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sad lisa simpson 9…

being sad for no reason at all Anonymous 28689

I think I'm falling ito some kind of depression.
I'm on my path of being really succesfull at my job, I'm studying something that I love deeply, making money, having a great boyfriend for multiple years. And for some fucking reason, I just realised few days ago that I havent felt happy in a long, long time. Can't even remember how long, maybe 12 months or even longer. I can't push myself to feel anything other than frustration about the smallest of things and because of that I'm unable to resolve some bigger problems. I feel fucking bored all the time because my fucking sadness is so constant. I'm fakin around everybody at this point, and can't see the point of me doing ANYTHING which could give me hope or some kind of light at the end of the tunnel.Like, I don't care about anything that much nowdays. I don't mind doing things, but I'm like whatever. I used to be really energetic person, go-getter, life of the party.
I'm just existing now.

Can you gals give me any advice? Maybe some of you are feeling the same way? Pls.
Also, sorry for my horrible english.

Anonymous 28690

First and foremost, go get some blood work done. Sometimes deficiencies/illnesses can mirror depression, like anemia or hypothyroidism.

Anonymous 28691

This is the first thing a good shrink will order

Anonymous 28692

I think urgent care does it for a fairly good price too, but I got mine done at my uni for $10.

Anonymous 28843


That's actually a great idea. It's also really cheap where I come from .

Anonymous 29017


Ha haa jokes on me I'm healthy as a motherf*cker. I GUESS THATS GOOD BUT STILL.

Anonymous 29020

No you ain't. You are ill, you have depression, get help. Do it for the people around you, they don't deserve your fake smile. Don't be like me. Trust me, depression is not going away on its own. It only gets worse.

Anonymous 29021

>I'm just existing now.
You need a purpose greater than yourself. Something to strive for. Human beings are for much more than "just existing".

Anonymous 29042

others in the thread have given some good advice, first order of business is seeing if there is a health issue or some other outside factor that could be effecting you and causing this.

don't be afraid to reach out and see a therapist or psychologist, they would be able to help you get over this. I feel very similar, though I feel like I experience big waves of feeling just "okay" or completely terrible and guilty and awful. I feel like ive been on autopilot for years. I hope you can get the help you need, I'm sure you have support in your life (from your bf, or anyone else). good luck, there is hope

Anonymous 29045

>I'm studying something that I love deeply
Do you really? Or you just told yourself it's what you like because it'll pay more and you won't have to struggle to make ends meet, but be able to travel or do some other stuff that everyone seems to like that requires money?
Exercise. Physical effort produces chemistry that makes you happy. But don't do this quick exercises that will make you just warm and not break sweat. Do something like setting a goal that you aren't even sure you can meet, like running a lap around lake or try to get to a place within some very short time. If you get tired, don't stop, if you'll see that your goal time passed, don't stop, push yourself until it hurts, force yourself to finish the line. Next day it'll hurt but you'll also feel amazing. And you'll feel even better when after weeks of trying you'll finally meet the goal. Bonus points if you run with the dog or bf and you both get tired.

Anonymous 29093


That's why I'm being so comfused about this. I mean everybody has some kind of problems in their
life, some got really bad overall situations and they arent feeling like this, so who am I to feel this shitty. I'm so scared of being selfish about it and I'm even more scared because I feel this feelong isnt going anywhere.
Plus, whole deal about depression in my country is somehow taboo, everyone's kinda depressed because of our living standard, it's not usual to go seek help from a shrink.

I'm at film school and my work is based around it, I work as a video editor part time and I'm a teaching assistant at film directing course.
It's great really. Great.

And because everything is going really ok, I feel like I'm being selfish. I'm not a dramatic, overly emotional, crying myself to sleep over something someone said type of a girl so I'm having it really tough because everyone around me must feel like "oh she's a tough one, she's an optimist she's going to be ok the best we can do is let her be" And maybe they're right(BUT STILL). That's why I'm so glad that you girls are so supportive.

I'm going try changing my diet and get some alone time with some cardio, I don't feel like it will help emotionally but if I try using baby steps on a bunch of different things, maybe it will somehow fill a hole in my heart or whatever. Until I find what to actually do about this.

Thank you so much again. I feel like I know little about depression that I might even insult someone here, because I don't even know if this is it for sure.

Anonymous 29095

Okay it doesn't pertain to your topic, but I think it's super cool that your in film school! I'm starting a film philosophy class right now and I'm super excited for it.

Cardio does really help with mood. When ever I'm feeling down or stressed going for a run really helps. I hope you find something that works, I think the most frustrating thing about being depressed is when there's nothing really wrong in your life but you still feel apathetic and off anyway.

Anonymous 29096


>when there's nothing really wrong in your life but you still feel apathetic and off anyway

That's it. That right there.

(Also I'm really glad to hear about the class, good luck and have fun.)

Anonymous 29103

Thanks, I know things suck right now, I’ve been there before, but I hope things get better

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