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Anonymous 26426

Shy boy in my class wont approach me. Is there something wrong with me?

Anonymous 26427

have you talked to him before? does he know who you are?

Anonymous 26430

Small talk. Apparently he only has a phone and no social media at all.

Anonymous 26431

do you know he has no social media for sure, did you ask him? if so, maybe just get his number if it's the only form of contact ya have. better than nothing i would say

Anonymous 26432

I'm scared to ask

Anonymous 26433

sure, but if ya don't ask someone else will

Anonymous 26434

>>wont approach me

Why would you think there is something wrong with you?

Anyway, if you're scared to ask, and he's interested but shy/also scared to ask, then neither of you will get what you want.

Anonymous 26435

probably not. he doesn't talk to anyone as far as i know.
>Why would you think there is something wrong with you?
Because he won't approach me

Anonymous 26436

you literally said that he's shy, you dumb bitch

Anonymous 26437


sorry honey but what >>26436 is right. if he's shy he's not going to just walk up to you for no reason.

Anonymous 26438

basically this.

Approach him, or move on.

Anonymous 26455

Leave him the fuck alone

Anonymous 26495

let someone else with actual initiative take him

Anonymous 26502


This, let Stacy get what she deserves.
Femcels like OP don’t deserve bfs tbh.

Anonymous 27015

leave him alone weirdo

Anonymous 27020

are you a maths student?

Anonymous 27027

>won’t approach you

Imagine thinking the absence of sexual attention is a marker of something wrong rather than a default part of your life. Stacy leave now.

Anonymous 27093

>be a cuck

Anonymous 27131

>Shy boy
>won't approach
No fucking way, who'd have thought?

Just go up to him and ask him if he is free to gave a coffee/lunch/dinner.
Don't take no for an answer.

Anonymous 29946


Anonymous 34195

>there's a shy boy that i really into in class
>tall, quiet, average weight, and pretty smart
>found out he's a /pol/ type autist
>found out he's been wanking to my pic and made a cum tribute of it

Anonymous 34196

Sounds mad in love, to me.

Anonymous 34197

Sit next to him and compliment his appearance, or say literally anything. That way he knows you are someone open for conversations and will make you approachable.

Anonymous 34198

Next time you make up a story, make it more believable.

Anonymous 34277

theres a decent chance its true you just wouldn't find out

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