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Anonymous 17736

What are really beautiful men like? Do you know any? Doesn’t have to be a bf or lover, can also be your friend, colleague, classmate, neighbor, brother, dad, whatever.

Is it true they’re all dumb and rude?

Anonymous 17737

>What are really beautiful men like? Do you know any?

Read one of those male self help guides about how to be alpha and attract women, their personalities are exactly like in these guides.

Anonymous 17738

This thread made me realize I've never actually talked to a beautiful man because I'm too ugly to be in their social circles. How do I go back to being ignorant?

Anonymous 17739

Those PUA books are written by and for incels. That's the exact opposite of a "beautiful man".

Anonymous 17741

Anonymous 17742

I like pretty men and have dated some so I guess I can answer this. They aren't dumb nor rude, at least the ones I've met. I mean , you find dumb/rude people everywhere, not only hot guys so its all relative. There was one at my uni that was an abecrombie model, suuuuper hot but he was very smart and a virgin (religious dude). He was nice too but shy

Anonymous 17745

They're written by watching what they get away with, and then concluding that that's what makes them attractive.

Anonymous 17747

I sat next to a model-tier guy in one of my classes this semester. During group mini-discussions (we were placed in groups to talk about a subject) near the end of classes I finally got to hear him speak (all I knew was what I'd gathered from his social media: he's in a band, is studying English, went to prom with a chubby girl (!) and is left-leaning).
He liked to talk a lot about himself, lead the discussion, but also seemed nervous (his face was red), and was kind of flaky. The talk was actually about appearances funnily enough, but no one in the group seemed to think ugly people have it harder lmao. I guess they never had to worry about it, so why bother to empathize?

I also witnessed "Chads" in high school talking among themselves since I was an ugly girl and registered as neither male or female while sitting behind them. One time one of them just straight up showed another some nudes a girl sent to him in homeroom. It was wild.

But to end this all on a different note, my best friend is pretty good looking in a boyish way (although I can't see him as attractive myself due to the years of friendship lol) and even used to model for a painter. He's very smart, funny, and kind, but also an ex-weeb furry. So. Like >>17742 said it really varies, but from what I know the majority are nice-passing secret narcs due to being sought after for their whole lives.

Anonymous 17748

My husband is the best looking guy in the world to me and he is nice and loving and very responsible. He is smarter than me about some things and I'm smarter than him about some things.

Anonymous 17749

That is like saying
‘The US Navy prevailed in the WWII Pacific theater, therefore speaking English and wearing dungarees are how navies win wars’
PUAs know zero

Anonymous 17750

I the only truly good looking man is too masculine to be ‘beautiful’, I guess.
He’s handsome, and tall, and strong, has a deep voice - everything.
Of course he is a true genius, super nice, and even dances.
He’s also the ‘waiting for marriage’ religious sort

Anonymous 17751

Oh I wasn't trying to imply otherwise, sorry I'd it sounded like that.

Anonymous 17753

Australian men are the master race, unfortunately I dont speak their language so I cant tell you about my experiences.

What I can tell you is that a good man shouls cook well too

Anonymous 17760

You're cute. <3

Anonymous 17766

You too!! Lol

Anonymous 17767

>australian men

So you mean the aborigines males? Or the ones with english ancestors?

Anonymous 17768

the ones who are overrepresented in american hollywood movies; for instance the bloke who plays thor. I can't pronounce his name though as I cant speak Australian

Anonymous 17769

>So you mean the aborigines males?

This is most likely what she meant.

Anonymous 30138

I had a handsome friend in high school. He was surprisingly kind and respectful, and he wasn’t a normie. We drifted apart but he pops into my mind from time to time.

Anonymous 30147


Anonymous 30180

>guy who's definitely too old for me to have a crush on. your average polo-toting chubby dad. has a great voice and nice personality.

>cute short balding guy with thick horn rims, funny and polite. sharp af shoulders and cheekbones.

>extremely smart coworker that dresses himself really well. "too serious" personality but i find him SO gorgeous

No one ever believes me that these are guys I consider the most handsome. which is why I'm posting it here. the biggest indicators for a guy i find beautiful is a genuine kindness, brains and manners. they usually have a good soul and work ethic. that probably goes for any gender.

OP, if your only experience is by chance high school and university guys, they are the bottom of the barrel so of course are all dumb and rude.

Anonymous 30186

I think that people who are considered the most beautiful typically just look really generic. Like, the guy in OP's image is cute, but it's the sort of cute where if I'm not looking at him, I forget what he looks like. It's like beauty that comes from the absence of defects rather than the presence of attractive features.

Anonymous 32915

One of my friends is the most physically attractive guy I've seen in person. He's literally been posted on /img/ in a thread because he used to model. He's a very unique person, for reasons unrelated to appearance. One thing I've noticed about extremely attractive men is that they tend to be nicer to ugly people (especially ugly girls), perhaps because ugly guys hate ugly girls for reminding them that they're ugly. These guys are usually really promiscuous, though, and often end up hurting the (attractive) women they get involved with.

Anonymous 32924

Usually ugly on the inside or gay(I mean in the homosexual way and not as an insult).
Or at least the ones I knew.

Anonymous 32926

moid self-insert fantasy

Anonymous 32936


>One thing I've noticed about extremely attractive men is that they tend to be nicer to ugly people (especially ugly girls), perhaps because ugly guys hate ugly girls for reminding them that they're ugly.

As an ugly girl, this is so true. Conventionally attractive guys have been so much nicer to me than the less attractive geeky guys in the past, even though I can relate more to the latter group of guys. I get what you mean about ugly girls reminding ugly guys that they're ugly. My experience with ugly guys is that if they get with an ugly girl, they will always think thoughts like "is this the best I can get?", and when he has a chance to get a "better" girl, he will go for her at the drop of a bat.

Anonymous 34214

thats true though

Anonymous 34229

Nah attractive people on average just tend to be kind of naive.

Anonymous 34233

The more attractive you are, the more you benefit from the halo effect. This means better socialization from a very young age. Everyone tends to treat you nicely, and you get more and more confidence in yourself. All kinds of relationships are more available to you compared to the avg person, so it's easy to get even more experience. It's an endless positive feedback loop.

Obviously if you're unattractive, it's the other way around.

Being somewhat innocent and naive about people is one result of this.

Anonymous 34235

Wew. So if I hadn't been fat as a kid people would've treated me better and I wouldn't be such a socially awkward autist today. Thanks mom.

Anonymous 34283

ITT: The halo effect

Anonymous 34285

>It's an endless positive feedback loop.
And it sucks that a lot of people deny it and blame uglies for being bitter and pessimistic.

Anonymous 34311

You don't sound graced. As a matter of fact you sound envious, anon.

Anonymous 34378

A friend's father and half-siblings are all amazingly beautiful people. She's half-Iraqi, half-Anglo and has a massive complex about it, particularly because her brothers and sisters are all peak Aryan with green eyes, grades of blond hair and 9/10. Her brothers are just so naturally attractive and masculine, with chiseled jaws, perfect smiles, insane cheek bones and naturally muscular bodies. Their sister is just plain beautiful, literally perfect in every way.

They break the mold when it comes to beautiful people as one's a scientist and the other is an engineer, and both seem incredibly polite and well-meaning. Never really interacted with their sister beyond stalking her insta, so I wouldn't know about her.

Anonymous 34401

I'm not sure why you prefer to think that, but I can tell you it's not helping you.

I believe you. One of my biggest ever crushes was a 5'4" former coworker of mine. He was like part Charlie Brown and part bonsai Picard. He was an amazingly kind and intelligent person with a lot of, I guess you'd call it common sense or practical intelligence. There were…religious differences, and if I'm honest he was a smidge gassy. But hey, so am I. Also he was married so I never tried to make a move. (Also, never shit where you eat) But damn it took a long time for me to stop having feels for him. His wife is a great person but she's even uglier than I am, and that gave me hope in a petty sort of way.

Another big crush was a dude I knew in college, 6'4" and like 130 lbs. or so. Computer science major. Looked like Shaggy and had a high girly voice and bad skin, but he really was sweet as hell. Now that I look back on it he was probably asexual, which makes me feel even worse about how hard I glommed onto him. He was really uncomfortable around me but I never saw it at the time.

There were more but yeah, every one of them was beautiful to me.

>cute short balding guy with thick horn rims, funny and polite. sharp af shoulders and cheekbones.

>extremely smart coworker that dresses himself really well. "too serious" personality but i find him SO gorgeous
I've never met either of these guys but I know the types and they are hot as fuck. The first one sounds like my old coworker.

Anonymous 35993

Love these. I hate how so many people (of all genders) buy into the idea that conventional physical attractiveness is the strongest. Give me someone who looks cool and unique with good morals any day. Someone with a special character inside and out.

Anonymous 36016

They're very manipulative. I encountered one during a university tutorial. He was a PhD student, and he was angelic. I couldn't help but blush when he came near me. He knew that too, and he teased me about it. "Why are you shaking?", "Why are you so red?". He knew. I think a lot of them are psychopaths because they know how hot they are and how easy it is for them to make us feel attraction.

Anonymous 36020

aah, I've met a few 'ultra chads' in my time, the vast majority are magnanimous because they have no threats, from women or from men.

Anonymous 36035

It's called the halo effect. You think they're magnanimous even though you know very little about them.

Anonymous 36041

>What are really beautiful men like?
I agree about the halo effect, they tend to have easier lives, less jealousy and just generally nicer people because of it. People who are mean very often have their own complexes going on (being ugly or having been rejected by someone else) so it’s often not really about you when they do or say something that is hurtful. Beautiful people have life on easy mode and so less pent up issues to make them do something hurtful. They can still say something that stings out of naivety though.

>Do you know any?

I’m in a longterm relationship with one. He’s a pretty quiet guy who keeps to himself so very down to earth. Also the kindest person I have ever met (this is actually what first attracted me to him surprisingly).

I used to have very low self esteem, so despite being pretty myself (I mention this because it’s relevant, not a brag), I dated only uglies and older creeps before. I think the guys knew I was out of their league as they all would make sly hurtful comments to me out of no where and brag to other people about dating me, as if I was an object.

Despite being out of their league, I was somehow never enough for any of them. It’s like they expected me to revolve my life completely around them. I couldn’t have my own problems, all the focus had to be on them.

If I was ever single, I would never ever date an ugly or an old creep again. I would much rather die alone.

>Is it true they’re all dumb and rude?

I think the ones from rich families probably are and that’s more a class thing. I don’t think being beautiful by itself would make anyone dumb or rude. Maybe if someone was ugly when they were young and were bitter about it.

Anonymous 36510

i wish i had eyes like my brothers :(

Anonymous 36524

No, no, the halo effect doesn't make them more successful. That's just a possible consequence. The halo effect is the bias people have to think attractive people are nicer, kinder and more honest, regardless of how they actually are. It's like they get plus points on all their actions.

There are no findings that handsome people donate more to charity, abuse their spouses less or any measurable sort of kindness. You're just rationalizing the halo effect you're experiencing.

Anonymous 36525

I know what the halo effect is. I think they have easier lives because everyone think they have the Midas touch because they're cute. Everyone being optimistic about everything you do and being more open to see your things as great results in an easier life. When life is on easy more you have less to be jealous of and life is easier in general.

Anonymous 38006

There was a chad dude in my class back in highschool, he was funny, blonde, good loking, energetic and… had ADHD. For these reasons people used to say he was a golden retriever lol, we had some fun short talks but it was difficult speaking with him for long due to the ADHD. He wasn't very smart but definitely a nice dude, too bad i never asked him to kiss me he probably would have accepted taking in consideration his historic.

Anonymous 40513

It depends but one things for sure.
They all understand the consequences of lookism so they're less shallow than a regular moid.

Anonymous 40541

You can also grow into a spoiled cunt

Anonymous 40682

You know what it is but aren't considering it's effect? I don't think being fawned over makes you a good person. Attractive women aren't better people.

Anonymous 40748

Anonymous 40750

Like it or not she's spitting straight facts.

Anonymous 40934

>I know attractive people seem to have better personalities
>But I think they have better personalities to be not because they've lived better lives, even though I know little about them or how they are

Studies show the halo effect is much less pronounced within the same gender. Within sub 30 females, there's even an underdog effect where attractive women are seen as having worse personalities, which is why I asked if you thought attractive women were better people.

So you think attractive women are better people?

Anonymous 40978

i met a guy who i thought was a 9/10 although this is of course, very subjetive. he was half greek half vietnamese but looked full greek (god). he told me he had a body count of 65 at the ripe age of 26 (dont think was bragging, just stated matter of factly when i asked). he was a nice guy and says random women approach him at work and hit on him, he is a bit autistic and i would usually never entertain this kind of guy had he not looked like that and im assuming all his other lays were the same. i think if he didnt look like a model, he would actually be an incel given his stalebread personality and adam sandler tier humour. another thing i noticed is that he had a HUGE ego was promiscuous in his relationships, he was also obsessed with threesomes for some reason lollll

Anonymous 40985


>like beauty that comes from the absence of defects rather than the presence of attractive features.

this is how i feel about most russian/european models, the exception being vlada roslykova or kay smetsers. maybe i'm just not a fan of slav resting bitch. it's a look that's memorable rather than just pretty, something to be found in a painting

Anonymous 41059

Yes he was a blond haired blue eyed 6’4 Chad with an angelic but chiselled face, sadly he proved that beauty is only skin deep and although charming and funny on the outside he was a complete sociopath who didn’t care about anyone besides himself. I actually felt kind of bad for him because he told me he knew there was something wrong with him but didn’t know how to fix it.

Anonymous 41072

Nah, most psychopaths know something is wrong with them and that they arent like normal people. They are just incapable of fully figuring out what it is. Its like trying to explain colors to a blind person.

Anonymous 41129

OT but why are incels so obsessed with this guy? He looked like your average college kid to me.

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