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Seeing couples Anonymous 27210

Am I a psycho if seeing happy couples outside makes me sad? I was just at a fireworks show for the Fourth of July because my mom wanted to go and I couldn’t help feeling like shit noticing all the people in attendance seemingly in healthy relationships with loving partners. To be clear, I bear no ill will towards these people—I just wish my life was better.

Anonymous 27212

I'm in a happy relationship but I'm scarred by my past emotional abuse and I always think he secretly hates me, finds me or my body repulsive, and is miserable being with me, he treats me better than any guy ever could but I feel like any guy I'm ever with goes around to his friends whining about how awful my body is, how I suck in bed, how I'm annoying or ugly and how they wish I was like their exes

I've broken up with men before out of paranoia of them secretly thinking I'm repulsive even if they've shown no signs

Anonymous 27213

No, it's normal to feel bad when everyone around you appears happy and you're not.

Anonymous 27219

depending on my mood it can make me feel sad too

Anonymous 27220

We're all going to make it, girl.

Anonymous 27268

I also have problems with trust, paranoia, and fear of rejection/abandonment. This quickly became apparent during my only (brief and dysfunctional) sexual relationship.

Anonymous 27285

I mean I can't find the right word for what you're feeling but it's somewhere close to envy without the bitterness. You aren't psychotic for feeling a human emotion, what would make you psychotic is if you decide to wish ill will on those who have things you don't, which you aren't so you're fine. It's the same for feeling bad when you have a shit paying job and your friend has a nice paying job.

Anonymous 27294


Why would that make you psycho, anon?
You're just lonely.
If you were getting mad at those people for being happy, then you'd be a psycho, but instead it's just highlighting something you feel you're missing.
Which is perfectly reasonable!
If someone else has something you wish you had, it's only natural to feel bad about it, because seeing them with it just reminds you about it. And about your lack of it.

It's gonna be okay anon.
Don't be down on yourself for feeling lonely around couples - if you're feeling down, you dont need to pile more of that on yourself, you know?

Anonymous 38757

I sort of relate but I don't feel sadness,I feel angry whenever I see public displays of affection. I just don't see any need for doing that in public. Every time I see a couple kissing or some other dumb "cute" shit I physically have to look away. GET A ROOM AND LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!

Anonymous 38767

Sometimes when I see a couple during my night walks I'll involuntarily stare at them angrily until I realize they've noticed me. I try to avert my eyes now but I am full of rage. I hate all these women who have boyfriends while I'm alone.

Anonymous 38789


lol stay mad femcels

Anonymous 38790

Stacies should be banned.

Anonymous 38844

Then where do the freaks belong? Facebook is already a thing.

Anonymous 38853

Isn't that kind of where we are right now, or do we really need a TOR offshoot?

Anonymous 38860

>reddit users

Anonymous 38874

Darkweb as a word never meant onion links. It only refers to "website I can't get to through yahoo hub".

Anonymous 38906

You're thinking of Deep Web.
Slightly different edgy misleading term.

Anonymous 39004

The absolute state of redditors

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