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OCD + Gay content warped my mind in how I see men and their sexuality Anonymous 29844

So I've always lurked and posted on 4ch like alot of us here. Over the course of time I've been exposed to alot of gay shit and gay culture on the site (that I wish I was still unaware of) and became obsessed with trying to figure out if all men secretly want or prefer to fuck other men…or atleast a dick. I have trouble getting off during sex because of childhood abuse, and I was never able to relate to the women in porn. Seeing how men enjoy themselves in gay porn (though to be fair, IT IS porn) worsened this, I have to pretend to be the guy or to picture gay porn in my mind to be able to cum. During this, my mind has me feeling like less of a woman, and my mind has been warped to believe I as a woman could never satisfy a man. I know I'm being a schizo but I want to atleast just vent and see things written out.. To see how unreasonable I'm being.

Anonymous 29845

It's alright anon, most fujos (at least the more spergy of us) get this at some point. Many even theorize this to be the root of a good chunk of young ftms at the moment.
Even I considered transitioning at some point due to this mixed with self-hatred and desire to top men.

Anonymous 29848

Wow, glad to know I'm not alone. I have no desire to transition though I feel less motivated to put on make up or dress up or to put any work to be a "pretty girl" really. Still, nothing to do with being a boy. Just paranoid over the next boy I talk to actually wanting a dick in his ass.

Anonymous 29849

Luckily it's most likely just due to porn sickness. If you haven't already, just go noporn for a few months and your mind should change back a bit.

It's similar to how some men meme themselves into thinking all women live like pornstars because they conditioned themselves by mainly seeing women in that context. Human brain is dumb.

Anonymous 29857

Thanks, I'm going do exactly this. I'm actually trying to come here instead of 4ch whenever the anxiety kicks in. Just wish this board wasn't so slow.

Anonymous 29911

Do people relate to the people in porn? I guess this is outside of what you were talking about originally, but this is the second time I've heard this and it kind of baffles me.

But I am a voyeur, so maybe I wouldn't be able to understand why or how you would relate to someone in porn.

Anyway, no. Most men don't want to fuck other men, particularly if they're straight. Do you want to fuck other women because they can satisfy you better? Probably not.

You are being a bit kooky anon, but that's okay. You've had a rough time I guess.

Anonymous 29916

Well like I mentioned in the OP, I have a hard time enjoying sex because of past trauma. I was never able to look at hetero porn and think "wow that looks enjoyable and hot, I want to get fucked like that". But yeah, you have a point. Seeing all that gay crap just made it worse. I look at some dudes irl now and wonder if they secretly want to suck some tranny's dick and take it up the ass over wanting sex with a girl.

Anonymous 29917

I know I'm being crazy though.

>Anyway, no. Most men don't want to fuck other men, particularly if they're straight. Do you want to fuck other women because they can satisfy you better? Probably not.

Thanks anon.

Anonymous 29940

I've never really looked at it, but I know Pornhub at least has a "For Women" category. Have you tried that or amateur porn?

Anonymous 29945

>For women
Had no clue, might check it out
later on, currently on a porn break. Amateur stuff I actually really like, except it can be hit or miss in regards to that category.

Anonymous 30011

I know my bf gave one to his bro at highschool, but hes a raging bisexual now, so i think the only people who go for it are already gay or bi in some way

Anonymous 30014

Yes. That's why we girls have to introduce the opposite of it among us. Heh heh.

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