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>tfw you got everything but life's still shit Anonymous 31909

A while ago I ranted on here about how I hated my life because I sucked at housekeeping and my husband resented me for it.

Well, everything changed. He asked me to get a job and he'd take over, what was all I wished for and what would be objectively better.

Guess what, I found my dream job. Two of them actually. The fields I was most interested in. That always fascinated me. Perfect environment. Even the husband is impressed and satisfied. Awesome pay.

And I'm still sad. Now the realisation hits that I will be outside and away from the kids because I'm a useless toxic piece of shit that otherwise strews disorder and decay everywhere. I'm contained where I can't break anything and where my useless niche talent will yield objective values for material needs.

I will literally be buying my kids' love with shitty expensive gifts.

Please tell me I don't completely suck so I can believe it.

Anonymous 31910

It's okay, you're dad now. Dads are good.

Anonymous 31912

are you even a wife anymore? What's the point

Anonymous 31913

Nothing wrong with being a working parent. Use your days off to spend time with your family and go on trips. It doesn't have to be expensive trips just nice simple family outting.

Anonymous 31914

Ask yourself this: Do husbands who work, are bad at household chores, and buy their kids gifts think they suck? Most likely not. They probably enjoy this parenting role and you should too.

Anonymous 31915

you dont completely suck

Anonymous 31916

Go see a shrink, this level of unsatisfaction isn't normal. You probably have some sort of hormonal imbalance.

Anonymous 31917

you're either trolling or trying very hard to fit in the tradwaifupickme meme. if that's the case, I don't think you're old enough to be married, let alone have children.

Anonymous 31918

listen to this person, OP. I don't want to be all "lOoK oN tHe BrIgHt SiDe" but I think it would help you to try to shift your perspective toward the fact that you made a change in your life to improve things for yourself and everybody in your family, and you're succeeding at it. it does no good to beat yourself up over the reasons why you made the change. you and your husband are good parents. you rearranged duties to be a better fit for what you're good at. every couple does this and it's a good thing because it's practical and makes the household run more smoothly. it's good for your kids. the house will be cleaner, things will be more peaceful, and you'll have the satisfaction of providing for them. you will still have time with them. they may miss having you at home more, but they'll adjust. it's not going to damage them (unless you and your husband are both working 60-hour weeks or have an hour-long commute or something, that might be tough for them).

whenver you catch yourself berating yourself over being bad at housework etc. then just remind yourself of those facts.

congratulations on finding your dream job, and remember to be kind to yourself.

Anonymous 31919

Males don't belong on this site

Anonymous 31924

oh I'm a man now huh

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