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Disappointed Anonymous 29957

>feel mildly attracted to a shy guy
>tells me he isnt a virgin anymore
Me being a virgin, I don't know how to feel about that. Hes still cute, but hes more experienced than me and I don't like that.
What would you do?

Anonymous 29960

Maybe he's lying because he's afraid you'll look down on him for being a virgin.

Anonymous 29961

A person's virginity isn't that important to me, honestly.

Anonymous 29964

I dont think so, he has had a gf for like 3 years

Anonymous 29967

does he know that about you? he's shy, so he probably cares a lot about how other people think of him.

Anonymous 29968

Since he has a girlfriend, I'd stop being attracted to him. What other option is there?

Anonymous 29979

Yes, I am completely honest with all my exes and will still be honest. I'm not a virgin, but I haven't been a slut sleeping with dozens a month.
I just feel that sexual compatibility is more important than being a virgin. I've told that to all my partners and they've accepted me. I also wouldn't want someone who places such a high regard on virginity and then leave you because 'I'm not sexually satisfied' anyway.
But if he was a virgin, I wouldn't force myself on him and only do it if he wanted, and I'd expect the same treatment if I were a virgin.

So for OP, you'll just have to accept that he's not a virgin anymore or move on.

Anonymous 29980

We have a lot of classes in common and we talk/laugh a lot
I dont think hes lying

Youre right but it sucks because for me virginity is very important and him not being one kinda makes me sick

Anonymous 29989

I think I'm missing something obvious here.
Why does it matter if a guy with a gf isn't a virgin?

Anonymous 29991

His gf is irrelevant here, I was feeling kinda attracted to him regardless of his current relationship but it never came into my mind that hes not a virgin anymore.
He seems super serious and shy, never wouldve thought that he already had intercourse;_;

Anonymous 29994

Consider this: anyone who is in/has had a serious (i.e. adult) relationship has had sex unless one party has a serious moral reason not to. Yes, I mean ANYONE. Even the smolest, shyest, sub boy.

Anonymous 29998

I feel like this is a dumb troll
How can you not be concerned about someones current relationship but be concerned with their virginity? That's just backwards

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