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Anonymous 29018

So,I'm genuinely in love with this guy, he's my first love. I'm literally hopeless I seriously need some help.

That dude was always taking care of me, even cooking for me when my mom just didn't care, he was always there for me, teasing me and we were having a lot of fun. We were never alone together we were just part of the same group and I was acting super awkward around him since the start.
We were 3 friends, I liked A, I told B, B told A that I liked him from the start and was badmouthing me cause B liked me. So, I was experiencing this bitter af love triangle. Basically, one day when I was fighting with B, B told A that I'm always talking about A and he's tired of me about that. This happened when I was on a trip and when I returned and I was out with B and some friends A texted me that he wanted to talk. Long story short, B trapped me into confessing to A. So me and B went to his house, talked about B's behavior (He was lowkey obsessed with me and A wanted us all to talk about it and find a solution) and after that I was alone with A to confess to him. He basically said that it's not a no because of my looks or my personality he just thought that it wouldn't work out. (We have a 6 year age gap and well..I was underaged that the time, so that might me the case) and he showed his bed and said that he just can't think of us 2 being like that. This happened back in march. We started talking less ofc but we still talk from time to time and I asked him if he wants to like hang out and he accepted which is pretty good cause I can't get him out of my mind. I'm genuinely in love with him and I tried everything to get over it. Also, I'm super confused he sometimes shows that he cares and sometimes like he doesn't care about my existence at all. I had made a tinder for fun a few days ago, found him and for fun did a super like on him and (a friend told me) that he noticed it but chose to ignore it.
I'm crying every single night, I love him so much and idk I'm never posting on advice online but I'm desperate.

Anonymous 29019

Cut off all contact and eat all the ice cream. It's not what you want, but it's what you need. Pining over him while staying close to him on the off chance he changes his mind is not going to work. You'll be wasting away while he finds someone else. Let your heart heal. You can still be friends after if you want.

Anonymous 29022

Pretty much what
You're delving in to obsession, not love. Been there, done that and it was not pretty.

Anonymous 29024

>We have a 6 year age gap and well..I was underaged that the time

What the fuck you insane bitch?

Anonymous 29026

>6 year age gap
>underage at the time

That kind of age gap at that age is bad news. Drop it. He's probably terrified of being seen as a pedo so he'll push you away (speaking from experience).

Anonymous 29032


Hang in there OP and take the miners advice.
Just make sure you don't lose yourself during the process. I made the mistake of sleeping around after getting rejected by "the one" and been regretting it ever since.

Anonymous 29038

Also, B sounds like a manipulative scumbag. I'd distance myself from him.

Anonymous 29040


Yeah I stopped hanging out with him oof
he's still talking shit about me though haha

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