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Anonymous 41373

Ignore face and complexion. As long as you put enough effort, a good female body is usually attainable for most women. There is but one exception: breasts. As far as I see even the above average size is far from what is the most desired. Do men also have something in their looks that even those on the top don't have enough when it comes to looks?

Anonymous 41374

Height. I've seen 6' guys who wish they were taller.
I don't believe most women care so much about height though, I think they are either unaware of that or they are insecure about their height because taller guys are often saw as more dominant, just like large breasted women are often regarded as the most dominant in the room.

Anonymous 41379

>large breasted women are often regarded as the most dominant in the room
I think this is just an anime Onee-chan thing, I've often found myself being dominant in feminine group situations and I'm flat. I'm solidly built with a deep voice and have slightly masc energy though.

Anyway, I do agree that tits and height are equivalent when it comes to instant visual desirability.

Anonymous 41388

I agree but disagree with this
>even the above average size is far from what is the most desired
I'd say average-slightly above average breasts are the most desired, except for fetishists. very big boobs are seen as freaky or comical even.

Anonymous 41389

Lol yeah right. My big breasts are what saved me from being seen as a complete hamplanet at my highest bmis

I get soo much extra attention from men and men attracted as fuck to my body im sure they wouldn't be if I didn't have my hips or my breasts. If I was a regular chubby girl who didnt have any ass or tits when fat im sure I'd be ignored. I wish I was because men think it's okay to sexually harass me and act like complete weirdos because of it

Anonymous 41390

Pretty sure anything less than Senran Kagura tier is considered god tier for men.
I think they many would go for a girl with a huge gut as long as her boobs are huge in stead of a flat but healthy girl.

My impressiona os that most of men think oral sex is better than vaginal sex, and very few things make it even better than being endowed.
Of course that's not always true, but an Audrey Hepburn tier girl is even more uncommon than a slim girl with a natural F-cup

Anonymous 41391


>:I think this is just an anime Onee-chan thing,
Are you saying that girls with huge breasts, hourglass figure and a perfect, waist-long hair that aren't a total Stacy but the average introverted, nerdy miner aren't far more common in anime than in anywhere else?

Anonymous 41392

>ignore face and complexion

why do so when there is so much science and so much effort extended towards having a naturally beautiful face (without makeup)

Anonymous 41396

I mean, a total Stacy is one thing but that anon just said big tits make you alpha.
Which just isn't always true. In fact, personally, it would just make me want to impress her so I'd take the lead even more. And try to make her laugh.

Anonymous 41398

>just like large breasted women are often regarded as the most dominant in the room.
No other woman gives a shit about breast size aside from a momentary ‘wow those are big boobs.’

Anonymous 41399

Dick. The part of the body men insecure about the most, until it is really big. And bigger (taller) men usually have bigger dicks.

Anonymous 41403

Actually there's no statistic correalation between men's height and penis size. This leads to the funny situation where a fuck huge guy looks like he has a tiny dick when it's really average. It's quite funny to hear them complain about.

Anonymous 41406

Pretty much. A short dude is gonna look like he has a bigger dick than a tall dude, even if their dicks are the same size

Anonymous 41408

1528292866985 (1).…

Can you really blame them.

Anonymous 41414

dont only americans tend to have this dumb preference problem? in europe where most are 5'9 and under is this really a thing

Anonymous 41415

Well of course european women wouldn't have a preference for 6'2 men.

Because they use metric silly! So the standard there is 188 cm.

Anonymous 41419

I've read enough shoujo manga and otome games to know that it's definitely a thing in Japan since they keep talking about the height of the guys (Obviously adjusted to their own average height).

>in europe where most are 5'9 and under

That is also true in America. 5'9" is the average height of an American male. I just googled it and only 10% of American males are 6'0" or over. Height distributions are apparently pretty concentrated near the averages.

Anonymous 41435

It depends on the country probably. In mine, there are definitely women with certain height preferences.

But in my impression, most are happy with men who are a bit taller than them.

Anonymous 41437

Of course, not quite as near as for males, and indeed anywhere near as boobs for us, but isn't height something important that we also can't change and the average is not the best?

As far as I see most guys prefere either shorter than average and/or taller than average, placing average height above only very short or very tall.

Also unless he's really tiny, even a tall woman tends to be shorter than a short guy, so I think they care more if other guys think they are shorter than if women do.

Anonymous 41439

There's the nasty race thing in america that plays it's own part in the averages and who usually are the ones on the taller side.

Anonymous 41440

Blacks and whites?

Anonymous 41457

blacks and whites are just about the same height on average for both sexes, so idk what they're talking about

Anonymous 41462

I think that was the point. Latins, Arabs and Asians are on average shorter while blacks and whites are taller.

Anonymous 41492

only black men are taller on average. black women are shorter than white women on average. come on

Anonymous 41699

I thought about this thread a few days ago and for both men and women, eyes, especially eye color.
Almost everyone has dark eyes, universally considered dull or ugly. Get a list of the most beautiful people ever. Very few of them, like Sean Connery and George Clooney for men and Audrey Hepburn and Natalie Portman, have brown eyes.

Anonymous 41704

I think there's waaaaay more attractive men with dark eyes than with light eyes.
Blue eyes only look good on men with some extremely specific complexions, and age tends to turn those complexions sour extremely quickly. A blue-eyed teenager or early 20something will usually look like trash when he hits his mid-30s, and male movie stars are usually supposed to look acceptable all the way into their 50s.

Anonymous 41707

Why would you look like trash as soon as you're 30 just because you have blue/green eyes…?

Anonymous 41708

Kek, are you the same anon from lolcow who hates her "poop eyes?"

It is somewhat true since blue eyes are "special," but I don't think it's at the front of everyone's mind when seeking a mate.

Anonymous 41743

>Kek, are you the same anon from lolcow who hates her "poop eyes?"
No, I hate that place and don't browse there.
But yeat, I hate poop eyes. I curse myself and my genetics everyday for my brown eyes.
>I think there's waaaaay more attractive men with dark eyes than with light eyes.
Congrats, anon, you're one in a billion.

Anonymous 41745

Again, eye shape > eye color. Why don't yall realize that? Also, east asian women with absolute pitch black hair and eyeballs get wked and lusted over by people ALL THE TIME.

Anonymous 41828

Seconding this, super round eyes look weird on guys a lot of the time but feminine on women

Anonymous 41837

giorgia meloni.jpg

Anonymous 41921

>Do men also have something in their looks that even those on the top don't have enough
Not related to looks exactly, but still a physiological aspect: An exceptionally deep voice. It's not the most desired, but a low rumbling voice makes a huge impression. And it's not something you can train.

Anonymous 41922

I can train low rumbling voices. You'd better believe men can train low rumblig voices.

It's still sexy though. But they can train it. I've seen it. Still sexy.

Anonymous 41990

That's so not true. The true dominant women are tiny old asian grandmothers or mothers wielding chanclas.

Anonymous 41994


If it can make any if you feel better about yourselves, I personally don't like big breasts. Average or below average is the way to go for me. In my opinion breasts can't be too small, but they easily can be too big.

And I think the notion of importance of breasts to men in hugely overblown.

Anonymous 41998

But are you a lesbian girl?

Anonymous 42004


Are you American?

Anonymous 42010

No, but I don't think that cultural preference for breasts size is that different across countries.

Anonymous 42018

don't engage with the smegsie. he's not allowed here.

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