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Anonymous 69387

>Darwin listed the advantages of marrying, which included: ". . . constant companion, (friend in old age) who will feel interested in one, object to be beloved and played with—better than a dog anyhow—Home, and someone to take care of house . . ."

Anonymous 69391

single no kids.PNG

men reap all the emotional and physical benefits from marriage while women suffer

Anonymous 69392

women get the short end of the stick regardless of what their marital status is. Also that list is bullshit.

Anonymous 69484

>Also that list is bullshit

Anonymous 69486

Darwin married his first cousin. Not exactly the type of guy I'd go to for marriage advice.

Anonymous 69489

>were less stressed
>were more optimistic

You mean it can actually get worse than this? Jesus fucking Christ.

Anonymous 69502


Anonymous 69504

Is this from the flawed Paul Dolan study? Polls are so incredibly easy to manipulate or misinterpret, which is why you always get studies that completely contradict each other. I just so happened to read this article a few days ago.


>Unfortunately, Dolan inadvertently misunderstood the data that justified this particular sage advice.

>According to science, no. Historically, large studies show that, on average, married people report greater happiness later in life than unmarried people. Separated and divorced people tend to fall into a less-happy bucket, while the never-married and widowed fall someplace in between.

Anonymous 69505

Basically richer women are less stressed and have less children. This is just a list of the advantages of being rich, but she turns it sideways and tries to imply something else.

Anonymous 69506


You are delusional if you think marriage and having children isn't still extremely unequal arrangement. Statistically the chance of finding a man who will actually do 50% of chores and taking care of kids is close to zero.

It's nice to have family yes, it gives a lot of stability and sense of belonging, plus old childless people tend to just end up totally alone. But let's not pretend like it's a good deal for women, never has been and never will be. Women need to realize that becoming domestic slave is the price we pay for family, don't go into it blind and then end up regretting it.

Anonymous 69509

both my grandmothers have been abandoned by their children completely and their children have tried to neglect them with the express purpose of getting them to die sooner -> money. after going through this with my family and speaking to support groups and older people who have dealt with the same thing with their parents, it's not uncommon that the elderly are effectively abandoned by their children or straight up neglected so they get their payouts and their estates before the additional care gobbles up a significant portion of their inheritance. additional life insurance policies for accidental death (from falls) also encourages this.

and married older women end up widowed fairly young and we usually end up dying alone when elderly whether or not we're married to men, so you're stuck either way once you're older. we live on average much longer than men, so married or unmarried, you're in the same position unless you manage to wrangle a man like 10+ years younger than you that won't leave you when he has a midlife or later in life crisis anyways (an unfortunately likely scenario for men).

Anonymous 69510

Good point, grandparents are treated like trash nowadays. I guess it really doesn't matter, the only thing that matters for life quality when you're old is having enough money to pay for proper care.

Anonymous 69512

But like, what kind of people take part in those studies? I think couples with problems wouldn't do it. I've never seen a good marriage in my life kek, the woman is overworked and miserable, the guy doesn't do shit at home and sometimes he drinks too much, the sex isn't satisfying etc.

Anonymous 69513

I've never seen a good one, either. I see a lot of women insist it's amazing and perfect, and come to find out, he's doing shady shit and she's obviously just coping or oblivious. A lot of women have an extremely high bar for what constitutes "shady or shitty" behavior. Sharing pics of sexed up models on their Facebook, liking gross posts about tits and ass, jerking off in live chats to camgirls, porn addictions, all of this is very normal to most married women and they report to be "extremely happy". Usually it all falls apart. And most men resent their wives, but the women refuse to admit that they do. They are so invested in pretending their choices were good ones at that their men are their soulmates.

Anonymous 69514

Most people are shit and they aren't really fit for being parents. Many people breed only because they want someone to take care of them when they get old. That's literally the first "argument" of someone trying to guiltrip you into having children: "who will take care of you when you get old?". Such egoists.

Anonymous 69515

Like 50% of marriages end up with divorce. Moids often say it's feminists' fault because the law changes of the 70s made it easier for women to divorce men (and marital rape also became recognized as rape). They would rather prefer women to stay trapped in shitty marriages.
I read that housewives in the 50s reported higher levels of happiness than women today. But they were also hooked on antidepressants. Later when they got old they often claimed that they were happy and the suffering was "worth it". It all seem like coping to me. Or maybe they're just masochists.

Anonymous 69516

Definitely many biases like that. I've read in my psych textbook the opposite point though, that unhappy couples are more willing to participate in these polls to vent, while happy couples don't care enough to waste their time.

Anonymous 69517

but if they report happiness they're not venting

Anonymous 69520

bruh it's extreme cope, just stop. think about how many marriages you know that are seriously successful (none that i know of or have ever witnessed), not just self-reportedly successful, and how that matches up to the numbers. my best friend is married and "loves her life as a wife", tells me all day long how happy she is with him, then slips in the fact that he has been raising his hand to her on occasion but doesn't hit her and the first time they had sex was vaginal and anal, her first time doing anal, and it was painful and she felt pressured, but it was framed as if it was still fun exploration and still sentimental and meaningful. she legitimately adores him though and can't see that this is awful. they're extremely delusional about how disrespectful these men are to them

Anonymous 69521

Are there really any marriages that do not subjugate woman?
Marriage seems like a cope just like having children is which IMO is awful although each to their own.

What in your opinion is acceptable in terms of interpersonal expectations for a marriage.?

Anonymous 69525

Aren't those statistics skewed by households with a male breadwinner

Anonymous 69526


Anonymous 69527


Anonymous 69547


>chance of finding a man who will actually do 50% of chores and taking care of kids is close to zero.
Why don't you, I dunno, tell him to do his chores?

Anonymous 69549

I was never in a relationship with a scrote but I know from other women it doesn't work. If you don't wash his clothes they will just lay on the ground for many days. Yeah, women live with men like that

Anonymous 69551

>female breadwinners do more housework than in equal earnings households

Anonymous 69602

It's over for highly competent women

Anonymous 69612

He will just refuse trust me. Most prefer to live like pigs and will only do chores when they see disgusting things crawling on the floor. Otherwise they will let it all pile up.

Anonymous 69624

>think about how many marriages you know that are seriously successful (none that i know of or have ever witnessed)

I don't say this brag, I'm a depressed loser myself, but just about every marriage in my family is successful. You're painting your own experiences and culture on everyone else. My parents have been happily married for over 40 years, they never fight, and rarely argue. They communicate well and want what is best for each other. She didn't like his last name? Fine, she kept hers, big deal. She wanted to go to college? He worked hard to pay for her tuition. Some marriages are wonderful, others aren't, do what you want to do.

Anonymous 69639

>Separated and divorced people tend to fall into a less-happy bucket, while the never-married and widowed fall someplace in between.
Huh, so it really isn't better to have loved and lost.

Anonymous 69657

father's lesson.we…

Anonymous 69662

i have a hard time seeing this applying to us 30-40 women.
It was all nice and fun, in my twenties when men were chiping away at my heels but at 32? no.

Its for this reason women in Canada and US, are fleeing Law practices. After passing the bar, working 80 hours a week and getting partnered at a law firm they just drop dead and quit.

Its what happened to my sister. She was always the brightest of us, then she was just burnt out I guess.

Although I am an under achiever, I feel the same now. 32 th clock is ticking for family and the men I want dont seem to want me anymore. We are anything but happy. Single 45+ are the highest anti depressant takers in US.

Young girls please dont make my mistakte.

well said.
>married people report greater happiness later in life than unmarried people.
that would not surprise me, My mothers life. in my youth i always resented her, at times even emberrased for her. so content and happy with so little, a kept dog waiting by the table for scraps.

My father stuck with her thick and thin, even now he still does his silly romantic childhood gestures for her. I admire it now of course.

The prodigal daughter came home, at long last.

Anonymous 69667

lmfao, this sounds like a mgtow/redpiller's wet dream

Anonymous 69673

You realize that your urge to have a family and children is merely a ploy so that consciousnesss/torture can continue.
Do not have children anon and be glad you didn't

But fuck morality and do what you want otherwise what was the point of living in the first place

Anonymous 69675

kek so i'm going to… what? be with men that make me unhappy presently so i can be unhappy in the future as well? great strategy.

and like it's a simple task finding a man who isn't a piece of shit when you're younger? or at any age? if you're sooo undesirable at 32, you would've been in the same position, but with a man thinking you're undesirable quietly to himself, only tethered to you out of obligation. wow, what a wonderful life i'd be missing out on. there's literally no difference between you being with someone 7 years ago and you now getting with someone. you sound absolutely absurd.

Anonymous 69679

This is a TRP psyop trying to get lonely women to settle for /pol/ men and other trash. Girls, don't get it fucked up.

Anonymous 69708


Anonymous 69722

i thought that but i've seen this person post before and she/he sounded exactly this esl and unhinged in her/his previous posts and i wouldn't be surprised if a woman a few fries short of a happy meal actually started believing this.

like she's unhappy for other reasons and starts to attribute it to this trp crap she has come across over the past 10 years. would not be surprised.

Anonymous 69773

Great film. The vase shot has stuck with me

Anonymous 69806

This post smells like moid. You can just date down and get into gfd and I'm not even kidding and with the internet there are close to unlimited possible partners this doesn't mean they are all quality though.

For me though I think that at 35+ I would be happier with a moid younger than me, I don't care we can both work, riches don't matter as much as feeling loved with a person that fits your tastes and not some old ugly bald mgtow divorcee sociopath with no empathy. Besides thankfully my country does have at least some welfare & healthcare.

If somehow what I say doesn't works whatever I'll reproduce & be "married with the children" they will be my object of devotion & company. It's as easy as that. We have the power of life so this means that if we end up very lonely for later on in life we can create company for ourselves if everything else fails.

Anonymous 69808

>You can just date down and get into gfd

I'm glad anons on here have found an outlet to talk about their femdom fantasies but I just want to say you don't have to. You can date younger guys without being his mommy gf. Just saying @ all the older anons who don't want to settle for a fetish dynamic relationship. Plenty of younger guys simply don't care if you're older and it won't be about ~gfd~ or any other kink.

t. 32f currently dating cute 29m, my past 2 bfs were a few years younger than me as well and neither had a thing specifically for older/dominant women, it just happened.

Anonymous 69839

Name of the film please?

Anonymous 69841

I think it's Tokyo Story. Haven't seen it though, just a guess.

Anonymous 69843

Same actors, but older, checked their filmographies, turns out its Late Spring. Thanks.

Anonymous 69868

Yeah thats fair that can happen too. But my whole point is that more women should realize that we can just date down if we have trouble later on. You are not alone at 30 that is moid made bullshit to scare us off into marrying with a piece of shit that will just use us, that is ugly and lacks empathy. Screw that.

Anonymous 69871


And if you can't "meet" someone then just find someone. Isn't that why there are hundreds of dating apps nowadays?

Anonymous 69921

>You are not alone at 30 that is moid made bullshit to scare us off into marrying with a piece of shit that will just use us, that is ugly and lacks empathy.

Yes, it's bullshit. Men aren't any different than women in how they wont settle until 30s and most of them are fine with a woman their own age. The only men who push the "only under 25 virgins can find a man" are repulsive misogynists anyway, no woman wants that. Good men are extremely rare at any age.

The biggest reason why 30+ career women start to struggle at finding a man is because they insist on looking for a breadwinner and they limit their options. If you are highly educated career woman and MUST have a man who earns more than you (plus all the other good stuff) then yes, you will struggle. But this is women's own stupidity. If you make good money yourself then stop looking for a man to take care of you and focus on finding one that is good with kids, will do his half (or more) of housework, good personality, cute etc. That's the only sane way to approach relationships today. If you want to be taken care of by some alpha male then yes, you should've skipped school and got pregnant and married by 20. Not that moids are ever good for women long term, but women need to take responsibility for their own choices as well.

Anonymous 69922

"alpha males" don't exist dont try to legitimize this fag speak

Anonymous 70155

alpha men as they're portrayed exist, capable masculine guys who are stoic. But the whole beta/alpha/omega system in analogy to wolves isn't true at all.

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