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Anonymous 30288

ITT: Unusual feels only you have

I’m a successful high fashion model but I’ve never had a bf due to awkwardness, possible autism, shyness, and social retardation. I have literally 50+ new creepy guys sending me DMs on insta (usually dick pics) every day MINIMUM. I know there are men who want me but I just can’t do it because my head is fucked. Dates seem terrifying. It’s horrible when I have a job with a cute boy, and it’s even worse if despite all my quirks they’re really nice to me… and turn out to already have a fun bubbly extroverted gf.

Anonymous 30293

I'm attractive but also a huge social retard. Imo being just pretty is the absolute most useless thing on earth and I'd rather be a 5/10 and be very smart/have a great personality.

Anonymous 30300

a good guy wouldn't mind if you're a little awkard or socially inept, he may even find it cute
to me the key point is if you look naive or easely manipulated because thn you can attract some really awful scumbags
but if not then just go with the guy you like, if he doesn't like your social retardation then he's kinda of a moron and you're better without him
sooner or later you'll find a guy who'll like you with all your quirks, being attractive will help you a lot, because you have a big pool of candidates you can choose from

Anonymous 30304

what kind of model are you?

Anonymous 30311

>successful high fashion model
How did you find this imageboard?

Anonymous 30322

Like I said, high fashion. I do runway, magazines (editorial, commercial, whatever), campaigns. All that stuff.

I’m on many websites for outcast women (not 4chan, by the way). Someone mentioned this on one of those.

I’m not “a little awkward in a cute way”. I’m a legit freak. My quirks prohibit me from properly connecting with people entirely. I’m not just goofy or quirky.

Anonymous 30329


Now I'm wondering if I've ever seen you in magazines or on social media before.

Anonymous 30335

Tell us one of the freaky quirks you have!

Anonymous 30336

I can relate a little, OP. Obviously not the model or attractive part, but I've had a few guys show interest in me and I just CANNOT bring myself to be with any of them; I feel horrid discomfort, even towards the few that act relatively normal around me. I want to run away and scream like a chicken with it's head cut off, something always feels "off." Usually if I give these guys a chance, they get bored and flirt with some other girl, so I guess it's not all that bad. I think I'm just one of many in a numbers game.

Any guy who sends unsolicited dick pics is best to be avoided anyway. Also relate to that nice part; any time I start to get romantic feelings for a guy who's super nice over a long period of time, turns out to be, well… just nice. He has a girlfriend or wife. In the once and a while chance he doesn't have one, he picks up on me starting to catch feelings and gets a bit weirded out and puts up a wall then and there. I'm actually glad they're assertive enough to do that. It sucks though.

I'm curious too, but I don't know many models by name. I avoid mainstream media like the plague though, I just barely made an Insta a few days ago for my online business.

Anonymous 30337

is this Ali michaeeeeel

Anonymous 30345


Anonymous 30348

If you keep up with fashion in any way: absolutely
If not: probably

You make it sound cute. Basically I have extreme social anxiety, can barely speak when I’m nervous, generally extremely introverted, completely unable to connect with or open up to people. It’s not cute ticks or tastes or whatever, just extreme social incompetence and awkwardness that makes it impossible for me to have proper contact with others. If I have to do something where I know I have to hold a boy or something I usually cry in the bathroom beforehand, inbetween, and afterwards, and have to try to cry straight down to the sink so my tears don’t stream down my face and fuck up my makeup. When I’m working I get treated normally during the work itself, I’m a good listener and am very patient, but during downtime I’m a fucking outcast. They don’t even invite me to have lunch/dinner anymore when we are on a trip. It’s extra painful when it’s like on-set lunch or something and nobody acknowledges me the moment the lens isn’t on me anymore. I walk to the lunch tables and I just sit by myself while everyone else is having fun like it’s middle school or something.
I DM’d this one girl I work with quite often (typing is much easier than talking for me) and she said that everybody basically thinks I’m retarded.

No. There’s no way I’m going to reveal who I am, but while I don’t know Ali personally (I don’t really remember her, at least), I’m pretty sure she’s had bfs and does fun things with her friends.

Basically, but that comic doesn’t show how disturbing and creepy the men behind the door are.

Anonymous 30352

Come on, this pic is just dismissive of OP's severe social anxiety issues. It's more than the usual "sob sob I'm so lonely y no guys want me".

Anonymous 30399

Does anyone have the edit in which it says “I’d rather be alone” and it’s all these creepy guys and sniffing noses and weapons and monster arms coming around the door?

Anonymous 30401

You know if you're not a troll I'm highly impressed by the fact you can keep such a job and that you're capable of doing it at all. Kind of makes me have to suspend my disbelief to take you seriously. The reason why I'm saying this is because I'm having troubles holding a simple student retail job (which I would say, requires less socializing and connections than modeling let's be fair) because my boss and coworkers don't deem me to be friendly enough. Like you I'm patient and do everything I'm supposed to do, I'm just not trying to become bff's with every single coworker because I don't like hanging out with people. Because of that I just can't wrap my head around the fact that you're successful while being a total autismo when it comes to people things because even lame jobs like retail require you to be buddy buddy with everyone in order to succeed, let alone modelling.

Anyway sadly I don't have any advice I just had to voice this weird criticism since I pass by this thread every day, if you're real I do wish you good luck though.

Anonymous 30406

I'm an unattractive girl (though weirdly enough I often attract lesbians). Men find something about me inherently off. That said, they love to befriend me, and tell me personality is lovely. To be honest, I wish I was physically attractive and they thought my personality was subpar. I'm jealous of women who are considered vapid by the same men who love to chase after them in frenzies.

And to top it off, I still have normal insecurities so what's the point. If I could be happy with just being a plain Jane that people enjoy being around, maybe I'd be better off.

Anonymous 30407


Can you show us how you look like? I could give you tips how to improve your looks. Also when men say you have a cool personality, they usually mean they view you as a guy.

Anonymous 30417


pretty interesting, are there any designers that you've runway'd for that i might have heard of? i vaguely keep up with the fashion scene.

Anonymous 30439

I would really be comfortable posting a picture of myself, since there's really no way to delete or anything.

But I can tell you that I look very silly. Big horse overbite, small eyes, tiny chin, underweight, and no matter how much I shave or wax hair is everywhere.

Anonymous 30440

*wouldn't really

Anonymous 30512

Did you have any bad childhood experiences or anxiety that may have led to this? When did you start experiencing this anxiety?

Anonymous 31073

There are a LOT of guys who are into shy girls, actually.

Anonymous 31074

Well then, if that's how it goes, just don't date. If your head is as fucked as you say it is, being a successful high fashion model, you surely have enough cash to see a therapist. Work on yourself and you'll find someone eventually. Don't stress it out, there's more to life than guys. You got plenty of time to find one.

Anonymous 31099

Lauren Tsai?

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