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Boyfriend's Voice Anonymous 17579

My boyfriend normally has a clear, tenor voice, but when he's talking to strange girls his voice drops like an octave and turns to a deep baritone. I think this deep voice is incredibly sexy, but it kind of bothers me that he never uses it when he's talking to me, except when he just woke up. I talked to him about it and he says he doesn't know what I'm talking about. Should I be worried?

Pic unrelated.

Anonymous 17580

Could be involuntary, actually. If he’s nervous around girls it could switch on its own. Are those girls more attractive than you?

Anonymous 17583

How long have you been dating? Anything over a couple of months with no engagement proposal is bad news.

Anonymous 17584

Agree with this.
When around new people my voice deepens and becomes more monotone, I've noticed. Does he do it around men, too?

Anonymous 17587

Not per se more attractive, but it doesn't happen around ugly girls. I wouldn't call it monotone either, rather melodious, reassuring, fatherly even. He's never been uncomfortable around girls that I've noticed. We've been dating for about half a year now.

Anonymous 24104

Happened to a friend's bf, we joked about it until he got mad.
Boys have a "gf voice" and they can't help it. Probably to seem less threatening or something, it's instinctive.

Anonymous 24113

Guys talk differently with people they find attractive. Not really something to worry about on its own since it's not really voluntary.

Anonymous 24147

>Anything over a couple of months with no engagement proposal is bad news.
lol wtf?

Have you ever been in a relationship before? Or even talked to a guy?

Anonymous 24166

You have a phone voice, right? You also have a "talking to a man (who isn't family/in-group)" voice. It's a social thing.

Anonymous 24169

Have you ever been in love before? Have you ever talked to someone that you loved?

Anonymous 29461

If your bf is sounding like a phone sex operator when talking to other women id get a bit suspicious, anon

My bfs voice also does change w other ppl though, but mostly in regards of getting more monotone. It does get lower too but not by an octave like OP said.
He also goes "teddy bear/sunshine mode" (which does include speaking in a higher tone) when talking to me and people he cares about, or when he has to be charismatic. Otherwise he sounds pretty flat.

Anonymous 29462

Weirdly I noticed that when I hadn't spoken to my boyfriend for a few days, the first time we'd speak again his voice would be lower and sexier than usual, like when we met. But by the next day or two it would be back to higher.

No idea what that's about.

Anonymous 30376

t. stage 5 clinger

Anonymous 30402

He's comfortable around you and talks to you in his natural free flowing voice. Him changing his voice around others means he's probably self conscience/insecure about himself in some way.

Anonymous 30419


Or it might be the other way round. The deep voice might be his natural voice and how he talks to people in general (does he have that voice when talking to guys, too?) and changes it to a softer voice when he talks to people close to him (how does his voice sound like when he talks to his mom?)

Anonymous 30425


Yeah, my older brother does this. His voice gets a bit deeper when he's talking to people who aren't close friends or family. I'm pretty sure the deeper voice is his natural one because it's the one he uses when he's tired or isn't really paying attention.

Anonymous 30428


>Anything over a couple of months with no engagement proposal is bad news

Meanwhile in normie land: pic related

Anonymous 30431

Actually, no. People's voices tend to sound higher when they're nervous.

Anonymous 30550


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