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Anonymous 28747

Does anyone else here live in a tiny country with no hope of finding anyone else to love like you?

Anonymous 28748

No, but in some stupid rural idealistic fantasy scenario in my mind I now wish I did.

Anonymous 28749

What's a "tiny country" here? Are you Estonian or something?

Anonymous 28752

You'd love it here!

I'm from Luxembourg, actually..

Anonymous 28757

At least is first world

Anonymous 28760

When I started using dating sites I decided I wanted to date within 40 minutes of my home. For you that's as far as Trier, Germany; Thionville, France; and Nivelet, Belgium.

Is it so difficult to date someone from a different country? The EU should make crossing borders easy.

Anonymous 28761

It's harder than you might think, finding the right person is the trouble.
I feel like I can't relate to even most of the biggest autists on 8ch.. I'm too normal to be weird and too weird to be normal.

I'd like to think I can find someone on sites like these, but who knows.

Anonymous 28765

Well, everyone largely feels like the same person. Practically everyone knows one another so peer pressure is immense.
This leads to me just defaulting out of all of these fake friendships.
I did manage to find some people on 4chan from Luxembourg but even then, the majority of them has the same problem.

It's not just about finding "anyone", it's about finding love.

Anonymous 28788

Trying to find someone directly on an imageboard won't work. You need to ask around for off-channel contacts: i mean like, you ask for discord or steam ID (or something else appropriate to imageboards) and you find and form friendships through these networks.

Maybe you can just move to France or Germany instead!
Get job, save money, wait patiently, move to big country, get bf (or gf!?), done.

Anonymous 28806

>I'd like to think I can find someone on sites like these
You're going to have a hard time finding a BF on CC, lmao

Anonymous 28816


there are loads though

Anonymous 28825

Oh man, I wouldn't want to move somewhere else though.. That's really scary..
I'll find someone in time, for sure! I just need to wait and keep watching out.

I didn't mean CC you dummy, I meant imageboards in general like 4chan and the now gone 8chan!
I'll have a hard time regardless but it's better than dating someone I wouldn't get along with.

I'll give them a call and ask them about their BF options!! (Not really..)

Anonymous 32514

i cant believe that people think is ok find a bf in a imageboard. Really? The thing you will get is be raped and killed. Also, i cant believe too about as europeans and americans just don't care about anonymity, they share social medias and its all fine.

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