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Le mames Anonymous 31303

What qualities does /feels/ require in men before doing anything with them?

Anonymous 31304

So, according to the pic schizo > autism

Anonymous 31305


Anonymous 31306

There are troons on both sides, I was kind of ignoring that.

Anonymous 31347


To actually answer OP’s question, one quality that I personally look for is he must be able to initiate some things

Yes, I have made the first move and I have even initiated things sexually. I just will usually keep a guy at the flirting stage for a long time until he makes a move or I’m sick of him and cut ties.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m nice to the cute shy boys who can barely speak to girls and they’re ok to flirt with in small doses. I’ve even gone on dates with a few. It’s just exhausting when it feels like all I’m doing is pursuing and I’ll just end up feeling like they don’t really want me.

Anonymous 31350

After actually interacting with men, I realized I actually really value having a similar sense of humour and outlook on life.
So he has to be a generally nice person who can laugh at dumb shit, basically. There's not much better than being able to make a cute guy laugh by being goofy and ridiculous. And similar views on relationships and drugs, too.

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