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Anonymous 29028

Honest question ladies. Would you fuck a sociopath if he was hot?

I’m being faced with this dilemma right now. This guy is super hot and his dick is huge and he’s been telling me all the stuff he wants to do, but he basically straight up admitted he is a huge player and completely incapable of love.

If we ever fuck it would only be a one time thing. I am a very emotional type and can see myself getting hurt. But at the same time I can’t find any other guys who are as hot as him.

Is it worth it?

Anonymous 29029


>Is meaningless sex that provides nothing but temporary pleasure and further inability to form emotional bonds worth it?

Anonymous 29030

Imagine he’s a 10/10 with a huge dick and impeccable stroke game though.

Anonymous 29031

There's more to humans than dick size.
There's more to life than sex.
Don't be a blind slave to your desire.

Anonymous 29033

No. I had the chance to be fwb with a guy who is my personal 10/10 but turned it down despite being a big horny KHV.
Practice self control, anon. I believe in you.

Anonymous 29034

Lol as soon as I told him I needed to think about it he was basically like ‘fuck you then’. I guess I have my answer!

Anonymous 29035

But what about when you’re 90 and looking back on your life. Don’t you think you’ll be wishing you’d fucked that 10/10 guy just for the experience?

Anonymous 29036

On ya girl,
You don't need that any where near you.

Why is that a necessary experience?

Anonymous 29037

Anonymous 29039

Personally I find no pleasure or satisfaction in any kind of intimacy with someone I don't love. Even less if the guy is outright telling you you'll be a one night stand.

Anonymous 29041

Lol he basically said he’ll ghost me eventually, maybe not right away, but after a few weeks at least. Well, at least he was honest lmao.

Anonymous 29043

Nah. I wouldn’t trust him to restrain himself during sex

Anonymous 29048

Why would you let anybody treat you like this? Stop surrounding yourself with assholes and have some self respect.

Anonymous 29049

Good riddance then!
No. I whacked off to him which requires no shame or emotional distress so good enough.

Anonymous 29063

Personally I would because I love emotional duress, but it's not for everyone.

Anonymous 29072

Don’t do it OP :( It will feel like a piece of your soul has been taken.

Anonymous 29073

Depends how much you want it

Anonymous 29074

There's a guy that use to be my friend, that fucks everything that moves, and now this son of a bitch is onto me for 2 years. Just last month he tried kissing me and I rejected him but left him just little hope that maaaaaybe I'm just hard to get. He's going insane now, texting me all the time. I feel disrespected as f*ck so I wanna make him fall in love with me. Fuck him.

Anonymous 29255

I would not knowingly do so, no. Also sex before marriage is ill-advised.

Anonymous 29257

I dunno what's with all these anons. If you're attracted to him, he doesn't have STDS, and you want to do it, just fuck him.

You shouldn't waste your youth worrying about what other people think you should do with your life though. I don't understand why dudes can fuck all they want and the world cheers them on, but if a girl has sex they "have no self respect" or "made a mistake".

Lol unless they're just a straight up asshole. Don't fuck assholes. Unless you're one of the anons that's into that.

Anonymous 29258

There are so many reasons. First of all if something goes wrong and you somehow end up pregnant (even with BC) it's the woman's life that's ruined not the man's. Even if she gets an abortion it still ends up being traumatic for many women. Men can just fuck off and leave without consequence. They aren't responsible for jack shit. Just because men can be dumb assholes doesn't mean women should be too.

Second men see sex as validation, why are you going to give some retard what he wants while he doesn't treat you with any basic respect? Sex with someone you have no emotional intimacy with ends up being shitty anyway. With assholes all they care about is their orgasm anyway, what's the point?

Just because you can have sex with everyone doesn't mean it's a good choice or rewarding in the slightest. Doesn't have to do with society, just the fact that casual sex is inherently better for men than it is for women

Anonymous 29259

I fucked a few random hot guys when I was younger, and yes, I enjoyed it at the moment, but now I regret it, no one will ever know about it, but I have a high body count, and I got nothing out of it, and unlike men who inflate their ego with this, it makes me feel like a cheap prostitute.
For me, it's like eating shitty food, it tastes great at the moment, but a few days later you regret it when you notice you put on some weight. Of course this is just my personal experience, not everyone necessarily feels this way.

Anonymous 29260

In OP's case the guy is an asshole and I wouldn't want to do him any favors. If the guy told her he wanted to be friends with benefits or something I would think it's fine. But for an asshole like him? Fuck that. You shouldn't get involved with people who think so little of you, that's where the lack of respect is, not in wanting to fuck a random guy.

Anonymous 29262

>friends with benefits
That's such a disgusting concept.

Anonymous 29266

Funnily enough, my older brother says the exact same thing to me. Says he's been completely celibate since the start of the year and will not break it until he finds a girl he can settle down with and wishes he could have stayed that way all these years. Thought he was just being weird (for a guy too), but what you say makes sense as well.

Anonymous 29290

I hate men like this. The best thing you could do is lead him on like >>29074 is doing and see how much of his time you can actually waste before he either breaks and grows out of his dudebro fuckboy ways to try to impress you or gives up with sour grapes.

Alternatively, if you really think he's that hot and don't mind potentially fucking up your entire life, you could always poke a hole in the condom or take a placebo/stop taking pills and lie about it.
Nothing else stops a fuckboy dead in his tracks like pregnancy. He would probably be a shit father and have misplaced resentment towards you that's actually on his fuckboy behavior, but at least your kid will be an attractive mix of you and him.
But that's extreme psycopath mode and it's not a pretty way to go.

Anonymous 29291

Or maybe don't be a fucking psycho and just say no. Jesus.

Anonymous 29299

>get pregnant and (implied) get an abortion just to fuck with someone
I'm not even trad and this is literal what the fuck territory.

Anonymous 29559

If you fuck him, you validate his behaviour. Not that it's a bad thing for you per se, but it is just something to consider.
He basically told you he plans to use you for pleasure and then dump you. Sure he's hot but would you want to validate this behaviour ?
Not only that but you said yourself you could see yourself being hurt by all that so it seems like a bad idea.

Anonymous 29595

I had the opportunity to as well OP, but turned him down. He wasn't super hung, slightly above average, but a very good looking guy and definitely my personal 10/10. That being said, as other anons have sounded, you validate his behavior. He said he wanted to have sex without a condom and cum inside, but he didn't even want to appear in public with me, despite not having that issue with other girls he's fucked. I have too much self esteem to sink that fucking low. I'm pretty average looking and the guy said I have a nice personality, he liked being my friend. It made no sense he didn't want to be seen in public with me, despite the fact that no one would know we'd have fucked; it wasn't going to be anything more than appearing as friends. It was just weird all the way around, didn't feel right; he bailed on me anyway after my persistent skepticism. No amount of lookism is worth trading a piece of my soul; I felt emotionally close to him as well since he knew a lot about the abuse that was going on in my house and seemed very sympathetic, offering me advice and company often. It hurts to think about, fuck I'd be off the rails emotionally if sex was added to that concoction. Good riddance.

Anonymous 29619

>There's more to humans than dick size.
spoken like a true femcel

Anonymous 29666

Absolutely not.

Anonymous 29708

You should fuck him just to spite all the incels that say girls only like assholes.

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