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Anonymous 28550

Was there ever a time when you realized that people were laughing at you, not with you? Tell those stories.

Anonymous 28551

Grade school.
Every one of my classmates were already laughing at me but I still had hope it'd stop someday. Then the teacher got curious as to who my classmates called 'dead', and then she looked at me and giggled upon the realization of who it was.
I lost all hope that day.

Anonymous 28553


Fuck, I'm sorry anon. Reading that gave me a gut punch.

Anonymous 28563

I feel stupid posting this here, but it's /feels/ so catharsis. They made fun of my B.O and me crying about them bullying me. Puberty swung in like a bitch around middle school, and no deodorant or doctor's prescription quelled the smell during hot afternoons. Granted, being stuck in a classroom with walking garbage sucks, but they didn't need to treat me like such. They didn't need to joke about me among themselves without looking at me in the eye or confronting me about it for the whole school year. Teachers even joined in. My mother said she loved me no matter what. That burgeoned my depression. The ones who did talk to me about it ended up becoming some of my best friends until today, so at least I'm not attached to plastic pals. I'm glad I don't remember the details of the gratuitous events. My worst nightmare is being trapped in a room with more than two of them complaining about the stink that requires an extra oxygen tank to survive. Fuck them. I smell like mandarins now.

Anonymous 28564

I didn't get made bullied too much growing up, oddly. Probably because I had some sort of ominous aura to people who didn't know me.

But I recall ending a friendship with a girl once because we were becoming very different people (she started underage drinking and stopped coming to school). One time during lunch break I caught her and one of her new friends giggling at me, and upon confronting them they insulted my wide nose. What's funny looking back is that my old friend was the same race as myself and thus had a very similar nose and her new friend was obese, yet it gave me quite a hangup for years.

Just recently at university I caught two female classmates talking about me and laughing while looking at me. They also did this to a chubby girl, though in my case I believe it's because I dress oddly. Strange how what would have given me a complex in the past seems so childish now. It's just regressive how they feel the need to act like that towards others.

I'm sorry about this anon, I recall some classmates acting similarly to a boy with this issue in late grade school.
Like you said it's at least for the best that you never had fake friends because of it. The same classmates tried to include him later on in high school but he only stayed with his couple of friends he'd always had.

Anonymous 28567

For most of secondary school I maanged to cultivate enough of a sort-of-acquaintances with most of my year that none of them really cared enough to tease/bully me.
Except for at first when puberty hit us all, and I just started getting tall. Was the tallest in the class by a mile, and that got me a lot of teasing for a year straight.
Completely fucked my back up for ages becuase I was slouching everywhere to try and seem/feel less tall around my normal-height friends.

Anonymous 28688

I've always been a bit socially awkward but it wasn't ever that bad for a while. When I was about to enter 5th grade, I had to transfer schools since I had moved. The new neighborhood school that I had to go to for a single year was a school that was predominately black and I was a mere little white sheltered girl.
I took it upon myself to try to make friends just like I always had but the people there were so awful to me. I treated them the same as I would treat anyone else but they always ridiculed me mercilessly (the verbal taunts were much preferred to the physical altercations that also happened)

Despite all this, I just wouldn't give up because I was so desperate to have friends. Everyone at that school seemed to unite in treating me like utter garbage. Because of all the attention they gave me, I was certain that I was their favorite and continued to make an utter fool of myself as I did whatever they said because I thought they all loved me. I rapped when they told me to rap, I laughed off all their awful comments about me because I didn't even know what most of the sexual words they said meant.

I never got back at them, I never stood up for myself, I believed I was the coolest thing to ever grace that school until I went to a much nicer school the year after and realized how wrong I had been.

My mom was concerned about me going to that school to begin with and offered to homeschool me but I foolishly turned her down since I wanted to make "friends". Instead all I got was an entire year of seeing how mean the world truly could be.

Anonymous 28698

in my secondary school (~13 years old) their was a girl with some sort of mental disability. other kids pretended to be her friend but actually made fun of her. her dad was a weird man who looked like a stereotypical pedo. they would trick her into saying she had sex with her dad and things like that. she obv had no idea what it meant but they would all laugh and she would think it was some funny thing. I never interacted with her but sometimes made jokes to my friends if we saw her dad. she waved at me when I was out with my mum once and I ignored her

a pretty sad situation tbh

also one of my "friends" made fun of me because I had a sunday roast dinner everyday. p stupid but at the time it was upsetting lol

Anonymous 28699


That’s fucked up, but a part of me is glad that she doesn’t realize what she’s saying. Ignorance truly is bliss sometimes.

This thread kind of reminds me of Flowers for Algernon.

Anonymous 28702

to my knowledge she failed to pass the year twice and was moved to a school for disabled people. I hope that her life is better now. I see her bullies around sometimes and youd never guess that they were so horrible. I dont know if I can really blame them when it was the adults fault. they were fully aware and didnt do anything

this reminded me of a more recent story. my nephew is in a similar situation. hes disabled and coming to the age where he wants to talk to girls and stuff. I took him to the park and some girls were making fun of him, but he didnt understand. he got sad when I told him we had to go because he wanted to keep talking to his new "friends". on the upside tho, he goes to a really good specialist school and is making really good progress, especially this year

Anonymous 28779

I was probably 8-9yo. My 3 years older female cousin had brought me to her school and I spent the day (((hanging out))) with her and her girlfriends.
They actually bullied me in a manipulative kind of way, made fun of me for hours while my innocent ass was completely oblivious to it (i.e. they'd compliment my horrid clothes, buck teeth and hideous haircut and I'd believe them).
It got a point where they taught me some English words so I would tell my mom and make her proud (I'm French and she's an English teacher), and one of them was the word "bitch" which they told me was the word for a beautiful yellow flower.

Just so happened I knew "bitch" was a very bad word, and at that moment I just realized those beautiful teenaged girls had been praying on my naïveté and laughing at my retarded ugly dorky self for an entire day. I ended up crying for hours.
Still hurts to this day. To make things even more pathetic, said cousin had been molesting me since I was 4yo, and I never found the strength to tell anyone.
To this day I'm still an autistic socially retarded failure despised by my family, while she's a gorgeous young woman with a ton of friends and a fulfilled and happy life.

Anonymous 28792

Anonymous 28943

Things will get better anon, please remember that. Also remember that everyone progresses in life at their own pace, it’s not a race.

Anonymous 28985

I'm sorry that happened to you.

Anonymous 29007

how did she molest you?

Anonymous 29009


>how did she molest you?

Anonymous 29013

Oh Godness anon I read your story and I feel this strong need to help you overcome your past. I'm sure that we'd be great friends if we met. I was bullied a lot as a kid and socially akward until about 22 years old. I think that relationship saved my life back then…
Please don't lose hope anon. Try to be pretty and the world will be pretty at you! Nothing is impossible for a pretty girl!

Anonymous 29016


You know what to do

Anonymous 30104

tell your family what happened and then break contact. you should contact them for holidays but thats it. start doing things you enjoy. i kept trying to change but it took family leaving and dying before i could see the light.

Anonymous 30116

How do you stop being the laughingstock in the room and start earning respect? I’m tired of being treated like entertainment and a source of laughs.

Anonymous 30117

what do you think youre doing now that makes them laugh at you/not respect you? who are these people? family? friends? coworkers?

Anonymous 30119


Mostly friends and coworkers. I always act in weird or socially unacceptable ways, or do things incompetently (i.e. knock things over, bumping into things).

Anonymous 30155

stop trying to interact with them and just do your job. eventually they will respect you. they may not befriend you but at least you dont have to worry about them setting you up.

Anonymous 30162

>but at least you dont have to worry about them setting you up.

Sadly, not how actual offices work, you will be set up, sabotaged and eventually shown the way out with or without vaseline. Ostracize someone with passive agressiveness until they quit is also common procedure.

Anonymous 30187

Teachers and adults are compliant of this shit most of the time, as someone who used to get bullied it's pathetic and resounding just how little these adults give a fuck. If I have a kid I will make sure they're homeschooled or at least private schooled.

Anonymous 30247


I have to disagree with you on that.
Kid might end up not being properly socialized. Grows up socially awkward, which will not help them in the long run. Might be able to combat this by enrolling them in a lot (and by this I mean a lot) of extracurricular/volunteer activities.
>private schooled
Rich kids in private schools can be even bigger assholes. Why do you think the teachers would be any better about not being compliant?

Anonymous 30256

I'm really not saying this to be mean but you sound like you have a mental illness. I would seek professional help immediately if I were you.

Anonymous 30257

If you don't mind, could you share more of your "gimmicks" ? This has piqued my morbid curiosity

Anonymous 30262

nigga what

Anonymous 30265

>>was gonna crouch down at the urinal and drink his pee
Damn how could any man NOT fall in love with you right then and there?

Anonymous 30266

Sounds like made up scrote shit

Anonymous 30280

>was gonna crouch down at the urinal and drink his pee
now this is podracing

Anonymous 30620

> Overall, participants who witnessed an exclusion game judged the victim as less human on both domains compared to one of the perpetrators as well as to a player in the control condition.

Anonymous 30628

I'd rather not relive memories by trying to think back. I've repressed everything, and try very hard to keep those things repressed. What I can say is this kind of thing hurts, but maybe I'd have joined in if I wasn't the ugly freak being laughed at. Maybe I would've laughed at whoever everyone else decided was too gross to be treated decently.

Kids are cruel.

Anonymous 30647


Damn. That’s interesting and sad about human nature.


Honestly, I think so too. It’s easy to imagine yourself as a hero, but in a real situation, you never know how you’d act.

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