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addict/alcoholic loved ones Anonymous 26043

my dad is in the hospital again for issues with his chronic alcoholism and withdrawal symptoms (he sleeps a long time and goes into withdrawal). he was in the hospital for the same thing about 2 months ago and was in total denial and wouldn't go to rehab. He thinks he had to go to the hospital because he wasn't eating/sleeping enough. What the fuck. For a really smart guy, he is totally blind about this stuff. I am so sad and angry. I think he will probably die soon and to be honest I sort of want him to get it over with. He's useless and I know he won't get any better without a major wake-up. He's been drinking and smoking since he was 14 years old (60 now…) and I don't have any hope of him stopping. I hate him.

Can you relate? I don't know who to talk to.

Anonymous 26045

I relate. Sucks to be in that position, I hope it resolves for the better soon.

Anonymous 26056

Males are overly suicidal and depressed so it's kind of what happens to them in a modern world. You can't really reason with them because technically they are right with their retarded nihilism.

Also can't relate because my father died when I was 12. What a nice problem you have.

Anonymous 26100

>What a nice problem you have.
Was this really necessary to add?

Anonymous 26103

Everything's got to be a pity party.
"Oh I have it worse then you so you have no right to complain." etc.

Anonymous 26119


I don't want a pity party. I wanted to talk to other girls going through something similar. Never mind.

Anonymous 26124

Are you OP or >>26056 ?

Anonymous 26129


I'm OP

Anonymous 26133

My dad had an opioid addiction. I learned it through my older brother because I was never really close to my dad. I can't remember exactly what it was, maybe methadone or oxycodone. He used be really aggressive and verbally abusive when he drank habitually too. I never forgave him for all that crap.

Also my brother turned into a bit of a meth addict, ruined him financially, but I think he's stopped now (maybe?) and - last time I saw him - he didn't look as bad as he did before.

I "dealt" with it all by just hiding away by myself. I don't recommend this approach as I don't feel it was a good way to resolve these issues (if it resolves them in any form at all). I was never close enough to either of them to have much sway over their actions and encourage something remedial. It doesn't sound like you're very close to your dad either, but if you love him then I hope you find a better solution than just waiting.

Anonymous 26134

Oh ok don’t worry anon we weren’t talking about you! >>26103 was talking about >>26056

Anonymous 26157


thanks for sharing. how did you hide?

yeah, i do still love him a lot, i think. i have been talking to him about every other day while he's in the hospital. tbh that's more than I've talked to him in the last few months combined though.


aw thanks, ok. i got confused and defensive.

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