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Anonymous 12373

>tfw you will never have a group of girls (no good equivalent to the word 'guys') to sit around and shoot the shit with
>tfw you sit at the bar alone drinking beer after beer hoping for another lone woman to enter
>tfw all of your female friends have husbands and barely have time to hang out with you without them
>tfw none of your 'friends' (male) understand you at all
im reaching my breaking point.

Anonymous 12374

too bad you're not looking for online friendship, I guess

Anonymous 12381

What are your hobbies anon?
You can usually find events/community gatherings for particular interests. You're honestly not going to find good company when you're sitting on your own at a dark bar like a depressed mufugga.

Anonymous 12384

I'm pretty sure most husband wives would literally kill for said time with another woman.

T. Experiencer

Anonymous 40267

How old are you? Are you still alive? How are things going?

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