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Anonymous 28928

I made literally no friends at uni. Kept getting stuck at the acquaintance phase. I also gained 20 lbs.

I am so alone.

Anonymous 28929


same. I dont know how to go from "person I talked to once in class" to "friend I hangout with outside of class". if seems ezpz for normies. does the fact they dont invite me to do stuff mean they dont like me? am I suppose to invite them? I dont have anything to invite them to

Anonymous 28930


It’s over for me. This is gonna be my senior year. I spent what were supposed to be the best years of my life miserable and I will never have friends.

Anonymous 28931

did you join any clubs? its not too late, you have a whole year! good luck

Anonymous 28933

Just show up early to class and start with idle chitchat with other waiting classmates

Anonymous 28934

I cant make chitchat Im too autistic. and if I could how would I turn that into friends outside class

Anonymous 28935

>I cant make chitchat Im too autistic
I think I see the problem

Anonymous 28937

You talk about the class, then if they’re from/out of state, major, the prof, interests then exchange something like snapchat or messenger or phone numbers, ask if they wanna hang out at a coffee shop to study etc.

Anonymous 28939

there isnt really anything to talk about about the classes, and everyone talking them is on the same course so those are out. talking about where there from seems boring. Ive tried talking about profs but dont know where to go from
>haha this prof is really bad
>yeah haha
how do I ask about their interests without seeming sperg? I dont have snapchat or anything like that, and asking for their number seems too forward

Anonymous 28941

>Kept getting stuck at the acquaintance phase
Wait, do you mean those do not count as friends? Fuckfuckfuckfuck

Anonymous 28942

Join a club related to something you like, force yourself to communicate with the women there. You’ll eventually find someone who’ll want to be friends, avoid clubs where nobody socializes and it’s extremely awkward.

Anonymous 29012

At my uni, all first and second years are required to stay in the dorms save for a few exceptions like if your family lives in the area. So I stayed off campus for my first two semesters and it’s been almost impossible for me to make friends whereas it seems like normies automatically make friends with their floormates… like how am I supposed to be normal now, I feel like I’ll never have any friends

Anonymous 29023

Tbh anon I was in a dorm first year of uni and I made 0 friends. I wasn't actively trying because I hate having to hang out with people and go out but yeah it's possible to be a friendless loser even in a dorm.

Anonymous 29027


Yeah same here. Uni was a long time ago for me, but I couldn’t make any friends during my freshman and sophomore years of living in the dorms. Went to residence hall events and everything too, so it’s not for a lack of trying.

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