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Anonymous 39380

Well? What he do??

Anonymous 39395

shed wonteded tha dick in bagina!!! xDDD

Anonymous 39399

>all the comments saying "lol xD wimmin and how indirect they are so stoopit"
>tfw I'm blunt with men when I like them and it makes them visibly uncomfortable
Men are as big a conundrum to me as women supposedly are to them.

Anonymous 39405

They like it when a woman is indirect I think. Guys really like to make the first move, as much as they complain about “always having to do it”.

Anonymous 39406

There are as many men as there are many women in the world. We cannot possibly pinpoint one characteristic to belong to men only seeing as the only common thing they have in common is having a dick.
I'm sure there are men out there who love direct women too.

Anonymous 39413

Being blunt with men is what I did and it landed me the best guy I could ever wish for

Anonymous 39415

It just depends on what sort of guy you like and in return, what sort of woman they're interested in.

Like the miners here that want a shy boy, they're going to have to be direct with them. But the miners here that don't care for shy boys might prefer it if the guy was more assertive (and the assertive sort of guy probably prefers it that way too). There's probably some overlap of course but always worth taking a step back and think about who you're trying to attract and what sort of things you should do to get him (or her for that matter!)

Anonymous 39420

he made fun of me when I complained about getting period debris stuck in my snatch hair

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