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Anonymous 30822

I lost my job back in 2017 because I was bullied by older co workers most of them seniors since then ive lost all respect for my elders.

I got back into digital art since then but I need other things to do in my free time any ideas?

Anonymous 30823

How were you bullied? Just asking so I can mentally prepare for a similar scenario when I find work.

>other things to do in my free time any ideas?

Help out at the local animal shelter, do one-man sport to keep yourself fit etc.

Anonymous 30824

I think the main reason was the age difference when it came to moments when they all talked about grandchildren or family matters I could not really join in so that added to the barrier between me and them. Eventually they all just thought of me as a child and not an equal I was treated like a hindrance and an annoyance at the work place no matter how hard I worked eventually I was fired. I lost 4 years of my life I will never get back to that place

I guess a persons job experience really depends on the people you work with at the end of the day you're gonna be spending hours with them

Anonymous 30827

>ive lost all respect for my elders

You don't need to respect someone just because they're older than you.
Being born earlier is not an achievement.

Anonymous 30871

>bullied out of first several jobs
>finally get my feet under me and figure out how to play and win these social games
>now run laps around coworkers and bend them to my will
>this is the level i had to resort to just to live in peace
I didn't want to play the game.

for example, with oldfaggot coworkers. make yourself nonthreatening and little girl tier cutesy. dress a little dorky and not sexy. this triggers a maternal instinct in them. defer to their experience often enough to stroke their ego but not enough to annoy them by making them work harder, and copy their methods for procedures, even if it's retarded, at least when they're looking. field any frustrating technological issues for them (nothing boomers love more than being lazy and hate more than technology). drop a few lines about how much you love your mother/aunt/grandmother. do the boss/supervisor a favor and conceal how you accomplished the task to become unfireable. bam, you win.

here's what you did wrong, op. you tried to be their equal. that would trigger resentment and make them feel threatened by a rising younger female. "never outshine the master." say it's cringe or whatever, but i went from being fired from every job to having my coworkers give me glowing references and showering me with adoration and appreciation. this world is disgusting.
i have nothing but contempt for them. my older coworkers are incompetent and unqualified, but get paid more because of seniority.

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