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Terfposting #30 Anonymous 220182

Anonymous 220184


Anonymous 220185


Anonymous 220186


Perfect. The human mind may lie, but the body can't.

Anonymous 220187

that image needs spoiled ffs

Anonymous 220190

An image of bones?

Anonymous 220194


Trannies are subhuman and don't deserve love. May they be peacefully hit by a fat ass truck with the pedal to the metal.

Anonymous 220195


Anonymous 220197


Now they're mad that people (women) can choose not to be organ donors and guilt tripping them. A new level of entitlement.

Anonymous 220204

I love how modern medicine took a giant leap backwards from science based treatments to ideology and religion based frankesteinesque victorian butchery. Transhumanism (not trannyism but transhumanism as in overcoming humanity) in its whole is a failed project and now they start to randomly cut and medicate around to change humans regardless if its good or bad. The main point is just to show off how you can fleshcraft whoever into smething else, even if its just an abomination and playing around with DNA and hormones even though no one truly understands it.

Anonymous 220207

This gendie I know posted on insta getting mad at a children’s shop display with Harry Potter costumes kek. Imagine having so few problems that some fancy dress shit triggers you

Anonymous 220217


>there is no right way to be trans
There sure isn't, because all the ways one can be trans are horribly, terribly wrong.

Anonymous 220218

>search u/ChloeIsTheBitch
>entire post history is gaming and being excessively aggressive for no reason
Lmao, the way these people bark at real women and scream at them to fuck off using intimidation tactics, its really quite patriarchal but they lack the self awareness to realize how they behave. They embarass themselves.

Anonymous 220219

He doesn't even attempt reasonable discussion btw, its always straight to the insults/intimidation tactics and screeching about muh transphobia.

Anonymous 220220


Anonymous 220221


Anonymous 220222


Anonymous 220223


Anonymous 220224


>a lot of screaming trannies are sixteen-year-old retards who need to sit down, shut up, and just focus on school
Their ages explain a lot, but it doesn't make them less of a zit on society's face. I wonder how this child's mother would react to them yelling and screaming about their induced, glorified psychosis on Reddit every day. But wait, do I even have to ask? The mother has clearly failed if that kid is even frequenting Reddit.

Anonymous 220228

>>220136 (from the last thread)
midlife crisis. they don't like feeling old, they don't like being uninteresting, and in these particular cases, they probably don't like how they never lived-out their weirdo fetishes. In their panic to alleviate these feelings of regret and inadequacy, they tend to latch onto trannyism as it satisfies all three wants at once, without realizing how pathetic it makes them look.

Anonymous 220257

I think this guy just literally thinks men don't have asses. He's so used to ogling womens' butts in porn that but = female to him. Every other inch of his body is so obviously male that this has to be it.

Anonymous 220259

That reminds me, that indian tim that was getting a transplant "soon" was almost a year ago now.. wonder what happened with that. Or are surgery wait times really that long?

Anonymous 220268

get a grip…..

Anonymous 220269

ironic really that a man dressing up as a woman is angry at others dressing up in a costume….

Anonymous 220272


It's amazing how many Nazi trannies there are on Discord. It's like every third server.

Too bad they don't get the government they want. Real Nazis would put their disgusting selves in camps.

Anonymous 220275


Anonymous 220281

motherhood is beautiful.
i have baby fever :(

Anonymous 220283


>princess wand

Anonymous 220284


and then they all clapped

Anonymous 220301

It's his age, silly. And yes a bunch of adults on reddit are encouraging this underage boy to become a tranny.

Anonymous 220312

why are you fearmongering with this crap, if she wants to be a mom then what's it to you? someone has to have babies, otherwise who will keep the power on while you are in the nursing home? who is going to change YOUR diaper?

Anonymous 220319

Most people on this ib are autistic and what of it?

Anonymous 220326


Trannies, "queers", enbies or thembies are all in a competition to see who can transform their completely first-world, crybaby snot, spilled milk problems into something akin to actually being oppressed. Why do they love to feel oppressed so fucking much? Wait a minute, I already know the reason for that: they have a victim complex.

Anonymous 220328

"Complex" refers to psychological conditioning from a long term, consistent, coherent external pattern. Adler identified himself as having an "inferiority complex" because he understood himself as experiencing a lifelong pattern of behavior driven by his observable inferiority to his older brother. People who have victim complexes have to actually experience victimhood, which is why genuine victim complexes are almost always in women, and in homosexual men, and in children of religiously abusive households. A real victim complex is more likely to manifest in irrational refusal to accept victim status than in advertising it–the classical example of abused and battered women who refuse to accept that what their husband does is wrong or is anything other than purely reactive to herself, assuming all responsibility for his behavior rather than face her relative powerlessness.

Longing for nonexistent victim status is not really a victim complex, it seems to instead be related to Munchausen's. You know. The disorder that makes parents poison their own children for clout, and that manifests in people convincing themselves of fantasies that they themselves do not believe in because other people will see them as special.

There's a lot of similarity between transgenderism and Munchausen's, particularly in the sorts of trannyism-flavored Munchausen-by-proxy you can observe in parents of trans infants/toddlers.

Anonymous 220329

Thank you so much for educating me on this. Now I know the psychological reason that makes trannies even more repulsive.

Anonymous 220330

there is power in being a victim these days, she is probably lamenting the fact that she is a normie now.

Anonymous 220333



Anonymous 220334

Holy FUCK what are those feet

Anonymous 220340


before and after troon pics are a riot. All of mtf selfie train is

Anonymous 220341


he literally looks the exact same but with thin scraggly hair

Anonymous 220342


The guy here was tubby but decent looking, but then his troon pic he looks demonically possessed

Anonymous 220343

>I grabbed the hello kitty mirror Chettawut gives you after surgery

Anonymous 220344


Anonymous 220345


Everytime i thimk about troon sex i think about how fucking painful it must be, its disgusting

Anonymous 220346


Anonymous 220347


Anonymous 220348


Anonymous 220349

Screenshot 2023-02…

Why do their eyes get like this?

Anonymous 220352

lol ironically he looks more softboi on the first one

Anonymous 220355


Anonymous 220357

>Egg producers vs sperm producers
>somehow not a binary

Anonymous 220360

it is so so weird to try to convince another woman not to have babies. im sure shes aware of the risk. but bringing a new life into the world is beautiful. and if it's your own baby you dont mind the screaming and the sickness and all that. mothers are wonderful, you have a mother too

Anonymous 220371


Went from 28 year old chubby nerd to 50 year old serial rapist.

Anonymous 220408

Click ar your own peril. A whole gallery of neo-vaginas. These are must be the best looking ones otherwise Bowers wouldn't have them on his site.

Anonymous 220411

One thing I really do not understand about these processes is: why do some of these fat men actually lose weight like this on hormone replacement? God knows it isn't because they're suddenly diligent, disciplined and serious about exercise and diet, look at how shabbily they dress and do their hair, they're just as big of wrecks on personal self maintenance as ever. Are they just eating "chick food" like salads etc. afterwards, or is there maybe something about their testosterone metabolism that was always actually fucked up?

Anonymous 220421


Trannies have their own house in my friend's neighbourhood. It's specifically for housing troons with nowhere else to go.
It had never occurred to me that such things exist. According to what she told me about it, they only let troons live there, and only let you in at all if you are some other thing on the LGBT scale, and at that, they are extremely hesitant.

Anonymous 220424

I find that so hilarious. Trannies act like they're being routinely hunted by "normies" when the number one time they get murdered is when they rape men by deception and even then, the rate at which trannies are murdered is STILL lower than the rate for women and girls.

Anonymous 220425

Imagine what sorts of disgusting things go on in that place; i bet it smells like dirty diapers.

Anonymous 220431

Necrohole results, don't look if you are squeamish.

Anonymous 220438

This has probably been posted before but I came across it and couldn't stop laughing. Deep fakes are horrifying but when used well the technology brings us great things

Anonymous 220442

I laughed otu loud when I saw this

Anonymous 220455


The thing is, people joke about this calling them "axe wounds" and stuff, but honestly looking at these pictures fills me with overwhelming conflicting feelings. How are these surgeons legally able to do this? How can people do this to themselves? I don't exactly feel pity for these people, but maybe if I saw someone I love go through this I would.

The only answer is that its some of the most twisted, fucked up mental illness being egged on by absolute psychopath doctors.

Looking at these photos, you can hardly even tell the difference between the fresh surgeries and the healed-for-a-year ones. These are horrific. You have to be so, so far gone mentally to agree to something like this.

At their very best, they look like severely malformed and damaged vulvas, but the majority look like openings into the abdominal cavity, like stretched open bellybuttons and bizarre buttholes.

Anonymous 220458


Like I mentioned before on this board, "neovaginas" are actually worse than literal butt holes because at least the anus serves the purpose of getting rid of solid wastes. There is absolutely no structural point in neovaginas, outside of their sole purpose to reinforce the tranny's delusion that it's "real" and "valid". Like that one terf tweet said along the lines: neovags are just canals pointing to a uterus that has never and still doesn't exist, a fleshy arrow pointing towards why transwomen are not and will never be women.

Anonymous 220463

thats so fucked. there's so many other people who actually deserve free housing like women escaping domestic abuse situations especially with children. i hate trannies so fucking much i hope that house explodes from a gas leak lmao.

Anonymous 220465

You know, speaking of housing and shelter for women who are fleeing from horrid situations, there was a women's shelter that was attacked by trannies and their activists. A dead rat was nailed to the property because the people in charge of the shelter made it clear that they wanted NO MALES to get in.

Anonymous 220473

women like this embarrass me so much and make it hard for me to feel sympathy for them once shit hits the fan to the point that i don't even care anymore when they make follow up tiktoks about how their bfs were just using them for sex or never saw them as a True and Honest Boy or any other shit that happens to them. I'm already a misandrist but these women make me feel like a misanthrope as cringey as i think that term is.

Anonymous 220475

Did the women's shelter cave to their demands? I didn't keep up with this story?

Anonymous 220478

No but the government stopped funding for that shelter. It happened in Vancouver BC btw

Anonymous 220479

new research progr…

Anonymous 220481


>government stopped funding the shelter
How. How has society become so whipped and compliant to every fucking thing trannies demand for and do? First the name of their mental illness taken off the DSM, and now they actually have the power to defund literal fucking shelters for abused and homeless women??? What the hell??? This world is fucking bleak. Reposted this comment because of a dumb typo, so I apologize if you already saw it

Anonymous 220485


Anonymous 220486


Anonymous 220491

Does anyone here know of any period/feminine hygiene brands that DO NOT cater to troons and the genderspecials in the US?

Anonymous 220492

Samefag, but I ask because I saw Tampax give their shit to a tranny, so I'm staying away from them, though I never wore tampons anyway

Anonymous 220495

how would a tranny even utilize their product what

Anonymous 220498


I don't know nona but its fucking with me hard and now I refuse to support brands that support the genderspecials

Anonymous 220499


Watching trannies seethe this hard at TERFS, women, or anyone who criticizes their perspective on how sex and identities work is pretty entertaining because they make it clear that they're addicted to being "triggered". Go on any troon-infested online community, and at least fifty times every fucking day, it's them complaining about what women think, what JK Rowling said, or about any little detail that reminds them of the fact that they're not the women they want to be. They post screenshots of feminists criticizing transgender logic and practices, screaming about it. They make essays or crybaby posts about how jealous they are of random "cis" women in public who probably didn't even notice their existence, or how "oppressed" they are for women not sleeping with them. They raid female-dominated sites like lolcow and CC with garbage like soyjacks, poop pics, and imagery of child abuse because they're that fucking barbaric and angry over female image boards NOT liking them. You'd think trannies would have learned to ignore what anyone says or thinks by now, like how they ignore the laws of biology, but no. Trannies KEEP coming back to places like lolcow, this site, Ovarit, JK Rowling's private messages, or even Lipstick Alley to argue, threaten, raid, or cry at screenshots of women rejecting them and their mental illness. Troons keep coming back to "teach us a lesson", but they never do because very few of us are that retarded. So the troons keep getting their asses kicked to the curve by the women they try to bully, only to not learn their lesson, and keep coming back for the cycle of their parasitism to be completed. Trannies are really addicted to their one-sided competition with women, and I think that stems from their narcissism to receive validation even if it means burning the world to the ground as "punishment" for disagreeing with them about ONE thing.

Anonymous 220504

Well said. I love the idea of trannies coming here and seeing this thread, getting triggered.

Anonymous 220506

Do they know they're alienating regular liberals/democrats too?

Anonymous 220507

do those even exist anymore?

Anonymous 220512

Just buy the generic ones. The corporations will never be terfs so long as males have all the money. All sanitary products should be viewed with some caution since tampax knowingly distributed and sold dangerous tampons and pads in African countries. It took years of african women complaining to even get a headline but nobody remembers. Men make everything and they don't care about you or worry about practical safety and health. In fact womens products are always an inferior product with a higher price tag so hopefully the gender ideology bs could afford us some decent products pandering to TiFs.

Anonymous 220515

Stop buying pads/tampons all together. The chemicals in them are harmful for your body. Just buy period underwear. They're made of a thicker fabric that soaks up blood, just wash when you're done. Buy a number of pairs to keep in rotation, you'll likely never have to think about buying pads/tampons anymore. Now you won't have to deal with regular panties accidentally getting covered in blood.

They claim that they keep them in their man-purse for when they've invaded the women's restroom and a woman asks for a tampon.

Health and safety is not a gendered issue. Most on-shelf products are harmful for humans. Period. No pun intended. Nobody is looking out for you or me, and it surpasses a gendered issue. The food is fucked, the air is fucked, the water is fucked, mainstream medicine is fucked. No gender is spared. You only think it's men's fault because men are the only ones who are smart enough to manage a business/product that doesn't crumble apart.

Anonymous 220518

God I want to be a mom and have little blonde and red headed babies so badly it hurts but I'm 31 :(

Why are children so sweet /b/? Even little moidlets can be adorable if you raise them correctly. My nephew is really protective of his sister for example.

Anonymous 220519

not surprising that he would make something like this. that guy has always had a few screws loose.

Anonymous 220537


Why are TIMs so aggressive? Is it the fact that they will never ever be women?

Anonymous 220538

>why are TiMs so aggressive?
Because they are males.

Anonymous 220548

Same guy who made that "Nice Guy" comic that got popular a while back btw.

Anonymous 220550


I completely forgot about this viral comic.

Anonymous 220552

There's a worse tranny pedo there.

"Mason indicated that a woman at the facility "reported that while in the mother-child program, two transgender individuals with convictions for pedophilia, Madilyn Harks and Tara Desousa, would loiter near her and her child, making sexist and inappropriate antagonizing comments."

Harks, a man formerly named Matthew, is a serial pedophile who targeted young girls and is believed to have victimized at least 60 children before being charged for 200 offenses that occurred in British Columbia."

Anonymous 220553

I'm going to be sick. Trannies seriously need to burn in Hell.

Anonymous 220555

Ty nonas. I'll look for some good period panties then. Fuck these companies and fuck harmful period products

Anonymous 220557

looks like a philosophy tube skinwalker

Anonymous 220558


Found his twin

Anonymous 220590


he wants to be rowling so bad

Anonymous 220594


>tranny India says he's "more of a woman than JK Rowling"
>he also wants to be her
It's pretty much official. Trannies talk shit and work very hard to dehumanize women because they are jealous and believe that our existence is for them to possess.

Anonymous 220603

Died recently? I guess suicide can be considered a natural cause of death for them.

Anonymous 220607


So basically, trannies dying is actually the best fate for them because their existences are that much of a dumpster fire KEK, sayonara to all the suicidal troons because hooray for the trash taking itself out

Anonymous 220610


>nope that is such a tranny response
>simply wishing less of these things were alive is a tranny response
Troon spotted, fucking cope.

Anonymous 220612


>previous comments of not giving a shit about trannies getting fatal karma for their dangerous actions towards men, women and children
>used the phrase "trash takes itself out" to justify them.
>sudden holier than thou attitude to anyone who feels even remotely satisfied when a mentally ill degenerate finds peace in their own death
Your overall viewpoint on transgenderism is inconsistent and you strike me as another BPDchan who can't make up her mind on her moral compass. I don't give a fuck if degenerate, pedophile, rapist trannies die. I'll gladly celebrate when they take their own lives, and saying it's bad to feel such a way is such a naive take no matter how intellectual you want to make yourself seem. Bye now.

Anonymous 220613

Blogpost incoming. Last night my friend tried to lecture me about trans rights. I haven't come out as a TERF to him or our friendship circle, I just play dumb about the issue. Anyway, he said that trans women were more oppressed and suffer more than "cis" women. Disgusting. I tried asking him what exactly makes a person trans, because I see a lot of "amabs" with typically masculine personalities calling themselves women and I'm not convinced they're women. He didn't really have an answer for that, so he started rambling on about the gender critical movement and JK Rowling. I played dumb some more and asked what he meant by the gender critical movement, then he linked me this whacky Jim Sterling video.

How can people support and advocate for trans shit so much when they don't even understand it themselves?

Anonymous 220615

> How can people support and advocate for trans shit so much when they don't even understand it themselves?

It’s a cult of zealotry. The faithful need not understand their faith so long as they serve the cult.

Anonymous 220624

Simple, ask him how many women in the US were killed last year and how many trannies (38). Then ask him why you should care about the smaller number when the larger number is clearly a bigger problem.

Anonymous 220637

tbh the whole point is that people don't try to understand it on a deeper level, the moment you start trying to find concrete definitions is the moment this whole movement shatters

Anonymous 220639


Anonymous 220652

I hope this isn't a troll and it's an actual tranny that realized her fucked up his life.

Anonymous 220671

It's the first time I see jim sterling in quite a while. So he's a troon now? It's an epidemic

Anonymous 220693

I'd rather have them in a single building than have them spread out across all the women's shelters in the area

It most likely is, that's what a lot of the sub's members are there for

Anonymous 220700


>tranny rapes a child
>they deadnamed herrrr!!!!!

Anonymous 220721

just saw this one. not sure if i've seen it before, or if it just rings so true that it feels eternally based:

If I paint an apple orange, is that apple now an orange?
If I paint an apple orange, will you call the apple an orange?
If I paint an apple orange, will the apple taste like an orange?
If I paint an apple orange, will the apple produce orange juice?
If I paint an apple orange, will the apple seeds produce orange trees?
If I paint an apple orange, can I shove it down your throat, even if you're allergic to apples?


Anonymous 220748


I hate troons. They value pronouns over the fact that a disgusting male raped a little girl. Luckily, looking on youtube comments and instagram posts rn show that normies are hitting peak trans. I go on a Dylan Mulvaney video or troon bs and see more people flooding it with hate than encouragement. They're tipping regular people over the edge. The sad thing is that I hope they don't lump the entire LGB community once they swing back… It's literally only the genderspecial freaks but they inserted themselves in with the gays and lesbians and hijacked their struggle.

Anonymous 220752

>I hope they don't lump the entire LGB community once they swing back
You're talking about a society whose conservative section sits in such willful ignorance that their more vocal members think that radical feminism is radically pro-trans despite terf being a common jab. The question is not "will this hurt the LGB community" so much as "how much."

Anonymous 220755

That depresses me so much

Anonymous 220758

Lesbian and Gay communities are mutualistic. What harms one inevitably harms both.
You are playing on the very harmful and very male stereotype that imageboard psychopaths are so filled with disgust and contempt for others that they are unable to act in their own best interest, so long as harm is done to someone they dislike. That's more a /v/ thing than cc.

Anonymous 220762


I'm not necessarily "defending" gay scrotes. My post doesn't say it bc I wasn't trying to think on it too hard on my "stance" (I was just writing what was on my mind today honestly), but I don't like the way sexuality is often attacked by Troons. See pic rel but gender freaks frequently make attacks on people's natural sexuality and call lesbians and gays "bigoted" for daring to be attracted to the same sex. I don't think there is anything wrong with people who are sexually attracted to others based on biology. You can't form attraction based on whether or not someone merely claims to be a man or a woman. Like, if I'm only attracted to girls, it doesn't matter how many times you claim your pecker is "girly…" You show me that shit and I'm vomiting. The whole reason that T4T exists is because not many people are attracted to someone larping (poorly) as the gender they are not… And it's ironically regressive to suggest there is something "wrong" with those who naturally like those of the same sex. If hetero normies blame all gays and lesbians for the shit troons pull, then I don't think that's fair considering a shit load of trannies are OPENLY homophobic and lesbophobic :/ Idk if I am explaining myself well, though.

Anonymous 220770

Enough with the effort to turn terfy and gc women into raging conservatives.

I don't care how much trannies suck at least they don't strip all of our rights back, elimanate abortion and fling guns in our faces like filthy deranged angry scrotes. RWs are the real plague, RW men are filthy filthy filthy pedophiles just as bad as trannies. They're honestly worse than trannies because there are more of them.

RW politicians get caught left and right trying to sleep with teens, and with child porn. Just look at the Dugger family and the Dugger son. They're all like that. At least trannies are exceptionally rare.

Anonymous 220775

There's this bullshit literally every single thread. It's super tiring. Trannies and conservatards are litterally on the same level of deranged.

Anonymous 220777

Agreed I'm convinced any female dumb enough to be RW has has simply gotten brain damaged from all the wife beatings. Tfw you know they're in a puddle of drool behind the screen.

Anonymous 220781

what is RW?

Anonymous 220782

should be obvious if youre into politics

Anonymous 220783

I am not into politics

Anonymous 220784

Ok I thought about it for 10 seconds and figured it out. Still rude to gatekeep the answer…

Anonymous 220785

Why are you in this thread then?

Anonymous 220786

I don't need to be immersed in politics to enjoy tranny hate content.

Anonymous 220787


Anonymous 220789


el goblino

Anonymous 220796

The conservatroons like a certain thick-necked robbie white are especially funny. Conservative troons will have a whole friend circle and lifestyle that consists of being the token troon so their friends can say "tranny" and make ideological point scoring easier. They have no backbone or self respect and it's fascinating to watch the unraveling each time.

Anonymous 220800

This looks like something Chris-Chan would write and draw

Anonymous 220802

Tranny lover, guns let us protect ourselves against moids.

Anonymous 220814

pull what off? being a fat disgusting loser?

Anonymous 220815

my god americans are so annoying with their political whining

Anonymous 220819

Anon do you think maybe you would benefit more from understanding your core beliefs instead of trying to align yourself to a certain party? You don't necessarily need to pick a side and if you can "flip" your stance so aggressively then maybe you are just listening to whoever is the loudest at the moment. Platforms of either party in the US rarely address anyone's actual experiences and immediate concerns, they are vague to attract voters because that's how they make money. Think of it like zodiac signs.

Anonymous 220823


Anonymous 220824


ah yeah… misgendered… yeah.

Anonymous 220825

I would be careful choosing period underwear though, Thinx underwear for example is getting a lawsuit for having toxic chemicals (PFAS) in their underwear. Take the diva cup-pill, it’s so much better than all those other products.

Anonymous 220840

why do you block out their names?

Anonymous 220843


This fucking post screams “I’m trying to fit in with women just to be a creep” so much.

Like it doesnt even feel like hes talking about himself. He even calls Eden a “whore name” on a boy as if he’s fully aware he’ll never be a woman.

Anonymous 220845

Would the name Sky fall into that category?

Anonymous 220846


lily is a tranny name?

Anonymous 220848

Yeah but its still pretty on real women. There just so happens to be a lot of trannies named Lily because it’s so “uwu cutesy”

Anonymous 220852

ok i cant tell if the first is a troll or not and idc enough to keep going through this degens twitter i just saw someone put a corn cob up their butt you decide

Anonymous 220854


Anonymous 220857

Holy shit i can hear that image

Anonymous 220862


Anonymous 220863

Guns protect me against troons. Most troons are commies as well.

Anonymous 220866

Can I get a link? How the fuck could something like that be allowed to happen??

Anonymous 220868

Anonymous 220872

Are you stupid

RWers want to hand all of the keys to corporations. Every single colossal telecom company, agg /food company, media company, oil company leans hard for the RW party. You must have the shittiest brain damage to think trump is anything close to a feminist. Or anyone who would force you to record your period for the state (DeSantis) is remotely feminist. Like an actual bedwetting retard.

Whether or not you hate politics doesn't change the fact that the progressive left has consistently been responsible for getting women their rights to property, education, employment, the right to vote.

You must be desperate to please some scrotr or the dumbshit people around you if you haven't done the research for yourself yet. The Right has always stripped away women's rights and tried to shut them up be voting against rights to abortion or contraception.

I have no words for the amount of dumbfuckery in this thread

Trannies are filthy but RWs are always obsessed with the bottom line and nothing else. Trannies have no power though and are pretty much nonexistent in most places accept online because they have to hide all the time.

Whether you hate politics or not is irrelevant. I'd rather have a lukewarm dem than a monster RW filthmonger in power any day

Anonymous 220876

And let's not forget how hilariously retarded you sound parroting for guns after the RW Supreme Court just decided WIFE BEATERS should have access to guns again.

How far up your ass do live, I cannot fathom having faith in men who would vote for that. You must be really really desperate in life to need to parrot and please a scrote that backwards.

I mean God come out and say it. At least just admit you're attracted to the filthiest most degenerate kind of corrupt moid if that is how far your head is up your ass. Come out and say it and stop pretending like you're not the lowest pickme swine.

Anonymous 220881

>transgender butcher
He conducted his own SRS surgery?

Anonymous 220882

I read “transgender woman just beat 13 year old girl” and got worried

Anonymous 220884

NTN you've been talking to but you are aware guns in the US are never going back into the box, right? there's too many firearms circulating to ever get a grip over them.

moids are never, ever giving up their firearms - should women arm or disarm themselves?

Anonymous 220889

same i was about to reply full of rage with allcaps on until i reread the headline twice, either way never too safe around troonies

Anonymous 220894

On the off chance that you meant to reply to me, please don't assume I've called trump a feminist. That's my first post itt. My point was that it's strange for the other anon to call herself an ex-supporter with having little understanding of how politics works other than her seemingly wanting a team to join. I agree with everything you've said for the reasons that the "progressive left" is not a political party but a group of beliefs that happens to align itself with democrats, currently.

Anonymous 220895

No they should definitely arm themselves. But it's just one more reason to distrust scrotes intentions. I'm pretty convinced RW scrotes want school shootings to happen. It is pretty easy to see that these days. They set the scenario for violence, intimidation, and terrorism they just won't come out and say it.

Anonymous 220896

yes, regardless of politics women should arm themselves since, again, moids' physical brute strength is overwhelming and a gun is one of the only things to counter that fact.

both the right and the left wing on the political bird hate females and yet, at least in the U.S., they want women to have to choose one of them. women ultimately need a different bird altogether. until then, and disregarding the finer details such a political party scrapes: women - arm up.

Anonymous 220897

*such as

Anonymous 220898

I think that's meant to read "pretentious wanker", not "whore".

Anonymous 220902

That's what scrotes tell you to convince you to stop voting. We already know what a conservative Supreme Court has done to womens rights. It's scrotey af to say voting doesn't matter.

Anonymous 220903

nta but i don't believe its scrotey. depending on your country, many are disillusioned by life hardships. it is a popular sentiment.

Anonymous 220904


Anonymous 220905


Anonymous 220907


men truly are faceblind

Anonymous 220908

did I say stop voting? I said women need to arm themselves before anything else. you're a moid, a disrupter or lack reading comprehension.

Anonymous 220911

I've been looking into a diva cup for a while now, but it scares me for some reason? I've never used tampons before.

Anonymous 220913

Just because you have gynecomastia sir, doesnt mean youre a woman

Anonymous 220921

if it isn't the consequences of your actions…

Anonymous 220923

Okay, ultimately it requires voting for someone though. I don't know how that's condescending. Politics matter eventually especially at least in my country where they're striking down womens rights to get an abortion even if her health is compromised

Anonymous 220931

Kek I know I would just say "what do you mean?" because he's so obviously a male it would make me confused.

Anonymous 220941

Are all the dykes becoming trans men? I don't know where I can even find a gender critical dyke anymore. I miss them.

Anonymous 220942

narcissistic balding fat faggot thinks he's a woman

Anonymous 220949

I like to use the analogy of cats and dogs.
>A dog could "look" and "act" like a cat, like a pomeranian, but it would still be a very obviously be a dog, that acts like a dog.
>A cat could be as big as a large dog, like a tiger, but is still very much a cat that acts like a cat even when it roars.
Back in the day I used to find this video so funny because of the line "You can tell this tree is a pine because of the way it is" now it almost seems prophetically wise.

Anonymous 220950

They're still out there, just fewer now.

Anonymous 220960

i didn't make the picture bigger and at first glance i thought this was a TiF kek

Anonymous 220971

Screen Shot 2023-0…

I doubt any other marginalized group of people would be given a pass for doing this to common people

Anonymous 220974

when did the genx trannies peak?

Anonymous 220979

yeah, I was about to say, the one guy sounds like he's on somethin… If you ever look at interviews with tweakers, they start on one topic and just keep goin…. Noticed this with John McAfee. In all his discussions, he starts talking about corruption, how people are after him, etc. etc. People say he's based but while watching him, he just seemed like a druggie…

Anonymous 220980

He was a drug dealer for about a decade before he decided one day to found a cybersec firm. Bought himself a suit and made up a ridiculous powerpoint presentation about how he'd keep a company safe from at that point largely fictitious hacker virus threats. People trusted that he knew what he was doing because he was tall, and as a drug dealer a well-practiced smooth talker who could handle stressful and neurotic clients. Realized about a year in that he'd make more by transitioning this con into legitimate practice. Fascinating man, probably a number of diagnosable psychiatric disorders.

Anonymous 221028

God I fucking hate trannies so fucking much. Came to find today that a gaming youtuber I liked (pure, feminine guy) has trooned out and his avatar has cat ears and a choker now. He also retweets furry art of himself.

Rn people on my university discord server are arguing about trans stuff (no logical arguments allowed, they threaten to ban or "beat up with a bat" anyone who brings up counter points). Valid tranny "women" are chatting about how many female orgasms they have now in a totally non coomerish way and suggesting everyone should try DIY hormones. One tranny recounted that he got a butt plug today. Another sent a study on femboy hormone treatment and "futa surgery" that would allow him to get an axe wound and retain his penis.

These people add nothing of value to the world, we would be so much better off without.

Anonymous 221033

Start blocking them now if you want to stay on that server. The admins are probably trannies too.

Anonymous 221035


Anonymous 221037

>What harms one inevitably harms both.
This is blatantly false. Only gays believe this.

Anonymous 221038

skinwalking grandma instead of a prostitute. what kind of rabbit hole am I in for if I look this up?

Anonymous 221041

literally everyone in tech is like that except the people who actually work

Anonymous 221048

lmaooooo that nyew yawk accent

Anonymous 221049

any day now the male homosexuals are going to go to bat for females the way the lesbians/women did for them back in the day of AIDs… any day now…

Anonymous 221052


Lmao picrel is him
Trannyness aside, his comics aren't funny. Not one of them, even the ones about normal topics. Its just random situations which he tries to play off in a comedic way, but it lacks cleverness or any sort of punchline or twist like good commentary comic artists do. Forgive me but I will use stonetoss as an example, whether you agree with his politics or not (I don't in many cases) but he IS funny. He is a good writer, and his comics often have a funny clever twist that gets his point across. SweetBeans is just "haha look at this normal unfunny situation which I try to portray in a funny way but completely lack cleverness. Here is some gross caricatures but even those don't yield nearly enough shock value to give anything redeemable about my comics." I just can't get over what a BAD writer he is, and he supposedly has been making them for TEN YEARS. Someone show me the appeal?

Anonymous 221054


What happened to "troons aren't a threat to women"btw? He is talking about beating women with a baseball bat lmao but has the audacity to complain about violence against muh trans people.
His comics are childish at best.

Anonymous 221056


Anonymous 221057



Anonymous 221058

YouTube's been recommending a lot of videos about some transgender drama re:Hogwarts.
Positive energy for that Silvervale girl, and every other female streamer who didn't expect to have their irl friends and family hounded because other people wanted to watch you play and chat about a damn videogame.

Anonymous 221060

God it doesn't matter what scrotes call themselves, she/they/zem, theyre still incapable of taking decent fucking pictures where they dont look like they just rolled out of bed.

Anonymous 221075

And he really thinks thats an own…pathetic.
Where is this "low self esteem" and "gender dysphoria" I keep hearing about? Troons always complain that they don't like how they look, that they don't feel like real women, yet they act like the most arrogant assholes around while looking like THAT.

Anonymous 221077

i think that's the thing, they're so insecure that they feel compelled to constantly posture and act much more confident than they really are. Their whole life are dominated by an inferiority complex that they refuse to ever address, and it's why they get so aggressive whenever someone points out the obvious. It's why they're constantly trying to control public perception of themselves. they're so neurotic that anyone pointing out that they aren't women will drive them completely insane.

Anonymous 221093

Literal Chud in a skirt.

Anonymous 221095

Anonymous 221098

the dad is a disgusting scrote for looking at tranny porn but unfortunately got assaulted.

Anonymous 221102


Anonymous 221104

>this page looks better in the app

Anonymous 221110

In a way we can be glad we can identify and stay away from all these fetish creeps now and they can’t produce anymore either

Anonymous 221114

The esa is currently having their week long run and they have HP games included in them.

Anonymous 221123

omg LOL.jpg

send this picture to any tranny that annoys you on the internet LOL

Anonymous 221124


1st and 2nd place winners in french women's bicycle race are gay men.

Anonymous 221126


Anonymous 221127

You just know that the woman holding the child makes them seethe. It's beautiful, really. She's holding (presumably) her child, flesh of her flesh, a life she created herself and loves more than anything. Meanwhile, the two creatures next to her hold a cheap plastic trinket that they stole by cheating.

Anonymous 221128

Screen Shot 2023-0…


Anonymous 221130

The only two men yo win are dating each other….

Anonymous 221131


"Adult Human Female shields child from vulgar display of troonery"

Anonymous 221145

It really dawned on me a couple of weeks ago that it's virtually impossible to call yourself a feminist and still support trannies. Those two ideologies are pretty much incompatible with each other. How can you say you care about women's rights and struggles and turn around and celebrate narcissistic men indulging in sexist stereotypes, harassing women, and being all around creepy and predatory about us? It doesn't make any sense lol. I wish people, especially women would just wake the hell up and realise what exactly is at stake if they wanna keep supporting trannies.

Also, it's funny how the very act of supporting the trans movement literally means encouraging harm and ill health on them. You say you want them to be happy and live their "authentic self" well okay, you pretty much want them to poison themselves with hormones, mutilate healthy body parts, spend hundreds of thousands of dollars getting revisions etc. If you supposedly care so much about these people, how could you allow themselves to inflict so much damage on themselves? That's why I don't think the majority of people realise how barbaric these surgeries really are, they can't wrap their heads around how the proceeders actually go. No wonder trannies don't want this shit public - if their horrific complications were more known about, no sympathetic person would wanna see people do this to themselves, especially young teenagers

Anonymous 221154

I agree with you. When I first learned about all this tranny stuff I thought trannies just want to be left alone and be themselves. I didn't even know they were cutting tits off or getting bottom surgery or even hormones. I bought into the male/female brained shit because it was sorta sciencey and passed the bullshit test so even regular people heard about it.

I thought they would not use equal rights to take away our scholarships, sports, women's shelters or women's prisons. I thought they would just dress as a woman and leave us the fuck alone in all other aspects. Your average everyday person doesn't see all of the crimes against women, online harassment, and discord child grooming they're doing.

At the end of the day, they're mentally ill men and should not be in safe spaces or equated to real women.

Anonymous 221159

I'd never heard gay fetishist "buck" angel talk before, Holy shit she basically sounds like every peppy female YouTuber ever. What's the point in destroying your body to look male when you're still undeniably a woman in all mannerisms? I guess she probably thinks she's acting the part of a fruit well but no gay man ever would.
Did she get her start on tumblr or fanfiction? She gives me all the vibes of a girl who read too much destiel or johnlock fanfiction as a child and sent death threats to the female actors who threatened their ship then decided she was a boy because reading fanfiction written by women made her identify with fictional gay men more than fictional women kek. Or since she's got grey hair maybe she's from the old bastion of LOTR shippers

Anonymous 221181

You should check out what testosterone did to her uterus

Anonymous 221183


The seething is next level

Anonymous 221195

Have they really peaked ?? Got an videos about it?

Anonymous 221196

I wish more anti trans stuff appropriated the trans colors. It be funny to taint the colors for them.

Anonymous 221199


Hogwarts Legacy got cracked by Empress and she made this, i think you get it with the crack?
She’s the only one that cracked it and probably will be the only one that does so.

Anonymous 221205

But also because the color scheme is very lovely—pink, white, and blue
Too bad if you use it people will think you're part of the troon squad

Anonymous 221209

I was thinking that, but I didnt know how to bring that up. I want them to hate the colors so they can go back to being non-trans related colors.

Anonymous 221211


Saw this today. Thought you guys might find it insightful.

Anonymous 221212


Trannies are exposing their racism even more than usual.

Anonymous 221213

I hate how they always claim to be "goth," when they don't even commit to the lifestyle. They're always such posers.

Anonymous 221214

what in the fuck does tuberculosis have to do with having a period.

Anonymous 221216

Because you can only bleed out of one hole at a time, silly. /jk

Anonymous 221227

queen shit

Anonymous 221236

i go to one of the seven sister “historically womens colleges” and i… have become SO radicalized here. before i came i had “terfy” views but was accepting of the trans community. every since i’ve got here and seen the trans community in action… it’s insane. my super lib roommate is even becoming disillusioned, and she used to run the “intersectional feminism” club at her highschool. it’s insane. you literally cannot say the word woman here, or call people females. bringing up biological sex is actively looked down upon. even the professors are in on it. i came here because i hate men and am afraid of them and i’m surrounded by people constantly pandering to male feelings.
my girlfriend is in a gender studies class, and the tim professor has “punch terfs” tattooed in his wrist. he says you can report someone to title 9 for “being terfy”… something that was originally made to protect women is now used to hurt them. he’s teaching young women that being a lesbian separatist is a bad thing, that women gathering together without biological men is a bad thing…. it’s insane. i thought it was exaggeration but i’m seeing it manifest before my very eyes.

Anonymous 221237


all of these are bio men who crossed the boundary of the single-sex woman's bathroom

Anonymous 221262

I find it a little disconcerting that a white man is stealing nonwhite women's clothing and hard work. Call me crazy, but it feels like he is specifically targeting these women for their race and fetishizing them for it.

Anonymous 221273

yeah "@arthoefootjob" hit nail on the head there. there's this comic, "questionable content", that gets posted on /co/ every day. there's never a punchline on any of the comics. they all end with the main character saying how enamored he is with his tranny gf. the artist recieves thousands of dollars a month for this.

Anonymous 221275

Is Empress actually a woman? Her takes on men and transgenderism are based, but I also know that some MtFs larp as radfems online because it somehow validates their gender feelings (or gives them a boner).

Anonymous 221276

That's because "goth" is just a fetish for them, just like everything else. They probably consume more "goth" porn than goth music.

Anonymous 221280

I was wondering this as well. How is everyone so sure she is a woman and not a tranny that will do anything to seek attention? Is there any solid proof?

Anonymous 221282

Jim Sterling more like I'm Hurling

Anonymous 221283

Only the approved version of feminism is allowed. Hearing stories like this is very disheartening.

Anonymous 221287

Could easily be a tranny ploy to get more simp money.

Anonymous 221296

If a tranny shits on other trannies it means hes actually a woman according to internet simps
Pretty ingenius marketing ploy
Anyway in an interview in the past he's described himself as a "beautiful 23 year old" and rambled about only liking female protags if they're fat lesbians. Something about these statements just scream Tumblr era AGP

Anonymous 221297

What the fuck? A tattoo promoting violence? He mentions TERFs in class, says you can report TERFs, then has a tattoo saying "punch terfs"?? How is that allowed? How come you can't say "woman" at a fucking college for women? Surely the normal classes are more sane, right?

Anonymous 221299


This is such a retarded take and I hate how TRAs have completely taken over the 07th Expansion fandoms too.

Anonymous 221305

Discussing politics is just pathetic at this point. If you have something to say about trannies it should be "it's good to kill trannies secretly and get away with it" in hopes of finding likeminded people. You're not going to "discuss" your way out of someone wanting to end your existence.

Anonymous 221306


Seriously, why are trannies so obsessed with Harry Potter? It's a fantasy series for kids/young adults. Is it because it's popular? Is there something specific about it that attracts trannies? There's countless fantasy, scifi books and series, some of which no doubt have authors that aren't fiery supporters of trannyism.
Why Harry Potter?

Anonymous 221311

People who get invested in hp cosplay, fanfiction, roleplaying, obsessing and learning everything about a world are autistic.

Anonymous 221318

Anonymous 221320

holy fuck thank you. You have no idea how much I absolutely fucking hate Americans who rant on and on about politics as if the rest of the world give a fuck about their poor voting choices and candidates.

IF YOU HATE TRANNIES, you hate trannies. End of story, why the fuck do they constantly want to pin values and beliefs to certain political parties constantly. Be yourself not a pawn of your government like you so claim you don’t want to be!!!!!

Anonymous 221321

> IM NOT A SIR!!!!!
> has receding hairline endemic to men only

Anonymous 221325

>why are trannies so obsessed with Harry Potter?
It's not trannies, everyone is obsessed with Harry Potter because it was the biggest shit in the 2000's, if you were born anywhere between 1995 and 2000 chances are you watched at least a few of the movies.
My friend's coworkers baked a goddamned cake at the office to celebrate the release of Hogwarts Legacy

Anonymous 221336

I am still a little baffled that the 2000s angst took over the movies and it went from charlie in the chocolate factory to Wizard Bridge of Spies

Anonymous 221340

>Date of birth: June 5, 1962
If it was fandom it would have almost certainly been Star Trek zines featuring Spirk (and mpreg, old timey "it's totally an exploration of like science and society and psychology and stuff not a fetish" scifi mpreg was the ruin of many a femdegenerate).

Anonymous 221343

Oh wait, just looked it up and it seems Buck only ever married women. Women who eventually left for biological males.
She'd perform in films featuring predominantly male actors because that's what happens when you do porn.

Anonymous 221346

I'm so tired of moids defending trannies like that

Anonymous 221358

>this page looks better in the app
only way for this to be true is if the app detects tranny faces and hides the entire post

Anonymous 221373


Anonymous 221395

any other goth nonas noticing the trend of every goth moid now being a they/them? it's sad because goth culture was transgressive in its normalization of men wearing makeup, painting their nails and also being openly emotional and what not, but now it seems they decided to put everyone back into gender boxes.

also i've noticed an uptick in the crossover between goth and drag/kink/porn culture. it's not exactly new but now it's everywhere, everyone needs to constantly talk about how kinky and submissive/dominant they are in a very pornified way and proclaim their love to gay "camp" aesthetics.

Anonymous 221399


yup, nothing more of a turnoff than seeing "they/them" in a hot eyeliner guy's profile. what a bunch of absolute pussies- the second I see a goth jump on this train they lose all cred points. totally lost the plot and missed the point of moids in particular subscribing to goth culture.

a hot goth guy with long hair, painted nails, and eyeliner with a deep voice and masculine behavior… what a fucking shame they are disappearing. the subculture has been completely hijacked.

(picrel: a hot goth man (Atsushi Sakurai) who is entirely gender nonconforming but is 100% straight and comfortable in his own skin, exudes poetic masculinity that goth dudes were supposed to be paragons of back in the day.)

utter shame. a sensitive topic for me, a woman who has always been attracted to more "effeminate" presenting men.

Anonymous 221402

They will come back. Trends always go in cycles and push against the current.

Anonymous 221404

>and masculine behavior
This is what they want to avoid nona. It is often incel behavior, caused by their inability to find a partner. Straight women who are attracted to feminine behavior and looks are a rarity.

Anonymous 221409


Anonymous 221410

Dude in the top middle wasn't even trying to look like a woman. He just woke up and said "where're the lesbians?"

Anonymous 221411

That poor woman. Fucking nasty, why are troons lumped with LBG again?

Anonymous 221412

LOL that's so fucking cursed.

Anonymous 221415

Throughout history "transvestitism" and "two-spirits" all other earlier phases of transgenderism in societies were always considered aspects of male homosexuality, to the point that laws prohibiting homosexual sex acts would frequently ban transvestitism in the same sentence. For the entire 20th century, transvestites marched in Pride parades, including the early and actually dangerous ones. Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera were arrested during the Stonewall riots.
The T and the L are not allies anymore and that's obvious. But it seems like damn near every letter in that cluster has no real allegiance to the others. I think L and B at most might have some common cause. What's needed now is to formulate a radical lesbianism that can grow into its own apart from the binding tyranny of historical necessities. Any debts there might have been, have been paid in full or found null and void when they started assaulting women in bathrooms.

Anonymous 221420


>How can people support and advocate for trans shit so much when they don't even understand it themselves?

Because they still naively believe there are trans people that do not harm society, like there are LGB people that do not harm society. They think it is only the ones that are assaulting women in bathrooms. Even though even the ones that are not causing direct harm are literally giving silent consent to the ones that are, just so they can get their own HRT.

I thought Laverne Cox was a "good troon" for example, but after hearing about how he defended someone like Cynthia China Blast I have once again become disillusioned. Now apparently he's trying to "distance" himself from it. Troons that don't do publically degenerate shit will get very quiet when it comes to troons that do.

Detransers have the most informed, non-biased view imo. People should listen the most to them because they have found out first-hand what a conspiracy this whole movement is.

Anonymous 221441


Anonymous 221454


yes and no. my spanish teacher says “bienvenidxs” which is annoying as fuck. idk. im just becoming depressed here. the feminist cause seems so doomed… but i guess it’s always seemed that way, and there have always been strides made.
it’s not helping that a group i’ve been friends with for five years just kicked one of the oldest members for “being terfy”. like. you guys are all women…. i just don’t understand….??? plus i have to hide, first from all these old friend groups i’ve had, and now from the peers and teachers at my school, all because i believe in CIS womens rights?

Anonymous 221469


prepare the eye bleach

Anonymous 221470


dildo is half giraffe I swear

Anonymous 221472

It's because he drew creepy crossdressing shit and gathered their attention.

Anonymous 221477

Who is the artist anyways?

Anonymous 221478

The artist's name is Pom/Pomu

Anonymous 221479

Anonymous 221480

the level of delusion here would be hilarious if women didn't have to deal with it. every one of these guys that goes on the lesbian apps is absolutely hideous. how retarded must they be to think to themselves "well i get rejected on straight dating apps because i'm creepy and ugly, i think i will have better luck with women who aren't attracted to men to begin with!"

Anonymous 221481

If you aren't already getting bullied and ostracized, you might want to tone it down or start looking into transferring schools.

Anonymous 221482

Call me a quack but I'm convinced Dylan is some kind of government plant at this point.
No way in hell does one go from making gay ass Tiktoks that aren't even the most popular ones on the site, to sitting in the White House and talking at the Forbe's woman's summit in less than a year.

Anonymous 221485


I know a TIM obsessed with Menhera-chan but didn't realize it's common with them. Why Menhera-chan? Is it because they're mentally ill?

Anonymous 221487


>is it because they're mentally ill?
Yes, yes it is. Trannies are mentally ill, so they view themselves as quirky girls who are mentally ill but in a "cute" and "acceptable" way. However, in actuality, they're ugly, stupid, repulsive, heinous men who are not, and cannot ever be female. Therefore, edgy female characters will never be meant for them. Edgy female characters will be relatable to "weirdo" girls and women because they share the experience and reality of being unconventional, and yet female. Trannies will never understand this feeling, no matter how much they want to. Remember that.

Anonymous 221493

i believe it

Anonymous 221497

Cannot stand this fat prick and his one-at-a-time terrible takes.
"You're choosing products over people!" he says while being surrounded by a plethora of plastic toys. I'm sure those Chinese kids will be SO happy to know that the person buying their products at least has The Right Opinion(tm).

Anonymous 221518


one of the most reddit youtube channels puts out vid sponsored by hogwarts terf game. trannies seethe in comments.

Anonymous 221524


i am toning down definitely. the education is really good and i love not being around males (though there are a few “gender queer” bio males and TIMs here but they’re rare and relatively easy to avoid) so i’m not going to transfer, but it’s difficult. it’s depressing that my worst nightmare is a reality…. how do women not see the truth? why do they suck cock so hard?

and, most importantly, how do i find allies here? right now its just my gf and i, but four of our friends don’t complain/report us, and one of them is slowly being radfem’d. there’s supposedly a radfem community at another seven sisters college close by but again, how do we find them? is there such thing as a feminist dogwhistle? or is it too dangerous to even try?

Anonymous 221528

God how I wish callmekevin had the balls to keep playing this game. Kevin's not terminally online and he's too nice for his own good.

Anonymous 221531


I'm doing my part.

Anonymous 221532

Getting the game for my birthday. I don't give a fuck about any spoilers that trannies try to leak. If buying the game is "killing" them, I wanna be Thanos to them.

Anonymous 221533

idk why he is pandering to them so much

Anonymous 221539


Anonymous 221553


Anonymous 221567


are these people high?

Anonymous 221574

OOOOh ok sweety now may I see your HD???

Anonymous 221576

>Transphobia cover up pedophilia
What does this even mean and in what context does this make sense? What could this 'person' possibly be referencing

Anonymous 221582


Anonymous 221591

There's got to be a bunch of potterheads who have had to choose harry potter over tranny rights.

Anonymous 221592

All these mental gymnastics to call the child he's diddling a pedophile for deadnaming him.

Anonymous 221595

Anonymous 221598

Usually good news at the bottom of the article

"Transgender prisoners who 'pose risk' to fellow inmates and trans women with male genitals are banned from women's prisons in England and Wales
Transgender inmates who pose a risk to other prisoners are to be banned from women’s prisons in England and Wales from tomorrow.

The move will apply to transgender women guilty of violent or sexual offences and transgender women with male genitals."

Anonymous 221635


Anonymous 221639


Anonymous 221642

i hate these people so much it's unreal.

Anonymous 221643

I don't really understand this comic. They hate being referred to by any pronouns until their girlfriend uses nb/male pronouns and suddenly those are okay?

Anonymous 221644

She is a TIF
She hates being referred to as a woman
She feels better when they refer to her neutrally
She is happy when they refer to her as a man

Anonymous 221645


I was going to comment on how the TiF in this comic is uggo, but then I realized that trannies are notorious for being scary to look at. I guess the artist was honest.

Anonymous 221652

It's the schizotroon so I don't know what he meant tbh

Anonymous 221654

I've noticed a lot of TIFs are ugly, they want to disregard femininity because they've been told or made to feel like they where never feminine. That they're not really a woman because they cant match any standard of beauty. Or had a ridiculous standard of how women should act, that made them repulsed by the idea.
I get it, I'm a uggo and because of that I struggle to accept that I can look feminine and pretty. I just don't get wanting to be referred to as masculine.
I dont like when people assume I'm a moid.
In the end it's a lot of internalize misogyny.

Anonymous 221656

Every man is a pedophile, transphobic or not.

Anonymous 221657

I dont get why in the fuck you would want be change gender at all just because you're GNC. I hate femininity and always felt it imposed on me but a I believe in a healthy mix of both masculine and feminine. No matter how I feel though changing to a male just eems like massively disrespecting yourself. Why must you be male to exhibit a, b or c???

Anonymous 221658

it's so creepy how sexually degenerate yet emotionally juvenile they present themselves. when i was growing up most teenagers grew out of the cutesy "relationship" phase by like 14 with some special autists growing out of it later in high school. nowadays there are 20 and 30 year old people acting giddy and childish about their crush or whatever, i want to die of cringe sometimes.

Anonymous 221659

You're using "you" statements so I don't know if this is directed at me or a general response.
I don't want to change genders, because that still proceeds with stereotypical sense of fem and masc and its just as pointless and contrived.
I don't know why people want to change their genders. I feel like its partly because people always assume the opposite side has it better.
It all seems abritory.

Anonymous 221662

You're talking about tifs in general, so was I. Actually not addressing you personally.

That's what I'm saying. It requires you to reinforce the gender stereotypes onto yourself. Who needs feminism when you can just go pretend a mastectomy makes your experience better? Now you wont just be gay, now you will be attractive to an even smaller group of people. You dont get to turn around and blame them for their natural preferences either.

I don't see how anyone would figure squeezing themself into an even more confining box would be a solution. I'm genuinely thoroughly baffled

Anonymous 221663

Because being GNC sucks? I'm a raging bulldyke and the amount of shit you get everyday is exhausting. I'd be celebrated if I were a man. Like you cannot seriously be looking at the state of misogyny in the world and claim men don't have shit better. Even other women are real quick to remind me that I don't have to be masc to be a soldier/sports/guns, it's more important to celebrate feminine women doing masc stuff.

Anonymous 221670

This is hurting my brain. Projection at it's finest.

Anonymous 221671

it seems like the TRA extremism is actually due to them all being women and politically-minded (ironically) via feminism. for most people into that whatever is current is absolute dogma because the whole thing is based on currying personal advantage, adapting to what has hype behind it, building movements around yourself, trying to steer power and clout, enforcing hierarchy and crushing opponents, etc. i don't think it's like that elsewhere… really bizarre that you have to deal with that

Anonymous 221678

Why is it impossible for them to not depict themselves as young, small, teenage looking anime girls?

Anonymous 221685

Its a fetish

Anonymous 221692


Got em

Anonymous 221693

dunking on a girl who was shot by the taliban and then bussed aroudn in england for liberal brainwashing isnt the own you think it is.

i agree with calling out troon nonsense but why should we make fun of girls who are victims of the BS?

Anonymous 221720


god I hate them so much

Anonymous 221721


Anonymous 221734

I've been bouncing troons for the last 40 years, back when they claimed to be transvestites. We fought so hard to try and smooth your path, but lesbians are still being forced into secrecy.

Anonymous 221737

Its not convoluted at all, its very direct, as direct as the word "lesbian" itself which means one only dates adult human females, not adult human men in dresses.

Anonymous 221739

If you're willing to engage calmly with normies, you can lay out your case because trannies aren't a sexuality so don't belong in LGB. A lot of people won't change their mind but sometimes people do.

Anonymous 221749

she can get fucked. she's profiting from the women's rights that our grandmothers fought hard to gain. she was prosecuted for her sex in her country and she chose to leave and come shit up our hard-gained rights. she can go get fucked forever.

Anonymous 221777

Oh nice, I might check out this website. I was kind of wanting to try being a gendercrit vtuber though this is probably just a dream

Anonymous 221785

Are you sure?
>Kick prohibits activities and material (including live streams, videos, and comments) that:
>Constitute or encourage hate speech that directly attacks a person or group on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, medical or mental condition, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender, or gender identity.
Even if they allow those kind of streamers now, someone can kick (pun intended) up a storm until they're banned

Anonymous 221787

Well that's just disappointing

Anonymous 221790

Is this thing centralized? Please avoid most sites that are not hosted in the United States, they are liable to stupid bullshit laws. There is a reason why Josh Moon keeps his site in the US. Try peertube or odysee.

Anonymous 221828

They're still seething in the comments of the rabbit dinner video afterwards too.

Anonymous 221880

Anonymous 221894

He would have wore her skin if he could

Anonymous 221899

Bring back referring to transgenderism as a mental illness

Anonymous 221901


Pikamee was already on a long break because of her family being hospitalized, so her retirement is probably more related to that than old harassment. As much as I think the Hogwarts shit has been a mess, the way /pol/ raided /vt/ today leads me to think most of these these unproven "dox" and "death threat" claims are lies to ragebait moids for clicks, donations, and content.

Silvervale and gf reviews bounced back just fine. Silver took a huge viewership boost and paycheck from her crying saga. She even bid Pikamee goodbye today.

Anonymous 221915


Anonymous 221916

> gendercrit vtuber
I have literally never watched vtubers cause I hate how fake and anime-ish they are, but I will 100% watch whatever you do if you do this, anon.
Make the trannies seethe

Anonymous 221917

Pretty much every single HoloJP has been streaming hogwarts, and clippers have been making mountains of vtuber hogwarts clips.
Yet I haven't seen a single instance of hate directed towards the HoloJP girls or the clippers.
Sure troons tend to be EOPs and thus further removed the JP side of things, but if the "outrage" was truly as bad as it's hyped up to be, then we would also see hate directed towards HoloJP.

Anonymous 221918

It's easier to harass English speakers for this versus Japanese who probably could give less than two fucks about asshurt trannies speaking broken Google Translate-nese

Anonymous 221920

I've also seen Harry Potter licensed lolita fashion, dolls, and figures from JP. I wonder if it makes the troons seethe when brands do this along with the girls wearing the fashion, since I've seen quite a bit of disgusting tranny lolitas.

Anonymous 221940

>>Trannies fighting for engagement on their NSFWs

hehehehe good to know

Anonymous 221953

I don’t get it, I looked up the second person and their both troons.

Anonymous 221957

Phoebe is not a troon. It's a cis woman pretending to be a troon by wearing a comically big dildo. She's not doing it to piss off the troons though, it's to get that bag. Some other troon exposed her other accounts, she shows her real face (this one is heavily edited) in a foot fetish account and she has yet another one where she uses the "teen filter" thing while wearing a huge silicon breast plate.
Would be based, but it's sad knowing the only way we can show the troons how insulting their larping is is by outdoing them in porn. Fuck porn and coomers.

Anonymous 221959


Anonymous 221961


>hate Twitter
>still pop my head in once in a while just to see what people are whining about
>Hershey chocolate put a Troon in their International Women's Month ad campaign

Anonymous 221966

i have no idea why people are falling for it, like at first i didnt think it was real because of how liberal feminist it was
but tbh it's just a corporation wanting to make money off of women's day again lol

Anonymous 221968

(You)/Updoot for adding context.

Anonymous 221981


People who wear women’s clothing are so brave. Did you know people who wore women’s clothing had to fight for their right to vote while wearing dress? Even in some countries still, dress people have fewer rights than people who choose to wear pants.

Anonymous 222004

Screenshot 2023-03…

someone with the username "tightpussy" telling us that he really is a woman and it's absolutely not a fetish

troon also has this in his bio: "People I've turned trans: 211"

Anonymous 222005


Anonymous 222006


Remember when porn was considered to be something only degenerate, creepy losers did? Why the fuck did that change?? What gave all these teenage moids, young adult moids, and even middle aged moids the stupid brains to lose themselves in porn, and let it become mainstream?? Seriously, porn is everywhere. It's on those fugly ass "aheago" jackets, the jingle for Pornhub is a meme, the audio clips of pornstars faking orgasms is always used for laughs, males make repetitive jokes about "beating their meat". Males complain about women "not being funny" when males are the same dipshits who make step-sibling porn the punchline. It's gotten so bad, males' consumption of porn landed them in boiling water with erectile dysfunction. It's only when they break their dicks do they realize that what they're doing is gross. Ugh, watching males get googly-eyed over porn is like watching a bunch of chimps play in their own shit, and smear it everywhere.

Anonymous 222010

Too many options for short therm dopamine hits, almost none for long therm ones. Rewarding hobbies (with long therm goals) that you associate older moids like carpentry, machining, mechanic, etc cost money and real state no one has.
It's easier to accommodate porn in your phone than buying 10 square meters of land to build your own shed or garage.
No one would be drooling at the life that Ted Kaczynski or Luke Smith has like 50 years ago.

Anonymous 222014

There's no need to bring up conspiracies into this lol, moids have been drawing dicks on walls as "jokes" since ancient rome and greece thousands of years ago, the only thing that's changed is american hyper-religious, pearl-clutching puritanism dying out.

Anonymous 222030



Anonymous 222032

I looked at her new twitter account https://twitter.com/hannah_hays19
This is honestly so sad

Anonymous 222033

Witches vs patriarchy is BAD. Nightmarish. I block every tranny I see on there. Twox is better but God damn you get sick of hearing stories of dumbasses who didn't see the obvious shit coming with their awful moids.

Anonymous 222035

That's so sad. Poor girl.

Anonymous 222052

I'm pretty sure the vast majority of porn actresses they recruit are rape victims. It's like it makes it easier… It just sounds too fucked up. I hate the porn industry so much.

Anonymous 222055

>She got raped by circumciced moids when she was underage
Wait, really?

Anonymous 222063

She has diapers in her wishlist. This is extremely sad.

Anonymous 222066


a fucking gay man on the ''womans to watch'' of 2023 everyone.

Anonymous 222067

Is that even a troon? It looks like a random drag queen. Did they get a moid that doesn't even pretend to be a woman?

Anonymous 222068

dragqueens and trannies are pretty much on the same agenda, they can go fuck themselves, they are all groomers.

Anonymous 222069

Yeah but it feels like it's another level if they got a guy who doesn't even deny being a guy.

Anonymous 222070

drag queens are absolutely nothing like troons
they don't take hormones, they don't claim to be women, they don't invade women's spaces, they don't try to trick people into thinking that they are women, etc
they are just gay men that just dress in an exaggerated gay fashion while using women's clothing

Anonymous 222071

Let's not pretend they're not thriving off of mysogyny though. The way they dress is literally a mysogynistic carricature.

Anonymous 222072


>paid leave

Anonymous 222073

>act out your fetishes in front of children
>go unscathed for months
>go on paid leave
This guy really can't stop winning, uh?

Anonymous 222082

Fortunately no one takes this kind of useless garbage seriously in my Hellzil

Anonymous 222094



hahahaha imagine being so heavily experimented on that you believe this passes as a human smile

Anonymous 222095


average ferengi looks less nasty then this transformer's grimace

Anonymous 222110


Wow, he has a horrible fucking lakefront, but why should I expect decent wig-wearing, makeup, and clothing choices from males. They are never raised to master any of those elements in the first place.

Anonymous 222114

Why do these companies never use TIFs to spread male health awareness?

Anonymous 222116

There is not enough mentally ill women in the world, but there is a sea of mentally ill men.

Anonymous 222135

Museum of American…

Anonymous 222137

where is the museum located? that answers everything really, if we keep this mental illness filtered in California all good.

Anonymous 222143

is there a tif version of the original bingo image

Anonymous 222160

obsessed with yaoi, electra complex due to feeling weaker than men, obsessed with facial hair, shitty chuckie cheese moustache, small head, small hands, most she can do is a "cute boy" aesthetic, feels like she has to prove her bravery at every corner because she is insecure and weak as fuck, burps, has poor hygiene because she thinks this proves "manhood", dresses like skater boys or e-boys because those are the only styles she can pull off due to her skeleton type, dies of a heart attack at 35 for doing what is essentially steroids.

Anonymous 222172



How are you raise your voice against the real Patriarch in power?


Anonymous 222178

Don't forget. Names herself "softboi" names uwu like Eli and Kai

Anonymous 222179


>she rarely wears them outside of school
the fact "she" only wears those things at school is very telling. let's be honest, it's obvious that the pedo gets off on it. the media knows it but is being too careful to state openly what we're all thinking: this man is a pedophile and wants to rape children. why are they so hesitant? the same reason the media calls that he a she. the same reason this isn't being run as a story in mainstream news
the troon is just jealous of someone who is better looking and twists it to sound like not getting enough likes on twitter is a form of oppression

Anonymous 222181

The obvious reality that lesbian sex doesn't cause pregnancy is "convoluted" but the delusion that moids can be women and that penises can be lesbian isn't convoluted? It's so obvious how desperate these pornsick men are to force themselves on lesbians. This "malewife menace" guy probably grew up on "lesbian" porn targeted at men from a young age. It's revolting how openly transgenderism allows men to fetishize lesbians without pushback on the obvious homophobic conversion therapy that their agenda entails.

Anonymous 222225

cc tif bingo.png

tried to make one

Anonymous 222226

Looks good. Loving the fonts, colors, and use of emojis. Really gives it that visual pop.

Anonymous 222232

Thank you so much, nona!! #<3

I don't have the artistic capabilities like OP so tried to make it look fancy without cluttering it too much

I can make edits if anyone has suggestions. The few boxes that I came up with seem a little redundant but I wanted placeholders for better ones.

Anonymous 222247

literally entitled to women's bodies and organs
>ChloeIsTheBitch Terfs can suck my …
Well someone based their identity on being annoying
>Nobody cares
Well he clearly does care about that opinion otherwise he wouldn't have replied. The idea that a man can go into a women's restroom to satisfy his confused fetish is repulsive and doing so with a beard just shows it's getting to the point where they'll drop the pretense and just go into women's restrooms as normal men. Because that's what they always really were. Men who feel entitled to women's bodies, women's organs, and women's sexuality. And now women's restrooms where they'll "accidentally" leave their phone in the stall to record us.

Anonymous 222288


hey no one is talking about this but did anyone know that Club Q has a private sex club in the back? I figured that the club HAD to be a front for something, and I bet this is it.

no offense but if you look at some of the "dance" recordings of performers at Club Q I don't think they could possibly be making enough money to keep running on the bar alone.

also it looks like they do not allow trans men so that's kind of interesting. Remember that pic of the giant black penis balloon thing shooting soap out on literal children at one of Club Q's "family friendly" events? Probably reused from some kind of soap party shit from the sex club.


Anonymous 222294

Why is it that sex clubs are always in the most dank, nasty ass buildings? Well, I guess I know why but Jesus…

Anonymous 222302

sounds interesting anon..twitter is probably a better place to post as it could get more eyes on that. I would dm one of those posting weird tranny account like males of reddit or troonytoons.

Anonymous 222306

I don't use Twitter but if anyone else wants to send it along they are welcome to it. Apparently the owner also took a huge percentage of the money that was supposed to be donated to the victims to revamp the interior of the place, and there are lawsuits about to go down

Anonymous 222307

The troons were coping hard with the fact that this pedo doesn't wear that pornified costume anywhere except in contact with children. They tried to make it into a "see? it was a right wing hoax all along!" but really it was just proof that he's a fetishistic piece of shit pedo and their movement allows him to carry out his fetish unbothered.

Anonymous 222308

they're just as misogynistic and most of them suck to troons.

Anonymous 222312

The back part of Club Q is a bubble bath for kids where the showerhead is a black dickhead glans, I'm not making this up look at the pictures. They groom children there.

Anonymous 222316


That's something I've been wondering about troons in general. Why is it that recently almost all of them online and offline seem to be TIMs recently? Back on Tumblr around 2012-2017 literally 90% of the troons I saw there were TIFs. I didn't even know TIMs existed. It's weird to me how they're almost all TIMs now.

Anonymous 222317



TIMs are ugly bastards confirmed.

Anonymous 222327

I looked this up and was unable to verify. Send the link? What keywords are you using? All I see is interracial porn and stock photos of babies in bubblebathes. Can't wait for Google to turn my search history over to the FBI

Anonymous 222329

Go to Google maps, look at the pictures for club q and scroll to the end where they have the bubble pit.

Anonymous 222340

Anons should be taking screenshots of this for proof cuz you never know if someone would take it down..

Anonymous 222342



Anonymous 222350


Anonymous 222351


Anonymous 222352


these aren't screenshots

Anonymous 222356

jfc was this the place that got shot up? if so, then…uh…you know

Anonymous 222357

Really? I always thought it was the opposite

Anonymous 222373


Even when you get past the mental illness of trannies thinking they're something they're not, trannies seem to just be horrible people in general. All these trannies online, sending death threats, having zero respect for women, and not giving a damn about any demographic that's not their own. Like, these people are the lowest forms of humans. Unironically, if I had to save a hyena or a tranny in a horrific apartment fire, I would save the hyena. That's just how little I respect trannies anymore. Fuck, I'd pick to rescue a houseplant over a tranny. At least the houseplant wouldn't stalk, assault, and gaslight me into thinking I'm less of a woman than a man in a dress because of my race.

Anonymous 222381

They are horrible people, they are incels, just another type the whole psychology has already been figured out and yes they are out for blood, they take this like a war, and they are envious of real women, extremely. They go for TERFs because women are physically weaker which is true, you don't see them attacking Conservative men because if they did they would get beat the fuck up, they like to prey on the weaker targets even tho TERFs have no political power whatsoever in any way except soft power in the UK due to Kemi but its very soft power.

Anonymous 222384


Anonymous 222385

I don't why but I fell so happy when they show their true colors and reveal the fucking racists that they are kek

Anonymous 222389

I mean to be fair to the guy in the pic he's obviously just trying to say the two statements are similar. The classic "Le terfs are racists" arguement.

Anonymous 222430

Nitpick but the reaction pics should be swapped around since peter doesn't need glasses

Anonymous 222471

The analogy only works if you believe rags are for black people and clothes are for white people, which is pretty racist

Anonymous 222476


Trannies and their activists are always full of shit. Just like their rotting, smelly, "neovaginas" that are basically just glorified, worthless buttholes

Anonymous 222492

That shit should be recommended more tho because they almost totally lose their libido which leads them to killing themselves sooner just like that Remilia league of legends player he killed himself once he couldn't feel shit lmao.

Anonymous 222495

>hair loss
>Gender special hair
I know testosterone can lead to hair loss, but it probably doesn't really help save it any more when they damage their hair further with excessive use of dyes…

Anonymous 222498

i dont get the electra complex part, isn't it the female equivalent to oedipus, so basically a daughter's attraction to her father during early sexual development? how does it tie with her feeling weaker than scrotes?

Anonymous 222501

>"that'll be 15,000$, sir."

Anonymous 222503


Electra in the Freudian sense not Karl Jung's.

Anonymous 222518

Abortion and BC activists are full of shit???? I think you're full of shit.

Anonymous 222521

If those are slurs then "fence sitter" must be a compliment.

Anonymous 222526

What are you saying

Anonymous 222528

Its an old, generally accepted term, your vocabulary is poor.

Anonymous 222549

>get a brand to sponsor you fucking broke tranny ass
>get angry bc they send you a link for the ''man'' section on their site
>post it on twitter bitching about it

white twink thinks the world is coming for him…

Anonymous 222550


image didnt upload

Anonymous 222551


Don't you just love how everything reminds trannies of the fact that they're male? They're not even safe from animals because a fucking BIRD can differentiate between women and males.

Anonymous 222559

why is this failed man complaining about free shit? I would love to get free shit

Anonymous 222572

this person can't really think they ACTUALLY want him to be a model for them does he…. are men really that blind?

Anonymous 222573

is this his first time on instagram? I assume they think the 'h0t g1rls –→ w4nting s3xy times // on video chat' are real too huh…

Anonymous 222613


This troon had a panic attack over the mere sight of a pregnant woman, because he knows he cannot carry and give birth to a baby. Near the end of the post, the troon said that he "dreaded" the woman's birth of her child because it would make HIM feel "less like a woman". I forgot that troons were even creepy, narcissistic, and obsessive over pregnancy. They really are obsessed with women and every single feature of our bodies. It's repulsive. What a jealous creature.

Anonymous 222627

It's only a matter of time before one of these disfigured animals kills a pregnant woman out of jealousy.

Anonymous 222628

I'm dying

Anonymous 222630

They're just as misogynist.

Anonymous 222631

Does anyone else get the impression that TIFs are somehow more misogynistic than TIMs?

Anonymous 222637

No, I don't get that impression. TIFs can be pickmes and they are massive NLOGs by definition, but TIMS are violently misogynistic and envious in a way that can only be powered by male rage. Every time there's a troon being outed as a pedophile it's always TIFs who are out to denounce them first too, while the males of course defend them, I noticed that with Guillaume Labelle (AssignedMale).

Anonymous 222639


There needs to be a statistic on how often pedophilia runs in the population of trannies. Seriously, from all the CSA and SA cases that were perpetrated by troons, what percent of trannies do you think are sex offenders at this point? If researchers were honest one day and revealed that like 50% of all trannies were doomed to have something like pedophilia, normies would seriously run out of excuses to keep defending them.

Anonymous 222640

browsing crystal c…

Hey tranners you forgot to post these ones >>220185 >>220194

Anonymous 222641


Holy shit, I see my own posts up there. Glad to know the trannies are listening to me telling them to kill themselves KEK. Proving my point exactly. Troons are so obsessed with women that even when they can just ignore us…they keep…coming…back.

Anonymous 222643


he votes.

Anonymous 222644


> One day, all of you "breeding" types will be extinct, and the self-castrators will be all that remains.

Anonymous 222645

For a group of people that whine about feeling suicidal all the time, they sure love to wish death on others.

Anonymous 222646

at first, i thought this was a typo of "even if we must FORGO the paperwork," with a freudian slip of "forge"
…then i remembered these people have no problem typing out their crimes for everyone to read.

Anonymous 222648

Oh yea for sure, they lurk this place a lot they cannot help themselves but invade women spaces everytime they are like mentally ill drug addicts, because well they are that. Wastes of human life and potential, just being annoying to the average person but we are the bad ones apparently. The mentally ill don't deserve political power, I will keep saying it.

Anonymous 222649


Dug through the trannoid's profile. 90% of her reddit is just seething at TERFs, and other trannies for being more "passable" than her. She even posted a naked selfie, begging for attention to validate how well of a "male" she is..

Anonymous 222650


All one needs to eradicate Transgenderism is cut HRT off legal and illegal, its seriously that easy and that is the approach I'm willing to vote for.

They cannot make more super mutants if you cut the FEV virus, they are infertile so they cannot reproduce in the end it all relies on ideology and big pharma (and other illegal ones that we know about we aint dumb). We need to start punishing Trannies from getting illegal drugs into the country tbqh. If he turns to making hormones himself he will fail because it will be an illegal racket where he will be imprisioned if caught and also his client base will reduce a lot, the point of making it illegal is to make children think "why did society made it illegal in the first place" maybe it was because of the fact that transgenders groom children into this all the time we decided as a society to ban hrt for autogynephilic propouses. Simple as.

Anonymous 222651

The funny thing is TERFs have no political power but they go for women because they want to abuse weaker targets also psychologially the opinion of real women affects them the most, that's why they often hate their mothers their life givers they reflect upon them their infertile inferiority. Their mother a full woman, what they will never be and then there is them some loser incel that transitioned because he wanted to be sexually desired so much he thought this is was the easy route to get sex and satisfy his high autobiographical libido, he failed miserably because "becoming a woman" just never happens and now has buyer remorse everytime he gets up at morning to pee and has to look at his disgusting small dick, scrotum and male bone structure. He concludes its "womens fault" , its "societies fault" everyone else's fault but never his own, that he is just a mentally ill fucking loser blaming us for his weirdness and psychological instability, I have said it before mentally ill people will always blame themselves last thats why they are dangerous and so fucking annoying.

Anonymous 222655


> i'll be my own doctor and make my own medicine

> i'll outlive you


Anonymous 222662

it's funny because "faggot" then would very quickly have a very based, rational connotation, like a sort of truGay. i support them using different names to separate the degenerates from the normal people.

Anonymous 222663


jealous of the gorgeous

Anonymous 222665


if we're terfs it's because we're jealous, surely it has nothing to do with women's rights
the comments under this post are hilarious, so much coping

Anonymous 222666


ah yes because trannies don't reduce women to a vague feeling

Anonymous 222667

trannies are the entire reason women get refered to as "birthing people" so this entire argument is either incredibly bad faith or ignorant to the point of incredibility as well.

Anonymous 222668

>cis boob hons
what does this mean lmao

Anonymous 222669

why he doesnt wanna face the truth? that is because he got a dick or a wounded dick? And it really is that simple. Fucking creeps.

Anonymous 222670

a "cis"woman that has ulgy boobs i guess

Anonymous 222671

oh so another infertile dead end that is envious of real womanhood got it.

Anonymous 222672

why would a "cis" woman with ugly boobs be jealous of women with mental issues chopping out their own boobs? if anything, they'd be happy there are more people with mangled chests and ugly scars they don't have to compete with? moids are retarded.

Anonymous 222674

of course darling, 10 surgeries and then you'll become gorgeous and I will be jealous of you

Anonymous 222675


They're seething about me calling their rotting, frankenvaginas worse than buttholes. Glad to know they're always reading our takes and spiraling hard over them. Their coping is almost cute, because in actuality, who in their right mind would be jealous over a mangled, badly manufactured, pus-filled, smelly, infected, decaying piece of flesh that only a psychopath would equivalate to a vagina? If anything, they make me feel better about myself because at least I don't have a monster between my legs.

Anonymous 222677

all of that only to end up with gaping wounds right below their bellybutton lmao

Anonymous 222679


Anonymous 222680

i'm kind of disappointed that none of my posts made it onto there.

Anonymous 222682

I love when troons use the word "hon", like, they think they are so different and so much better than some ugly middle aged agp, because…?
Let alone being better than a "cis hon", aka a woman, which they'll never be. It's a facet of their delusion that doesn't get discussed as much, but I find it fascinating that they seem unfamiliar with the concepts of time and fading youth.

Anonymous 222685

I just discovered a brand new rabbit hole full of fresh horrors to share with you all.

Anonymous 222688


Why did she say transsexual instead of transgender? Is she dogwhistling that she opposes self-ID?

Anonymous 222690

Oh thats nothing trannies are so easily offended they feel the need to echo chamber themselves they cannot stand looking at normal people's opinions about them they got Shinigami Eyes and shitty apps like that because "omg dissenting opinions to muh own are so harsh!! truth hurts!". If the truth shall kill them, let them die.

Anonymous 222691


Should this be banned?

Anonymous 222692

what are u even saying lmfao?? rephrase so it makes sense pls

Anonymous 222693

GOD i love atushi sm. buck tick is so good and atushi is so so cute. so lucky that he wasnt a troon bc hes so talented

Anonymous 222694

why should it be banned? I hate trannies but the bottom line is equating womanhood to reproduction is just devaluing it like moids do. Trannies will never be women, they do not have our lived experiences or our chromosomes. Besides, maybe we can find a way to have 2 females reproduce and can eradicate moids.

Anonymous 222696

No but your intelligence should be banned because you only read the headline and don't post results and mechanistic proof of it working as it is said.

You seriously believe media tells the truth? Or they click bait? Let me guess Public School?

Anonymous 222697


Real women lesbian relationships are already reproducible and fertile, all they need is a breeding moid with good genes then discard him, this happens all the time. This is the advantage of true womanhood, not playing pretend like a loon or believing in science fiction.

Anonymous 222698

This still requires e functioning uterus for the gestation. This is the type of dystopian tech that would turn women into incubators for fags and troons.

Anonymous 222699


Anonymous 222700

This is why women who brag about males wanting to fuck them are fools. Males will seriously fuck anyone and anything. The moid in the pic mentioned the "sissy fetish" as the reason he wanted to fuck a tranny. More confirmation that it's all one big consequence of pornography.

Anonymous 222702

I think it's because transgenderality isn't a word.

Anonymous 222704

>International Women's Day
>80% of the messages I've seen are about trannies

Anonymous 222706

Does hip slimming surgery exist or what

Anonymous 222707

I was more talking about ther surgery itself. They aren't even satisfied with having the genitals of the other sex. Now they need both and they've got a list of quack surgeons who've convinced them it can be done.

Anonymous 222708

We should put the same requirements for natural births too tbh

Anonymous 222712

dissenter was a great idea, I hope it's still around.

Anonymous 222716


They aren't satisfied with having the genitals of the other sex, because they aren't actually receiving the genitals of the other sex.

A hole isn't a vagina. A stuffed skin sack isn't a penis. Even breast implants that are incredibly expensive to look convincing…still don't feel like real breasts.

Anonymous 222718

anyone know a link to transcripts of the JKR Witch Trials for the hearing impaired?

thanks in advance,

Anonymous 222719


Anonymous 222720


here's your trans queen

Anonymous 222727


I find it interesting that lurking trannies will screenshot the parts where we give them their earned hatred, but will never share any of the reasons why we don't like them. Like where they're being rapists, racists, pedophiles, extreme misogynists, dog fuckers, and full on degenerates in any other way. They'll screenshot and share allllll the comments where we call them uggos, but they never wanna share the instances where they viciously go after teenage girls on social media.

Anonymous 222728


Trannies tell themselves and eachother that there are women who get mistaken for trannies.

Anonymous 222729


Here's another "look how stupid you would look in a situation I made up" comic by the same artist.

Anonymous 222730

Trannies always depict TERFs as these bitter white women, when TERFs are all over the world and come from different races. Then when a nonwhite woman does step up to call out trannies' bullshit, trannies meltdown and act incredibly dismissive. They'll use nonwhites and piggyback off of us to "fight" for their "oppressed rights", yet the minute we disagree with them, they lose it and try telling us to fuck off lol. Trannies lack such honor and self-awareness, they make angels throw up.

Anonymous 222731

>maybe we can find a way to have 2 females reproduce and can eradicate moids.
don't stoop to tranny crazy levels

Anonymous 222732

You are not needed anymore, moid.

Anonymous 222734

I'm not a moid. The unfortunate reality is we need sperm donors and by denying that you sound like the trannies who think they can carry children.

Anonymous 222735

Trannies can't replace us because only we can bear children. Soon enough we won't need sperm donors.

Anonymous 222736


Where did you find this?

Anonymous 222738

Just go on google and look up "nasty neovaginas". It shouldn't take long to find a pic like that. I think someone in this thread posted a link to a whole website of super botched "neovaginas"

Anonymous 222741



Anonymous 222746

now who the hell is wearing this?

Anonymous 222749

I feel like this is because of deeply rooted sexism in society. That women/girls are worthless and their sole purpose in life is being a baby factory. That the sooner they bag a man, the better. Then they stopped being a burdon on the family and become his responsibility. So it's a privilege that a man would even consider having sex with a woman and a woman must be doing anything to keep him. That a true woman can awaken an arousal in men. It leads to a lot of vulnerable girls being manipulated and used for men's attention.

Anonymous 222750


Anonymous 222751


Anonymous 222758

I agree with you. Thats wwhat I meant by "bag a man," I was talking about how young women might feel compelled to put out because theres this misconception of sex somehow sealing a relationship.

Anonymous 222766

>This is the type of dystopian tech that would turn women into incubators for fags and troons.
Which wont happen we will shoot them before they enslave us.

Anonymous 222769

Truly scrotish behaviour, these rapists should be identified and hung.

If anything, this situation is the fault of trannies.

Had they not started invading women-only spaces, there'd be no speculations whether or not someone was legitimately a woman.

Anonymous 222774


Trannies' take on David Reimer's case is that it somehow proves their point. David being forced into the identity as a girl, and demanding his identity as a male back was taken by trannies and twisted into something justifying their mental illness, because they think their mentally illness and David's situation is the same. It's not. David was literally forced to be raised a girl because his body suffered early, major damage. This fucked him up, and he eventually wanted to be what he truly was: a male. Trannies have a mental illness that makes them want to destroy the complete body they already have. David's reaction to being lied to was appropriate, because he realized that he was actually a male, and wanted to die as one. Trannies are born in their destined bodies, with only their mental illness guiding them to their "change". The David Reimer situation just does not blend with what trannies make of it, no matter how much they try to distort the lesson of it.

Anonymous 222778

It's very convenient for tras that both him and his brother committed suicide, if they were still alive, maybe they would say something terfy

Anonymous 222784

That jewish boy was good looking and he got butchered to deformity by another one, then killed himself. He literally groomed, made him do sexual stuff to his twin, 41%'ed a teenager. And somehow this is the proper "procedure" now. John Money the creator of trannies was just a pedophile that deserved to be executed.

Anonymous 222785

I hate this guy. Narcissistic piece of shit.

Anonymous 222794


I fucking hate Twitter. What kind of piece of garbage site would punish and ban someone for standing up to a degenerate fucking troon?? So trannies can send death and rape threats to random women and upload videos of them masturbating in public spaces, but nobody is allowed to even tell them to go kill themselves in the form of "kys"?? What a garbage social media.

Anonymous 222798

john money was on that nazi experimenting shit tip. i don't understand why people are not more appalled by what he did because it was absolutely disgusting and unethical. in fact it goes beyond words and could probably be classed as "demonic" because that's what that shit was…demonic. and truth be told there are a lot of people just like him running around who are basically cold blooded lizards in human skin; they like fucking around with people like transgenders and other broken types because they know their families are desparate for them to be "normal" so they can get away with giving them cocktails of drugs, poking and chopping away at their bodies, and then covering it up under the guise of medicine and the hippocratic oath because the end always justifies the means. i feel bad for the parents but at the same time, i don't understand why they immediately went for the whole "just change his gender" instead of trying to reconstruct his penis. i never understand parents who get reeled into these situations because i feel like most parents would be hesitant to jump from one extreme to another. just makes me sad that one person's ineptitude lead to two people being fucked over by a professional, licensed pervert. i bet he slept real good at night with a smile on his face while those two boys were tormented forever by what he did.

Anonymous 222819

oh my gawd what youtube just recommended me

Anonymous 222826

>is a trekkie
Literally what is it with troons and Star Trek? It's so weird how this isn't first time I've seen who whose completely enamored by the series.

Anonymous 222830

this whole video is just him trying to make terfs into white supremacists

Anonymous 222869

saw that vulgar display of troonery, didn't know the video got yanked (pun intended) and the account got locked.

stupid me thought "well, if the 'source' people didn't have enough bathroom incidents already, this should peak everyone."

but, no, still bizarro world.

Anonymous 222884


I laugh at this timeline where men try to redefine what a woman is.

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