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Anonymous 19245

>go on 4chan
>entertaining to scroll through but I don't feel I belong
>too many naked girls
>too many fetishes
>too many nazis
>talking about how all woman are shitty
>girl friends irl normies
>distance myself from feminine traits
>hate girls
>find this site
>could it be?
>a place where I belong?

I never throught there was somewhere for us. I knew I couldn't be alone.

Anonymous 19246



Welcome home

Anonymous 19250

Hate to break it to you, but everyone here hates women too.

Anonymous 19251

We do?
I agree there are less lesbians here than lolcow for instance, if that's what you mean.

Anonymous 19252

Talk for yourself, I love women. Especially if they're cute and gay.

Also, welcome OP. I feel the same way when I go on 4chan. Too much porny crap everywhere, even the sfw boards.

Anonymous 19257

No way anon, I love women to death. All my female friends are cute and wonderful.

Anonymous 19264

If you're a tranny or gay man you can fuck off.

Anonymous 19266

Speak for yourself anon… I love women’s and love hanging and talking to them more than men.

Anonymous 19305


Welcome anon!

Anonymous 20201

You've really let it go to your head. I love being a girl and I love to support my fellow women. The men on 4chan really barely interact with women, and unironically base a lot of their opinions on us from what they see in media. They also compare real-life women to cartoon women, as if that were a realistic standard (would it be fair for me to expect all men to behave and look like superheroes?), and are extremely hypocritical in many of their viewpoints. Some of the critiques they have are valid, but not unique to women; for instance, the immoral attitudes towards sex that most modern people have. I can understand how it'd make a man feel to be more sexually inexperienced than a woman he dates, but at the same time I don't think that really validates the level of vitriol they express towards us.

Anonymous 20211

4chan is a terrible site

Anonymous 20213

this is how i feel. as a kid, most of my friends were male and its still like that for me. i like women, i just dont seem to get on with them irl and (of the ones i meet anyway) are so normie it hurts.

Anonymous 20216


Stop going on 4chan. I mean it. I used to go on for hours a day in high school (10 fucking years ago lol) and it fucked me up until I decided one day that it was mentally/emotionally hurting me and I had to stop. It made me think fucked up stuff about myself and other women.

Anonymous 20217

4chan actually just pointed me here and I'm so glad that this exists (also I guess expect some trolls for a while).

Anonymous 20229

4chan is largely trash, most things i want can be found on other, less toxic sites, but i still visit that shithole every day since i'm procrastinating badly on everything else that needs to get done. someone save me

Anonymous 20298

what's the difference between this place and 2xchromosomes?

Anonymous 20300


Anonymous 20314


Anonymous 20315

I agree except I don't hate women. It's nice to have a place with girls who aren't also normalfags. I love my friends but in some ways they don't really relate to me well because they actually have their shit together and follow mainstream media.

Anonymous 20602

>would it be fair for me to expect all men to behave and look like superheroes?

this is a really interesting observation. What would men do if this was common among women? I wonder how they would feel.

Anonymous 20706

This is the only image board I frequent since lolcow went to shit, I only go on 4chan for /ic/
I had the same issues with not really fitting in other female majority sites but this one is very comfy and I’m so thankful it exists

Anonymous 20708

i like cc in that it has a lot of potential, but it needs more radfem or radfem aligned influence

Anonymous 20719

If you look at the discussion threads in /b/, the vast majority of users is already TERF-aligned. Some seem to be kind of tradfems but I'd still say this board is more radfem than anything when it comes to the numbers.

Anonymous 20720

nah. this place would become insufferable.

Anonymous 20735

Anonymous 20737

>talking about how all woman are shitty
why hasn't anyone pointed this out yet i wonder

Anonymous 20738

ehhh, i see mostly tradfems/conservatives, tbh

Anonymous 20739

Have you looked at the trans thread? Almost every response is on the TERF side and the few who are sympathetic get shut down. Not that I disagree with the shutting down. I don't want trans"women" to feel comfortable posting here.

Anonymous 23151

I love this place, long live CC

Anonymous 23225


Trans """women"""

Anonymous 23226

4chan is full of spiteful haters

Anonymous 23259

Judging from the responses in this thread..

Is this just a website for angry, man-hating lesbians to vent? Yikes.

Anonymous 23260

Lesbians dont vent post about wanting a short-bf

Anonymous 23261

No, sad man-hating femcels.

Anonymous 23266

mostly straight girls who want sub bfs or short bfs or shy bfs and hate men, i think there are a few les-chans out there but they're the minority

Anonymous 23267

>girls in this thread say they don't hate girls and support fellow women
>conclusion: "they must be man-hating lesbians then!"


Anonymous 23272

Why do you hate women anon?

Anonymous 23273

Must be because we are clearly the ones who commit most violent crimes!

Anonymous 23274

2xchromosomes is full of trannies and the mentally ill who make up stories to victimize themselves.
This place is kinda cool

Anonymous 23275

because the only kids who ever bullied me in elementary were other girls

Anonymous 23277

If you'd been picked on by boys as well how do you think you'd feel? Or if your father was shit?

I can see where you're coming from honestly, I can't seem to befriend other women and some of my shittiest friends were female. I socially fear most other women and I hate being a woman because of the judgements males make about me based on it.

But I absolutely hate men more. The majority of them are incapable of any sort of empathy or caring about each other or us, not to mention the crime stats like I said. Males are fucking awful. The top percentage of them are more intelligent than the top percentage of women and they're often physically stronger, but holy fuck are they monsters. At least I've met women who are capable of emotional complexity and caring. I can only put up with male friendships because they're simpler when it comes to socializing, but I'd never be vulnerable with them.

I love this board since I can interact with the nicer sex without having to get close to deal with the flaws. I'm sure meeting most of your girls irl would result in you hating me for having some ugly features or whatever bullshit. But at least connecting anonymously with you is better than connecting anonymously with men.

Anyway despite this tangential rant I do actually love people on some level, and I'm a cursed bisexual who's attracted to both shitty sexes. Do any misanthropic anons know that feel? Female-misogynist-chan, you must feel this on some level since you're still fucking here after all. Do you hate men, too? It doesn't seem like it because you're caping for them, but who knows.

Anonymous 23279

Really, I was half joking, though there might be something subconscious there.
And my father actually was terrible.
But male or female I don't really like most real people, though I don't socialize.
I do tend to enjoy male characters more than females when it comes to entertainment though.

Anonymous 23305

you've probably noticed but discourse on 4chan isn't toxic unless you're baiting people… which I guarantee you are, whether you realize it or not.

Anonymous 23619

4chan is full of hateful spiders

Anonymous 23824


I used to live in a small town were everybody was normie af. I used to hate men cause they were so fuckin mean. They bullied me, they kinda raped me while laughing at me, and they fuckin ruined my life. I didn't liked normie grills tho. They were unbearable, and so damn selfish. But at least sometimes some of them were a little bit kind.
Now I'm living in a big city and I almost have no girl friends. Based men are way cooler than based womyn imo. For the moment I just find one cool girl friend, but I guess I feel more comfortable around men cause I have a lot of boyish attitudes.
Browsing other IBs sometimes triggers me tho because all of the sexual content. But my few irl friends knows that they can't almost talk about sex in front of me because I get really sad.

Anonymous 40257

I don't like Stacies tho

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