it to say anything about trannies

Anonymous 219866

NTA I think what she meant is what if she actually does monitor her child's activity, but due to outside influences (most likely school and friends), the kid still becomes a tranny? What if teen rebelliousness does its thing and the son/daughter would decide to do exactly as she told them not to?

What a simple-minded way to look at her very real concern. Not every tranny is groomed online.

Anonymous 219867

its not like porn is difficult to access at the moment, and troons are obvious porn addicts.

Anonymous 219879


They are setting themselves up for another gamergate. they will back down because intrinsically, they are video game addicted incels and they know this.

because being browbeaten by males on both sides of the political spectrum is exhausting and sometimes you want to just give and pick a side to enable.

Anonymous 219888


It is moeblobb aesthetically but not spiritually.
Also I am glad troons didn't steal Homura from us. Homura is a too obvious of a terf, they could never.

Anonymous 219900


I'ts over

Anonymous 219901


Anonymous 219906

PMMM/MagiReco itself is just a yuriverse for troons and men who fetish loli so I would avoid it like the plague at this point. I'm sorry. I used to love it too but there's other magical girl anime that are better and less pedo-pandering. MagiReco made me realize they are aiming for a male target audience.

Anonymous 219908

I pretend MagiReco doesn't exist. I don't get pedo/fetishistic vibes from PMMM though (not more than standard anime, I mean). I haven't watched any other magical girl show I liked and what I like about PMMM is not necessarily the magical girl aspect anyway.

Motherfuckers. Well, Homura would hate them.

Anonymous 219910

Urobuchi also wrote a gore lolicon visual novel

Anonymous 219911

You can guarantee that almost anything moeblob or "CGDCT" is gonna be massively beloved by mentally ill incels and yuritroons. It draws them in because they are losers and they image having parasocial relationships with the characters or self-inserting since they're all flat.

PMMM felt fine to me until men starting doing shit like this >>219801 because I know pedos were aaall over Kyoko back in the day. I swear there was one other big drama troon who self-inserted as Sayaka besides the tumblr one though.

Anonymous 219912


Gotta love how trannies and their activists place anyone critical of them or a fan of Harry Potter on the same level as those moids who go out and kill trannies. It only makes me wanna watch Harry Potter even more.

Anonymous 219918


>cleft chin
i have that too

Anonymous 219925

I have an extremely male digit ratio but my hands are very small and thin, they'd never be confused for male hands. Troons can cope and seethe.

Anonymous 219931

Its okay anona, I have one too. Im glad mine isnt as noticable.
Unfortunately its a dominant gene. Meaning theres a strong chance if you have children, they will have it too.

Anonymous 219932

>moids who go out and kill trannies
is there even such a thing?

Anonymous 219934


Imagine being indigenous, and seeing trannies throw such a tantrum over a Harry Potter video game that they bastardize the tragic world history of genocide with their comparison to people playing the game. Trannies will really reach for any analogy to live in their own victim complex, I've already seen them do this with the holocaust.

Anonymous 219936


>mfw playing the wizard game is equal to total tranny genocie

Anonymous 219940

>Why do you think Hogwarts Legacy sold so well
Because the head honcho behind Harry Potter in general spoke out against the tranny menace. Before this, there were plenty of trannies latching themselves onto the series. And that right there is the actually solution, gatekeeping and telling troons to fuck off.
Stopping yourself from liking a character, because it has been appropriated by crossdressers, will just lead to a future where women will have hardly anything to identify with, in fear that some tranny will do it first.

Anonymous 219942

It's all because JKR has a hell of a backbone though. Most people bend at some point but she took an enormous amount of hate and refuses to submit.

Anonymous 219946

> It is moeblobb aesthetically but not spiritually.
That's a good way of putting it. Also nice trips.

Anonymous 219953



Anonymous 219957

i fkn hate troons especially mtfs but goddamn you people are making fun of a 16 year old kid who was stabbed to death. wtf is wrong with you

Anonymous 219958

Are these self-harm scars on his leg? lmao

Anonymous 219959

I am not glad that he died but I am glad that there is one less potential rapist around.

Anonymous 219961

Related to what I said here >>219858
I find it really sad when kids and teens get caught in the middle of tranny bullshit. Kids and teens are already in a tough spot with understanding the world and themselves. Now trannies are trying to spread their bullshit because mental illness loves company, and with that spread, they try to infect children with this psychosis-level of perception on how identities work. The teen who got stabbed was not only under clear propaganda, but that kid died while under that gutter-trash state of mind. That kid died before he could reach the resolution of truly understanding himself, as the boy he was. That is really sad.

Anonymous 219962


Tips for avoiding developing paranoia/schizoid symptoms around the topic of gender benders? I feel like I see at least one troon every day even though that's highly unlikely

Anonymous 219967

I feel bad for actual women who get mistaken for trannies. It's bad enough that the world treats unconventional women like shit for not being perfect. Now they probably get mistaken for trannies because of some unluckily large feet, or other traits that go heavy with the typical male form.

Anonymous 219970

Maybe they should be a bit more normal? I get that a lot of women have unfortunate features and it's not their fault but how do you let yourself fall so far that people mistake you for hairy moids who were socialized to be clumsy brutes

Anonymous 219971

Not every woman acts ladylike and a lot of troons try to act "girly"

Anonymous 219982


TRIGGER WARNING TRANNY DEGENERATE SHIT. Every single day that goes i hate more those monsters

Anonymous 219988

Jesus fucking Christ I fucking hate males.

Anonymous 219992

I swear to God, if only their 41% suicide attempts wasn't a fucking myth and more of these males actually killed themselves. And I believe you on trannies having a pedophilia problem. Seeing that vid reminded me of those Reddit posts where creepy male janitors admitted to collecting used and discarded menstrual items. Trannies sexualize and masturbate in public restrooms where women and girls are just trying to do their business. If they're willing to sexualize and masturbate public restrooms for women and girls so they can put their dicks, buttholes, and semen all over diaper-changing stations, sinks, and toilet handles that any woman or young girl is going to touch, there is no way these dudes aren't sexualizing children too. Shame on anyone who still thinks trannies are "just trying to pee". They're not, and there's no longer any excuse to not be aware of how they REALLY view society.

Anonymous 219997


Anonymous 219999

they really do love this name for some reason lol

Anonymous 220000

I've met a ton of melody's (real girls) when I was growing up. checked btw

Anonymous 220001

interesting, i have never met one, either i'm older and it's a newer trend or it just wasn't popular where i grew up.

Anonymous 220036

>he uwu under the fick
jfc it makes so much sense. "uwu" is the quintessential troon dick kaomoji, I knew it in my heart even before this chart.

Anonymous 220037

reminder that last time this conversation appeared ITT it was a confirmed troon trying to derail us.
men don't pass as women, that's all.

Anonymous 220042

This. If you suspect it's a troon, it's a troon. Anyone telling you otherwise is trying to troll you into keeping silent

Anonymous 220048

Lol, the smile of the guy in a suit, he knows he's winning. Lucky moid.

Anonymous 220052

This whole thing is a bit horrifying. The scars on his legs, and the whole hypersexualized way he presented himself while being 16(!), I wouldn't be surprised if this boy had been abused and his death had something to do with it.

Anonymous 220053

To be fair when a kid acts in a hypersexual way it's almost always a sign of abuse. It's very sad to see.

Anonymous 220069

Ignoring the troon post to say that it's not victim-blaming to point out the blatant safeguarding issue with having a minor exposing himself like that on the internet. It's not his fault, it's the adults who didn't protect him like they should have.

Anonymous 220078

man hand reduction surgery should be pushed on all social media. They'll mangle their hands so badly they will never be able to type again.

Anonymous 220097


Anonymous 220099

Absolutely. Probably groomed into trooning out and likely suffered a history of sexual abuse.

Anonymous 220104

thank you this is the actual radfem point of view/analysis. the people cheering the murder of a sexually abused and groomed 16 year old kid were definitely 4chan r9k groomer troon scrote raiders who like to throw a bomb in the dark and then point the finger at us. We wont fall for your shit.

Anonymous 220111


I found the whole video of one of the trannies themselves fapping in the women’s restroom with women unknowingly present

Anonymous 220112


Trigger warning, tranny degenerate shit.

Anonymous 220114


Anonymous 220115


Anonymous 220116


Anonymous 220117


Anonymous 220124

All that to avoid male puberty. its laughable really.

Anonymous 220126


These males strike an ounce of fear into me. 99% of my emotion towards troons is hatred and disgust, but the concept of troons is a very, very creepy one. These men have become so warped in their own obsession with objectifying women and everything they do, that they take it a step further and skinwalk as women. As play pretend like they're children using their imagination, except these aren't children. These are grown men who have become so accustomed to their obsession with women that now they want to regurgitate that obsession by larping as women as an attempt to literally LIVE in their kink; a bastardized understanding of what women actually are and what our lives are actually like. They want to live in their kink so badly, their brains eventually melt into this new objective: that they ARE women. They are not, but they have convinced themselves that they count as women and work to masquerade as us in our actual spaces. But because these are still men with dangerous thoughts and emotions, their introduction into our spaces has led us to more danger as they "eat up" our spaces from the inside out. They demanded to be let into our restrooms, but look at the instances of trannies taking advantage of that to prey on women and girls. They demand to be let into our sports, yet look at the large imbalance they have established in our competitions. They demand that we have no fear of trannies around us or our children, yet approximately half of all trannies in prison are there because of sexual crimes, which places trannies as more than likely to commit acts such as rape than women are. It should also be mentioned of the many covered-up cases where trannies have gotten busted for being pedos and exchanging CP. Trannies change their appearance into mimicking that of a woman, but because they are not women, they don't quite understand how women use their body language, talk, dress nor can they "shapeshift" their male physical characteristics into being more like a woman's. They miss the mark. So instead of actually passing as women, what really comes out is straight into the uncanny valley. They don't quite look like women, but you can see that they try hard to. Their appearance is that of an alien or a monster's poor grasp of what a woman looks, talks, dresses, and acts like. These males attempt to "wear" our skin, but clearly don't view us as worthy of grace as they keep hurting us and our children in this jealous, hideous, and animalistic way. It's there where you realize that trannies are basically like skinwalkers; heinous creatures who spy on species that are different than themselves, and make their move to mimic them as well as possible so they can infiltrate that species and slaughter them from the inside out. Except skinwalkers have the awesome fact that they're not real. However, men and their mental illnesses are. Trannies are human males, but are mentally so far gone that they have the brain of a creature that doesn't even exist. Males who have lost their goddamn minds so much, that they lost their grasp on what they even are, and live lies that they're something they're blatantly not. It's like watching a person become convinced that they're actually a cat and watching them make these creepy sets of movements and mannerisms. It seems funny at first, but their psyche is terrifying to think about. If a person can lie to themselves that fucking far to the point of convincing themselves that they're something they're not, what other dangerous thoughts are they capable of formulating? Well, when you look at the death and rape threats these same males make to women, their threat to society becomes clear. Unfortunately, what's also scary about all this is how compliant "normies" have gotten to letting trannies do and say whatever they want. Trannies have made it abundantly clear that they are some sick people who need to have anti-psychotics pumped down their throats, but the "normies" are watching an entirely different viewpoint about trannies and would shame you for standing up to them. How are normies this dumb and blatantly ignorant of how trannies really view them and women? They're like people who have houses completely infested with venomous spiders, but will tell you straight to your face that there is no danger from the spiders, and that you're actually crazy for not wanting to be around those spiders. How much "normies" lie to themselves and to women and children about these males in dresses is terrifying on its own.

Anonymous 220130


Anonymous 220132


Anonymous 220133


Anonymous 220135


Anonymous 220136

I dont get late in life transitions. Like what triggers this?

Anonymous 220145

maybe going to the terf thread when i already feel sick like throwing up wasn't a good idea, see you nonies

Anonymous 220147

Terminal fetishism combined with lack of shaming, notice how this happens far less frequently in shame based societies.

Anonymous 220151



Anonymous 220152

I want this one to get stabbed too

Anonymous 220153

We should find a way to encourage these pricks to do more shit like this, never interrupt your enemy when it is committing a mistake

Anonymous 220154

Why the fuck is this creature running around while it's half-naked??? It has the build of Gollum from LOTR. Trannies are lower than animals, the average house pet is more valuable than them.

Anonymous 220160

Lolitas have fought so hard to keep those weirdos out and they still find their way onto that community, truly fucked up and gross

Anonymous 220164

Fuck the lives of trannies who wanna act like wild animals with their degenerate, predatory fetishes. If I was that truck driver and I saw that surgically botched Jeff the Killer troon trying to flash me in the road, I would have picked up the speed without stopping after the "bump".

Anonymous 220166

I liked lolita fashion but never got around to dress like this, guess I’ll keep my anime tastes for animes that trannies would probably hate watching

Anonymous 220167

Also it’s sad to think that we have to let them have all the cool shit, I guess it’s time to start enjoying good and safe christian stuff, at least in religion I won’t have to deal with trannies

Anonymous 220170

whats teh browser extension nona?

Anonymous 220171


what happened?

Anonymous 220172


Anonymous 220243


Anonymous 220437

I mean, if we're talking about a hellish society like in Lesotho rape is maybe the primary reason HIV spreads, but in general I'd wager that it's needles and drugs here more than rape.
Abuse can serverly impact personality and sexuality but that's more the exception than the rule if you ask me (you didn't, I know hah..).
I wonder how we as a society will deal with this mess here.

Anonymous 220541

Does anyone have the link for where this is from?

Anonymous 220544

If troons think gender is different from sex and just a social construct, then how can one be transgender if gender does not actually exist? I don't comprehend this line of thinking in them.

Anonymous 224037


Anonymous 224065

tragon u mean

Anonymous 224312

This creature cannot even define what a woman is even if it tried, he's so close to actually understanding

Anonymous 224338

Why did youtube recommend this uggo to me

Anonymous 224875


we keep winning nonas

Anonymous 224876


It's TERFing time

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