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Anonymous 31615

>Songs you love/used to love but can't listen to because it triggers painful memories/feelings

Mine is Lucy Rose- Shiver

Such a beautiful, comfy song that I can't enjoy because it reminds me of my first love, who really liked this song. The guy that just got away. There was no closure, stuff just happened and we just went apart. All is left is bittersweet memories that this song always triggers. When I really focus on the lyrics I can't help but tear up a little, knowing I'll always be haunted of what could have been if things went a little different.

Your turn.

Anonymous 31616

Its a long story, but I know that feel…

Anonymous 31617


Damn, that's a really good song sis. I'm sorry you can't enjoy it..

Anonymous 31621

Thanks, it been a while and I’ve got plenty of other E6 songs to listen to. Hope this distracts for a bit 😊

Anonymous 31642

Anonymous 31673

Your post scared me, OP, because I could have easily written the same thing. I even have that image as my desktop wallpaper.
That song is an old favorite of mine. It hits me hard for the same reasons. You've gotta be careful of what you listen to when you go through stuff like that, or it can ruin a lot of things for you afterwards. That was my takeaway from my bad experience.

Anyway, here is my contribution to this thread.

Bôa - Duvet (Acoustic)

I found this nearly a decade ago while I was in community college. That was a difficult time for me. My mom had gotten pretty sick in the head and had to be hospitalized, so I was living by myself and relying on school financial aid to cover rent and not end up homeless; then my only close friend abruptly cut me off and started accusing me of stalking them and other weird paranoid garbage. Taking the bus home from community college was a 45 minute trip, and I remember listening to this song a lot back then. The anime it's from never really resonated with me much, but I liked the OP. When I found the acoustic version and the intro part started, there was something about that initial strumming that almost made me cry for no reason. I can't explain it very well. Now that things are going better, I can't help but hear this song and think about that time and get a bit anxious, specifically when the song starts up.

Vienna Teng - Recessional

This as well, the lyrics about someone who reunites with someone and doesn't recognize them anymore, hit really hard with me in a time where a close family member's mental illness made them into a different person, and a close friend was suddenly acting extremely different. I played this on repeat a lot. The campus had a nice nature trail and I'd just walk it and play this on repeat between classes. I still love this song but I can't listen to it like I used to or I get depressed.

Anonymous 31841

Anonymous 31851

I put this song on right before I tried to hang myself and I haven't listened to it since because it upsets me. It doubly upsets me that I was listening to a Homestuck fansong as my last choice.

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