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Room thread Anonymous 38822

Post your dream room. Or post your room. Or post rooms you want to take inspiration from.

Have you been keeping your room clean? How often do you dust and vaccume? Do you want to add anything to your room like lights or posters or art? What's your room like currently?

I try to keep mines simple and minimalist but I want to add some cool lights and posters.

Anonymous 38833

Can you not afford a bed? Just curious

Anonymous 38834

Didn’t you post in the Pretty Princess Points thread?

Anonymous 38836

Can you link the thread?

Anonymous 38837


The place where I spend 90% of my time, ft. my dog and some weeb posters I just bought (pls no bully). I keep my room pretty organized even if it doesn’t look like it here. I think you should get some posters and maybe some fairy lights anon! It might make your room feel more home-y.

Anonymous 38838

that's a cute dog.
Also nice weeb posters.

Anonymous 38842


>Have you been keeping your room clean?
>How often do you dust and vaccume?

Anonymous 38845

My room is pretty cluttered from books clothes and old documents. I have about 150 books and I'm too lazy to move them all to my shelf, I just let them stack up high on my desk and bedpost.

Anonymous 38865


Planning on removing bed and making essentially a coffin to save space and promote good posture
Floral patterns>everything else

Anonymous 38930

comfy dog


Floral bedspreads are GOAT

I just tidied my couch for the first time since I moved in (a year). Haven't seen its surface since then. Feelin proud

Anonymous 38932

Nice bed sheets
Floral is the superior pattern

Anonymous 38933

autism child chamb…

very very old picture, probably from a year or two back at this point. the only new additions are a rainbow dash daki and a lot more manga (that isnt as shit tier)

Anonymous 38935


You got some nice Ribon magazines there. Love the way your bed is set up against the windows!

Anonymous 38937

I love your room so much.
I wish I still had all of my anime stuff from conventions growing up but my mom threw it away. So my room is pretty blank

Anonymous 38940


Can you explain what you mean? I dont really know what you mean sorry.

Anonymous 38943

She doesn't dust or vacuum

Anonymous 39258

thank you so much! I have a lot of other things from the magazines as well in boxes (little stamps, stickers, papers, notebooks, etc). I like to look through the magazines from time to time!

thank you so so much, I have much more now, and lots of MLP merch and figures are still in boxes because I dont have enough space to display things anymore…I dont want to overcrowd too much! thats awful your mom threw it all away. my mom isnt the biggest fan of my collection but she just doesn't come in my room much anymore because of it.

Anonymous 39277


>Can you explain what you mean?
This is the state of my room lmao. I’m not a tidy person.

Anonymous 39278

woah holy jesus

Anonymous 39279

>a fuckton of clothing and a box with books
This is like 15min of cleaning

Anonymous 39280

yeah, and imagine living like this every day even though it takes so little to clean up. I won't tell someone how to live their life but that mess is just too big for me.

Anonymous 39281

My eye went to the assorted construction paper on the floor in the bottom right cuz I have that in on the floor my room too lel
We are truly living the same life in different houses

Anonymous 39282

I'm genuinely curious, anon: Do you not feel icky when you look all those clothes strewn around on the floor where you walk? Or are all of those used clothes?

It's very messy but it could be worse. I've seen pictures of messy, dirty rooms that you could almost smell through the computer screen.

Anonymous 39283

It can always be worse

Anonymous 39284


My closet is full rn and I’m super lazy. A friend came over to watch a movie in the family room and when she saw my room she told me next time she’s free she’ll help me sort everything.

>Do you not feel icky when you look all those clothes strewn around on the floor where you walk?
I’m pretty much in my room only when I’m changing or going to bed. Most of the stuff is clean I think, since I keep my dirty clothing in a separate area aside from my loungewear which I pretty much strip off and toss when I’m getting ready. I don’t eat in my room or anything, so most of my problem is just my clothing and my papers that I toss in there if I don’t need it in my schoolbag. It mostly smells like incense.

Anonymous 39286

tbh y'all buggin over this room when it's not even that bad.
at least it's not, like, trash and used pads in the corners and dirty towels piling up.

that being said you should at least clean off the bed like damn

Anonymous 39292

Just because it's not worse doesn't make it "not bad".
Any respectable adult would have enough self respect to keep their home neat and tidy. This is pure laziness and unacceptable.

Anonymous 39301

This is what my apartment starts looking like when I'm left to my own devices. But you seem cleaner than me judging by the photo.

Anonymous 39324

From the OP:
>Post your dream room. Or post your room. Or post rooms you want to take inspiration from.
>Or post your room
It’s not OP’s dream room. It’s just her room.

Anon I hope this is bait or you must be having a pretty bad day.

Anonymous 39325

That’s not very cash money of you anon

Anonymous 39354


Ayyyy lmao

Anonymous 39363


What did they say I missed it lol

Anonymous 39370


Something around the lines of “ur dream room is a air mattress lol kys” but meaner

I wish it was more interesting than that anon

Anonymous 39377

>oh wow, I should go into this thread to post damnbitchyoulivelikethis.mp3
>someone already did this
great minds think alike, I suppose.

Anonymous 39402


Just moved in here

Anonymous 39403

Is that an attic room?!?
I always wanted one of those. It’s the privacy of a basement room without the roaches and flooding risk. Ideal for a young lady imo.

Anonymous 39410


Me too! Bonus if it has a big window you can see the stars through. Always dreamed of a room like that.

Anonymous 39436

Enjoy 40-50 Celsius in the summer.

Anonymous 39444

>she doesn't have med genes to shield her from the heat

Survival of the fittest !

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