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People testing your patience Anonymous 166

What are your ultimate pet peeves?

>eating noises

>being loud, smacking surfaces, high-t behavior
>spitting in the street

What are you guilty of?
>always late
>constant allergies = sniffle a lot

Anonymous 167

>What are your ultimate pet peeves?
-The following phrases: to boot, b line, to a t
-Slow walkers
-People that barely leave the house
-People who talk way too much, leaving little room for you to say anything
>What are you guilty of?
-poor work ethic
-judging people behind their backs
-being airy

Anonymous 180

Pet peeves
>rustling noises
>car rumbling/pushing on the gas
>people wanting to talk to me/initiating contact
>people who ask for advice but then completely ignore it/do the opposite and then come back to you to complain and ask for advice again

Guilty of
>completely ghosting people
>mumbling a lot
>having a short patience and getting annoyed at small things

Anonymous 182


Pet peeves:
>People playing music/FaceTiming without headphones in public
>Anyone wearing daytime clothes in my bed
>Political posts and "look at me" posts on FB

Guilty of:
>Preening/brushing my hair/doing makeup literally anywhere
>Two faced
>Boring to talk to, would rather just listen
>Saying "like" a lot

Wow, I sound horribly vapid.

Anonymous 183

pet peves
>people who thinks everyone is jealous of them
>not talking about your problems with others, pretending everything is ok when it isn't
>poor hygiene

>so so so lazy

so specific ik

Anonymous 184

Pet Peeves:
>>Coughing without covering mouth or directly onto hand
>>Sneezing into hand or without covering with tissue/side of arm
>>Playing music in public
>>Being obviously drug-addicted, homeless, or mentally ill (makes me feel uncomfortable and gross)
>>Bicyclists riding without helmets, without hands on handles, and while texting and swerving next to cars
>>Jaywalking just feet/meters from the sidewalk. Like HOLY FUCK, how lazy can someone be??
>>Political bumper stickers and t-shirts
>>Yoga mats with ~spiritual~ phrases on them
>>Basic asshole shit (loud, rude, mean, arrogant)
>>Talking behind peoples' backs (I like to talk about cows, but I don't want to talk poorly about people I know)
>>People being mean to kids/animals
>>Parents who name their kids dumb names (Seriously, at least give them a name that will help them get laid when they are older).
>>Spinelessness ("B-Buuut I loooove him" is a classic example of spinelessness ugh)
>>Chronic complaining (I know I'm complaining now, but some people don't know when to stop)

Guilty Of:
>>Ignoring friends if they are far away (like another country). I suck at long-distance.
>>Being snobby (I like expensive shit)
>>Being materialistic
>>Rolling my eyes during conversations if I think something is dumb
>>Being demanding
>>Pouting until I get my way

Anonymous 185

Pet Peeves
>those people who play music in their car so loud it makes their car shake and everything around shake
>people taking photos without asking
>being a full-blown redneck
>talking extremely loud
>sagging pants
>not knowing the difference between between there, their, and they're. same with your and you're
>people who don't bathe regularly just because they don't want to
>not taking concrit when asked for

Things I'm guilty of:
>being shy
>being a homebody
>being picky with clothing and food
>pretend i'm not crying when really i am
>never know when to relax(i overwork myself a lot)
>in text, being sharp-tongued but a completely closed shell in person

Anonymous 187

What are your ultimate pet peeves

>Passive aggressiveness

>Terrible manners

What are you guilty of?

>Being a general dick and taking things too far

>Easily irritated
>Being vain

Anonymous 188


Pet peeves:
>slow AS FUCK walkers especially in public crowded places like the mall
>people ignoring me when i speak to them or have blatantly asked them a question multiple times
>retards near or on an expressway begging for money but don't put in effort to even look homeless
>kids (not babies) screaming at the top of their lungs in my quiet neighborhood
>kids playing in the middle of the fucking road when there are two sidewalks
>those basic bitch phrase shirts that high schoolers wear nowadays that say something like "#selfie" (seriously how can they not cringe when they see that in the store?)
>high schooler fuckboys or grown ass men who pull their nike socks up to their thighs, wear cargo shorts, some clown jordans, and a tshirt that says JUST DO IT
>people who stare and won't stop the entire time you're in their presence
>people who beep at me when im in front of them and the light JUST turned green
>women who vapidly won't stop touching their hair, are constantly talking about their appearance, and are obviously flouncing around for that sweet male attention
>people who inappropriately reply with k or ok just to be a pussyfooted asshole
>"i haet catz bcuz they r mean and lazy and i dont attempt to understand their body language so they hate me and therefore i haet dem"
>dirty old men shamelessly staring at attractive women like a pig in heat
>people sneezing or coughing into their hand
>people with messy rooms
>hicks who yell shit from the car when I'm walking and going on my merry way
>ugly ass old dudes and truckers honking at me when I'm walking and going on my merry way
>people who aren't open minded and make fun of certain hobbies or ideas
>extreme views of any kind
>people who make it a hard time to carry on a conversation online and won't open up or tell me anything about themselves while i spill my heart out to make them feel comfortable

Honestly, I could go on.

Guilty of:
>bitching and complaining all the time
>judging people by their taste in music usually thinking they're a basic bitch with no knowledge in music genres
>ripping up the way "pretty" people online look - but only if their photos are obviously edited - to successfully make them seem ugly to the people who are blindly praising them
>worlds most pessimistic, woe is me attitude
>jealous when someone is getting an awful lot of attention without effort
>acting like an annoying weirdo twat online if the person i'm chatting with is boring me, just to see their reaction
>being an outright bitch if I'm talking to someone and they ignore me or other moments of general disrespect
>sometimes passionately talking about things/people I'm obsessed with that other people dont care about

I swear I'm chill otherwise.

Anonymous 196

Pet peeves:
>Talking while yawing or having food in your mouth
>Being loud and obnoxious on a train
>Being aggressive for no reason
>'At least I'm not as [ugly/poor/…] as [person/group of people]' as if that would make the person better somehow.
>Thinking anyone with a different opinion than them is just stupid
>Bringing politics/racism or similar issues up when it's entirely irrelevant or even inappropriate

Guilty of:
>Wearing inappropriate clothes
>Being a bitch
>Being bitter
>Being shy which can make me appear arrogant

Anonymous 198

Pet peeves:
>mouth smacking, licking, chewing with mouth open
>People on motorbikes revving their engines and making noise on purpose
>American/Canadian/Oz tourists
>Immigrants from rich countries who marry a farmer, move here and proceed to call themselves 'expats' despite quite obviously intending to stay and raise a family here
>Yanks who do any of the above or go on one trip to India/Peru to 'find themselves' and then fire up a 'travel' blog to brag about it
>Soapboxers who think their opinion matters and never keep their armchair activism to themselves
>Overconfident, cocky pillocks who think they're being 'sassy' or 'alpha'
>Mind games, passive aggression and power play (romantic or otherwise) instead of being straightforward
>SJWs and mentally ill 'artists' who refuse to be held accountable for their blatantly obvious shitty life choices and blame it on their condition or expect to be babied
>posh twats who never shut up about their gap yah

Things I'm guilty of:
>Being slow (to do just about anything, and if you rush me I just lose count and have to do it again)
>Sperging out about my interests
>Going far, far too deep into specifics, pretty much exactly like vid related
>Being a chatterbox
>Constantly losing my glasses and having to feel around for them Velma-style, then crying for help when I can't find them

Anonymous 3496

Pet Peeves:
>Constant tapping noises, like someone tapping their pen on a table.
>People being passive aggressive, condescending, or pitying
>People trying to one up/upstage someone.
>People who actively gossip or shit talk others.

Guilty of…
>Fixing my hair, make up, and overall appearance in public.
>Being last minute for things.
>Making little to no eye contact.
>Staring at something or someone for too long…
>Being a SUPER picky eater.

Anonymous 3498

Pet peeves
>people being slow or stopping in walking areas
>people stopping at the top of escalators
>people whispering in lectures, if they're sitting at the front
>people who spend more time on social media than they do on creative pursuits/productive activities
>people being unclean/unhygienic
>attention whores
>women who keep their orbiters around
>men who orbit women
>anyone whose main goal in life is to have a relationship

I'm not guilty of any of the above, and I don't think any of my behaviour can be seen as annoying. I usually just keep to myself.

Anonymous 3499

My pet peeves:
>people earing loudly: crunching, lip smacking, slurping…
>parents who don't look after their children, let them scream and run up to other women to touch them/mother them (happens way too often to me)
>Mediterranean people who are really loud/aggressive/rude
>compulsive liars
>Men taking up way too much space on public transport
>men talking over me
>men talking/laughing really loudly
>men spitting right next to my expensive shoes
>men who enjoy debating/trolling and making very personal insults
>men in general

Guilty of:
>being really shy/anxious to the point of it being annoying
>love a debate myself, really stubborn and quick to anger and find it hard to admit when I'm wrong
>really negative/pessimistic in conversations but I'm conscious of it and try to be positive more, even if it's really fake and boring

Anonymous 3501

Pet Peeves
>people who are regularly passive aggressive.
I would rather someone be a bitch openly because that allows another the fair chance to be a bitch back. It's cowardly to be passive-aggressive because it tends to block the other person if being able to defend themselves.
>people who make a big fucking deal about how smart and intelligent they are and how they use amazing grammar and such, yet use grammar shittily (i.e. using it's for a possessive term, effect vs affect, etc.).
I don't mind people who don't give a shit about grammar though, I understand that it can be a pain to deal with.
>parents who don't teach their children personal responsibility
>people who have some sort of mental condition that routinely affects other people, have the resources to at least diagnose it, yet refuse to do so
>people who act like autistic people shouldn't be judged on the moral standard everyone else is judged on.
>people who are arrogant, but especially people who are arrogant and literally believe it
>people who are unable to sincerely apologize
>people who are unable to empathize
>people who believe they are x way, advertise themselves as such, and aren't.
For example, someone believes they are able to accept criticism and says they are able to, but clearly can't in practice. It bugs the shit out of me seeing those people talk about themselves.
>people who lack self-awareness. bonus annoying points if they believe they are self-aware.
>people who act like eating out of a bowl, touching food then setting it down, etc. is filthy. it's not THAT filthy.
>when brothers don't wear boxers or a shirt, but wear shorts in your personal room. gross.
>when people shame you for saving money and not spending it all
>when people claim they don't need money to be reassured of your love, yet actually do fucking need it.
>People who sit near power plugs with nothing to charge when they could sit somewhere else

Thing I'm guilty of
>tapping, making annoying sounds, etc. I get very restless.
>I eat super messy.
>I'm usually late
>I do my makeup in the car
>I get super paranoid when drunk, which tends to involve other people and I'm sure is annoying
>Critical to a fault
>Loves to gossip/shit-talk
>Overly eager to please in an off-putting way
>Has many codependent tendencies
>Gets overly personal with people too fast
>Paranoid in a way that affects others
>Hates buying gifts for others

Anonymous 3520

My pet peeves:

>shoes/dirty feet on the bed

>dirty fingernails
>people slowly walking in groups blocking the sidewalk
>try harders
>people always wanting to 1up other people
>playing music loudly in public spaces
>bad drinkers
>willfully ignorance
>being proud of being willfully ignorant
>living on benefits or social assistance when not actually in need
>people playing the victim

And I’m guilty of:


>tends to ghost a lot
>easily exasperated

Anonymous 55722

pet peeves
>most men
>people eating gross food (burgers, sausages, etc…)
>dramatic, attention whoring
>dry, cracked dirty feet
>jealous and insecure people putting others down
>people telling me what I can and cant eat (really pisses me off)
what im guilty of
>being an asshole sometimes
>being irritated/avoiding people i live with

Anonymous 55991

pet peeves
>chewing noises
>pushy people
>smoking addicts
>girls who get jealous of other girls easily

guilty of
>incoherent speech
>being a leo
>not replying fast enough
>can be whiny given the chance

Anonymous 56005

Pet peeves:
>Passive aggressiveness
>People explaining shit to me I know better than they do
>People who like to start shit, especially in a sneaky, cowardly way
>People who speed a lot and have high-beam headlights
>Unreciprocated effort
>Performative softness (uwu d-daddy can you order my chicky nuggies….uwu)

Guilty of:
>Being late
>Being hot and cold
>Potentially explosive, anger problems, volatile
>Either emotionally distant or way too attached
>Take arguments too far
>Extremely emotional
>Mood changes on a dime

Anonymous 56006

I would probably end up throwing a brick at you if we were friends

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