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Anonymous 31654

Someone said something mean to me on 4chan and now I'm sad

Anonymous 31655

tell him "seethe", it always works

Anonymous 31659

Mean internet comments and online insults mean absolutely nothing because you don't know the person behind them.
For example, if you're a 20-year-old college student, why would you let an edgy 14-year-old penis owner calling you a retard affect you?

Anonymous 31664

I don't care if someone calls me a retard, it's just sometimes comments hit home a little too hard. It affects me because it makes me upset, that's not something I have any control over. I can't just decide "oh ha-ha my feelings aren't actually hurt!" They just get hurt and then I am sad and have to deal with being sad for awhile.

This was yesterday though, I'm fine now.

Anonymous 31665

careful I'm about to say something mean to you on cc because you're a 4chan poster!

Anonymous 31667

It's okay I'll just make a thread complaining about it on 4chan. This is the cycle of life.

Anonymous 31668

You are a poopy head.

Anonymous 31669


No I'm not!

Anonymous 31671

call him cringe and then tell him to dilate

Anonymous 31672

It gets a little easier each time, posting on anonymous boards has unironically increased my posting confidence

Anonymous 31678


>See shitty meme
>Insult it
>Get banned

I regret nothing

Anonymous 31680

Just insult them back. People like venting on anonymous sites

Anonymous 31682

If you get banned then you don't belong, I've found.

Anonymous 31694

Like I am gonna let some zoomer/coomer/whateverwojak flavoroftheweek meme poster go unbullied for shoehorning his """"OC"""" into an unrelated thread

Anonymous 31698

Wouldn't that be tragic? I don't know how you'd cope.

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