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Do you wish you were a man? Anonymous 47640

Full disclosure: I do.

Anonymous 47643

I wished I was a gay man for most of my youth. Partially fetishization, but mostly since I thought I could never achieve the romantic/sexual dynamic I wanted.

Even now I still wish this sometimes since though I can achieve the dynamic, it is harder than if I was a man seeking men. I also think I'd look cuter as a guy.

But generally I'm happy as a woman.
Why do you want to be a man, op?

Anonymous 47646

What sort of relationship dynamic do you think is more accessible to gay men?

Anonymous 47649

I feel sort of the same way. I wish that I was a man that could seek man. It's a sexual thing. I want to penetrate men, but also women. I feel that woman are very attractive, but the idea of being with one as a woman disgusts me. Isn't that strange?

Besides the sexual bit, I'd just like to feel powerful and respected. As a woman you can be both, but it's a different kind of power and a different kind of respect. It's difficult to put a finger on what exactly it is.

Anonymous 47651


I'll tell you something, most men deep down wished they were women, not in the literal sense but the fact there are more MtF trannies is definitely a correlation, men wish they could be free to express their weaknesses without being judged by society, but since humans exist, men did more risky and physically demanding activities such as hunting, climbing tall trees to get fruits, fending off predators to protect women and children and yes, fighting other men because humans are tribalistic like all other animals unfortunately. The single fact that men had to leave their families behind in their temporary homes/caves everyday to go into a world full of literal monsters that could devour them in a second meant that they had to create this macho image for themselves, they couldn't show fear or else they'd die. Males were basically test dummies that were constantly discarded by nature for not being smart enough, not reacting fast enough, not being strong enough…

If women are "cursed" for having to give birth and being physically weaker than men, men are cursed to have the the majority of the weight of natural selection on their shoulders and to compete and kill their brothers to reproduce with women (women are a more costly resource than men because of pregnancy, men on the other hand are expendable unless they prove their worth somehow and get a chance to reproduce) this is why patriarchy is a thing and why it started right when agriculture was invented (aka the beginning of civilization), men in sedentary societies "equalized" the burden of natural selection through monogamy (which is a male invention) because now they weren't as exposed to danger as they were in hunter-gatherer tribes

In short, since modern society is controlled by men, it's both a reflection of men's evolutionary purpose and greatest fear at the same time (always being competitive and not showing their emotions) average men just like average women are stuck in a system they hate, but men will still defend it because the same system conditions them to not criticize it because that'd make you less of a man

Men are just as insecure as women too, this is why they controlled women's sexuality for most of history and opposed feminism, they don't want to compete with women too because that'd set the bar higher for them which would mean that they'd have to work harder doing both doing traditionally female and male chores in a post-feminist world, they'd also have to groom themselves and work on their appearance like women have always done now in their patriarcal society, this mentality is also why males kill themselves much more often than women

Anonymous 47652

I'm dominant and really into size difference. My ideal man is currently very rare for these reasons, on top of other traits I look for. If I was a gay man finding a twinky bottom would be a good deal easier I can imagine.

Although I guess LTRS and marriage are less common in the gay male community, so perhaps my malesona here would be jealous of me in that regard.

Oh yeah, penetration too. And I kind of get what you mean about women, although I'd still be dtf a woman currently, but being a guy with her would be a different experience.

Anonymous 47653

The nonstop degenerate sex kind.

Anonymous 47654

I don't think dominant poses a problem, but I can see how the size difference thing would. I presume you want to be bigger than him? How important is that if your desired dynamic is there mentally?

Anonymous 47660

Not really, sometimes I do wish I had a penis but that's more of a fantasy and I'm not dysmorphic or depressed about it.

Anonymous 47661

moid post

Anonymous 47668


No, I feel like I would unironically be considered an incel if I was a man. My personality flaws and anxiety/autism would make me even more unlikable as a man. I mean i know I'm pretty unlikable now but at least I'm kinda cute lookwise and some of my quirks have been considered cute to men since I'm a girl. Plus I like dressing up and doing my hair and stuff and I couldn't easily do that as a guy.

Anonymous 47680

This thought scares me. If I was born as a male. I'm sure the abuse I received as a child would be more severe. More people would less likely to help me. I will be just as raged filled. I've already tend to lashed out and hit people out of anger. I just imagine I would be more of a abuser, manipulator and rapist.

Anonymous 47688

I told you this a year ago, anon. Find a small man, pick him up, and then take him to your den.

Anonymous 47696

what do you mean by this anon?

Anonymous 47697

You forgot the "bash them with a blunt object" step.

Anonymous 47704

Study some English, and you'll understand.
Unnecessary. They won't dare to struggle and miss out on the time of their lives. Beat them up only if you like that sort of stuff, preferably when they're in your house.

Anonymous 47707

I'd rather "bash" him with my hips. Repeatedly. Up and down, up and down.

Anonymous 47709

anon.. what the fuck does this have to do with anything? Of course most men want to be women. They don't deserve to be men. They cry about how hard it all is, when they're the ones who put themselves in the position to live difficult lives in the first place. Pathetic.

Oh I'm sure I'd be a redpilled asshat myself were I a man, but as a woman I can fantasize about how suave I'd be. How much more empathetic and clever I'd be than the rest, because I'd have insight into male and female psyche… But maybe in reality I'd just be jerking off to traps and grumbling about feminism being a crock of shit.

I really hope you aren't already all of those things…

Anonymous 47710

Nope. Sure, I wish I could be taken more seriously by men, be much stronger, reach tall shelves and have this annoying immunity to pain and discomfort a lot of men seem to have…but all of that can be accomplished by forcing a man to do my bidding.

Anonymous 47712

>forcing a man to do my bidding
you kid?

Anonymous 47745

Why does a high pain tolerance in men annoy you?

Anonymous 47749

nta but high pain and discomfort tolerance = lack of humanity, robot/doll-like.

Anonymous 47754

I don't see how being resistant to pain makes anyone nonhuman.

Anonymous 47758

Not that anon but a lot of men have a tendency to not be present or self-aware of what's happening to their own body. It's easy to be tolerant of pain and discomfort if you're not aware in the first place

Anonymous 47759

Isn't that a sign of autism?

Anonymous 47763

Autism has to do with not being aware of or picking up on social queues, but they are very much in tune with their senses, sometimes to a fault. Look up sensory overload.

Anonymous 47768

Men are not immune to pain, they just put up with pain because they're expected to never show weakness.

Anonymous 47779

Poor men kek. If they show weakness, they get mocked for being weak "pussies" by other people. But to me, not showing weakness makes a man seem nonhuman and cold as a stone.
Damned if they do, damned if they don't.

Anonymous 47781

I don't feel bad for them. At one point you just have to say fuck it and do what's best for you instead of living by other people's faulty perspective. Even if that means cutting them out of your life. This shit happens because they don't stop and think critically for themselves, but rather would accept someone's opinion as the ultimate truth.

Matter of the fact is, a lot of men just don't have any awareness about themselves or think about anything at all beyond what they're told to think. Many of them will put off going to the doctor because they think they should just bear the pain/symptoms until it becomes a huge problem. They live in filth because they believe that's how a man should live. They never question why or where these platitudes come from and will carry them into adulthood, and even spread it to their children. At some point you have to say, enough is enough.

Anonymous 47788

But that just makes you flawed too. Doesn't it? If Grug weak, he no survive winter. If Ogoba want Grug weak, she no survive winter. Neither does little Nug-nug, if he's ever born.

Anonymous 47793

I'm a tall af so I would've looked Chad af if I was a guy instead of lank

Anonymous 47878

>Of course most men want to be women. They don't deserve to be men

Anonymous 47935

I wish I were a man so I could be judged by the same criteria that men are judged. The qualities I have are considered good for a man, but for a woman they do not matter. Switching gender roles would be great.

Anonymous 47940

How tall? like actually tall or just above average for women?

Anonymous 47941

not an argument

Anonymous 47958

Just a find a male that fits into female roles.

Anonymous 47961

having male strangth and dick sounds fun but still not as good as being an attractive tomboy, so no.

Anonymous 47998

In some ways yes. I’d get more respect from men if I was one and it would make me much more valuable in my field.
I could not imagine myself being a man though. Probably would just become a tranny if I had the misfortune of being one.

Anonymous 48010


Also wished my boyfriend was female.

But since there is no real way to do it (no, hormomes and surgeries won't fix that), i am stuck with my current situation of trying to reorient my boyfriend into being feminine and accepting my masculinity.

Anonymous 48183

Yep. To the end of being a closeted FTM…

Anonymous 48194


That wall of text is honestly feminist wish-thinking, sadly I doubt any of it is true

Anonymous 48256

Closeted? Like, you wear frilly pink dresses and insist on acting feminine?

Anonymous 48258


Do I want to be a slave to a dick and other chimp tendencies, instead of being a cute biological asian girl? No.

Anonymous 48265

What are you exactly?

Anonymous 48266

No; not really.

Most of all of the flaws/issues I have are only seen as acceptable because I'm a female (i.e being a socially awkward/shy coder that is introverted and reclusive, passive, and obsessed with vidya), these things are seen as ~qUiRkY~ because I'm a girl.

I don't like the attention it attracts from cringy beta orbiter types, but at least it doesn't cause me substantial social detriment. Though, I do feel like I can only make male friends and girls see me as weird.

If I were a dude, I'd be a fucking incel probably, or a simp ~nice guy~.

I do hate how I'm not taken seriously in anything I do, though, and how I'm constantly having to prove myself, but that also has to do with having a meek demeanor, rather than being a girl.

There are certain personality traits I have like being unemotional, loving debate/challenges that get praised when men have them, but get shunned when I have possess them cause I am a girl, I think, though.

I watch so many YouTubers/Streamers like Destiny who have similar personalities as I have, and no one makes a comment about them being argumentative/aggressive, but when I do it, it's seen as sassy/bitchy.

Both genders have their fuckin' issues with dealing with the attributed gender stereotypes.

Anonymous 48308

I was with you up until the last part. I can't say I'd be okay with my boyfriend acting like a pansy. If I must be a woman I want a dominant figure in my life. But god do I wish I was a guy so I could fuck my boyfriend's brain out, him being the girl. I'd go to work, come home and expect dinner. Have my lady blow me while I watch tv.

Sounds dreamy.

Anonymous 48318

Probably not. With these genes I'd be a manlet which is also a death sentence for guy, but then again so is being an ugly woman which I am. My face would be way better for a male though and I'm more masculine by personality (competitive, determited, dominant etc). Maybe I would have lived a better life as a manlet than as an ugly girl though, so probably yes to be honest.

Anonymous 48654

Means I want to transition to a dude… but i fear it's social/caeere suicide.

Anonymous 48661

It's psychological suicide, really. Before people did this stuff, we had Jeanne D'Arc, and Amelia Earheart. There's a difference between being comfortable with your gender role, and being comfortable with your body's sex. What is it about being a man that has you interested in getting surgery?

Anonymous 48690

It very much is. I'm aware that it's an esacpist disassociation. If genders weren't so guarded by society I'd most likely not even know what "being a man" really even is as so much of it is cultural.
But in the current climate it's someone who is allowed body and facial hair, it's a deep voice, it's dominant behaviour, it's fucking instead of being fucked and less cumbersome pregnancy appliances aka (breasts and hips).
Its a strange sensation to have, and one I've had since I started to develop as a woman in my teens. I'm aware that some frankenstein dick, testosterone injections and other surgey wounds to my body would merely supply a superficial escape, that it's a mental disease, hardly more valid than the desires of habitual cutters…
But it's what our current scientific capacity allows a person who's feeling these ways to do.

Hence. I stay in my closet… I dress up/act like a man in private, I allow for my leg and pit hair to grow sporadically, cutting it only when i need to be presentable. But otherwise I trim my brows, nip my peach fuss, put on makeup, wear dresses and speak lightly. Because it's the uniform of my gender and I can't be bothered diverting too much from it and causing trouble to my family and work life.
Hope that explains it anon.

Anonymous 48700

>I was with you up until the last part. I can't say I'd be okay with my boyfriend acting like a pansy. If I must be a woman I want a dominant figure in my life.

Why? So you get to be coerced/induced to suck him and be fucked and be led by him? I don't want that, thanks. I rather do the leading, do the fucking and be the one that is sucked - even if i never get the male body i want i my partner does not have a vagina.

>But god do I wish I was a guy so I could fuck my boyfriend's brain out, him being the girl.

You can do it even without being a guy. Welcome to the world of pegging. If i did't had urges every time i get pms i would be in a non-piv pegging only relationship.

>I'd go to work, come home and expect dinner. Have my lady blow me while I watch tv. Sounds dreamy.

That is what i do. My boyfriend arrives 30 minute before me at home. I expect him to put on his collar and change into a dress or just take his work clothes off and be in full lingerie with a buttplug (or just stockings, bra and his chastity belt if he is using a cat-tail buttplig) and start preparing dinner. When i arrive, he either gives me a glass of wine of a drink, get on the sofa and he sucks me until either i come or i tell him to stop (and if i don't cum, he gets punished later on).

After that, i take my princess to bed, take his buttplug off, play a bit with his butt, lube him up and fuck him till he comes. Ocasionally i do that after taking off his chastity belt, but in most cases i just take it off after he cums for him to clean up and then i place it again and he goes finish and serve dinner in half an our. The rest of the night i stay on my pajamas or naked playing on the computer while he watches or watching netflix.

Anonymous 48702

>but it's what our current scientific capacity allows a person who's feeling these ways to do
Or at least its what you're told to do. The truth, is that you're not acting like your real self in public. This is what's causing you to try and dissociate or cope with a reconstructive surgery to "express yourself". Truth is that you don't need to cut up yourself. Truth is that you don't even need to change your wardrobe. It's a behavioral walling of your personality and mating desires that you need to change. I suggest you drop the façade against your bitter assumptions of what'll happen if you do, and go searching for a male that'll match your mismatch of stereotypical personality traits. Has there ever been men that have tickled your fancy? Not just superficially to keep up appearance, but that actually make you feel for them.

Anonymous 48709

Absolutely the are guys I love. I prefer the company of men too as women make me feel judged and uneasy.
I even had an experience of a man really liking my crossdressing resulting in me topping him. That admittedly really made me feel good while that relationship lasted, but it's sadly a desire I can't get fullfilled with my current partner. I love him so much I forfit it.
It's complicated to say the least, most likely not healthy, but thank you for even trying to talk sense into me. Are your thoughts that I'm some sort of repressed lesbian?

Anonymous 48721

No. You're just a repressed person. There's nothing about you that actually says you're a lesbian. The fact that you not only tolerate male company, but actually prefer them to women just shows you to be a bit on the masculine side. There's absolutely nothing wrong with wearing pants, anon! Nobody bats an eye at that sort of fashion, what with it being a part of American women's fashion since World War II. Just look at Rosie. Have you asked him about being yourself?

Anonymous 48738

>I watch so many YouTubers/Streamers like Destiny who have similar personalities as I have
How fucking vile

Anonymous 50552

Men and women just have different standards of cleanliness, men don't live in filth because they were taught to. Retard.

Anonymous 50554

If you think men are somehow inherently dirtier than women, I'd question how many men you know and how many of their living spaces you've seen. Unless you're referring to actual hygiene/cleanliness practices, I've met many men who live in very clean, neatly-organized living spaces (my husband always has and he helped me improve mine) and have also met plenty of "conventional" women who never organize their belongings and live in cluttered filth. It's far more likely that men, when children, begin associating cleanliness and neatness more with girls, since having a clean and "proper" image is expected more of young girls.

Anonymous 50557


Anonymous 50577

No, but I wish I could kill all men who hurt women in any way.

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