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Any moms here? Anonymous 40962

I'm a first-time mom, was wondering if any other moms browsed CC.
>did you enjoy your pregnancy?
>at hiw many weeks did you have him/her?
>natural or c-section?
>do you enjoy being a mom? What's the most difficult thing you have deal with in your experience

Anonymous 40965



Anonymous 41134

Good luck finding other moms here when we have active femcel and virgin threads on the /feels/ board. Hope you stay here though. It's good to hear some opinions from other perspectives and people with wider experiences.

Anonymous 41217

My wife and I (two married cis lezzes) are planning to conceive our first next summer via donor. I couldn't be more excited, or grateful that she's going to carry and not me!

Anonymous 41394



Anonymous 41412

Are you in any mom groups? Do you have friends who are also moms?

I'd like to have a baby soon so I'm curious.

Anonymous 41425

i want to be a mom soon..seems very scary and lonely

Anonymous 41461

Jesus christ…

Anonymous 41534

bless you.
it'd be nice to be a mother one day, but not right now. we're absolutely not ready at all to have kids yet. one day though i'm sure.

Anonymous 41567

I aborted because I'm a piece of shit and can't take of myself

Props to you for being able to do it (and presumably have a decent man you're procreating with)

Anonymous 41575

I joined a bunch of mommy/pregnancy support groups on facebook, if that counts. Being a mom was the best thing that happened to me by the way, don't regret it. I might even dare say I love my little one so much that if I ever end up alone I'd be fine.

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