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[DeadFish] Tales o…

Fear of men Anonymous 29068

Anyone else have this problem?
I get really nervous talking to any man, I have a hard time looking them in the eyes or keeping a conversation with them. I fear their physical strength and feel they don't even see me as fully human.
I think I am like this because I don't really have any positive male figures in my life and that I have browsed male-dominated spaces on the internet for the majority of my life.

Anonymous 29070

It's so strange, I have a friend that feels the same as you, but she has boyfriend now that's shorter than her and has a babyface, sweet type of a guy. So that works for her, maybe it will work for you too. Try being a dominant one.

Anonymous 29071

Btw sorry for double posting but I just saw it and God I fear women so much, I can't predict anything as if I'm not one of them. Also I'm strongly attracted to them so that makes me want them even more I guess.
Most of my long lasting friendship through my life were with male species. Women sence that I can be manipulated I guess.

Anonymous 29080

100% of my bullies were male so I developed an aversion to them growing up. I know rationally they're just humans but I feel like I don't really "get them", when I'm around them I feel on edge all the time and just want to leave as soon as possible. I don't speak to any unless they talk to me first. I get upset when I have to go to the male cashier or have a male waiter. In school I avoided speaking to my male teachers and professors as much as possible, asking only for help from female teachers or peers. Lurking their spaces online has only further poisoned my view of them. I have only ever gotten along with a few men when I talked through the internet.

Anonymous 29081

Unfortunately I still register short babyface men as men so I still am fearful around them. I don't think I could fake a dominant attitude. For now at least I'm mostly satisfied with having close female friends.
Why do you feel women want to manipulate you?
In my opinion men have more of a motivation to manipulate a woman because women by default have something they want.
I do all of what you do, I always try to pick female professors and sit by at least one other women in my classes. If I were to ask for help from a man I feel they would think something along the lines of "stupid woman". All of my bullies when I was younger were male as well. The only man I get along with is my uncle I only see a few times a year.

Anonymous 29082

Cause when a man make damage that's straight forward. Like a fast burn. And when a woman hurst you that stays, they make sure of that. It's under your skin.That's how I see it .

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