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Anonymous 26550

how to make a total normie boy into a nerd loser who just gets me?

Anonymous 26551


just try to get him into liking the same hobbies as you. it'll become easier later on for him to enjoy the other wierder stuff you like. small steps basically, and make sure you show him why you enjoy it, it'll explain to him why certain stuff is important for you and give him an idea on how he can piercieve your interests. take care.

Anonymous 26553

also as a reminder: don't force. if you force your interests he's gonna avoid you.

Anonymous 26555

Why don't you look for an actual nerd loser? Just curious, anon.

Anonymous 26559

Because he's a loser nerd, obviously.

Anonymous 26578


How the heck do you even get a boy in the first place? I'm on my vacation and there's this place called Aoshima shrine where couples get married and they pray for their love. I see happy couples everywhere and I walk there alone like a sore thumb.

Anonymous 26582


It definitely just easier to find someone on the edge of being a loser nerd who doesn't want to be and make him more normal rather than finding (and relating) to someone normal and making them a loser nerd.

Anonymous 26590

Why not make the nerdy boy into a normie? Way easier, all they need is a couple of hardy fucks.

Anonymous 26595

Question: Why do you go to a place famous for couples alone?

Side note: Honestly couples care more about each other than they do care about anyone else around them. So you are basically like a ghost there, you just think you stand out.

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