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Anonymous 28389

What kind of stuff would you do with a bf/gf if you were to meet someone?

I think it would be nice to play board games, go birdwatching, and watch soviet films.

Anonymous 28392

Don't you like catching insects and stuff too?

Anonymous 28393

heck yes to the boardgames thing. what kind of boardgames would you play anon?

Anonymous 28394

It would be nice if he brushed my hair and gave me headpats

Anonymous 28396

With my ex, we'd always watch movies, play board games on occasion, specifically Blokus which is what I have.
We'd actually get take-out food and eat at our place because it's comfy.
..I wish I could find someone to share those hobbies with again, and hopefully a permanent one.

Anonymous 28398

I'm a simple person.

>watch movies together

>play video games together
>take walks together
>pet our neighbours' outdoor cats together
>make music together
>explore new places together
>relax at the park together
>cook together
>sleep together
>bath together

Anonymous 28400

Bathing together with someone seems extremely weird to me, probably because I haven't bathed with someone since I was tiny. Thinking about doing it as an adult feels very uncomfortable.

Anonymous 28404


Maybe Settlers of Catan. I would also like to buy Wingspan

Anonymous 28409

I'm like >>28398 in that I just want to spend all my time alone with someone.
But also:
>teach them how to draw/draw together
>buy them cute clothes and have matching styles
>make crafts together
>get pets to take care of together
>watch them eat
>have sex

Anonymous 28411

What I do with my friends already except he hugs me more and we have sex.

Anonymous 28416

Are you >>28050 per chance? You have a bizarrely specific set of interest. I'm >>28124 btw

Anonymous 28420

Just simple stuff like hang out, explore new places outside, laugh at stuff together, watch films. I don't know why but I really hate playing any sorts of sports or games with people or do things like arm wrestling or whatever unless it's an activity in a big group. My male friend always asked to play any video game with me and I would always make an excuse not to play because the idea just made me cringe so much. I worry that this would make me a really boring partner, oh well.

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