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Dreams Thread OP 1096

This is a thread where you can post all your dreams you have and maybe discuss it with other anons. I don't know where else to post it on here so here goes:

I had a strange dream last night that I can't quite understand. I usually have dreams that foretells of future events or just random dreams that are made up of the thoughts I had the night before so this one is unusual even by my own standards.

>for some reason im in a jail cell serving 5 months for disrespecting a officer

>im sharing a jail cell with some guy, which is weird because im pretty sure mixed sex jails don't exist in my county
>he's nice to me and we end up being friends
>i get out one month early for good behavior
>while im walking out of jail i think "i can see how this fucks up people now. it makes you more antisocial [???]"
>the police officer who pressed charges on me calls me to his office and says he released me early because im 17 and i shouldn't be serving 5 months in jail anyway (im 19 in real life)
>i try to get to my house but i end up bumping into my cellmates jogging outside with a drill instructor
>i leave to use the public restroom and two prisoners end up following me in there
>one of the prisoners was my old cellmate. wtf

>they start to grab me and drag me in the stall while other prisoners come in there to basically.. yeah

>wake up confused as fuck and worried

Context: The area i live in is kind of dangerous and the crime rate has gone considerably up in the past 5 years. I walk outside for all kinds of reasons and i noticed there's a lot of shady men who follow me around and try to talk to me and such. I recently got almost abducted.. twice.. just because I was outside by myself after 9pm. I feel paranoid tbh but i don't know anyone who has this feel

Anonymous 1120


I dreamt twice that I died from an car accident in which the car got submerged underwater. Worst part is that my brain does this thing where whenever I dream of something too often, it starts believing that it is real life, so it gets more realistic everytime. When I woke up I had to take a time to realise I was not dead lol It's kind of an awful but relieving feeling.

op 1153

I had the same dream

Anonymous 1227

I dream that I don't pass my exams way too often. The dreams include one or more of those things:

>Being late for an exam

>Not knowing about an exam and missing it
>Being unprepared for an exam
>Getting caught cheating in an exam
>Not being able to finish even 10% before time is over

University is hard.

Anonymous 1231

I had a dream a bunch of men ran up to me and put apple cider vinegar on my face and I started crying and beating them up LOL

Anonymous 1236

>obligatory 'your teeth start crumbling to pieces within your mouth and falling out' nightmare

Anonymous 1238

I graduated High School years ago but I still ahve dreams that I'm about the write Diploma exams and haven't studied for them

Anonymous 1244


I have very specific recurring dreams that drive me insane.

One of them happens around once or twice a week at the very least. I'm at an airport trying to fly from a random town I visited twice years ago to see friends to the town I currently live in, and every time something goes horribly wrong and I keep running around the airport in this state of dread trying to make my flight. Usually I don't even have a ticket because I somehow forgot or fucked up, so I have to find a train and buy a super expensive last minute ticket for a journey that will take me 8 hours longer than via plane, or I suddenly realize I have something illegal with me (usually weed, which is not a big deal in my country, but still illegal) and I have to find ways to hide it.

Another recurring dream is just me hiding from stalkers/rapists/exes/bad people on the plains of my hometown. Just plains and trees and meadows forever while I am having a nice hike until suddenly danger and I have to hide. The location is always the same. I could draw a map and blueprints of the houses I hide in (if I could draw), that's how regular it is. This dream is usually combined with me hiding in strangers' houses or abandoned ones, or abandoned schools or hospitals, and it feels like a video game dungeon every time. I can't describe the feeling of dread, but it's exactly like when you play a video game and you know there's creatures lurking everywhere, I can feel their presence and have to go to lengths to avoid them, crawling through dusty attics or damp basements, lighting places on fire as a diversion.

Also obligatory losing my teeth, hair falling out, my apartment building collapsing, and so on.

Anonymous 1248


Wew alright get ready for a wild ride, sisters.

I once had a dream where i was at the airport saying goodbye to my brother that was moving to London(???), when Akechi (yes, that one) approached me and started talking to me, after multiple refusals and mildly uninterested conversation with him, he walks me back to my home and he proposes a date….to go to a fucking romantic evening in a supermarket together.
I first refuse him multiple times, because, what the fuck. But he then proceeds to say that he has the most beautiful dress for me and i should decide after trying it on. I somehow accept because apparently dream me has some mild cause of being stupid, and i invite him up to my room to show me the dress.
So we are in my room and he shows me this very classy dress (very appropriate for a supermarket date (fucking kill me)) and i start top undressing while he's still on the room (and he helps me take off my shirt for some reason) until i jokingly ask him if he wants to help me take off my pants too, and he gets flustered and is about to leave when i kiss him on the cheek and thank him and he gets all red and then proceeds to quickly leave for the other room.
Anyways, i'm about done when my father enters the room and we start screaming at each other because some meaningless shit until i end up crying and screaming, all this while supermarket dress king goroboi who is in love with me is in the adjacent room.
So my father leaves the room insulting me and i am left alone crying, when i hear the door of the room he's in open and close.
Anyways long story short, he threw my father down the stairs and stabbed him.

Anonymous 1254

Just had a dream that paper dolls were coming to life as zombies and they could easily get into locked houses. For some reason there was a shitload of paper dolls laying all across the area in peoples yards and they were walking around. Dream me knew it was a dream though so I was like "wtf is this gay shit" and just proceeded to run away from them anyway.

After a while, my dream just kind of switched to me and a couple girls fighting hoards of them in our bikinis on top of a refrigerator. We defeat all of them and one of the girls who looked exactly like Juliette Lewis says something along the lines of, "Wooo this ain't no zombie fight this is a barn fight!" whatever the hell that means and then I woke up.

You know people keep mentioning this and I've never had it before. My dreams are more retarded like above.

Anonymous 1505

I dream about a place that looks just like that photo. I don't have any stories right now, but I have a lot of recurring and detailed dreams, too. It's bizarre.

Anonymous 3511

Just found this thread, finally. Thought I'd post dreams here rather than in an ot thread.

I dreamt that just because she read it in a fashion magazine my mother forced me to brush my teeth with a tarantula. It was frightening pulling it out of my mouth but I felt bad for it, two of it's legs fell off and tried to squirm away, and it seemed like it was dying. I felt sad thinking I'd killed a living thing, and that its family would miss it.

Anonymous 3522

I had a bizarre one recently.

While resting in my bed as usual, I had a sort of passing realization that my room was stuffed with bags of candy all around it, which wasn't even a thing I thought about. What got me, was that once the sun set, I had made the discovery my second floor game room opened up on one wall to a sprawling forest, filled with monsters and some lights off in the distance. Like a fool, I rushed in excitedly. After trekking for a while, the last thing I remember of that dream was A rustling in some bushes near me.

op 3537

4 months update. I forgot to say a few weeks after this dream I got stopped by a police officer (for the first time) while walking to a store at night with my boyfriend, lol. I was too afraid from my dream to do anything.

Anonymous 3549

I had a dream inspired by lc during the Billie drama but kept it to myself obvs.

>decide one day to befriend the Onions in order to dig up more dirt on them

>befriend them on Snapchat and take lots of screenshots of conversations
>Greg invites me to their house for a week
>pays for my transatlantic flights and everything
>think "wow lc are gonna love this!"
>immediately after I arrive, Greg is gets way too touchy-feely
>try to go along with it so they won't kick me out or suspect I'm a spy
>Greg proposes we all have sex later
>panic because I'm deeply disgusted by both of them and this is going way too far
>think "Why am I doing this? Just for a funny post?" and decide to leave
>I have no way to escape the house, can't drive
>ask Taylor for help and she just shrugs in response
>check online to see what lc are saying
>calling my ugly, crusty and fat

Woke up in such a panic because I genuinely thought it was real. Took a break from the internet for a while after that lol.

Anonymous 3563


Can I ask where you live?

Anonymous 5200

I had a dream this morning I assembled a bunch of show-accurate Yugioh decks for all the major characters to play with friends, I really want to do this now lol. In the 4Kids dub they changed a lot of stuff, like some trap cards were made into quick-play magic cards, so that's clearly the correct way to use them. Also in the anime there is ridiculous stuff like a lightning attack defeating a fish monster when playing by the ocean because lightning conducts water even though that's not how the game works at all, so it'd be funny to roleplay a glass of water on the table or whatever as an environment hazard that changes the rules of the match. Good idea, dream me.

Anonymous 5202


I keep dreaming i have this perfect relationship with a really cute boy, which i am really in love with in my dreams, and we live through a bunch of "adventures" together.

It's happened around 4 (?) times already, and i'm almost completely sure it's always the same dude, i never saw him in real life and i'm pretty sure it's not a celeb, he's not even my "ideal" type or anything, he just looks like an average man, so i don't know where my head got this face from or why it's so obsessed with it to have it show him in almost every hyper-romantic dream i have.

It sucks waking up to realise how alone i am and how my brain is fucking me up in my sleep by showing me a perfect dude i'll probably never meet lmao.

It also kinda weirds me out how i cannot think of anyone i've met who looks like this, but my subconscious is completely fixated on him.

Anonymous 5227

I have a reoccuring dream where I forgot I signed up for a class until finals week and I have to take the final but I have no idea what any of the answers are

Anonymous 5250

I had such a weird one last night. My phone disappeared. I started suspecting it had been stolen, not lost. It seemed so long.

I'm going to travel in a few weeks and even though I don't believe in Witchcraft and any type of prediction for real, my friend reminded a witch said (IRL) that that country is my real place. Strange.

Anonymous 5284

I'm 22 and I keep dreaming I'm forced back to high school and I have to take math class but I can never find where my class is and sometimes I'm not wearing underwear

Anonymous 5292

I keep having school dreams too anon, I think for me at least, I felt like I didn't really get to enjoy the high school experience . I was such a loner! But I don't regret it! The underwear thing might be because you have a fear of shame? Or maybe experienced lots of shame during your school years
Probably lot just saying what I've read from Dream books

Anonymous 5310

images (4) 1.jpg

>>I'm going to travel in a few weeks and even though I don't believe in Witchcraft and any type of prediction for real, my friend reminded a witch said (IRL) that that country is my real place. Strange.

The exact same thing happened to me minus the dream about the phone. A ~~witch~~ (IRL) said X country is my real country for no reason, and I'll go there for the first time in a couple weeks. Strange shit.

Anonymous 5329


I had such a strange dream last night.
I dreamt at first that I was having a heated argument in a shop, I needed to return a jacket that doesn't fit (something true to waking life). I don't remember if I managed to return it or not. I think I did.
I then dreamt later on that I was at a train station (one that I have been to in waking life and know very well). I was waiting with my friend who I have known since childhood.
I then saw an older man who I know also from waking life whom I used to have a sort of-crush on. He is also my ex boyfriend's father. In waking life I realised I didn't have feelings for him at all after all recently and realised my feelings were silly and idealised. We were talking in the dream, I was flirting somewhat.
The man then left, and I followed him to another platform and he got on a train and left leaving me and my friend on the platform. I then loose my friend on the platform and when I walk back to the part where we were sat previously, the whole layout has changed. I'm now alone, can't find my friend and am now panicking. At some points I'm walking over the train tracks and in between them (the gravelly parts in between the tracks). I'm running through the indoor part of the station (where you buy tickets etc) and it's much larger and nothing alike the train station I know from real life now).
The dream ended very weirdly with a fancy black car turning up on the platform again and two girls I know mutually who are together being in it and driving off.

>Tl:dr I had a strange dream about arguing in a shop that led to seeing an old crush at a station and then getting lost in the station and panicking

Sort of strange but quite symbolic. I've heard train stations can be symbolically prominent.

Anonymous 5340


I've never dreamed as much I have in the past two weeks. In the past, maybe I'd get one dream a year if I was lucky. Now, it's been happening almost every other day.

For some reason, the dreams are rarely narrated in the first person perspective, or through "I." Instead, I become an observer, almost like a voyeur or someone watching a movie to the scenes that unfold. The plots waver between conventional to WTF-worthy.

One example that stands out begins with five friends who visit a ski lodge in the mountains during their winter break. Out of nowhere, a stranger undergoes a gruesome transformation into this slime monster (pic related, but without eyes and a huger mouth). It then asserts its dominance on a nearby person by doing this mind control thing and basically turning it into another of its kind.

Shit goes down from there. Only one of the guys from the friend group escapes the mountain, though he swears to go back for his friends. The dream is then divided into two perspectives: the dude, who treks through mountains and multiple slime-infested territories (I don't remember what they were called in the dream), and another girl from the group of friends who was converted into a slime and became the beta of her slime hierarchy.

A lot more went down, which I'll omit for brevity's sake. For a one night dream, it was surprisingly detailed, showing how the slimes functioned and communicated, along with how humans went about dealing with them: to kill, try to cure, or experiment with. I woke up just when the dude and the slime girl met each other after three or so years, somewhere close to the climax. Fucking hell, that was a doozy.

Anonymous 5478

i don't feel like typing a bunch, but i was a demon trader who had to travel to an underground city to like, subjugate some rowdy devils. this happened just a few weeks ago.

last night i went on a date with this perfect image of a partner i day dream about.

Anonymous 33148


Yay, DREAMS THREAD! I finally found you!

Sadly I can't remember what I dreamed last night, but 90% of my dreams have to do with rl people I know/like/love or different situations at work.
School dreams have taken a back seat and that's a good thing.

Anonymous 33160


thanks for bringing it back up.

i rarely dream but when i do it feels like a Big Important Message, which is sort of cool. I wish I dreamed more.

Anonymous 34376

keep having with dreams with my ex in them, the last dream I had with him my current bf was there and my ex was trying to finger me but I didn't want him to, really weird?
He was never abusive or anything and I was the one that broke up with him 6 months ago. I don't want to get back with him, why am I dreaming about him?

Anonymous 34377

Did you ever have sex with him? You might have imprinted him on yourself.

Anonymous 34379

This is why I will only accept a virgin bf.

Anonymous 38662


This was from last night
>Be at some camp type thing
>It's like a weird preparation for doing certain jobs
>Become close with a guy
>He becomes like my best friend
>We talk everyday and every night and sleep next to each other in sleeping bags
>I gain feels for him
>He's good with money, so my inner jew only likes him more
>One day the campers throw a party
>While we're there, he starts talking to another girl
>Become anxious as I see them hit it off immediately
>Some time afterwards they become bf/gf very quickly
>I'm still his friend, but am somewhat now pushed to the side
>dream version of me is shocked and becomes depressed
>Begin to push him and others in our friend group away
>end up having no friends
>become forgotten
>spend rest of dream trying to kms by shooting an arrow in the air and hoping it would land on me and kill me
>wake up with that depressed feeling still lingering
>tfw even in my sleep I can't escape from my sadness

I know it was just a dream, but damn that shit hurted

Anonymous 39994

I had a very detailed, kinky sex dream with one of my best male friends. Although I know it's somewhat normal to have sex dreams with other people than your partner it still feels awkward. But also hot. :3

Anonymous 39995

I've been dreaming a lot about being pregnant. I don't like it. I'm very anxious and I don't want the baby.

Anonymous 40050

I've been having these strange dreams where I can feel something following me around my neighborhood but can't run away from it. It feels so creepy because I can recognize these places but they feel slightly off. And then when I wake up my body feels heavy and I don't know what's happening.

Anonymous 40065

>strange dreams where I can feel something following me around my neighborhood
>and then when I wake up my body feels heavy and I don't know what's happening
Might I suggest some new bedroom decor? Maybe a titanium door that seals from the outside? Some barred windows? Maybe reinforcing your walls, ceiling, and floor?

Anonymous 40094

i just woke up from a weird ass dream where there was a new seasonal anime about demon hunters in this one high school and the main villain was this sephiroth looking moid

Anonymous 40143

Yesterday morning I dreamed of having my period. I woke up at 4am without any stains and ended up preventing an accident.

Anonymous 40145

I just dreamed I was invited to Eurofurence. Oh dear.

Anonymous 49735

I have these recurring dreams about having a harem consisting of nearly all of my male friends. It's not always that it ends in an orgy, more like I am kind of a goddess spending motherly love. Interesting detail: the difference in size, I seem much taller as in rl.

Anonymous 50030


Lately I've been forgetting the events that took place in my recent dreams after waking up or that they've become too dull or short to be remembered but I know some that have reoccurred and stucked with me.

>having a good time with friends from high school which I haven't talked or seen them for a long time

>walking around the halls and outside of my elementary school
>being in my mom's old house which my family and I no longer live there anymore
>being with a younger version of my mom around the age when I was still a child
>wake up feeling sad and depressed
>sometimes with tears

Yeah I really missed those days. They flew by so fast it makes me want to go back and relive it again or better yet live it to the fullest even though I'm 22.

Anonymous 50031

> Lately I've been forgetting the events that took place in my recent dreams after waking up

This is normal, your memory doesn’t work as well when you first wake-up.

Anonymous 50065


How does one have vivid dreams of fictional characters especially having fun, being playful, romantic or frisky with them? Sadly it's a rare thing for me and it's only for a brief moment usually without interacting. Also Akechi is a qt.

Anonymous 50077

i had a dream that i was really good at singing it was nice c:

Anonymous 50081

I tend to dream very lucidly every one in a while. Most of the time I just fly, because why not? In contrast, most of my "nightmares", if you can even call them that, have the same theme of me thinking I have woken up and started my day, but I'm actually dreaming, so I wake up again, thinking I have started my day, but I'm actually dreaming etc. This has stacked up 5 times in a row once, which is really annoying.

Recently though, I had a combination where I was lucid, but still stuck in the loop. I did something strange for once, and brought he dream somewhere stable to be, I asked to be shown what I most desired. On the table in front of me appeared a box, when I went to open it, a snake I did not will appeared there. I dismissed it, wishing it no harm and looked in the box. With my desires laid flat before me, it seemed I desired to make an animated feature length film, which I will do someday. Alone, or, hopefully, with help.>>1096

Anonymous 50275

i had a dream i was back in highschooland pregnant.my mom took me to planned parenthood to get an abortion and the whole time i was thinking "i cant do this, i cant kill a baby" and right as i was being called into the room for the procedure to be done i burst into tears and screamed "i cant do it! i want to keep the baby"!
in other one i was holding a child, and i kissed it. it died in my arms and i woke up crying.
in another one my eyes were pitch black and my dad was running from me and telling me i was possessed. i think that one may have to do with a story he told me about encountering a chikd at work who appeared to have pitch black eyes, was with some amish dude and was banging a bag of metal on the floor. he said it freaked him out.

Anonymous 50295


i had the same dream as you six days ago… 0_0

Anonymous 50320

oh based
i think i'm gonna start taking singing classes after quarantine ends

Anonymous 50400

i had a dream last night that i had a boyfriend. i couldnt see his face but he was really nice and sweet. then, as the relationship progressed he started acting really controlling and mean. then i went to a party one night, and he came to pick me up and told me it was time to come home and that i wasnt supposed to be at the party. then he takes me to the car and tells me the only way we can be together is if we kill ourselves, so we can stay together forever.
i said yes, and then i saw his face.
it was ben shapiros face (im being serious, i dreamt i killed myself so i could be with shapiro)

then i woke up.

Anonymous 50402

i used to do the same thing. i would dream about this guy, dreams like we would go on dates or lay together in bed. some anyways, he was kind of weird looking body wise (i cant recall what the face was luks) he was tall, skinny, with dark brown hair that seriously needed cut. not my ideal.
they stopped but i kind of miss these dreams, even though he wasnt my "ideal bf" physically. he was nice though.

Anonymous 50411

good luck anon become the next adele

Anonymous 50423

I was at my german teacher from HS's house, lounging in her sofa, when suddenly she brings in this huge pile of student exams that's twice her height and says I have to grade them all. I panic, run into the bathroom and cower on the toilet. Then I woke up with a really bad stomachache.

Anonymous 51069

absolutely disgust…

That's rough

Anonymous 63351

I had a terrible dream about abandonment and woke up in the middle of the night next to my bf, crying silently, and had to touch him gently to check if he was still with me.
Life is a rollercoaster atm, I want peace.

Anonymous 63476

I had a dream I met Elon Musk with his emo gf at a trainstation. Then he was banging me in a locker room and next thing I know he's throwing me out of a moving plane.

A few nights ago I had a dream a bunch of dinosaurs were banging eachother (in too vidid detail).

I think that sums up what kind of dreams I normally have and just how fucked up/bizarre they are.

Anonymous 63539

A paste of probably the only dream I've ever journaled.

Beware, Lamanenkankeron, the slave who forsook his place within humanity, to take revenge upon the greedy children who were not happy with what they were given, and reached out to take from his modest plate.

It was I who spurned him so, I bit the heel from his daily bread, his meager cuttings from what he had prepared for us that day. I fled, out of guilt, and the sight of his shadow as he made his way to his cabin

There he discovered my brother, who he slew, in a fit of rage. I hid in a barrel, and had to remain silent, to not reveal myself, and share his fate.

I then heard him lumber up the flight, to the upper decks of our grand ship. I freed myself, and could barely hold my stomach at the sight of what was left of my brother.

When he could not find me, he slew my father instead. He searched the ship top to bottom, and eventually found me. When he was upon me, he gnashed at me with his teeth, and I held him back by the neck

I used my position, in my self defense, to crush his throat, I felt it give, and his breath became labored.

In his dying throes, he was met by a cherub, who offered him a deal.

To accept a body and name, and in return, receive unnatural life with which to carry out his final wish.

The name he received, was Lamanenkankeron. His body twisted, skin turned ash, his teeth filed to daggers, his body became twisted and wiry, his gums bled, and lapped at them with a starving eagerness.

And as Lamanenkankeron became what he was, he turned to me, and leapt. Just before he could swallow me whole, I awoke.

Anonymous 63540

>>63539 more

That was a section of a dream turned nightmare. My brother and father were with me upon a great ship, whose occupants were men and women from many parts of the world. There were Scots, Hindis, Jews, Mountain Men from the Americas.There were also a ring of druids, whose cloaks were almost ethereal, and shimmered. They would sew and shear as if they were water as they fluttered in the wind.
Every day was filled with lolligagging and festivity. And the feast which we would all share was prepared by a single slave, the ship's only crew member.
My brother and I had snuck into his quarters, and watched him prepare the feast for the day. We saw that he would make a small cut from every food item, and place it neatly upon a tray.
They were his daily rations, his single modest meal for the day.
I had, for no reason in particular, decided to take a single slice of bread from it.

There was also a bird. Who was large and round, like a hen crossed with a peacock. Her plumage was a pure white, that would change to a brilliant blue at their tips.
She was so light, a stiff breeze lifted her from my hands. Then, a hag told me about her.
The bird was a one of a kind, and lived forever. And made herself present at only the moments of purest happiness, and joy.
And would flee at even the thought of her capture.

It might also be worth mentioning that I was a child in this dream, and the boat was the size of a small island, with hills, trees, bodies of water, and houses. I almost feel like I visited some fantasy realm.

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