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How to cope with being ugly? Anonymous 31060

Anyone else struggling with their appearance? Being ugly takes such a toll on your mental health. I have been obsessing over my appearance ever since I can even remember and lately my condition has worsened. I spend every second of the day thinking about my face and picturing myself from an outsider's perspective, so as to validate or invalidate my self image. I am tired of constantly asking people for assurance and digging out photographs of myself from the past. I am tired of taking pictures from every angle, flash on, flash off, natural light skbfubfkb you get the idea. tldr; i am hideous should i off myself?????????????

Anonymous 31061

i'm sure you're cute, maybe you just have body dismorphia
you can post a pic if you are desperate

Anonymous 31062

I thought I was the only one who did this.

Anonymous 31064

Furthermore my mental health has worsened a bit because of this too. You feel like you're going crazy. Looking in the mirror alot, looking at past photos or photos taken by other people, recording yourself, etc. I used to smoke weed but suddenly it even ruined my highs and it was just a big mess. I have trouble keeping eye contact with people because I always think about how they look at my face, especially my nose..ugh. I do understand that it's mostly body dismorphia (BDD). The reassurance thing comes from our disconnection from ourselves and outsiders are kinda like that anchor even though an unstable one. I also think BDD has a connection to OCD because people with OCD do the reassurance thing alot too.

Anonymous 31065

Huh, that's definitely BDD. I know a girl who looks very insecure about her looks and she's so self-conscious about her nose. She's a very introvert shy type, you always see her covering her face with her hair when someone's taking a picture, haha.

Anonymous 31066

Just surround youself with positive people, leave your house more and find God. Things and people "full of life". Don't stay alone confined to your thoughts. These are all things that have made me feel sooo much better and helps me forget about my obsession with my appearance. Also, You're probably not even ugly. For some reason people with BDD are actually cute I've noticed. (Was in a facebook support group for BDD)

Anonymous 31067

Oh man. Sounds like me. I always "that girl".

Anonymous 31068

Anonymous 31075

none of you are as ugly as i am

Anonymous 31132


This is literally me tbh. I also likely have bpd so that probably does not help, but I have started cutting off any friends I have, irl or online, cause I feel like they constantly laugh at my hideous appearance. It is really driving me crazy, cause some days I feel really pretty and other times I feel hideous and I do not even truly know how I look like and it feels completely sickening. Sometimes someone will tell me something nice like "oh anon, you could definitely be a model if you took better care of yourself" and I feel great, but then it goes away like a few hours later and I need more re-assurance and then sometimes someone will say something like "anon, you look like a female Jesus" (actual comment I got) and I get so upset I do not go outside or talk to anyone for days. I really wish I knew how to cope with this but I have not really found anything that works consistently, sometimes I can "overpower" a bad mood but then it comes back in like two days and I just give up.

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