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I think a guy in my class whacked off to me...idk what to do or how to feel Anonymous 23647

Well I feel pretty nervous tbh

To make a long story short I always sit in the very back of class behind a group of guys because it provides me the best vantage point of class and also allows me to play video games.

I noticed that of the group of guys who sit in front of me though one is always really freaked out whenever he sees me. And I see his friends nudge him whenever i come around.

I was wearing a pretty tight outfit today ngl because it was cold out and my tight clothes are warmer. Anyhow, the professor (also female, kinda pretty) was talking about drilling wet things and drilling dry and everyone in class basically was smirking about it at that point.

The guy who I think likes me kept whispering to his friend and stretching to look back at me. He yawns and leans back in his chair and i see him looking at me out of my peripheral vision.

At a certain point he starts to get really sweaty and goes to the bathroom although we're due to take a break in class soon and I've never seen him do that.

When he comes back all his friends are trying really hard not to laugh and they keep looking back at me. In fact they're doing it right now

Idk what to do it makes me extremely nervous to have people looking at me constantly. And I have this class every Wednesday it's usually more of the same. Help???

Anonymous 23648

…is he cute?
I guess it's a compliment, I'm about 90% sure I gave a guy a boner on the bus once (suddenly there was a bulge in his pants when he stood up that wasn't there before) by exchanging stares with him and it felt kind of nice. He also tripped once another time that we made eye contact….the one that got away…

Anyway, if you're not a sexual person/are a lesbian/think this guy is otherwise predatory I can see it being creepy though. Maybe try sitting elsewhere if it's that bothersome.

Anonymous 23649

He's not hideous but also not particularly cute. I really just don't know how to act when I know I'm being stared at. Like, should I just continue pretending i don't see them? Do they want me to see them? I also feel like they're going to see me doing something really ugly and be disappointed idkkkkk

Anonymous 23650

I think if you acknowledged them and maintained eye contact/smiled at them he'd approach you. Just going by my own signs-that-make-me-approach-qts standards here.

If you don't want that, continue ignoring. Or grimace at him lol.

Anonymous 23653

Engineering Analysis III (it's probability and statistics for engineers). My major is biomedical engineering.

Anonymous 23654

>Biomedical engineering

From one engineer to another, I got mad respect for you.
My brother did biomedical - he’s in grad school working on PhD.
Designing brain implants and all sorts of neural stuff, etc.
I’m just went for computer engineering cause that’s what I knew best. I’m less ambitious, I must admit.
How the heck are you managing your classes while playing video games during lectures????
You should be sitting in the front with all the try-hards and gunners.
Also some of those guys will not survive that major. I can tell you right now.

Anonymous 23655

Tbh, I am a bit jealous….
I wish I was as smart as you Biomed Anon.

Anonymous 23656

04-17-19_7-42-43 P…

The professor is boring, she just reads off the slides. and I've tried studying in class but that normally just confuses me. Instead I've been designing houses in the sims and then study at home. Occasionally I'll get monotonous homework done, send e-mails, plan during this time.

I'm not that smart honey don't be jealous

Thank you very much. I enjoy biology very much so that's why it's easier for me. I've taken digital logic and a few c classes. From that brief experience I think CS is a bit over my head haha >,<

It might be better for me to sit up there tbh, but i feel like everyone will find that weird since there are only about 12 of us in the class and everyone sits in the same seats

Anonymous 23658

So what do you want to do with your biomed degree? The field is huge : artificial organs, in vitro grown organs, gene editing , neurology stuff, artificial eyes….
I could go on.
How did you decide on that major?
And what do want to do with the enormous amount of money you will earn?
Retire young and travel the world?
(That’s what I would do.)

Anonymous 23682

You are now aware that if you are remotely attractive that every male in your life, except for family members, masturbate to you regularly. Teachers, bosses, co-workers and friends, all of them do it.

Anonymous 23684

Dont know how to break it to you but "girl next door" category exists for a reason.

Anonymous 23691

I want to develop novel techniques for medical imaging. So far I've worked in a tomography lab which was very cool. And with my money I want to retire, give my kids a great education, and focus on religious pursuits

I seriously hope that's not true…I wonder if there's any way to tell.

Anonymous 23696

When I ask guys why they try to get nudes if they have an entire catalog of 10/10 nudes to jack off to already, the most honest answer I get from them is this.

Anonymous 23698

I don't like that men are like this because I'm genuinely interested in ""average looking"" men aesthetically.
Why can't I just date the equivalent myself as a man, personality wise? Someone who sees others as human and just wants someone to attach themselves to? They're just so rigidly hierarchical and hypergamous. I'm so tired.

Sorry to derail so much I'm just in a sad mood because of other things. Normally I'm fine with them not being quite on our level when it comes to relationships and emotions. But recently I'd like someone who actually likes me…not that I can even get someone who pretends to like me.

Also will ask my male friends if they jack off to every woman in their life. Now I'm curious.

Anonymous 23699

I don't think asking guys questions about masturbation is going to get you any closer to meeting someone who seeks attachment.

Anonymous 23700

Well, I'm not into to those guys and it's mutual. We've also known each other too long and I've long since revealed my female neckbeard powerlevel to them.
idk maybe it is pointless looking for love when I'm not an uwu pure maiden who hates sex and has never seen a porn. I am a virgin but I'm also gross.

I mean, I'm not a slut but I am interested in some serious femdom and draw my own porn, so who knows.

Anonymous 23712

Eh, virginity is usually enough. Anything else somebody puts up as a "requirement" for a relationship isn't really enforced.

Anonymous 23714

I will concur with >>23712, (most?) men don't want someone who hates sex, they want a virgin who loves sex.

Anonymous 23778

At least he didn't do it in front of you. That was pretty courteous of him.

Anonymous 23790



Listen, men are scum. Not all of them, not all of the time, but enough. Let me tell you a story.

A friend of mine is a caring and empathetic girl with experience helping others through mental health crises. She decided to volunteer for a free suicide hotline and answer calls. After a couple of months, she had to quit. Why? Was she not tough enough? No. She had to quit because the majority of the calls were from men masturbating to a live, free female voice. The majority.

Don't call yourself gross, okay? You're a good, decent human being.

Anonymous 23793

I would have told them "this is a SUICIDE hotline. So, how can I help you with killing yourself?".

Anonymous 23845

unless you are in fucking primary school no one is going to go to the bathroom to masturbate to you

Anonymous 23859

>a fresh shota having his first fap to you with huge embarassment

i didn't need these feels

Anonymous 23865

When he got up he was walking funny and was adjusting the crotch in his pants and put his hands over the region…think it’s possible he just went in there to calm it down?

The possibility is dawning on me that at some point he may actually ask me out. What am I supposed to do then?

In my last large lecture class a grad student followed me around every day after class to walk me to the metro and I had to get a friend to come with me to scare him off…

Anonymous 23874

he didn't go to the bathroom to masturbate ffs

why would a man masturbate in a public restroom when he can fap at home to your facebook and instagram pictures?

unless he was fapping to your facebook and instagram pictures in the bathroom, then it'd make perfect sense

Anonymous 23875

Hahaha that's hilarious! Awful but hilarious.

Anonymous 23877

Guys don't just randomly pop boners out of nowhere

Anonymous 23882


confront him about it retard

Anonymous 23884

They sometimes do

Anonymous 23885

That's stupid, healthy guys can get boners even without any sexual stimulation or thought, riding on a vibrating bus or just out of nowhere.

Anonymous 23888

also if hes cutie ask him out

Anonymous 23891

I'm pretty sure that only happens if they haven't had an orgasm in a while, which is rare nowadays because porn is so easily accessible.

Anonymous 23896

I'm a sperg and wouldn't have any idea what to say. Don't even know the guy's name


But I hate disappointing people. I was planning on saying I have a bf (I have a potential bf rn) but i need to know how to say it in a nice way.

Anonymous 23897

No, It can happen out of nowhere, it's a common occurrence during puberty as >>23892 has said.
Often they don't even feel aroused and they're stuck with an awkward boner they have to hide somehow. Putting your hand inside a pocket is the most common technique.

Anonymous 23910

>hey random anon did you go the the bathroom to masturbate to me?

flawless idea

Anonymous 23913

You could be super pornstar about it
>hey anon. were you really masturbating in the bathroom by yourself? giggles

Don't, but it'd be funny

Anonymous 23917

>laugh right in his face for admiring you
God, anon. Say it out loud before you think about saying something like that in public.

Anonymous 23918

I assumed OP was in college, not around boys in the middle of puberty.


Most of these are also about guys getting boners during puberty, not as adults.

Anonymous 23921

>"I already have someone I like, sorry"
>I'm involved with someone already
>I'm flattered, but unavailable

like this?

Anonymous 23926

Some of them, not all.
I honestly think it might be a problem for both parties in society, but nobody's bothered on a study for women, to my knowledge.

Anonymous 23976

I wish something like this would happen to me. It sounds so nice to be desirable

Anonymous 23996

He's a guy named Josh :) he really likes to read and write just like me! More importantly also we're the same religion, so we're actually able to date.

If it happens I'll try saying one!

I kinda thought it would be nice too in theory because I think I'm pretty ugly but in practice i realize that I never considered an appropriate response to such a situation, so the unknowns convert to anxiety…

Anonymous 24009

No I'm a Christian. I decline to state what denomination, you probably haven't heard of it and I'd like to have it stay that way. He's white and from West Virginia. I'm black.

Anonymous 24093

Ignore the losers. If you really want to, just tell him to stop staring at you like that because it's really obvious and try not to say anything about his attraction to you AT ALL because he will take it as a cue to hit on you.

Anonymous 24096

Wow. You must have a lot of friends who care about you very much.

Anonymous 24118

>they are immature and not worth your time.
>They are still at the "point and stare stage" - "Hey looks its a pretty gurl, OMG! Lets chuckle and stare."
Isn't that exactly what most stacys still do in their late 20s & 30s? Are they also immature or does that only count for guys in your opinion?

Anonymous 24146


More young men aren't having sex than women, but they're both trending up. The silver lining is… at least more people understand our suffering?

Anonymous 24151

Hope that means all the young women are becoming lesbians

Anonymous 24171

but why

Anonymous 24175

sometimes you see these graphs and realize how much of a loser you really are. thanks anon.

Anonymous 24176

I thought you big strong men don't need us disgusting evil ugly women in your life and women are gross roasties who use sex to manipulate? Why are you complaining when this is exactly what you wanted?

IMO it's good that less young men are having sex, most men don't know how to appreciate women, find vaginas and most women's bodies disgusting anyway, spend too much time on video games and 4chan and wonder why women never appear at their doorstep, or when they do get into relationships they absolutely suck in bed and bitch about how she doesn't have porn star tits and doesn't want a dick in her ass etc

Just stay away from women, women are better off with other women

Anonymous 24183

Take it easy. It's just a drawing.

Anonymous 24185

You fucking autists really need to go outside once in a while.

Anonymous 24219

two husbands.jpg

>10% more men are sexless
…do some femcels get 2 incel husbands then? Or do they pair up and fight to the death? Or do half of that extra 10% transition and they pair off with chaser incels?
These are my solutions.

Anonymous 24220


Really two reasons for that.
1) Guys today have been raised in an deliberately addictive consumer culture – which has lead many of them to pursue self destructive or otherwise time wasting hobbies. i.e. video games, internet porn, etc.
2) Chad is hoarding all of the women for himself. He can't just agree to marry someone at 20-22 like he used to 60-70 years ago. These days, he wants to screw around for a lot longer before he's interested in settling down.
So the dating pool is more competitive – because all the chads & "cute guys" are still up for grabs. Why settle for a neurotic, spergy beta who barely managed to pull himself out of the "Depression/NEET spiral"?
Of course, the incel view of the world is a false dichotomy. There are the normies, who tend to be hit & miss in terms of partners.

And there are the "True Men", who are virtuous, successful and charming. Those who are noble and restrained where Chad is base and profligate – who are stable and diligent where the beta sperg is unstable and inconsistent in his endeavors. But there are very few of such people these days. The zeitgeist is gone.

Anonymous 24232

What girls do this??

Anonymous 24244


think about any male who's looked at you slightly too long in your life. And now think of the ones that haven't.
They've almost certainly rubbed one out over you and feel no remorse. If you bring it up they'll just deny it and do it again later.

Anonymous 24467

You disgust me.

Anonymous 24499

That is also hot.

Anonymous 24504

Yes, more.

Anonymous 24505

walking garbage.pn…

Anonymous 24511

Do a good portion of men really do this? Fap to people they know irl? I don't understand the reason, especially when there is so much porn out there to accommodate such a wide variety of taste.

Anonymous 24514

Being in physical proximity to someone can enhance their sexual appeal. You can smell them and have seen them move about as a regular person without the awareness of a camera like in porn, or of anyone watching them at all. Perhaps you have knowledge about their personality/quirks and that endears you to them even more. It feels like you're more connected to them than some rando on screen, basically.
Also attainability is higher which is a turn on.
t. experience in fantasizing about irl men

Anonymous 24565

>They've almost certainly rubbed one out over you and feel no remorse.
Why is this bad? I don't want guys to feel bad about fapping to me.

Anonymous 24572

Mmm… Thank you, for that.

Anonymous 24615

i mean for all the people who were saying it was gross

Anonymous 24617

fairs fair because im masturbating to them right now

Anonymous 24702

No. I'm fat and ugly.

Anonymous 24736

Approach them. No bullshit just walk up to them while in a group. Next time you have the class and ask THAT guy specifically "hey what are you guys always laughing about?" He will get embarrassed they will probably cool it out. If any of them are worth your attention they will try to interact with you like your an actual person. Depending on the age group biomed 20-23 maybe?? correct me if I'm wrong but at least one or two should be able to keep their shit together. Otherwise yeah just keep ignoring them if they are on some manchild shit.

Keep in mind they will be messing with each other just because that's how guys are.

Anonymous 24748

not really

Anonymous 24802

wizardchan is over there, loser

Anonymous 24803

Too obvious.

Anonymous 24960

Sober up, anon.

Anonymous 24961


Here babe

Anonymous 24964

Aww, but that could have been a fresh new way for a guy to confess his feelings.

Just like in my doujins!

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