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Anonymous 67114

any febfems here?

Anonymous 67121

Cool, I learned a few word today.

Anonymous 67128

I sure am.

Anonymous 67132

What got you to be a febfem?

Anonymous 67140

I just can't see myself getting the dynamic I want out of a relationship with a man. Not out of hatred for them, men can be alright sometimes.
There's just some level of emotional connection and understanding that's lacking even with my close male friends. As well there are societal expectations in hetero dating that I couldn't even be bothered to try back when I was considering men.
I guess I just feel less as if I have to ~embody femininity~ to be appealing with a woman and can instead just be myself. And ultimately I want to feel peak comfort with a life partner.

My sexuality leans towards women anyway. I'd be excited doing anything with a woman, but my attraction to men is convoluted and weirdly specific so there's no big loss.

TL;DR Men are uncomfy
What about you? Assuming you are and that's why you made the thread.

Anonymous 67156

So this is just a web 2.0 word for political lesbianism?

Anonymous 67158

No, and even lesbians don't see it that way.

Anonymous 69750


Anonymous 69955

Yes every group that becomes too large will split. This is just lesbians trying to feel different

Anonymous 69958

It's not. I'd claim lesbian if I could, but it would be dishonest.
I'm just a bisexual making a choice.

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