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Anonymous 26244

It's unfortunate that male extremists have irreversibly warped the term 'incel' into an identity of rage and misogyny. My understanding is that in the 90s it just referred to a support group for lonely people, which actually sounds kind of useful. Eventually it became ISIS for male virgins due to lack of moderation on the web forum LoveShy, apparently.

Anonymous 26245

Extremists corrupt everything.

They can have the term and the meaning and the club of 'incel'. Not worth fighting them for it.

Anonymous 26246

Of course. I have no attachment to the name; rather, I just think it's unfortunate that a positive vision of a community for people who have trouble dating degenerated into a toxic, violent hate group.

Anonymous 26247

The term 'incel' was coined by a bisexual woman. Sad what it's become.

Anonymous 26251


>Eventually it became ISIS for male virgins
More like it’s become a name to call anyone you don’t like. I’ve got friends who use it liberally to the point where a friend call Ben Shapiro a major incel. I don’t like the guy either but ffs he has a wife and kids, use a different derogatory term.

I’m uncomfortable with the idea of berating people by implying there’s something wrong with being a virgin.

Anonymous 26252

>I’m uncomfortable with the idea of berating people by implying there’s something wrong with being a virgin.

People have been making fun of others for being sexless since long before that particular epithet caught on

Anonymous 26253

There is definitely something wrong with a guy being a virgin.

Anonymous 26254

Not any more than there's something wrong with a woman being a virgin

Anonymous 26255

I understand that but it's the kind of people using it freely that I mostly have a problem with. Like it'd be one thing if it were restricted to anons at 4chan but IMO it's hypocritical to be preaching tolerance and openness and then turn around and bully others for their lack of sexual experience. I don't see how it's any different from calling women you don't like whores or sluts just because they've had sex.

Anonymous 26275

It's a virtue. You're supposed to be able to trust a virginal person be cared for by a virginal person, etc. It's something you should strive to be and the easiest thing to accomplish in most religious circles. Just more media bullshit trying to make people into giant demons.

Anonymous 26305

How? What if he wants to save himself for marriage or something?

Anonymous 26419

Man being a virgin implies he cant function in the society. Its normal to have sex, its abnormal not to.
>Saving yourself
Nobody does that

Anonymous 26446

Hi /r9k/ going on other boards to spread misinformation now? I could go on a whole rant about why this frame of mind is wrong but I'll keep it short. A male's ability to shove his cock into a random thot is not about normalcy or his ability to function in society. Whores are a dime a dozen and unless he's overweight or ugly, it's pretty easy to fuck a thot for free. Shit he can even pay for it.

If the guy is a virgin clearly he has higher values and goals than fucking a random thot and making his first time worth something which is more respectable than swinging at the low hanging fruit just to claim you are ahead of the curve.

Anonymous 26451

Agree with you, anon.
A guy who is a virgin is either just able to control himself or is a naturally introverted individual. Some adult male virgins are assholes like any group, but virginity isn't wrong.

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